This is how Slither, the game that struck in 2016, has aged

This is how Slither, the game that struck in 2016, has aged

Have we enjoyed for four years? We have enjoyed it with for four years. You can feel older. Although if you are one of those who put a few hours into this game, you are probably a millennial or do not comb a lot of gray hair. And is that the unique game of the snake served as a distraction for many, and others as a moment to remember that Snake from Nokia . But always with the addition of playing online against a multitude of users from all over the world. A game that became a victim of its own success. But what has become of him? How have you aged in these four years? We are going to review their achievements.

Where does come from

The project came to light on April 30, 2016 in its web version but also as an iPhone application . A few days later the Android version landed to please the users of this platform, who were anxiously waiting after the initial success. And it didn't take long for the word to spread about this fun online game. A revision of the classic Snake that took a twist by proposing massive games with a more agile mechanic and accessible to all.


In fact, such was the success that the game became unplayable due to its connection problems. The lag marked the opening bars of as its servers saturated with the entry of new players. We were all going to play in droves. Navigating the game board was mission impossible without stumbling through it. Something that led its developer to port the game to more and more servers. An arduous task but one that he managed to overcome after a short time. Considering that up to 600 user-controlled snakes could gather in the same game, things became difficult.

It only took a couple of months for the page to become one of the 250 most visited websites in 2016. The success kept coming, and neither did the players. It was the time for online multiplayer games. And although they wanted to take a pinch of that fame, beyond the advertising of the web and some merchandising (toy snakes that they sold from their social networks), it does not seem that the thing evolved further.

Some media spoke of thousands of dollars a day generated by the scarce publicity of the web . But the developer also commented in his day that most of the money was destined to keep the servers active so that the game does not suffer lag or crashes.

A game without evolution's mechanics were key to its success. Both playing with real people and being in large games was what gave the game the fun touch. His appearance was quite charismatic, but it is far from what any game with a good team of people behind it usually offers. And I mean the graphic finish.

With the passage of time developed new skins or finishes for your snake. Something entertaining so you don't get bored all the time. But there were no new mechanics, notable visual improvements, functionalities, challenges, rewards… And the game paid for this wear and tear and lack of evolution.

Even though YouTubers also took advantage of the pull and we all sought to develop our technique by playing, copies of these mechanics soon appeared . And we started spending more time playing alternatives like, where more elements and mechanics were implemented. Rankings, a level system, many more skins, different game modes ... Maybe it did not get the visibility of, but it managed to eat the toast before other games appeared that redistributed this market of online multiplayer web games.

And the mods arrived

Due to the lack of vision or abilities of the creators of, the mods appeared . Tools or modifications that developed the original capabilities of the title but were not official. From famous characters to decorate the snakes, like Trump or different Pokémon, to elements that allowed us to close a room to play against our own friends.

And also tricks, camera changes, new movements, the possibility of playing offline without lag ... A multitude of advances that came from outside of itself, and that only increased the laziness of players who were bored with the title. Still, they were great additions to trying to keep the audience there . Even if it was even blocking the advertising that was so misguidedly included on the site.

Slitherio app

After a year of the fever had dissipated and the genre had been established with a multitude of alternative games. Even those that had nothing to do with growing snakes were still taking advantage of the pull of the “.io” surname to get the attention of web gamers. The moment had passed and had become the memory it is today. But how has the weather treated you four years later?

Reviving in modern classic

Before starting to write these lyrics, I wanted to review the experience. And I really believed that I was going to find a game that I would not recognize four years after that fashion. But,  spoiler alert, disappointment has invaded me . I have found that, as it happened at its peak, the game has failed to adapt. Or has not wanted, which is worse.

There seem to be more skins than I remembered, and I certainly didn't have to see any ads before I started the game. But neither have I seen any design changes, nor a new map, nor new mechanics around Everything continues as when I left it . Or worse, because I was one of those who got used to playing with mods capable of giving a breath of fresh air to a too simple game.


Everything runs smoothly, but I would venture to say that most of the snakes I have faced  are bots and not actual players . The apps have been updated last December, AND, after several quick games (I die fast because I have lost all technique), I realize why current games are the way they are. And the problem of anchoring yourself to a single key to success.

Be careful, where  there are news in its mobile version . They have online play and not only against Artificial Intelligence, something I did not remember from that time (although I always played more on PC). But what has caught my attention is finding a tool to create your own custom snake. Or a number pad which I assume will work for unlocking items. Although I don't know what kind. But the fact is that, on Google Play, there is a December 2019 update. Something that has surprised me for good.

Why did die

Pokémon GO is one of those games that has had massive support from players thanks to a new and striking mechanic. And, although it has taken it easy (very calmly), years later it continues to maintain a good number of users thanks to its constant work of growth . Both in functions, as in new content and also with elements such as parties and meetings both inside and outside the title. The franchise had a previous history and it has it outside the mobile game, but it has managed to adapt and create a most interesting roadmap.

But the definitive example of what is now a live multiplayer online game, on the crest of the wave and that knows how to stay there is Fortnite , without a doubt. The season system, challenges, purchases, changing game modes, endless skins and movements. A game that shows that it is alive, despite the simple mechanics and complex gameplay.

With this perspective is left behind in the past . As a good memory of all those times I spent trying to kill all the snakes or to maintain my lead as number one in the game. Also everything I discovered from him, with modifications, very creative users or games with friends. But it doesn't hurt to have forgotten the gaming experience in their mobile applications or the exhaustion of the formula. It was nice as it was. But it was and will never be.