YouTube: 10 online tools to convert videos to MP4 or AVI files

We are going to propose a special that can be very useful at some point in your work or leisure. We show you ten tools, which you can find for free and online on the Internet, to convert any video that is hosted on the YouTube platform and convert it to MP4 or AVI format. It must be remembered that the format in which the videos on YouTube are hosted is called FLV and some USB players or multimedia hard drives do not recognize them, something that does not happen with the most popular and versatile MP4 and AVI. Be careful, to transfer files from FLV to AVI you must first download the files that are on YouTube. For this you have at your disposal another series of online tools that are also free.


With this first online tool we will directly upload the FLV file from our computer. To do this, click on 'Select file' and, later, choose the type of file in which we want to achieve it. Of course, among a great variety of them, we have AVI and MP4. In addition, we will have the possibility to change the size of the video, the bitrate, the screen format, etc. Now all you have to do is click on 'Convert now' and the resulting video will be automatically saved on your computer.


Video Online Convert

Our second stop has the same mechanism as the previous one and, I am afraid, it is something that will be repeated in the rest. We have to choose our video on the computer and upload it to the page. You can also use web addresses directly, but we have tried using a YouTube link and it does not work, so you will have to download it first. Once the file is uploaded, we can make a wide variety of changes, such as modifying the frame rate, the screen size, the audio codec, etc. We will give it a name and start the conversion.

online converter


With Convertio you can convert your FLV videos to AVI or MP4 that you have on your computer or cloud storage, either Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also try adding a web link that contains a video. The best of all is that with Convertio you will not have to have previously downloaded the YouTube video, although it has a drawback: if you want to convert a video that weighs more than 100 MB, you will have to register on the page. Once you have included the link on the screen, the full size of the video to download will appear, which will then be stored on your computer. You can also add several links at the same time.


Convert Files

With Convert Files you can, as its name suggests, in a very simple way, convert FLV videos downloaded from YouTube to other formats such as AVI or MP4. You simply have to upload the FLV file hosted on your computer, leaving the 'Input Format' box as it comes (with the FLV format by default) and choosing in 'Output Format' the type of file in which you want to share it. By default it appears configured as AVI so if you do not touch anything if you want to have it that way.

convert files

Online Converter

We reached the middle of our list with Online Converter. Although this tool promises to convert videos through a link, we advise you that, if you are going to use it, upload the video directly. You can only convert files with a maximum weight of 200 MB. If you check the 'Options' box, you can convert an excerpt of the video, in case you don't want to use the entire video. On the same page you have a list with shortcuts to more types of conversions, in case you need them.

online converter

Our sixth alternative is called and it has a very simple handling, similar to the previous proposals. First, we have to choose our downloaded FLV file that we have on the computer. Then, we choose in which format we want to convert our video, in this case we will choose AVI or MP4. There is an alternative to downloading a desktop program but we do not advise it, it is better to always use the online mode, to prevent adware from being installed.


We now go with a Spanish-speaking video converter. With The Converter the rules are the same as with the previous online programs. First, we choose the video file that we have inside our computer. Subsequently, we choose the file format in which we want to have the file, be it AVI, MP4 or many more. We are also given the possibility to choose the quality of the converted video between low, medium, high and very high and to choose the conversion size.

the converter


Another free online video converter with which you can convert your downloaded YouTube videos to a file type like AVI or MP4. Its name is Zamzar and you can upload files up to 50 MB in weight. The procedure is the same as in previous converters. Upload the file you want to convert to the page, choose the video format in which you want it and, on this occasion, type your email account to receive the link of the converted video.



We are finishing the list of converters with OnlineVideoConverter, one of the most attractive tools that we have discussed today. The operation, as you have anticipated, is the same as in the previous cases, with the possibility, in addition, of being able to convert a video directly from its link on YouTube. You even have the possibility, on this page, to record your computer screen, for tutorials and presentations.

YouTube: 10 online tools to convert videos to MP4 or AVI files 1


And we finish the selection with another free tool. An authentic Swiss army knife that will allow you to convert not only videos but also images, documents, audio, electronic books ... You just have to select what interests you the most and follow the instructions.

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