What is a double rear or front camera for on the mobile

lg g6 main camera

Dual main camera of the LG G6

There is a feature that is very popular on practically all devices. No, we are not talking about the panoramic screen, but about the double camera, which is now present even on the front. There are many firms that have opted for high-end mobiles with two main cameras for photographs, some sooner than others, but almost all the traditional ones already have their devices with two cameras. And the fact is that the photographic section has become essential for those looking for a mobile phone, photography is always in fashion, and brands put a lot of emphasis on their double sensors. Although there are users who comment that this sensor is useless, there are very interesting reasons to implement the double main camera on a mobile. Next, we tell youthe utilities that you can give to a dual camera.

The main lens is the protagonist

iPhone 8

Mobile phones that have a double camera always have a main sensor. This allows us to take normal photographs. Manufacturers are responsible for adding quality and resolution to the sensor, but most have auto-focus and allow us to do digital zoom. Normally, when a device has a double camera and we are in the basic mode it only uses that sensor . If you have a dual-camera device, open the camera and cover one of the two sensors to verify that it is true.

Double sensor, the main feature

Without any doubt, the main feature of the dual camera (both on the back and front) is the possibility of taking photos with a blur effect, the popular Bokeh effect . This mode allows us to take pictures with a blurred background. How does it work? Typically, the second lens is responsible for detecting the background and blurring it, and the main lens would be responsible for focusing on the subject and achieving this beautiful and popular effect. Some sensors with a lens can also perform this focus. For example, the Google Pixel 2. This is due to a chip with artificial intelligence, which allows us to create this effect using software. Other manufacturers, like Samsung, include features like

Nokia 8 Bokeh effect

Photo with Bokeh effect.

Zoom x2 is another of the main options of dual cameras. Apple made this mode fashionable and today there are many manufacturers that implement it. Normally, the zoom of mobile phones is digital, although some manufacturers presume that it is optical. Of course, what we get with this X2 zoom is a close-up in the image. In addition, it hardly loses quality.

Wide angle

Some devices have a double wide-angle camera . With this, we can take photos with a panoramic effect. Without a doubt it is a good option, we can capture landscapes etc. with a lot of personality. Some devices that have this feature in their dual cameras are the LG G6 or LG V30.

Black and white

 Huawei P10

The Huawei P10 incorporates a double camera, one of the monochrome sensors.

The possibility of adding a monochrome sensor is considered when we have a double camera. In many cases, one of the two sensors only receives information in black and white , and what we get are much more detailed photographs. This is the case with many of the Huawei devices. Besides, it can also be used for blur effect.

Greater luminosity

A double sensor in the camera of a mobile not only serves to add new features to the camera. You can also use the main camera. For example, adding more luminosity . In this case, the rear camera is responsible for capturing more light, while the main one is responsible for the information that is in focus.

The double camera for video

The truth is that the double camera is not only useful for photographs, it also has video utilities. For example, the double camera allows us to record in slow motion with higher quality, better stabilization and fluidity . In addition, it allows us a better focus in normal video conditions.

A future without double cameras?

galaxy s9 +

We would not be surprised, some manufacturers, such as Google with its Pixel 2 , have only added a single lens, and make the same functions as a dual camera. How? With the help of artificial intelligence. Processors are making more and more use of this technology, and it can be seen in cameras. Even so, as we have seen, manufacturers will continue to bet on a double camera. On the other hand, manufacturers are also betting on a double sensor in the front camera. With this, we get the same modes as in the rear camera, but for Selfies.

Second cameras in the future

It is clear that the present is very promising, but if we look ahead, we will see a breakthrough in this dual camera setup. Most likely, the devices will stop using the second camera for the portrait or Zoom effect, and add the possibility of taking 360-degree photos . Augmented reality also intervenes here, which is already present in many devices. If the main camera also takes care of the different modes, the second lens could be used more for augmented reality.