Convert any DVD to MP4 for free with WinX DVD Ripper

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Despite the fact that the digital format is gradually replacing the physical format, DVD and CD discs are still the order of the day. With media digitization, it is becoming more and more common to convert DVD discs to MP4. This process is called ripping and consists of converting a DVD to digital through various tools. Unfortunately, not all programs are able to do this successfully. Most of the existing options limit the conversion quality, which can affect the final quality of the video. WinX DVD Ripper is one of the few tools that allow us to convert a DVD to MP4 without losing quality. The process is really simple whether we have a Windows or Mac computer.

How to Convert DVD to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper

Better known as WinX DVD. The latest version of this popular DVD to MP4 program has 47 times the speed of the previous version and a 1: 1 export algorithm. In this way, the original quality of the video is maintained on export, with an almost negligible loss of quality.

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All this in a size 80% smaller than the original size of the file. Thus, for example , we can obtain a video of around 700 MB or 1 GB from a double-layer DVD with an average size of 8 GB . It is also compatible with a multitude of video and DVD formats. HEVC, MPEG, WMV, AVC, MOV, AVI ...

Once we have downloaded the tool from the linked text, just run it and insert the DVD we want to export to start the conversion. Then we will  click on the Disk option that we can see in the upper bar of the application.

After selecting the disk drive (E :, F :, G: etc.), the interface that will be shown will be similar to the one in the following screenshot:

winx dvd ripper

Within this menu we can select a multitude of formats . MP4, M4V, MOV ... We can also select formats predefined by the application to transfer the video to an iPhone or an iPad, for example.

Once we have decided on the export format, we can select the final quality of the video , either to reduce the export time or to maximize the bitrate of the file. In our case we have opted for a medium quality, as predefined by the application itself.

Convert any DVD to MP4 for free with WinX DVD Ripper 1

When we have predefined all the export parameters, WinX DVD Ripper will show us all the resulting video files. These files can be modified to our liking, from the duration to the framing . We can even create different tracks to clarify them according to different criteria (song name, movie part, etc.).


With everything ready, just click on the Run button to start the export. If we want the export time to be reduced, we can activate the Intel and Nvidia options to enable hardware acceleration in case of having a dedicated or integrated graphics card. We can also select the number of processor cores to further optimize the export time. In our case, the total time of a 1 hour and 40 minute DVD was only half an hour. The resulting file has a resolution of 720 points, with a bitrate of 127 Kbps and 25 frames per second, quite surprising considering that the DVD dates from 2012.

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