What is Google Nest Hub, how much does it cost and what is it for?

What is Google Nest Hub, how much does it cost and what is it for?

We are going to explain, simply and simply, what Google Nest Hub consists of, the latest contribution to what we know as the 'Internet of Things' by the great technology company. What is this that you have decided to call 'Google Nest Hub'? What is it for? Is it not really useful or will it become just another whim at home? And most importantly, how much does it cost and where can I buy it?

What is Google Nest Hub?

Google Nest Hub is a mix between a smart speaker and a seven-inch screen. At a glance you can have control of all the smart devices that you have connected to your home. Also, as it comes with the Google Assistant pre-installed, you can view your photos with Google Photos. Thanks to the well-known voice commands we can ask Nest Hub to show us the video we want from YouTube or listen to songs on our favorite streaming platform. Imagine having Google's smart speaker, to which we can ask what we can think of, and to which they have added a seven-inch screen. That is Google Nest Hub.

What is it for and what can I do with Google Nest Hub

If you want to have your home domotized, with Google Nest Hub you can have all the electronic devices located in a single point. It works with hundreds of devices, according to Google itself, and we can control them with our voice or through the touch panel. For example, one of the devices compatible with Google Nest Hub is the Nest Cam or Nest Hello indoor surveillance camera to see who's ringing your door. Even away from home, thanks to the Google Home application, you can continue to use your devices at home.

In addition, thanks to the fact that it incorporates the Google Assistant, we can see the calendar on the screen, add events with our voice, play YouTube videos of recipes while we cook , ordering them with our voice and everything you can think of that you can ask the Nest Hub so that it can help you. With the sole help of the loudspeaker, it was difficult to 'see' which restaurants Google recommended us taking into account our area. Now we can see everything thanks to the screen. You just have to start ordering and watching.

How about being able to cook while watching a recipe on the screen, without being able to use your hands and only using your voice? Well, this is one of the best utilities we can get using the Google Nest Hub. Open the recipe, set a timer , set times, pause the recipe and open another video if you have questions ... and all with your hands full of flour.

And before we referred to monitoring your home while away thanks to Google Nest Hub and the Google Home application. Well, not only are we going to be able to enjoy these advantages but we can also program routines so that, for example, the air conditioning is turned on ten minutes before we get home, to find the house cool.

How much does Google Nest Hub cost and where can I buy it?

This new loudspeaker with screen will be available in Spain from June 12 at a price of 130 euros . You can reserve it now on the official page of Google products.