▷ 10 GIFs of Mother's Day to share on social networks

10 Mother's Day GIFs to share on social networks 1

The first Sunday of each month of May is celebrated what in Spain is known as Mother's Day. Historically it is celebrated on the day of Rhea, mother of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon and Ades. In the Christian religion, the Virgin Mary, mother of God and of Jesus Christ, is the protagonist of this special day. As we did with Father's Day a little over a month ago today, this time we have made a compilation of ten Mother's Day GIFs to share on social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Dumbo Day Loving

Who said that Dumbo has gone out of style. Now that the mythical Disney elephant has returned to the billboard with the film of the same name with realistic tints, what better way to congratulate Mother's Day than a GIF of Dumbo and his mother .

dumbo mothers day

Happy Fighter Mom's Day

Along with Dumbo, The Lion King will be another of Disney's historic ones that will return to the billboard during this 2019. If you want to congratulate Mother's Day with a GIF of The Lion King, try a GIF of Sarabi , Simba's mother, Mufasa's wife and queen of the animal world until the latter's death, who licks Simba as a sign of her eternal love.

the lion king happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day mimosa

Tangled, better known as Tangled in the United States and the United Kingdom, welcomes one of the most endearing moments in cinema with Princess Rapunzel as the main protagonist . Today we bring you the GIF of the mythical moment during the film signed by Walt Disney where she is kissed by her daughter.

rapunzel mothers day

Happy Proud Mom's Day

Mrs. Pott and Chip, the most endearing duo of Beauty and the Beast brought us, along with Tangled, another of the most endearing moments in cinema. If you have not yet congratulated your mother on Mother's Day, what better than with this GIF of mom mug and son mug. Or was it a kettle?

mrs potts mothers day

Happy Mother's Day cuddly

Why resort to Disney's The Lion King if we can make use of reality with real lions. In this case, the mother lioness hugs her son after he asks for pampering . What is ideal to congratulate on Mother's Day? Yes?

mother's day lion

Happy Mothers Day bears

Proud, cuddly, affectionate ... Mothers are many things and many bears, so what better than a GIF of a mother bear with her bear son in her arms to congratulate the moms on their only day of the year.

mother's day bears

Happy Working Mother's Day

When we lack a father and we have only one mother figure left, raising a family becomes a challenge for any mother in the world. If this is your case, a GIF to thank you for everything your mother has done for you in everything you wear and have left to live is the best way to let her know without the need for words.

working mother's day

Happy Mother's Day besucona

If you can't give your mother a kiss because you're away from her, you can try sending it to her as a GIF. How endearing is this GIF of a mother kissing her baby?

mother's day kissing

Happy Mother's Day to your mother's mother (your grandmother)

Grandmothers, as mothers that they are, also deserve their day on this very important day for all mothers in the world. If you are a fan of technology, and specifically of social networks, congratulate your grandmother with this GIF signed by Pepsi, the famous Cola company.

mother's day grandmother

Happy Mother's Day with a very special message

If you want to congratulate your mother and you can't think of a message to thank everything she has done for you in life, there is always the wild card of the GIF. Specifically, this GIF reads "Mom, I love you even though there are sad days . "

message to congratulate mother's day