Why does a star appear in the Android 5.0 Lollipop notifications section


It is still too early to have a complete experience on board Android 5.0 Lollipop and talk about it knowing each and every one of the corners of this platform. Not surprisingly, there are still few users who already have this version of Google's operating system on their devices. As you may remember, the only ones that have been updated for now are the Nexus terminals and tablets , some Motorola models , the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 , the current flagship of the Korean firm Samsung . Either way, users who have already tried Lollipop honeysYou may have noticed that at the top, right in the notification bar, sometimes a star icon appears that seems to indicate something, although we don't really know what.

Well, the presence of that little star has a very simple explanation. As you know, one of the main changes that Lollipop brings with it has to do precisely with the notifications section . Now Android notifications are much more interactive and intelligent, so that the user can interact with them without having to open certain applications. One of the star functions (and never better said), as loved as it is hated, is the so- called Silent mode , a way to ensure that notifications from the phone do not bother us at the least opportune moment. Unlike what we had seen so far, the owners ofMobiles updated to Lollipop have three different levels to configure the notifications: the first has been baptized as  Nothing , and it serves to silence them absolutely all; the second is called Priority , so that we are only interrupted by notifications that we consider and for a specified time or indefinitely and All , to receive any notice about messages, updates or calls at all times.

Lollipop Star

Having these three levels clear , now we can tell what purpose the star that appears next to the WiFi connectivity icon has. This icon will be activated as long as we have selected the "do not disturb" mode , by which we will only allow priority interruptions. On the other hand, when we have selected absolute silence to not receive any notification, we will see an icon with the prohibited sign in the place of the star.

Discovered the enigma, now we will tell you how you can configure these notifications . On the one hand, you can do it by accessing the Sound and Notifications section . Here you will find a subsection called Interruptions , from which you can configure how you want to receive notifications on your mobile. You can also configure the notification system as you have done so far in any Android terminal : with the volume keys. In fact, from this same section you will have the option to access the configuration (not only to activate these modes) to make all the changes that you consider appropriate at any time of the day, as best suits you.