How to check if your TV is really 4K UHD

How to check if your TV is really 4K

Currently if we go to the market to buy a television, it is most likely that we will end up taking home a model with a 4K screen. And it is not surprising, there are already few models with Full HD resolution that are still on sale. However, not all 4K resolution TVs offer the same quality. We could even say that not all 4K TVs are truly 4K . Some low-cost models use a little "trick" to cut costs. However, this makes the panel resolution actually 3K and not 4K. How can we know if our TV is really 4K? Let's try to find out.

Actually, although it is used by all manufacturers, no TV on the market offers true 4K resolution . The 4K terminal refers to a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. Today's televisions, however, offer a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Hence, we almost always see the term 4K accompanied by the name UHD (Ultra High Definition). This is why many televisions and monitors also indicate the 4K signal as 2160p, a much more correct term.

That said, we need to understand how a panel on a TV is formed. UHD TV panels are made up of more than 8 million pixels. In turn, each pixel is made up of three sub-pixels responsible for color: red, blue, and green (RGB) . When put together they provide an image with a more realistic brightness and luminosity.

how to check if your TV is really 4K RGB

Image: Samsung

However, some low cost models have been found to use 3K panels. These are identified because  they are based on RGBW technology and offer a real resolution of 2,880 x 2,160 pixels . That is, a white pixel is added in the middle of the RGB pixels. This achromatic pixel reduces the ability to display panel color considerably. By adding the white pixel, the picture quality will not be comparable to that of a true UHD TV.

So how do I find out if my TV is really 4K UHD? The best way to do this is to check without an account with the UHD certificate from Digital Europe . If so, the TV will have the UHD logo on the box or on one of the stickers on the screen. You can also consult the list of brands authorized to use this logo.

how to check if your TV is really 4K UHD Premium

If we can't find the logo issued by Digital Europe, we may have the one issued by the UHD Alliance . However, we generally only find this on high-end televisions, such as the Samsung QLED Q8C.

However, the most reliable way to know if we have a real 4K UHD TV is to look at the pixels on the screen . Perhaps with a high-power magnifying glass we can see them, but it is possible that to see their structure we need a microscope. If you can see them, you already know that we should only see three colors, without white.

Finally, generally, be suspicious of any excessively cheap model . There are many manufacturers who take care to place the logos that we have discussed clearly visible. These facilitate identification and offer security to the user that they are buying what they are really looking for. However, some manufacturers that sell at very low costs may not. If comparing you detect a 4K television with a suspicious price, you are probably facing a model that uses 3K panel. And since we are paying for a 4K TV, we better make sure that it really delivers what it promises.