Curious Cat, what is this question social network and how does it work

Curious Cat, what is this question social network and how does it work

It is the social network that promises to steal all teenagers from Snapchat. It's called Curious Cat and it's made in Spain . The idea of ​​two Galician cousins, Nuno and Marco Balbona, who wanted to do something different, beyond what they had done so far: programming video games.

They wanted to create a different social network. Although they prefer to call it a tool. There was a similar proposal, called, but this one has many more options. And it seems more entertaining for young people, which is the potential audience that this social network is aimed at. In Curious Cat users can ask anonymous questions to people around them , with the aim of knowing them a little more. Or meddling in their lives.

Once the answers are obtained, users can share (if they want) the answers of others in their favorite social networks . And here Facebook and Twitter come into play. A good way to make the experience more complete and go directly viral. Today Curious Cat has captivated more than 2.5 million people.

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How Curious Cat works

If you want to participate in Curious Cat , the first thing you will have to do is register. Keep in mind that you can do it with a Twitter or Facebook account. Choose the one you prefer and click Continue. Then, different screens will appear where you can enter your personal data.

The system will offer you the possibility to follow your contacts . You can select the ones you like the most. Next, the cover of your profile in Curious Cat will appear before you. Note that your personal photo and the cover photo will be exported directly from Facebook or Twitter.

From there, you can start answering questions. And to read the responses of others. You should know that all questions are asked anonymously and that you are completely free to answer them. On each user's wall you can see the questions that other people have asked and check what their answers are.

If you want to ask something, just enter the question in the text box specially enabled for this purpose. And ready. The user will be able to reply to you whenever he pleases. And you can satisfy your curiosity.

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2.5 million users worldwide

It all started as a very homemade project. In fact, the two cousins ​​had developed this social network in just one week. Now there are more than 2.5 million users who frequently connect to ask questions and answer those that others ask.

In general and due to the contributions of users, we realize that we are facing a social network that is used in a very specific way by the youngest, specifically adolescents . The fact is that despite being an idea manufactured in Spain, Curious Cat has spread throughout the world.

According to data from the managers themselves, the users who have been connected the most lately come from  Brazil, the United States, France, Argentina and Portugal .

Unlike Snapchat, Curious Cat is a tool that can help users dig a bit into each other's privacy . In the first, users choose what they want to publish and show to others. But in Curious Cat it is the others who ask the questions. So it is possible that more than one will touch the weak point. Or put him in a real bind.