5 apps to inform you about the status of a flight

5 apps to inform you about the status of a flight

Are you planning to go on vacation shortly or are you just closing your bags to leave? If you are going to catch a plane, it never hurts to have everything prepared. And it is that with the delays, strikes and all the setbacks that usually occur, there is nothing better than being aware of everything from your mobile.

Did you know that there are applications that allow you to track an airplane? Here are five apps to inform you about the status of a flight from your pocket device.

flight status

1. Flight status

Let's start with Flight Board, although in the Android application store you will find it as Flight Status. It is a very simple flight tracking system . It offers us information about the flights that depart from a specific airport.

All you have to do is choose an airport (most likely London appears by default), but you can select any. Then you will see a list of all the flights that will depart in the next few hours. Boarding gates and schedules are included . If you are looking for something more complete, surely you have to opt for another formula.

Download Flight Status

FlightRadar 24 flight status

2. FlightRadar 24

Another interesting and surely more complete application is FlightRadar 2 4. There is a free version and a paid version, which offers more options. What you will see as soon as you open the application is a map with countless icons of planes that are currently flying.

You just have to click on one of these planes to see all the information. You will find information about the plane, the airline, origin, destination, departure and arrival time, altitude and speed .

You can perform searches with filters, use augmented reality (AR) and configure alerts, in case you want to receive notifications for certain flights, departures or landings. If you want to access more complete information, you will have to switch to the paid version.

Download FlightRadar 24

The Flight Tracker Flight

3. The Flight Tracker

Aesthetically it is not a delight, but The Flight Tracker delivers what it promises. It is an application to keep track of all the flights in the world with relative precision . You can add specific flights and track them directly. You can also search by airport, by nearby flights or airlines.

When you find the flight that interests you, you can follow it on the map and see all the information related to it . This will make it easier for you to board and you will be able to go to the correct door to receive other passengers.

Download The Flight Tracker 

flight aware

4. FlightAware

FlightAware is a simple application , but suitable for keeping track of flights taking off and landing around the world. In this case, you can search by flight number or queue number. You will also have the option of doing it by airline.

The application offers an alerts section and a special section to see all the delays and their causes. To add a flight, simply click on the yellow More button and enter the data corresponding to the flight.

Download FlightAware

app in the air flight

5. App in the Air

And we finish this selection of interesting apps to follow the flights with App in the Air, a kind of flight assistant that you can customize. The system works quite differently . But you are a person who travels often, you will appreciate it.

The application has a very clean design and allows you to add flights individually. You can import them from your Google, IMAP or Triplt account , to have them all referenced in the app. You can also obtain information directly, bill from the app and receive alerts in the event of incidents or delays.

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