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The 9 best free programs of 2019 to download MP3 audio from YouTube

Despite the fact that there are many pages to convert YouTube videos to MP3, the truth is that most of them have periods that are often long if what we want is to export songs or long-duration videos, to mention the limits by size or duration. The best solution to such a scenario lies in programs to download YouTube videos for free in Spanish , the so-called "YouTube to MP3 converters.

7 Chrome extensions to download videos from any web page

Downloading videos from any website is something that generally requires third-party programs. The bad news is that most of these programs are paid or have some kind of limitation. The solution in these cases is to resort to external extensions. Today there are dozens of Google Chrome extensions to download videos from any web page .

10 apps and pages to convert audio to text for free

Ever since smartphones and tablets became popular, handwriting either text or documents has become a thing of the past. We currently have assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant that allow us to pass audio to text in a relatively simple way. Unfortunately, the operation of these is not perfect, which is why we are forced to resort to third-party solutions.

5 programas para cortar canciones gratis online

En la actualidad los servicios de música en streaming han suplido los programas para descargar música en formato MP3, WMA y FLAC. Esto no quiere decir que no existan personas acérrimos al formato digital de audio. De hecho son varios miles los que buscan en Google programas para cortar canciones o convertirlas a otros formatos tales como mencionados anteriormente para establecer el sonido como tono de llamada. Ha

Beware of the WhatsApp alert of the number 693 955 444 and the 1,500 euros

After having circulated on the network, WhatsApp and Facebook since 2014, the alert of the 1,500 euros of WhatsApp returns to the ring with the same form in which it arrived five years ago today. The message in question warns about making fraudulent calls from numbers such as 636 634 795 and 693 955 444 in order to obtain economic benefit by returning calls with figures ranging from 1,350 euros to 1,500, figures that will be charged in the next invoice telephone .

8 free employee scheduling programs and apps

Now that the new law to control the hours of workers and employees of different companies has come into force, a multitude of control programs of hours worked to register at work have appeared on Windows, Android and iPhone. These programs go beyond a simple control of employees' hours through Excel, with a multitude of options that allow to sign in the different workers and export tables with the hours worked.

I can't get into Facebook: troubleshooting login issues

Facebook's track record of service outages in the past month has been disastrous. There have been two occasions in which the servers of the well-known social network have suffered a global drop that has affected practically all parts of the world. This is not to say that all Facebook login problems have to do with server crashes .

Is it possible to hack WhatsApp in 2020? 9 truths and lies

"Hack WhatsApp for real", "How to hack WhatsApp without them realizing it for free", "Spying on WhatsApp online", "Hacking WhatsApp is possible" ... Today, dozens of searches flood Google, Bing and other minority search engines with a single intention, to spy or hack WhatsApp. Around these searches there is a whole compendium of pages that promise to steal the WhatsApp account of third parties.

The best moving animated wallpapers for your mobile

Surely one of the greatest strengths of Android compared to iOS has to do with the customization possibilities that the system offers. Today, changing the appearance of our mobile phone is as simple as resorting to third-party launchers  . Added to this is the possibility of changing the icons with custom packs and the system's compatibility with animated wallpapers , which must be installed through external applications.

5 apps to turn your photos into cartoons

The Cartoon effect, also known as vignette or cartoons, is a style that we can apply to our images, to give them a much more original touch and look. In this article we present the best 5 tools, which you can use to give a cartoon style to your photos, and the images in general that you have stored on your smartphone.

5 pages to listen to music online for free without downloading

Spotify and Apple Music share the big piece of cake that online music players represent. This does not mean that they are the only pages to listen to music online without downloading. Currently there is a wide range of players to listen to music without downloading YouTube or similar applications. Months ago we looked at some of the best alternatives to Spotify.

Is Fintonic reliable? 4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not

For some time now, the Fintonic application has flooded a multitude of entertainment channels through promotion through youtubers , instagramers and influencers in general. Roughly speaking, the application is about an online financial manager that controls our expenses, as well as their origin, to have control over our savings.

How to upload music to Spotify for free and easily

Spotify has become the most popular application for listening to music. Part of its success lies in the immensity of its online catalog and the amount of functions it integrates. One of these functions is to upload music to Spotify through the application's own options . I'm talking about music in MP3, Mp4 and M4P formats.

Original greetings for Mother's Day to share on WhatsApp

Mother's Day has arrived. This tradition is celebrated today in Spain and parts of the world as a tribute to the poet and activist Julia Ward Howe, who organized a series of peaceful demonstrations and religious celebrations in Boston for the mothers who were victims of the Civil War. To commemorate this day so marked by her and by all the mothers of the world we have prepared a list with several original phrases and congratulations to share on WhatsApp .

5 free apps to read PDF aloud

You have many articles, books, and notes to review, but you don't have time to read every one of them. It is a fairly typical situation in an increasingly stressful world. Fortunately, there are Android apps that can provide you with a quick and effective solution. These are text-to-speech applications , a great tool for all users who want to listen to your articles and PDF reading materials, instead of reading them.

Is Vova reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

Vova, better known as , is the last great alternative to Wish, Joom and Aliexpress in the form of an application and website to buy cheap products from China. Although its popularity is relatively recent, the truth is that the trading platform has been on the market for some time. As often happens with this type of web page, the doubt of every user has to do with the reliability of the platform when making transactions within it.

My name Spotify, that's what your name would be based on what you hear

My name Spotify , that's the name of the new Spotify tool that the company has just launched in Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries. The objective of whose motto reads "# MiraMamá, that's what I would call myself according to what I've heard so far this year" is to generate a proper name based on the songs and groups that we have heard on Spotify throughout 2019.

FilmoraPro vs Filmora9: 5 differences between Wondershare editors

Wondershare sponsored articleFilmoraPro and Filmora9, Filmora9 and FilmoraPro . Although the two programs for editing professional videos share a name, the truth is that the differences between Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro go beyond their name. And it is that while the Pro version is focused on its use by a professional video editor, Filmora9's orientation is limited to those users who want to make a more basic use of the video editor, although not without sacrificing functions and options professionals.

How to install and have mobile Instagram on your PC

Although Instagram is an application developed entirely for mobile operating systems, we can make use of it on desktop operating systems, such as macOS and Windows. And it is that although we cannot enjoy the same functions as the mobile version, we do have most of the options that the official application integrates.

Encuentran una forma de hackear WhatsApp con solo un número de teléfono

Pensábamos que los sistemas de cifrado que habí­a anunciado WhatsApp eran completamente seguros. Pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Esta misma semana te contábamos que los mensajes que enví­as a través de esta plataforma en realidad no están tan a salvo. Y aunque muchos pensaran que el paradigma de la seguridad a la hora de mandar mensajes era Telegram, también se equivocaban. Ahora se

10 Questions and Answers About the Spotify Family Plan

Despite the fact that its launch dates back a little over a year, the Family Plan on Spotify continues to be today one of the most interesting plans of the streaming application. It is due to its low price and the possibility of adding up to six family members who reside in the same address. Even after almost two years since its release and the recent rumor that Spotify is testing a new subscription for two people, many users have doubts about this plan.

Festify 2019, so you can create your music festival on Spotify

Despite the fact that there are still a few months to go until the beginning of summer, the truth is that today some of the most important music festivals in the world have already been held, such as Coachella or Lollapalooza. For this reason, Rick Rieta and Tony Bui, well-known web developers from San Francisco, have created a tool called Festify with which we can create a personalized festival poster based on our tastes on Spotify.

Top 5 free video editors for PC

Video is the master of the Internet. Any content in text format can be published in video form, and will have double acceptance. The moving image is so powerful that GIFs are already a language of their own to communicate on the web. All social networks have surrendered to videos, so much so that you can even upload them live.

F3 Cool: what is it and how does the app that is hitting it on Instagram works

F3, F3 app, F3 Cool or , the application that is hitting it on Instagram today, more than a million download despite its recent launch in the App Store and Google Play Store. And it is that despite the fact that it may be a simple complementary tool to Instagram, the truth is that the F3 application comprises a whole social network with feed, private messages, search engine and publications, in the purest Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat style.

How to direct on Instagram from your PC

Transmissions of direct Instagram from our computer is something that today cannot be done through the web version of the platform. For this reason we are forced to resort to third-party tools to broadcast on Instagram from the PC, regardless of whether you have Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. This time we have compiled the steps and programs necessary to broadcast live on Instagram from a computer .

10 VPN extensions to navigate in Google Chrome

VPN networks are gradually gaining ground thanks, in part, to the growing interest of users for privacy and security on the Internet. Another variable that makes this type of network increasingly popular has to do with the possibility of simulating our location in other countries without the need for a dedicated server to access restricted content in our country .

Spotify Premium individual, duo or family, what is the best plan for me?

Spotify has just released its new subscription plan, which is called Spotify Premium Duo . This plan is presented as an alternative to the Family Plan that until now offered the streaming music service and is in addition to the two plans that until now were available on the platform. With three types of subscription on the table, the question is almost forced: which is the best plan that we can hire in 2020?

Instagram won't let me follow anyone: this is how you can fix it

From the beginning of the year until now, the Sunción to follow on Instagram has not caused more than problems to its creators, or at least that is what a good part of its users assure. “Instagram won't let me follow anyone”, “Instagram Follow action blocked” , “I put follow on Instagram and it won't let me”, “Instagram won't let me follow contacts”, “I've been unable to follow anyone on Instagram for a week” ... These and many oth

5 applications to see who has unfollowed me on Instagram

"Application to find out who unfollows you on Instagram", "application to find out who does not follow you on Instagram" or "how to know who unfollows you on Instagram 2019" are some of the most popular search terms on the social network photography on Google. This is due, in part, to the fact that the official application does not have options that allow us to see who has stopped following us on Instagram.

Is it reliable to buy on Wish? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

"Is it safe to buy on Wish?", "Is it reliable to buy on Wish?", "Wish reviews in Spain", "Are there fake products on Wish?" and many other searches are some of the most recurrent queries about Wish by the different users of the application. Like Aliexpress, Joom and other similar applications, Wish has a multitude of sellers whose reliability depends as much on the rating of the seller as the product in question.

5 applications to see who uses my WiFi from the mobile

Today's wireless connections are increasingly secure. This does not mean that it is insurmountable. In fact, WiFi networks are the most attacked by programs like WifisLax to steal WiFi passwords. In this article we already talked about the legality of stealing WiFi with programs of this type. On this occasion, and due to the huge increase in searches related to "who uses my WiFi" or "who is connected to my WiFi" we will show you five applications to see who uses my WiFi from the mobile, either Android or iOS .

How to Open and Edit PSD Files Without Photoshop

Something quite common for computer users is to receive a file in a format that we have not used until now, and for which we do not have any specific program installed. Today we show you how you can open PSD files in a very simple way, without having Photoshop installed on your computer, you can even use these programs to edit these files easily.

12 Bizum Questions and Answers to Send Free Money

Bizum has managed to establish itself in recent months as one of the most popular payment methods of 2019. Far from services such as PayPal, the Spanish platform to send money instantly has been created in order to eliminate tedious procedures and long waiting times. wait when transferring money to accounts of different banking entities.

10 must-have and free apps for Windows 10 in 2020

We used to call them programs. Since the mobile is part of our lives, applications. Applications or 'programs' are those tools that we use to perform different tasks within an operating system . Applications for productivity, multimedia, photo editing ... there are applications for almost everything you can think of and in Windows 10, as in Android, we can find them in a store called Microsoft Store.

All applications compatible with Android Auto

Android Auto has become, along with Apple Car, the most complete driving system for any car compatible with it. Part of its success is due to applications compatible with Android Auto. In addition to WhatsApp, Spotify and Google Maps, there are many apps that allow us to further expand the functions of the system without having to leave the virtual desktop that the interface presents.

Is Yuka reliable? 4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not

This is the phenomenon of the moment, along with MyRealFood. Although it has been in the different application stores for a few months, the truth is that Yuka continues to sow doubts in everything that has to do with its reliability. "Is Yuka reliable?", "Is the Yuka application legit?" or "Is the Yuka app reliable?

7 applications to get the most out of the Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi is not limited to offering the user mobile phones but also has many other technological products. One of the most attractive that the consumer can obtain is the Xiaomi Mi Box S, a small device that is placed through an HDMI cable to the TV and that adds Android TV through WiFi connectivity. Right now, this TV Box can be purchased, in the official store, at a price of 70 euros but you can also buy it in other ways, such as in the Amazon store for 63 euros new or 59 euros reconditioned.

What to do when the Tinder app doesn't work

Tinder not working? Can't log in? For some time now, the Tinder servers are suffering a multitude of drops every month. Some users even claim that they have been banned from the application for unknown reasons, not to mention the presence of errors that prevent logging in with the regular user. For all these cases there is no single solution, so we are forced to resort to a series of methods to solve all the errors of Tinder for Android and iOS.

How to prevent Skype from reducing system volume when making calls

Skype is one of the most used applications for making calls over the Internet. It is a very popular tool that has been around for many years, so it has had time to mature to offer users the best possible experience. However, nothing is perfect and many users face the problem that the volume on their computer drops noticeably when initiating a call with Skype .

10 things you didn't know you can't sell on Wallapop

Wallapop is one of the most popular second-hand platforms in Spain together with Milanuncios and Vibbo, the extinct Its success is largely due to the catalog of products that the application has, products that can hardly be seen on other platforms. However, the terms and conditions of use of Wallapop establish a series of limits when it comes to selling certain items within the application , either by not complying with current legislation or by setting a series of parameters.

5 free mobile cleaners sorted by amount of junk advertising

A slow mobile is a real nightmare. As a general rule, we tend to fill our mobile devices with hundreds of data that, in the long run, end up blowing up their performance. In short, the more data, the slower the response .Luckily, there is a solution for this problem. In this type of case, the most advisable thing is to resort to mobile cleaners, apps that will help us eliminate temporary files, residual data and cache memory that are draining the resources of our devices.

Checking for new messages, how to fix this WhatsApp problem

If you are a WhatsApp user, it is very likely that on some occasion you have seen a message on the task bar of your smartphone showing the message "You may have new messages." We explain what this WhatsApp problem consists of, and how you can solve it very easily.What this WhatsApp error message meansThe message "You may have new messages" is designed to appear when our mobile does not have a good Internet connection , although unfortunately it can also appear in other cases, leading to confusion for users.

5 things you should know before taking a Zity car

Zity is the new car rental service launched by the Spanish Car Sharing Mobility in the city of Madrid and its surroundings. Unlike other more popular options such as Car2go, the main characteristic of the Spanish carsharing service  is based precisely on sustainable mobility, since the entire fleet of the company's cars is based on the Renault Zoe , the electric bet of the French group that now It has been updated with greater autonomy than previous iterations.

How to easily post photos to Instagram from your computer

Instagram has become one of the most important social networks worldwide. There are many who prefer this social network to others such as Twitter or Facebook, since the use of images allows a much deeper relationship with our followers. However, Instagram was created to be used from mobile phones, so using it on a computer can be frustrating.

How disputes and returns work on Wallapop

Although Wallapop is a platform aimed at selling second-hand products in person, the application has a service called Wallapop Shipping that facilitates the sale and purchase of a product without having to have a previous physical contact.If the guarantees are practically null in the process of a face-to-face sale, the service offered by Wallapop to send second-hand products has a series of guarantees that protect both the buyer and the seller.

The 5 best websites and 5 apps to see the 14-day weather

Knowing the weather in our city is as simple as looking at Google and indicating the magic words “today's weather in Madrid”. The problem with the big G is that the algorithm does not go beyond the forecast two days from the current date of the search. For this we will have to resort to applications and web pages to see the time at 14 days , 10 or 7, or what is the same, at a week or even two. Thi

Feedly Spain: what it is, how it works and tricks to get all the juice

After the death of Google Reader (now Google News), Feedly saw its user base grow by millions. The popular RSS service is currently the best known in Spain, even above others such as Flipboard or Apple News. But what is really successful and how does the RSS reader client work? We analyze the best Spanish feed reader of 2019 and we tell you all the Feedly tricks to read web pages .

27 Telegram bots that help you every day

Telegram is a messaging application that has been on the market for many years, and that has been a pioneer in many aspects. In this article we will talk about one of the most interesting features of Telegram with bots, which can help us to perform a multitude of tasks in a very simple way.What are Telegram botsTelegram bots are small programs designed to help users perform all kinds of tasks.

YouTube customer service: phone, contact and support email

Whether as a simple user or as an active member of the community, there are times when you will need to get in touch with YouTube . And if you don't know where to start for that we are here, to help you and condense, in one place, all the ways you have to get in touch with the most famous video social network in the world, YouTube.

Convert any DVD to MP4 for free with WinX DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper sponsored articleDespite the fact that the digital format is gradually replacing the physical format, DVD and CD discs are still the order of the day. With media digitization, it is becoming more and more common to convert DVD discs to MP4. This process is called ripping and consists of converting a DVD to digital through various tools.

How much data does Spotify consume and how to reduce it

Spotify is one of the most popular ways to listen to music. An endless supply of music is impressive for audiophiles and anyone who likes to be able to listen to whatever they want at any given time, but it can also be quite data consuming. That's why it's important for listeners to know exactly how much their playlists can cost them in data.

9 tips to get the most out of Mitele

Mitele is Mediaset's online platform to view the channels that currently belong to the group made up of Cuatro, Telecinco, FDF, Boing, Be Mad, Divinity and Energy, among others. The platform comes in the form of an application and a web portal, with an interface practically traced to all the devices on which it is available.

How to activate the Gmail read receipt for sent emails

There are many and varied add-ons for the Google Chrome browser in the store, for multiple uses and functions. In this case we are going to focus on one that will give you peace of mind, especially if your work depends on receiving and sending emails. And there is nothing that annoys more than sending an email and not knowing if the recipient has already read it or is still in the limbo of closed notifications.

5 basic tips to start using Paint 3D

Without you even knowing it, the most advanced version of the endearing design program Paint is pre-installed on your computer. And if you already have it, why not take advantage of its advantages? This time we are going to tell you some simple things you can do with Paint 3D, such as removing the background of an image or creating an object with volume.

The 8 best apps to learn languages ​​(2019)

Learning other languages ​​is of vital importance in the current work context. In addition to being able to apply for better jobs, it broadens your horizons and makes things much easier for you when traveling. And if you had not noticed, it is already taking time to get your batteries!But don't worry, you don't have to pack your bags to go abroad, or enroll in a boring language school. The

The 10 Alexa skills you need to try

Alexa Skills are small applications for Amazon's virtual assistant, which allow us to greatly expand the possibilities offered by its smart speakers. We have compiled the 10 most interesting Alexa skills that you should try right now if you have a device compatible with this technology.All of these skills can be installed using the internal skills store found in the official Amazon Alexa app.

Spotify is back for 3 months at 1 euro: so you can hire the Premium

After almost more than a year gone from the Spotify website, the 3-month 1 euro promotion is available again on the company's official website ; almost free. The main rival of YouTube Music and Apple Music, launches its usual three-month promotion at only one euro on a limited basis for a maximum period of one month, so if you were thinking of hiring Spotify Premium for only one euro during the three months of validity, it is best to do it as soon as possible.

Android Auto does not connect to the car: 5 solutions to connect the mobile

Android Auto, Google's application for the car, has succeeded in replacing the proprietary driving systems of the brands. Today, many vehicles integrate this system into the central console to control aspects such as GPS navigation, call management or multimedia playback. Many others have Bluetooth connections and cable connections that make Android Auto compatible with the car despite not integrating a computer on board.

Google Cloud Print, what it is, how it works and compatible printers

Google makes available to all users certain applications pre-installed on mobiles with Android system. Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail, for example, are applications that millions of people use every day and are already part of our daily lives. However, there are others that, despite having them installed, we do not know what their function or purpose is.

How to find the nearest gas station with Google Maps

In the Play Store we can find a multitude of applications that will help us find the cheapest gas stations close to our position. But the truth is that, at least to locate the closest ones, it is not necessary to install any extra application . And it is that Google Maps is already installed on practically all mobile phones, being the navigation service that most of us use in our day to day.

How to measure a kilometer away on Google Maps

Tomorrow is the day in which the de-escalation will begin as the first phase of the de-refinement. One of the measures announced by the Government allows us to get away from our usual home 1 kilometer if we are accompanied by our children , regardless of the time. The problem is that determining this distance in cities like Madrid or Barcelona can be a bit chaotic due to the number of streets and avenues that coexist on the street map.

How to download a Twitter video from your mobile or PC

In the social network of Twitter we not only find witty tweets, GIFs and memes with which to spend the afternoon. We can also find, from time to time, videos that we can download and save on our mobile or computer to watch whenever we want. Of course, we will have to apply the odd trick to be able to download it to our team.

11 questions and answers about Ko-Fi, the best alternative to Patreon

Ko-Fi, also known as Kofi in Spain, has established itself in recent years as one of the best, if not the best, alternatives to Patreon. The crowdfunding network operates practically traced to that of Patreon. With the slogan “pay me a coffee”, the main difference with respect to Patreon is that Ko-Fi has no commissions, that is, all the amount that the patrons donate is sent in full to the creator. Unf

9 alternative applications to uTorrent to download Torrent on Android

uTorrent is probably the most popular torrent download application today. Both the client for Windows and Mac and for Android accumulate several tens of millions of downloads. Part of its success lies in the program's ease of use and the variety of functions and options it integrates. This does not mean that there are no alternative applications to uTorrent for Android that are superior to that application.

Is Adobe trying to rip you off with its annual plan?

The alarms went off a couple of days ago among some colleagues in the sector. Adobe, the company responsible for programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom or After Effects, has brought up some users of Adobe Creative Cloud, the subscription service of the North American firm.Apparently, the annual monthly payment plan obliges all customers of the aforementioned service to pay a fee as a penalty for unsubscribing from the annual subscription before the end of the year from the date of hiring.

How to make your mobile wake you up with your favorite radio station

There are two ways to wake up in the morning. You can choose between getting it right and getting it wrong. In the first case, we have to try to think that the day will always offer us something new, experiences with which to grow as a person. In the second case, thinking that every day is Monday, regretting how sad your life is for having to get up early and throw away the little cup with the message of improvement that they gave you for your birthday.

Is it really safe to pay with Bizum?

Although it may be a new service, the truth is that Bizum's foundation dates back to 2016. Today it is one of the most widespread payment services among users. With the arrival of the coronavirus in Europe and the United States, thousands of businesses have joined this payment method to receive payments from their customers.

5 best apps to share expenses with friends

We have all found ourselves in the situation of organizing a trip or a great meal with friends, and someone ends up paying more… or less. Who has paid for the drink? Is there a boat? How much do I owe you? The typical questions after a dinner or a trip with friends that make us wonder if we had not been more compensated for having gone out for dinner on our own. O

With this trick you can restore and color old photos in black and white

Just yesterday a Twitter thread started by the user @arccturus rose to fame after bringing a photo of Federico García Lorca back to life. In the original thread, the author showed the benefits of mobile applications that promise to restore old photos in black and white . Later, several users joined the thread contributing different versions of the same color photograph thanks to another popular application for coloring old images.

How to create free personalized Christmas postcards online

Christmas is coming, and with it the need to create personalized postcards, to congratulate our loved ones on this special date. Fortunately, the Internet offers us a large number of tools, which we can use for free, to create personalized Christmas greetings in a few minutes.CanvaCanva is an excellent tool that we can use for free to create all kinds of graphic designs , including of course Christmas cards and greetings.

How can I send a fake location on WhatsApp

One of the most interesting functions that we find within WhatsApp is the possibility of sending our location to our contacts. The WhatsApp application takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of current mobile phones, as well as data networks, to obtain our location and be able to send it to our contacts.

20 questions and answers about Android Auto

If you regularly use Android Auto, you will have become an expert in its use. But you may have certain doubts about its operation or its capabilities. Or maybe you are getting into this topic before buying a compatible car. But what are those compatible cars? Don't worry because we have collected 20 common questions that you ask us in our YouTube videos, or that we find in our articles.

8 apps to get the most out of the Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band has been a success in sales in the different versions that have reached the market. It is a sports bracelet that offers an exceptional quality-price ratio, which has served to win over many users. In this article we offer you a list of the best applications that you can use on your smartphone, to make the most of the features of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 .

5 ways to take advantage of a temporary virtual phone number

A virtual phone number is one that does not have an associated phone line. This is also known as an access number. In general, these special telephone numbers are used to redirect calls made to other numbers that do have an associated line, be it a mobile, VoIP or fixed line.In this special we are going to focus on what uses can be given to this type of telephone number , both for business and for a more mundane and domestic use.

Why More And More People Use Kodi Instead Of VLC

Kodi vs VLC. VLC vs Kodi. The streaming content application is eating the toast from the quintessential video player. This is demonstrated by the data from Google Trends, with a downward trend for the player from 2014 to now. What does Kodi have that VLC doesn't? Why is everyone opting for the latter to the detriment of VLC to watch series and movies?

Does Instagram spy on you? We try to deactivate the microphone and this is what happens

The controversy is served. Last November, we verified in our own flesh how Instagram even advertised in the application products and services supposedly obtained through keywords enunciated through the mobile microphone.At this point, it is logical to think of deactivating the microphone through system permissions as a possible solution to prevent Instagram from accessing our spoken conversations.

5 ING app glitches that the bank should fix

ING Direct's mobile application has turned dozens of users on their heads since online banking forced its clients to use it to operate through their accounts . This is because the platform has suffered a multitude of drops since the beginning of 2019 until now, not to mention the number of bugs that the application has and that more than twenty users have reported in some of our articles.

Problems with the BBVA service, the app does not work

Are you a BBVA customer and just today you had to do an important task through its application on your mobile phone? Well we have bad news for you. The BBVA application has stopped working as we can see in the reports that users have left through the downdetector website. There are no fewer than 178 bug reports from the app's clients, so this number is undoubtedly much higher.

How to pay by Paypal in stores through the QR code

Due to the pandemic produced by Covid-19, we live in moments in which cash is used less and less (since it can cause contagion). As a precautionary measure, right now paying with your mobile and credit cards is being the most common. Most of the shops, such as pharmacies, supermarkets, food stores, etc.

App lock, how to lock apps with password

Our mobile phone would not be so smart without the many applications that we install on it. They are capable of taking us from one place to another, of retouching our images until they are perfect, of making us the purchase and helping us to prepare delicious dishes. They can even harbor hidden and unspeakable secrets, intimate revelations that we cannot share with anyone.

5 alternatives to the new conditions of the Spotify Family Plan

Spotify has changed the conditions of the Family Plan currently offered by the streaming music service. Now the application will check the location of our mobile phone, tablet or personal computer with each access to the service in order to detect false family plans, often contracted with friends, acquaintances or distant relatives.

Windows Phone, what it is and what it is for

Windows Phone . It is possible that one word sounds a lot to you, but together with the other it becomes something strange. If on computers we have already become accustomed to having Windows , what is less frequent is having seen Windows Phone . We are talking about the famous window interface, but in the version designed specifically for mobiles.

6 packs of Game of Thrones Stickers to share on WhatsApp

The eighth season of Game of Thrones is here . Although the HBO service is currently suffering a drop that affects Spain and other European countries, at this time it can already be seen on practically all devices with a Spanish IP address. With this, the fever for the main protagonists of the series based on the book by George RR Martin returns.

Android 9 Pie, the 10 changes compared to Android 8 Oreo

It is the new version of the Google operating system. The most anticipated, after having had time to learn about Android 8 Oreo for several months. The edition has been dubbed Android 9 Pie and which is based on Artificial Intelligence systems, it has just been announced right now. So it is already available.

The Sky service app reaches Samsung TVs

Sky recently arrived in Spain as a Straming service where you can watch the main pay channels. In addition to other programs and services on demand. The application came with compatibility with the desktop and application version, which allowed us to transmit via Chromecast to another device, such as a television.