Amazon collection points, how to find and use them

Amazon collection points, how to find and use them

Shopping over the Internet is becoming more and more popular, but with the rhythm of life that we lead today, it is difficult for us to be at home waiting for our package to arrive. Amazon is aware of this problem, and therefore offers us a series of collection points that we can use so that we do not have to be at home waiting for our package to arrive. In this article we explain how you can find and use Amazon collection points .

What are Amazon collection points and how do they work?

amazon collection points

Buying on Amazon has become incredibly simple, so that we can receive all kinds of products at home, including some as large as sofas and shelves, without having to travel with the car.

The problem arises when we cannot be at home waiting for the delivery man to arrive, without forgetting the possibility that our package may be delayed and arrive at the worst possible time.

Amazon innovated and offers us a series of collection points that we can use to avoid disturbing our friends and family .

Amazon collection points are usually post offices, kiosks, gas stations and other places, where we can have our Amazon packages arrive. These are places that are open to the public for many hours a day, so we will not have the problem that there is no one waiting for the carrier.

All you will have to do is go pick up your package when it suits you best , with the only requirement that you will need to bring your ID, so that they can verify your identity. Generally, the collection points offer a period of 15 days for you to pick up your package, after that limit, it will be returned to Amazon.

How to use Amazon collection points

When you go to buy a product on Amazon, you can have the package sent to the address you specify, be it your own home, that of a neighbor, or a relative. Amazon offers us an additional option, which consists of sending the package to a collection point , so that we can pick it up when our pace of life allows us.

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If we use a collection point, Amazon will send us an email when the package arrives at its destination, to let us know that we can go to collect it. At that moment, the period of time you have to go find your purchase will begin to run.

If we select the option to send the package to a collection point, a list of the Amazon collection points closest to our current position will be displayed. When we have located what interests us, we click on the button " Send to this address "

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The system also offers us a map and a search engine that we can use to locate collection points by postal code, address or nearby points of interest.

Amazon allows us to specify the name of the person who will go to the collection point to get the package. This is something that will be great if it is impossible for us to attend, and a family friend can do us a favor. Remember to let them know that you will need to bring your ID so that they can give you the package.

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It is important to note that, to be able to use Amazon's collection points, it must be a product sold directly by Amazon, since products offered by other sellers within Amazon are not compatible. Amazon offers us a list of all the products that are compatible with this system.