10 Netflix movies for pet lovers

10 Netflix movies for pet lovers

Netflix has a large catalog of movies in which cats, dogs, bears, birds or different creatures of the forest are the real stars. Movies about animals are the favorites of children and not so children given the tenderness and laughter they give off. Seeing how they talk, interact with other animals and people brings us a little closer to our own pet. Also, if you have little ones at home, it never hurts to have them all located to have fun for a while during the summer. If you have a hard time finding, don't worry. Here are 10 titles available on Netflix.

1. Pets

Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you walk out the door? This original film leaves you some clues with a touch of humor and a lot of fun. Directed by Yarrow Cheney and Chris Renaud, directors of Gru 2. Despicable Me, Pets tells the story of Max, a dog who is the center of attention of his owner Katie. The problem is that one day everything changes when she adopts Duke, another somewhat clumsy and careless dog that comes from the kennel and with whom Max will have certain differences. And now Max no longer feels that she is the home favorite.

The two will embark on a great adventure in which there is room for other neighboring pets living in Manhattan apartments near Max and Duke. Take Leonard, a funny poodle whose owner is determined that he listens to classical music, but he likes hard rock. Not to forget Pompon, an adorable looking bunny who is actually a sociopath who recruits abandoned pets to get revenge on all humans.

2. Benji

The most characteristic thing about this movie is that Benji is not a cartoon, he is a real dog whose performance does not leave indifferent. It is not the first time that a dog has stolen our souls in the cinema. Hachiko already did it in Always by your side with Richard Gere or Einstein, Doc's dog in Back to the Future. The truth is that Benji takes all the weight of the film and makes it his own with his gestures, movements and barks. Tenderness, fun, drama and adventure are combined in this Netflix movie to make us have a fun time as well as endearing.

It should be noted that Benji got an Oscar nomination for the best original song. In the cast we see Gabriel Bateman ("Never turn off the light") in the role of Carter, Darby Camp ("Big Little Lies") as Frankie, as well as Kiele Sanchez ("Lost") as Whitney, among many others.

3. Hotel for dogs

Another film about real dogs living in an old abandoned hotel waiting for a better future. His luck comes when two children discover the place and little by little turn it into a big home for the animals. However, the doggy paradise begins to destabilize when barking alerts to residents of the area . The boys will have to manage so that nobody discovers them. Like other films of this style, Hotel for Dogs is not only a film to pass the time, it can also be fully educational for children and adults. It reflects the love for animals and alerts us to what can happen when they are not given the necessary attention and they end up left to their own devices.

4. Spirit: the untamed steed

If you are passionate about horses, do not miss on Netflix Spirit: the indomitable steed, directed by Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook and with the voices of actors such as Matt Damon, Chopper Bernet or James Cromwell. The film tells the story of a wild horse that is born free in the prairies of the American West in the early years of the Conquest. His childhood is very happy, full of games and fun, but his luck changes when he is an adult and leader of his pack. Spirit is captured by a man and given to an evil colonel, quite sadistic, who tries to tame him by force. The truth is that it will be quite complicated, because Spirit is not what is called a docile horse.

We must also highlight the music of the film, composed by Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer. Don't miss “Here I am” or “Brothers Under The Sun”.

5. Puss in Boots

After his enormous success in Shrek 2, DreamWorks decided to make this character a solo movie so that he could look like he deserves. The result is a film that describes the life of this delicate and friendly kitten before meeting Shrek. When he was a seductive solo swordsman seeking adventure in every corner of his town. It is true that you are not going to find a great movie, but if you like Puss in Boots and his way of putting cute eyes, you are sure to have a good time, especially if you have little ones at home. Don't forget that the voice is still being provided by Antonio Banderas from Malaga . Salma Hayek does the same with Kitty Soft Claws, the pussycat's companion.

6. Angry Birds, the movie

Angry Birds has been one of the great mobile games of all time. Rovio managed to make gold with these cute little birds, condemned to fight against some evil pigs that stole their eggs from the nest. Netflix also has in its catalog the Angry Birds movie, created by Sony Pictures and with which you can have a great time. In addition, it will help you get to know the characters better. For example Red a flightless bird with behavior problems.

We can say that the plot is very similar to the game. In it, the birds also receive on their island the dreaded visit of pigs whose plans are not good at all. In fact, the birds are fooled by the apparently good manners of these strangers, who do not take too long to carry out their diabolical plan. It should be mentioned that the dubbing in Spanish is carried out by actors or directors of the stature of José Mota, Cristina Castaño, Álex de la Iglesia and Santiago Segura.

7. Invading Neighbors

From the creators of Shrek and Madagascar, Netflix also has Neighbors Invaders among its proposals. This film has a very entertaining plot and it will steal a few laughs from us. In any case, the background is quite worrying. It shows the vicissitudes that some wild animals have to go through that wake up one day in their habitat already manipulated by man. Without a doubt, a whole criticism of the deforestation of forests and supply in the food chain, in a world in which human beings are destroying nature and all living things that inhabit it.

8. Air Bud 5: Hit Again

The fifth installment of Air Bud continues to narrate the adventures of Buddy and his prowess with sports. On this occasion, the athletic dog and his owner help a volleyball team to proclaim themselves the winners. As you might expect, this is not a great production, but the four-legged protagonist manages to capture all the attention from the beginning with his nice face and his spectacular physical form.

9. Hop

There are films in which the main character is a cat, dog, horse, bird ... In Hop's case, it is a rabbit who denies the destiny that his father wants for him. And it is that, without wanting it, he is the heir to the throne of Easter. His situation is so complicated that he decides to head to Hollywood with the intention of fulfilling his dream: to be a drummer. On the other hand there is also Fred, a teenager who rejects the pharmacist job imposed by his father. Both characters will strike up a beautiful friendship as they try to escape their destiny and fulfill their dreams. The message of the film is quite beautiful: there is nothing better than seeking personal happiness.

10. Babe the brave little pig

A classic animal and pet-themed movie is Babe the Brave Little Pig. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? You have it available on Netflix for when you feel like it. It is a very emotional and tender film that takes place in the Australian countryside. There, on a farm, the farmer Hoggett and his wife live surrounded by all kinds of animals. One day this man wins a little pig named Babe in a town market contest. When he arrives at the farm, the pig is adopted by a family of sheepdogs. He will make friends with many characters, such as Fernando the duck or Maa the sheep. The truth is that Babe will not want to be a pig without more, among her aspirations is to become a true sheepdog. Will it succeed?