Share files anonymously with Volafile

Share files anonymously with Volafile

The Internet makes it very easy to share what we want with whoever we want. However, the problem with many of the tools for this purpose such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, is that they do not allow anonymous file sharing. Therefore, if privacy is your main concern and you want to be able to share files anonymously without having to create a user account, you can use Volafile.

How to use Volafile to share files anonymously

Volafile is a very easy to use service that allows you to send files to other users in real time . For this, what Volafile refers to as 'Rooms' is used, which are basically chat rooms that allow groups of users to upload and download files in collaboration.

The Volafile landing page allows you to create a new room to share your files . Unlike most other chat services, you don't even have to choose a username to enter.

Share files anonymously with Volafile 2

All rooms look the same, which means you can't customize the aesthetic elements of yours. To upload a file, click the button, or simply drag and drop the desired file onto the board. Files uploaded to Volafile are automatically deleted after 48 hours , the time remaining until a file is deleted is displayed next to its size.

Share files anonymously with Volafile 1

Once the room is created, there you have to send the address of the room to the other person with whom you want to share the files. When you use the service without registering you will have some random names assigned by the Volafile service. If you sign in with your email, you can set your name and also the name of the chat room.

When someone else opens the link you shared, both users can chat and send files anonymously. The service is free and very easy for everyone to use . You can share files like documents, images, videos, music, files, and other links with a person anonymously.

It is a very good service to send files anonymously with a size of up to 20 GB . There are no registration issues, and anyone can share files anonymously, while maintaining privacy and security online.