5 free alternatives to Acrobat Reader to read and edit PDF

Acrobat Reader alternatives

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular PDF reader , although it is by no means the only one. And it is that, the fact that it is the most used program does not mean that it is the best of all. Over the years, Acrobat Reader has become less light, heavy, and slower to use. This has led many users to consider having another program to replace it. If the only thing you usually do with your PDF documents is take a look at them and little else, there are much lighter and faster options that you can start using. Of course, all of them completely free. We recommend five of them below.

Foxit Reader

It is perhaps one of the best known alternatives to Adobe Reader . This PDF reader doesn't take up too much disk space and it loads quickly . In addition, it has a plugin to read PDFs directly from the Firefox browser . Foxit Reader also offers tabs to view multiple documents in the same window, as well as the ability to add plugins. On the other hand, it gives the user the possibility to draw graphics, highlight a text, write or make annotations in a PDF document and then print it or save the document with the notes. Foxit Reader is completely free and available in Spanish for Windows and Linux.

Acrobat Reader alternatives

Nitro Reader

If you are a lover of the Ribbon interface , Nitro Reader is going to be your preferred PDF viewer . We can say that it fits the toolbar so well, that it seems that we are using Office itself . Not only is its interface interesting, so are its main functions. Nitro Reader will allow us to export text and images from the PDF file , in addition to performing the process in reverse, that is, converting images or texts, among which Word or Excel files can be included , to the PDF format . Like Foxit, we can also see several files in tabs. It is also completely free, although it must be said against it that for now it is only available for Windows.

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is perhaps one of the most basic and functional PDF readers that we can find today. Its interface is very simple. We will only find a navigation bar. The rest of the screen is dedicated to the archive. Sumatra PDF is free and only available for Windows . It offers a ZIP version that does not require installation, something that can come in handy to get us out of more than one trouble.

Acrobat Reader alternatives

Cool reader

It is a very lightweight and lightweight PDF viewer . Thus, if you are tired of Adobe Acrobat Reader not fulfilling this task, do not hesitate and try Cool Reader. Although it is a fairly simple program, it has some interesting functions. For example, it allows you to extract images and texts from documents, as well as converting PDF to various image formats. It offers support for multiple languages ​​and can be used without the need to install it.

PDF-XChange Viewer

Finally, we recommend PDF-XChange Viewer, a perfect substitute for Acrobat Reader that has viewing and editing options. One of its main advantages is that it offers encryption to protect documents. It is also capable of extracting texts or giving life to integrated multimedia elements.