Samsung Galaxy S10: this is what it costs to change your screen

a screen with hole and fingerprint reader

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the star terminal of last year. The high-end mobile launched by the South Koreans has the best screen in the phone market along with the Galaxy Note 10 and the iPhone 11 Pro. This is the reason why the repair price is quite high if we compare it with others mid-range mobiles. Specifically, the terminal has a 6.1-inch curved panel, WQHD + resolution and Dynamic AMOLED technology. But how much does it really cost to change and repair the Galaxy S10 screen? We see it below.

How much does it cost to repair the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen in 2020

For the repair of Samsung S10 we can choose two ways: the official and the unofficial. In the first case, the repair will be carried out by certified technicians and original components , while if we opt for a third-party store the components will be compatible - not original -, and the technicians will not be authorized by Samsung.

galaxy s10 lcd repair screen price change

If we resort to Samsung's technical service, the price of repair of the screen (LCD + touch) is 215 euros . The repair will be a reality in just three business days in any of the centers that Samsung has distributed throughout the peninsula.

  • Access the Samsung support page

In case of opting for an unauthorized technical service, the price is even higher than that offered by Samsung. On the Mobile Repair website the price rises to 255 euros with a six-month warranty included. At Phone House, a store authorized by Samsung, the price goes up to 260 euros. The warranty in this case extends up to one year from the date of repair.

Price of changing the Galaxy S10 screen by myself

Repairing the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 by ourselves if we have the necessary knowledge is another option that we can turn to. The bad news is that the price of the component is even higher than the repair price for specialized technical services. In most cases we find values ​​that range between 230 and 260 euros if we turn to eBay, although it is true that the screen is usually original.

  • Option 1 : 240 euros
  • Option 2 : 263 euros
  • Option 3 : 258 euros