5 ways to update motherboard drivers

5 ways to update motherboard drivers

Drivers are an essential software component for the proper functioning of our PC, since they are in charge of controlling the hardware correctly. We present you 5 ways to update the drivers of the motherboard and the other components of your PC.

With Windows Device Manager

This is the fastest way to check for new versions of our motherboard drivers. It is not a very reliable method, since many times it does not work, but you do not lose anything by trying.

To use it, go to the start menu and search for " Device Manager ." Enter the application that will appear and search for the component whose drivers you want to update. Right-click the mouse and click on "Search for new drivers." This method works for all components of a PC, not just the motherboard.

Update motherboard drivers with device manager 1

Windows update

Windows Update is another quick way to update motherboard drivers, although they rarely come this way. Again you do not lose anything by trying it. To access Windows Update, you just have to search for updates from the Windows 10 menu . Once there, the application will inform you of the updates that you have available to install.

Update motherboard drivers with Windows Update 1Update motherboard drivers with Windows Update 2

With the motherboard CD-ROM

Almost all motherboards come with a CD-ROM that contains some interesting applications. One of the main utilities of this CD is to update the motherboard drivers of a PC that does not have Internet access.

This method can be especially interesting if you have formatted your PC and reinstalled Windows . Your network card may not work until you've installed the motherboard drivers, so you won't be able to access the Internet to download them. That's where the CD-ROM provided by the manufacturer comes into play.

Unfortunately, optical drives for reading CD-ROMs are being used less and less , so you may not be able to use the CD on your PC. A good way to fix it is to buy an external DVD drive, they are very cheap.

From the manufacturer's website

All motherboard manufacturers have a driver section on their website . From there you can download the most up-to-date version of your motherboard's drivers, which ensures the best possible performance. The normal thing is that the section is called "Support".

One drawback of this method is that you will have to know the exact model of your motherboard , since the drivers are specific for each of them. Another drawback is that you will need to access the Internet, something that should not be a problem except in the case that the network card of your PC does not work until you install the motherboard drivers.

update the motherboard drivers from the manufacturer's websiteupdate the motherboard drivers from the manufacturer's website 2

Driver Talent

Driver Talent is a program that can help us update our PC's drivers, including those of the motherboard. It is a paid program, but it offers us a free version that we can use for a few days , perfect to get us out of trouble without spending money.

Once we have installed the program, we open it and we will see its great interface. We click on "Scan" and it will begin to analyze all the hardware components of our PC . After that, it will give us a list of all the drivers that we can download, something perfect to be able to install them another time.

update motherboard drivers with Driver Talent

update motherboard drivers with Driver Talent 2

These are the main ways to update the drivers of the motherboard of a PC and the rest of its components. Which one is your favorite?