7 Chrome extensions to improve security

7 Chrome extensions to improve security

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world, so it is not surprising that cybercriminals and hackers are on the lookout to get data, steal credentials or get onto our PC. One of the main features of Chrome is that it offers the possibility of installing extensions, small tools within the browser that allow us to have useful functions . Among them are a large number to keep security and privacy at bay.

Because it is not only important to have a good antivirus installed, below we recommend 10 extensions for Gogle Chrome that you should install to improve security on your computer. Of course, first we want to explain how to install them.

How to install an extension in Google Chrome

If you have never installed an extension in your browser, it is important that you know what to do before getting down to work. First of all, enter Google Chrome and click on the icon with the three dots that you will find in the upper right. Here you will see an option called "More tools", which in turn will display a second tab with options. Click Extensions.


Next, a page will open in Chrome where you can see all the extensions that you have installed in your browser. Press at the top left of the screen (on the icon with the three vertical stripes) if you want to get more extensions in the Google browser application store. To do this, click on Open Chrome Web Store.

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In this store of extensions some of the most popular will appear on the main screen. However, in the upper right you will see a box to search. You can use it to search for extensions you know or terms related to the extension you need. If you click on the name of the extension, you will enter it from the main page of the Chrome Web Store . You can also get to this extension from a link on another web page, thus entering your profile directly. Here you will see all the available information and at the top right you will have the Add to Chrome icon to install it.


Once you accept all the permissions for the installation, the extension will be available in Chrome. You can check it by following the same steps as at the beginning, entering the option More tools to see in Extensions if it appears among all.

Once this is explained, you are ready to install any of the 10 extensions to improve the security of Chrome that we want to recommend.

1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is one of the best extensions that you can install to improve security and privacy in your browser. Its main function is to allow us to connect to web pages always using the secure HTTPS protocol. Although it is true that many sites are improving the implementation of HTTPS, there are still others that continue with HTTP by default, something that puts our information at risk.

The HTTPS system employs SSL / TLS-based encryption in order to develop a more secure channel than the HTTP protocol for sensitive information traffic. Its level of encryption always depends on the remote server and the browser used by the user. In this way, it is achieved that sensitive information, such as access passwords, cannot fall into the hands of an attacker who has managed to intercept the transfer of data from the connection. Basically, all you have is encrypted data that is impossible to decrypt.

2. WoT

Would you like to know if the page you are going to enter is safe and reliable? Then this extension cannot be missing from your browser. Based on user experience, WoT or Web of Trust indicates with a color code like a traffic light (green, amber or red) whether a website is reliable or not. Of course, it does not block anything, although it makes it much easier to identify if it is a suspicious page. It also gives you the ability to view comments and star ratings, so you can get even more information from the page in question in case it comes out in amber, which is a color that can invite doubt. Likewise, you can create your own opinion of the web and make an assessment of the site.


3. Ghostery

Ghostery lets you know who is tracking your Internet browsing. It gives you the option to view and block the trackers of the websites you visit, thus controlling who collects your data. This extension detects cookies, blocks advertising, or even speeds up loading times , always protecting our data. It should be noted that with Ghostery we can decide whether or not we want to block a tracker, since it does not do so by default.

4. LastPass

This extension cannot be missing from your browser if you want your passwords to be as protected as possible. Its data protection and encryption system makes it a great option for browsing, with so many passwords or keys that must be entered daily on almost all websites. You only have to remember one master password and this extension will take care of the rest.


What it does is complete the logins for you, being able to synchronize them instantly from the computer to the laptop, from the PC to the smartphone, from the tablet to the web ... so that you will never have to worry about remembering a password again, and this in turn will remain protected and secure. In any case, don't forget to change them every so often to be even more protected.

5. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBrocker is quite useful to protect the security of Google Chrome, since a single extension provides protection against malware and adware. This tool will protect you from malware and annoying ads and pop-ups that appear while browsing. Once you install it, you can configure the blocking, so that those ads that you are least interested in seeing are hidden, especially those that contain dangerous information that can put your PC at risk.

6. ZenMate VPN

With this extension you can prevent any hacker from intercepting your information and data. To do this, it has different functions that encrypt network traffic, thus protecting your PC. Another of its main advantages is that it gives the possibility of browsing anonymously hiding the IP address, something that always comes in handy when you want to go unnoticed when visiting a specific website. As if this were not enough, your VPN will allow you to change your location whenever you want, with the aim of having access to inaccessible pages from your current geographical location. They offer you about thirty international servers.


7. Avast Online Security

If you are worried about visiting undesirable pages, Avast Online Security will be very useful. This security extension will warn you if the website you are browsing is in its database. It will give you information on whether it is safe or has a bad reputation. In addition to rating the sites you visit, it will also show you an indicator in search results before clicking on the links. Even Avast Online Security will give you the ability to block some elements of websites such as ad trackers, which are responsible for collecting user data.