How to subscribe to a YouTube channel

youtube subscriptions tutorial

YouTube video platformit is a great option to find all kinds of content. From videos to learn how to make cakes, to knowing how to put on makeup , to be up-to-date in video games , to follow other people's daily lives, to watch movie trailers or even shows created especially for this platform. But how to be aware of all these videos in a comfortable way? YouTube has a very useful function to avoid having to search for a YouTuber (content creator for YouTube) or a channel each time this service is accessed: it is about subscribing to YouTube channels .

A function that is well known to regular users, and whose usefulness may be elusive to the less expert on this platform. And it is that subscribing to a YouTube channel is a simple step to always have all the contents of that channel at hand . But it not only serves as a quick link to the channel where you can find all your videos, but YouTube has other interesting functions such as presenting a screen with all the latest videos published by the channels to which the user has subscribed. A good option to always find something new to watch every time YouTube is accessed .

The only requirement to take advantage of YouTube subscriptions is to sign up for a Google account . And, in this way, the user associates these channels with their account to be able to access the same content and settings from any computer or mobile device , without having to search for said videos and channels each time they access YouTube . Once the user has entered their user data, they can start creating their subscription list.

youtube subscriptions tutorial

There are different ways to subscribe to a channel. One of them is to search and find the channel to which you want to be subscribed to receive all the latest videos published. All you have to do is do a search in the box at the top and access that channel. Here you will find the presentation screen with your most representative videos and a button that allows you to subscribe in the upper right, under the cover image.

The other option, much simpler and more intuitive is to subscribe directly from a video being played. And it is that, on many occasions, the user comes across content discovering them through related videos , completely unaware of the channel to which they belong. However, if after several videos by the same author you want to subscribe, you just have to click on the Subscribe button that appears under the name of the channel.

With all this, the user already has a personalized guide menu . That is, that menu that is displayed when you press the YouTube button in the upper left corner of the screen. From here you can quickly and conveniently jump between the different channels you have subscribed to. In this way, finding your favorite videos or their creators is much more agile. But not only that. It is much more convenient to access YouTube each time and find the What to watch section . A personalized page according to the user's tastes and subscriptions . Thus, the latest videos of the subscribed channels are displayed that haven't been seen yet, or have been seen for quite some time.

youtube subscriptions tutorial

Another section that is created and personalized thanks to subscriptions to YouTube channels is called My subscriptions . In this case, it is a much more direct list that orders the latest videos published by these channels in the Only uploaded videos tab . But, if you want to discover new content, you can click on the All activity tab to keep track of the channel owners and find out what videos they have seen and how they have rated them.

As if that were not enough, in this same section, the user can come across a selection of suggested channels . A small section on the right side that shows the channels of the last videos seen and those that are not yet subscribed. And, if desired, it is always possible to access the Subscriptions section and manage all those to receive notifications on mobile when a new video is published.