The best cold wave memes and jokes for WhatsApp

The best cold wave memes and jokes for WhatsApp 1

For many, cold is a state of mind . So, how it sounds. Moreover, you probably have a friend who still is able to go out on the street tee when most of Spain are suffering various alerts by the cold wave . And of course, it is also necessary to resort to the proverb. That is why surely all of you are able to finish the following sentence: "When the rook flies low ...".

It will be this Wednesday, January 18, when the Siberian cold wave will reach its highest moment in Spain, giving us extremely low temperatures. In fact, snow has made an appearance both on the Alicante coast and in the Balearic Islands.

One of the curiosities of the day has been the arrival of the snow to the Alicante coast, specifically to Dénia and Xí bia, having to cut a road. The last snowfalls that were recorded in this area date from 1983.

This has been and networks have been able to read various jokes and memes by cold wave that can be shared by WhatsApp . We make a selection of the best:

The rook is walking


How the saying changes…

”” Andrésnosenada (@andresnosenada) January 18, 2017

The popular saying goes as follows: "When the jackdaw flies low, it's freezing cold." Well yes, the rook no longer flies, it is walking. Without a doubt, this is one of the memes that has been liked the most and most shared in the last few hours.

It's flu!

The best cold wave memes and jokes for WhatsApp 2

What seemed like a poem, becomes an invitation to make a good soup for your partner. No, he's not looking at you with greedy eyes, what he has is a totally stuck nose.

Does it snow in Torrevieja?

My father tells me that it is snowing in Torrevieja.

”” César (@Myzumito) January 18, 2017

Although the video corresponds to a Spanish coach, Paco Jémez, who is surprised by the question they are asking him during a press conference, we firmly believe that this would be your face if they tell you that it is snowing in Torrevieja.

Where is the cold snap?

Where is the cold snap? Let's see, let's see that I see it… ”#OlaDeFrioPolar

”” Ibon Perez TV ® â „¢ (@ibonpereztv) January 17, 2017

One of the most recurring memes in recent months. But we think this time he has seen it.

Beware of going out to smoke on the balcony

I'm going to smoke a cigarette on the balcony… .hooosssstiasss! #OlaDeFrioPolar

”” Andrés solineodesi (@ AndresS33285624) January 18, 2017

It is still a good time to consider quitting tobacco.

The best clothes for these days

The best cold wave memes and jokes for WhatsApp 3

It's not going to be the sexiest thing you wear this 2017, but what about what's warm?

Poor Majorcan

The best cold wave memes and jokes for WhatsApp 4

So they have stayed ...

In Teruel they are not so cold

#OlaDeFrioPolar only refreshes

”” Pili (@ 75pilicapi) January 18, 2017

They say it only refreshes ...