LG refrigerators offer a 10-year warranty

LG refrigerators offer a 10-year warranty

The refrigerator is one of the most important electrical appliances in our home . It is, in fact, an essential in any kitchen worth its salt, so when buying a new one you have to especially take into account what its capabilities are, how it can perform and for how many years and how it can help us to be efficient.

LG refrigerators offer a 10-year warranty thanks to Inverter Linear Compressor technology . But what exactly is it and why can it deliver superior efficiency and durability? The technology in question, which we can find in LG's most innovative refrigerators, is based on the use of a linear compressor that has far fewer components than traditional compressors.

The latter usually work through four friction points in the engine, but by contrast, LG's has only one. This increases its durability and is much more reliable over time . But what specific benefits does the Inverter Linear Compressor offer users?

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Inverter Linear Compressor from LG, efficiency, freshness and silence

We have already indicated that LG refrigerators have up to ten years of guarantee thanks to Inverter Linear Compressor technology. It is much simpler because it has fewer components. But it is also that you spend less. By having less movements and less friction, it can be 60% more efficient , reaching an A +++ classification. Although this may result in a higher price when purchasing the appliance, we will quickly compensate for it by reducing consumption on the electricity bill.

In addition, the technology of this compressor brings more freshness to the food. There are no temperature fluctuations, so food is better preserved. Another of the great advantages has to do with the fact that less friction is produced and, therefore, the refrigerator works in a more stable way . We will not hear the engine ignition shutdown noise.

LG GBP20PZCFS, fridge freezer with two years warranty on the compressor

The LG GBP20PZCFS is one of LG's most efficient fridge freezers, ideal for traditional kitchens with a basic space, because it meets the standard measurements of 666 x 2005 x 760 millimeters. This model has the aforementioned Inverter Linear Compressor from LG , which consumes 32% less and is 25% quieter. Logically, the warranty is 10 years.

It consists of different technologies for food preservation. The so-called FRESH Converter is based on a drawer that allows you to select the most suitable temperature for storing meat, fish, vegetables or drinks. Does it sound like that of wanting to cool drinks as quickly as possible in the middle of August? Well that's exactly what this function allows, without ending up with frozen cans.

NaturFRESH Cooling technology , on the other hand, allows cold air to circulate through different outlets. This helps us to achieve greater cooling in all parts of the refrigerator. This makes the team much more efficient. Finally, we must mention the spaciousness of the freezer: something that large families will appreciate and those who often use this space to extend the durability of food.

This refrigerator is for sale for an affordable price. You can find it in any store for about 700 euros. Although if you prefer larger refrigerators, you also have American Combi, American and Two-Door refrigerators at your disposal. Just make sure they are equipped with a LG Inverter Linear Compressor with a ten year warranty.