10 YouTube channels to learn to play piano

10 YouTube channels to learn to play piano

Learning to play a musical instrument usually appears in some of the life goals of certain people, especially those with artistic aspirations. Among them we find some that are easier to play, for example the ukulele, than others, which require years and years of practice, such as the piano. However, if you want to learn the basics and even perfect your technique over time, you can do so thanks to YouTube. In this special today we present 10 channels with which you can get started in the exciting world of the piano. So, if you've ever been interested in this instrument and feel like starting to play, don't miss out on what we have to teach you next.

Learn to play the piano thanks to these 10 YouTube channels

Peter PlutaX

This youtuber makes video tutorials with a very simple and practical system to follow. The interface of its videos is reminiscent of video games like Guitar Hero and thanks to them you can learn to play classic and modern themes on the piano. You just have to follow the animation and practice it over and over again, until you get to memorize it. A clear example of the work of Peter PlutaX is, for example, the video to learn to play 10 compositions of classical music. With a little practice you can surprise your friends.

The piano teacher

Guillermo Roncero is the creator of this YouTube channel in which he teaches, in a didactic and simple way, to play the piano from a basic beginner level. The video attached below is the first of a total course of 32 videos. Guillermo is a piano teacher teaching courses in the Community of Madrid and lectures at different Music Centers in the Community of Madrid.

Piano Click

Again, as was the case with Peter PlutaX, the Piano Click channel is committed to simplicity in its teachings, trying to teach students to play popular songs and classical themes on their piano. It has different sections that are quite popular with its students, such as the compilation of 75 anime and cartoon themes, Christmas carols and, of course, a special one to learn to play the piano from scratch.

Trin the pianist

This piano teacher will teach you versions of piano music of all styles imaginable as well as different sections of exercises, tips, courses, etc. For example, you have the tutorials classified by their difficulty, tutorials by author like Beethoven or more modern like Ludovico Einaudi as well as tutorials by genre like pop-rock, jazz-blues and a practical chords course. A teacher who does not want to stay on the topic of classical music, entering other paths, like the one I teach you below.

Free piano lessons

The name of this channel is revealing, because what you are going to find on it are precisely free piano lessons. In the space of 'free piano lessons' we will find a course on music reading, piano and, also, classical music videos. It is not the channel that has more videos than we have shown you, but the teacher has a very clear way of explaining the syllabus, that is why we have decided to integrate it into our top.

Music for everyone

A real music school on YouTube. Among his most played piano teaching videos is his list of piano scales and his 27 videos of which the online piano course consists. In this course we will learn to read sheet music, how to sit correctly in front of the piano to play the pieces correctly, the position of the fingers as well as the movement of the hands. A complete course that starts from the basics so that the student has a global vision of what it means to play an instrument such as the piano.

Paul schlesinger

Pablo Schlesinger began his studies specializing in classical music, finding his true path in contemporary composition. Graduated from the Berklee school, in his channel he tries to “ demystify the teaching of Contemporary Music, provide lessons, advice and resources for all those who start, resume or want to deepen their study”. Among his most peculiar videos is one in which he teaches how to strengthen the fingers of the piano student. In addition, it features contemporary piano and harmony playlists and improv videos. A channel recommended above all for lovers of jazz and contemporary music.

Musician Lab

A channel to learn piano that differs a bit from the confinement of classical and contemporary music, embracing more recent genres and subgenres such as synthwave, electrojazz, retrowave, etc. Also, if you have a keyboard at home you can also learn to play. The teacher maintains a didactic relationship with the student, also teaching him to choose one if he wants to go to the store and buy it.

Slow Easy Piano Tutorials by Dario

This channel for learning piano songs is very similar to the first one we taught you, Peter PlutaX's. We have a series of videos in which we will learn to play hit songs like 'Señorita' by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, trap artists like XXXTentacion and even Korean boy bands like BTS . A perfect channel for the teenager who is starting to play the piano and wants to delight her friends with some of the most popular songs of the moment. In the videos there is a table like in the video game 'Guitar Hero' to better position the hands and learn the songs more quickly.

Piano Tutorial Easy

Don't they teach you to play the songs from the 'La casa de papel' series in your piano class? Do you miss being able to play pop classics like 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA or 'Africa' by Toto on the piano? Would you like to liven up the birthday of your movie fan friend with movie music? Well, the 'Piano Tutorial Easy' channel is the one you were looking for.

With these 10 channels you have a lot of material to delve into the wonderful world of the piano. Do not forget to subscribe to the channels that interest you the most and to save this article in favorites, to always have them at hand.