Outlook is not working: web page and app are down

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Have you experienced any kind of problem in your Outlook application? Outlook page not loading? You're not the only one, it seems. At this very moment, Microsoft's email service is reporting a series of problems that affect a large part of Spain, Europe and some Latin American countries. The official service has not commented on the matter, so the origin of the error is unknown.

Outlook won't load: Microsoft email doesn't work

So is. At this very moment, both platforms are giving access and navigation problems.

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As we have seen in tuexperto.com, neither of the two services shows content. It is true that the content gets to load sometimes, but never in its entirety, preventing us from performing such simple actions as sending emails or viewing the inbox of our Outlook account.

Some users claim that at the time of accessing the web the page shows an error similar to the following:

“This page does not work.

The outlook.live.com page has redirected you too many times.

Delete cookies.


If we are talking about the Outlook application for Android and iPhone, the service simply closes the session that we have previously started on the device, forcing us to enter our username and password again. Regarding the synchronization of Outlook and Hotmail with other third-party services, nothing seems to indicate that the problem has affected push notifications from alternative mail clients. This is not the case with the rest of Microsoft services, which do seem to have been affected.

Is outlook down or what? I can't see my D emails:

- Adrián (@adnsupernova) December 19, 2019

@Outlook I can't get onto my email, it's saying issue looking up my account, has signed me out on all devices and I can't even get onto the website on laptop ???

- bean (@billiesimpson_) December 19, 2019

At the moment the number of users affected by this problem is counted by dozens . On Twitter and Facebook the reports are massive, and nothing seems to have changed from the first signs. However, it is most likely that the service will be restored in the next few hours. We will have to remain vigilant until the service is restored again. We will update the article as soon as everything is back to normal.