10 April Fool's Day jokes you can prepare with YouTube

10 April Fool's Day jokes you can prepare with YouTube

Do you have the jokes ready for tomorrow? On December 28, as is tradition, we celebrate April Fools' Day. What the most pranksters usually do on this date is to play pranks on their relatives, friends or family. The objective? Laugh at the poor innocent and have a few laughs at his health.

If you are still not sure what jokes you will make, we have compiled a good number of jokes made by youtubers and posted on the networks for the use and enjoyment of the entire Internet audience. If you want to laugh for a bit and get inspired for tomorrow, here are 10 April Fools' Day jokes on YouTube .

1. Gorilla alarm clock

If you want to make this joke you will need a gorilla costume as slick as this one. It is a super furry monkey, with a head included, and very, very realistic. The pranksters in this video take advantage of the moment when their friends are sound asleep, with the aim that when they wake up and see the gorilla they don't have time to react. 

2. Shower with flour

Another interesting prank to play on anyone in a hurry is to wait for them to finish their shower, to throw a good bowl of egg and flour over their head . It is important that it is at rush hour, so that you waste your time a bit. Getting that concoction out of your hair can't be an easy task.

3. A little spicy

This joke is a bit cruel. Especially if your family members or roommates can't stand the spice. It would be enough to rub a habanero pepper (they are very common in the Southern Cone, but you can also find them in any market here) on the victim's toothbrush.

As you can imagine, the consequences of the prank are hilarious. As soon as you start brushing your teeth, you start to notice a superhuman itch . There won't be enough water to calm the burning of this poor innocent.

4. Would you like some Oreos?

Another interesting joke. And recurring! It is the one with the Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste , instead of the typical white paste that comes standard. What this YouTuber has done to improve the joke has been to add chilli pepper, and specifically the seeds (which is what is really hot) in the center of the cookie.

The refined technique of this prankster, who even goes so far as to put the Oreos in the fridge to make them as tough as the real thing, makes his colleagues feel confident. After eating a couple, the guy in the video bites into the fake Oreo cookie. And this is what happens to him.

5. A checkered breakfast

In this video, they explain how to prepare a joke so that breakfast ends up in the victim's gut. But not inside, no. But on the outside. Here's another idea that can give you a rough start to tomorrow. It just takes a little ingenuity and take advantage of the fact that your recipient is a little asleep or asleep at that time.

6. A man without a head

It is a somewhat macabre joke. It may be more suitable for Halloween, but it is so fun that we would make it all year long. You will need: a fake head and a suit big enough to fit your whole body, including your head - the real one.

Do it however you want, but your head has to be camouflaged. Then it will be enough for you to go out and do the paripe with your head as a joke. If you get up when a curious person approaches you , you will give him the scare of the century. This is not for the faint of heart.

7. A tablet like Moses'

That the girl wants an iPad? You already know that the Apple tablet is quite expensive . Its price can reach 1,000 euros, so ... if you want to make a joke on your children, you can choose to make a Do-It-Yourself tablet.

You will need a wooden tablet - if you want it to be more Moses-like, you can use a stone - and draw the Apple logo and even the screen frame on it. The face of disappointment is priceless . When the prank is over, you can hand him the real tablet. Do not be so mean! Here are a few more jokes.

8. Is this Nutella?

The chocolate spread is delicious. But the truth is that if you think about it, it can seem a bit unpleasant: excrement. This youtuber has used a bottle of Nutella to stain people in a bathroom, pretending that what he really has in his hands is poop. Or what would you think?

In some cases, the executor of the prank asks for toilet paper from the next door and when he takes it, he smears the hand of the poor victim with the brown paste. Anger is epic.

9. The unfaithful girlfriend

The thing about these Youtubers has no name. How about a joke on WhatsApp? Well, this is what this girl is supposed to do, who decides to show the world how she cuts up with her boyfriend (as a joke). The girl is broadcasting the WhatsApp conversation and the alleged despair of his partner. And even from the mother-in-law, who also gets into flour! If you want to scare your boyfriend or girlfriend to death, you can do it through WhatsApp . But be careful, these jokes are the ones that accumulate in the lists of grievances. And is not for less.

10. No one here sleeps!

When we sleep we are more vulnerable, because in fact, if they make a joke on us we hardly have time to react. This compilation of videos you have here includes a lot of terrifying scares . Authentic bestialities that almost leave the poor victims breathless.

The first joke is a classic that we cannot wish even on our worst enemy. And it's throwing a bucket full of water at someone taking a nap. You can also try to wake someone up with a mask on or by screaming hellishly.

If you have a few orchestral cymbals on hand, you can strike a masterstroke to bring the victim out of the sweetest dreams. Using a fake horse head (of course), starting a motorcycle, spraying it with shaving cream, or starting a chainsaw. You can also hammer on the table (this is a great way to kick your brother-in-law at this Christmas time). The most daring have even managed to light a firecracker inside the room .