Set up fake WhatsApp conversations with WhatsFake

whatsfake 2

What we offer you in this article can become a real weapon of destruction , although we trust that its use focuses on making practical jokes . This is WhatsFake , a free application for Android that allows you to recreate the WhatsApp conversation interface and edit it to create a fake conversation .

Including the appropriate photos in the senders, the result is impossible to differentiate from a real screenshot. With this you can build lurid stories to play a joke ("Look what Juan has said about you!") Or invent false evidence ("Do you see as if I warned that I would be late?"), But in any case, nothing good .

A traced interface

The operation of the app is very simple . When we enter we find a menu identical to that of WhatsApp , only that it says WhatsFake at the top . Otherwise, you have the three columns Calls, Chats and Contacts , the same as you have in your legitimate application, only they are empty . That's where everyone's imagination (or malice) comes into play . In practice, the Calls and Contacts columns  are only for props, because what matters is the Chats column . There you can, on the one hand, set up separate conversations, and on the other, reproduce the Complete chat menu , based on creating several conversations and placing them in the desired order .

WhatsFake 1

As in WhatsApp , to start a chat you have to mark the icon in the upper right corner . There we enter a fairly complete menu , which allows us to choose the sender's name , his avatar photo , and even his " current status  " (online, writing or even the date of his last connection). When we have it, we click Save and the chat is already open. We can write what we want and it will be published as if that person had written it. We have the possibility to choose if the message is being sent or received, and we can also decide if we want the message to appear as not received, received or read, depending on the check symbol we choose. We can also edit the same messages once written or even delete them  if we want to change the speech to be recreated. Once we have finished, we take a normal screenshot and we can share it .

The free version is literally awash in advertising . Although it does not affect the result or the screenshots we take in any way, during the writing process it is true that we find completely invasive advertising , sometimes blocking the screen completely to reproduce an ad . For those who cannot stand it, it has the Pro version , which costs 1 euro and has essentially the same functions but removes the ads.

In general, we have a very application simple and effective , you can draw a smile to more than one, although I care, i ncreíble like having the results with the legitimate application of WhatsApp can make it come out the backfire and acabéis generating an unpleasant misunderstanding . As we said at the beginning of this article, it is a weapon with a lot of power , so ... use it with caution!