How to watch Amazon Prime Video through your Chromecast

How to watch Amazon Prime Video through your ChromecastOne of the easiest ways to enjoy multimedia content on television through your mobile is to get a Chromecast and turn your television into a smart device. Thanks to the Chromecast stick, any TV that has an HDMI connection will automatically have an Internet connection, so we can 'send' the desired content from the mobile to the TV with just a couple of steps. On this occasion, we are going to teach you how to watch Amazon Prime Video series and movies on your TV without the need for cables. Follow the steps and forget about continuing to watch your favorite series on a six-inch screen ... at least while you're at home. Ah, you can also send to the television what you want to see from the PC. We teach you to do it both ways. Let's go there!

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV thanks to Chromecast

The first thing we have to do is download, if we do not have it installed yet, the Amazon Prime Video application. Through this free application we will access our Prime account and we will be able to see its entire catalog without restrictions. The size of the application will vary depending on the device you download it on and it is free of advertising.

We count on that you already have the Chromecast connected to your TV. Otherwise, you can have all the information you need in our special that we published when we had access to the peripheral for the first time. Now, we are going to open the Amazon Prime Video application on our mobile, which must be connected to the same WiFi band as the Chromecast. Remember that current routers usually have dual-band WiFi connection available (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and some Chromecasts do not have the 5 GHz band available.

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If all is well on the home screen of the application a notice will appear that the application is now compatible with Chromecast. Accept the text, and then the typical Chromecast cast icon will appear . Press it, choose your Chromecast device and wait for mobile and TV to connect with each other. When the connection is made, a message will appear on the TV inviting you to send content. Now, open the series or movie that you want to see on TV and the playback will take place instantly.

Although in the application you have already configured that, by default, the content's audio is in the original language with Spanish subtitles, you will have to choose it again in the application. To do this, just click on the gear icon while watching the episode or movie and choose the language and subtitles. If you want to modify the quality of the streaming (your Internet connection may not be the fastest and the playback cuts off) you should go to the gear icon but in the application itself and click on 'Play and download. Then go to 'Streaming reproduction quality' and adjust it to the desired quality.

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To view Amazon Prime Video content on TV from PC you must use the Google Chrome browser. When you're viewing the content, click on the three-dot menu and then on 'Send', and your Chromecast will now appear. You must have a good quality PC for the shipment to go smoothly.

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