How to download the best templates for Google Docs

How to download the best templates for Google Docs

Google Docs is a free office suite, which has become the main alternative to Microsoft Office, at least with regard to proposals that work in the cloud, since there are other alternatives such as LibreOffice, which can only be run in mode local. In this article we explain how you can download and use hundreds of templates to create your files with Google Docs.

Google Docs has managed to win over users for 2 fundamental reasons. The first time that it is an office software that works in the cloud and offers excellent performance. This means that we can work in a very professional way with presentations, text documents and spreadsheets, from anywhere as long as we have Internet access.

Another reason for great success that Google Docs has achieved is the large number of templates that we can find available to use completely free of charge. Google Docs templates will allow us to perform in a much easier way, everyday tasks such as counting household expenses, school work, freelance bills, weekend and vacation plans, and much more.

google docs templates

The official templates made by Google are divided into three types, one of them for each type of document that we can use with Google Docs:

  • Document templates
  • Spreadsheet templates
  • Presentation templates

google docs templates 2

However, there are many other templates that we can find on the Internet, although they have not been officially created by Google. All these templates are grouped by categories so that it will not be very easy to find what we are looking for.


resume templates

Resume creation is one of the most frequently performed tasks with Google Docs. This has led to the appearance of a large number of templates, which you can use to design a curriculum vitae, which perfectly meets the demands of your country.

Hloom offers us more than 30 templates to create a very professional-looking resume in no time.


The education sector is also very important. Google Docs offers you a large number of templates, which you can use to help your children create their school work . The teachers will also find a lot of templates to meet your needs.


Billing is one of the most frequently performed tasks by freelancers and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Make Use Of offers us a compilation of 24 professional templates, which we can use to carry out all kinds of tasks, including, of course, invoices.

Agendas and schedules

agenda google docs

Solvetic offers us a template to create work agendas with a very attractive and pleasant appearance . A great tool that will allow us to save many hours of work without losing the professionalism of our designs.


Projects google docs

Project Manager offers us a selection of very interesting templates to use in projects involving several people . You'll find group task planners, schedules, and much more.

Business cards

Business cards are also a resource widely used by many professionals around the world. Google Docs put a template at our disposal, which we can use to create business or business cards in a very simple way. You can also adapt them for other uses such as birthday cards, and tickets to events among others.