The ING coordinate card disappears: this is how the transfers will be made

ING coordinate card

ING will change the way of making transfers from September. The entity of Dutch origin has communicated that it will eliminate the coordinate cards, replacing them with another even more secure method. Starting next month, you will have to use the mobile app, activate the notifications and have a mobile validation created, that is, a password. To create it, you will simply have to access the personal area of ​​the application.

In this way, if you are an ING customer, every time you need to carry out an operation, in which you previously had to resort to the coordinate card, now you will need to enter a double validation, thus increasing security. The moment you have to make a transfer, the system will ask you for a confirmation code, which ING will send you through your mobile phone and which always changes. Then it will be necessary for you to enter your own password established in the mobile validation, which is always fixed, but which you can modify whenever you want for greater security.

How to create a mobile validation in the ING app

If you have not yet created a mobile validation in the ING application, it is about time you did it. Once inside your ING account through the app, you have to go to the menu, at the top there are three tabs: Personal area, messages and notifications, select Personal area. When you are inside your personal area, a list of options will appear, in the mobile validation section you can obtain information about what it consists of, and activate your password so that it no longer asks you for the coordinate card.

By applying these steps you can forget about the coordinate card . The app will no longer ask you for one of these codes every time you go to do a banking operation. Now you will have your own password, to carry out this process much faster. You can change this password whenever you want for greater security, and what happens if you forget this password? If you forget it, you just have to indicate it in the section above, in mobile validation, and they will send you a code to your terminal so that you can enter it and re-establish your password.