How to log into HBO from your PC, Samsung TV, mobile or PS4

How to log into HBO from your PC, Samsung TV, mobile or PS4

There's nothing like coming home, relaxing, and putting on your favorite series. Because, although you can see it on the way from home to work, or vice versa, your sofa beats the uncomfortable seat on the subway or bus by a landslide. If you are one of those who continues to enjoy their large screens, here we show you what you have to do to log in and watch your favorite HBO content on the screen of your Samsung SmartTV, or through your Sony PlayStation 4 game console. But also other options such as your computer or your mobile. Come on, what you need to enjoy Game of Thrones, Sex in New York, The Walking Dead, The Handmaid's Tale or The Big Bang Theory anytime, anywhere .

Of course, it is necessary to have an active HBO subscription to be able to enjoy this service on any platform. Remember that, like others, HBO offers a free trial month. You just have to register on the website using your first and last name, an email address and a password. It is also necessary to provide the details of a debit card from which to charge the subscription. The price is 7.99 euros per month, with the possibility of playing the content in HD resolution.

You should bear in mind that an HBO subscription only allows two simultaneous connections. Also, a single account can only register a maximum of five devices . Although you can change what they are from the account menu at any time. With that said, let's see how to log into any of them.

How to log into HBO from your PC

You may not know it, but your desktop computer or laptop are also available platforms to watch HBO. So you can take the opportunity to watch your series or movies while doing some work, or you can take the series to the kitchen with your laptop while preparing food. And all this without the need to download any type of application or program.


You just have to enter the HBO website: // and look in the upper right corner for the space to log in. Click on Login to go to the next page.

HBO start on PC

This is where you have to specify the email and password with which you created your HBO account. Remember that there is an option I forgot my password in case you do not remember any of your data. Once entered in the text boxes, click on the blue Login button and access the platform .


Here you will have everything ready to start playing what you need. HBO movies and series that you were already watching before or any of the catalog that you want when you want. The platform remembers your tastes and preferences, so do n't be afraid to switch devices and continue playing in a new place.

How to log into HBO from a Samsung TV

The thing varies remarkably if, instead of the computer, we want to watch HBO on our Samsung SmartTV. It is the first television platform to host this application. And yes, it is necessary to download and install the app to be able to watch our series and movies directly from the comfort of the living room . Or wherever you have one of these televisions installed.

HBO on Samsung SmartTV

The first thing, as we say, is to download the application . It does not have to arrive pre-installed, so we will most likely have to scroll through the applications and fonts bar to the Applications menu.

Once inside we scroll down to navigate through the different sections of this application store. We click on Video and search, among the entire collection, for the HBO Spain application.

Samsung videos

Here, as if it were the application of a smart mobile, we must download and install it by clicking on the Install button. Within a few seconds the tool is available for use. Remember that in Samsung smartTVs you can pin the applications to the start bar from the application download screen.

Hbo samsung

So it only remains to start it and patiently write the email account and password. In this way we will have access to series and movies, always remembering which ones we have left halfway . The design of the HBO application on Samsung SmartTVs is comfortable and easy to use, being able to navigate through different menus and content categories only with the arrow keys on the remote. Remember that Samsung has applications like SmartThings for Android and iPhone with which to use the mobile as a remote control.

Sign in to HBO on Samsung

How to log into HBO from PS4

Don't have a Samsung smart TV? Well, there is no problem to watch HBO on the TV in your living room. Even when it's an old TV. You just have to have your subscription to HBO and have a Sony PlayStation 4 game console connected to it and the Internet.


The process to log in to HBO is similar to what happens in Samsung SmartTVs, First you have to get hold of the application of this service, so you need to go through the Play Store menu and do a quick search to find it. In a few seconds we can download it and leave it installed on the console. Remember that you can find the application, whenever you want, in the Library menu of the main PS4 screen.

Play Store

When you start the application you will find the usual login screen . Enter the email address and password to have access to all your content. The design of HBO on PS4 is really comfortable, and being able to use the controller to type in searches or move quickly through sections is a success. Much more agile and faster than through a television.

PS $ and HBO

How to log in to HBO from mobile

With all this, it only remains to review how to log in to HBO through your Android mobile or iPhone . It is perhaps the easiest option. And the most comfortable and useful when you go on a trip, or when you want to enjoy HBO content on the way to work or home after the day. Having a small pocket screen can transport you anywhere at any time, even if you do not have the same cinema experience as in the living room.

HBO Google Play Store

Well, you just have to get hold of the HBO mobile application. For this, it can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store and the App Store, if you have an Android or iOS mobile or tablet.

HBO on mobile

After a few seconds of waiting for its download and installation, we can access it. As always, it is necessary to log in or enter user data to use the subscription. So enter your email address and password. And ready. You can now see any content wherever you go. Of course, remember that watching series and movies in streaming or through the Internet can result in a large consumption of data on your bill.