▷ What can I do if my eBay order does not arrive [2020]

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Due to the current health situation due to the coronavirus, companies have been forced to reduce activity to comply with Health measures. This has ended up having an impact on platforms such as Amazon or eBay, and more specifically, on the delivery times of orders. The solution in both cases is to file a claim through the options of each platform. In previous articles we showed you the necessary steps to claim an Amazon order. But what happens if an eBay order doesn't arrive? Where can you claim an eBay order that doesn't arrive? We see it below.

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I have paid for the order but the seller has not shipped it

It is not the usual thing, but it may be the case that we have paid for the product in question through eBay and the seller has not made the shipment. The average shipping time is usually 48 hours , depending on whether we place the order on a daily basis or throughout the weekend.


If after 48 hours the order is still not shipped, we can contact the seller directly. The process is as simple as going to the seller's page and clicking on the Contact option , as we can see in the upper screenshot. Along with the message it is recommended to attach the order number and the type of product that we have ordered from the store. The normal thing is that the seller responds to us during the first 24 hours.

The order has been anchored somewhere along the way

Shipping agencies are responsible for reporting to eBay the status of orders once they have been sent by sellers. If the order has been stranded somewhere along the way, it has likely been held up in customs at best and lost at worst.

What can I do if my eBay order doesn't arrive 1

To know the exact point where our package is, we can go to the tracking page of the contracted transport agency. We will previously have to get hold of the tracking code provided by the seller, yes. Another option is to call the customer service of the company in question (Correos, SEUR, MRW, DHL ...) or file a claim through the website or through the company's social networks.

My eBay order is not arriving at all, what can I do?

If there is no way to locate the order and we do not get any kind of response from the seller, the last solution is to report the problem to eBay so they can properly inform the seller. For this we will have to go to the eBay Resolution Center, which we can access through the following link.

What can I do if my eBay order doesn't arrive 2

In the form we will have to indicate the reason for the claim and the product to which it refers. What eBay will do is inform the seller of the message transmitted through this form. The difference with respect to a conventional message is that it will be processed as a claim and not as a simple contact message. This will work in our favor when processing a return through PayPal .

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Speaking of PayPal, the last option we can use to get our money back is directly from this platform as long as we have made the payment through PayPal. To file a claim in PayPal we will have to go to this other link, where we will have to indicate the reason for the claim after having selected the payment that we want to appeal. Previously we 'll make sure that we claim payment corresponds to the purchase of the product through eBay to avoid future problems.