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Setify, convert concert setlists into Spotify playlists

After Festify and Our Spotify in common, Setify is the latest craze among Spotify users. As the name of the tool itself indicates, Setity is a non-Spotify web page that allows us to search for  setlists  of our favorite artist of any of the recent concerts of the author in question and convert the songs of the list in question into lists of playback for Spotify , although it is also compatible with Apple Music.

Telegram channels, what are they and how to find them

Telegram arrived in August 2013 seeking to become an alternative to the all-powerful WhatsApp application. Little by little he added a series of new functions that allowed him to differentiate himself from WhatsApp, conquering users who were looking for something that the application now owned by Facebook cannot offer them.

Pages to buy followers on Instagram, scam or work?

"Buy real Spanish Instagram followers", "buy Instagram followers 2019 without Paypal", "buy active followers on Instagram" "buy 50 Instagram followers" ... Every day there are more Google search terms related to the purchase of followers on Instagram, almost as many as pages that offer to sell totally real and active followers.

10 applications to get the most out of Google's Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is one of the cheapest ways to make a TV smart. Unlike a television with Android TV, the functionality of the Chromecast is limited to duplicating the content that we have on the phone, in such a way that the device options depend entirely on the functionalities that each application can implement.

Show off on Instagram creating 3D photos with Fyuse

Within Google Play we can find a large number of applications that do not serve to make various adjustments to our photographs. However, there is an application that is here among the rest for allowing you to create 3D photos in motion. It's about Fyuse , a very interesting application.Fyuse is one of the most innovative appsThe Fyuse developers had in mind to create a photo editing application that stands out from the rest, and they could not have thought of a better way to do it, what to launch an application, which allows us to create 3D models from our photos.

The 15 best skins and filters for Instagram Stories

The filters or skins of Instagram Stories have come to the application to stay. Currently, anyone with design knowledge can create their own custom skin and add it to Instagram through the options that the platform offers. Luckily, the amount of Instagram Stories filters that exist today means that we don't have to think about creating our own designs.

All Android Auto Compatible Radios in 2019

Although Android Auto is compatible with practically any Android phone with versions equal to or higher than Android 6.0, it is not compatible with all cars or radios on the market. As of today, Google's driving software is compatible with a few vehicle models released from 2015 and 2016, such as those we saw in the respective article on Android Auto compatible cars.

5 applications to turn your mobile into an advanced translator in real time

Language is one of the main problems we face when we are going to travel to a foreign country, especially if it is not an English-speaking one. In this article we show you a total of five translation applications , which you can use on your smartphone to make traveling abroad easier.Google LensGoogle Lens is a complete application developed by Google, which we can install for free on our Android smartphone.

9 questions and answers about Patreon, the social network for creators

Patreon has become, together with OnlyFans, the most famous paid social network of 2020. While OnlyFans is aimed at a more specific audience, Patreon collects all kinds of content creators, from musicians, poets and painters to youtubers , gamers and content creators in general. The problem with the platform is that it does not have support in Spanish, so the doubts about Patreon are as diverse as they are numerous.

5 Google Photos settings worth knowing

Many users are unaware that Google Photos is one of the most useful gallery applications that we can find in the Play Store application store. You have the (wrong) idea that it is a cloud storage tool. And they are right, but it is much more than that. As we say, we can use it only to see the photos we have, both on the mobile and, indeed, in the cloud.

10 games without mobile WiFi to enjoy anywhere

There are times when we cannot connect to WiFi . Not the data. Perhaps we are on vacation in an area with poor coverage. Or although we can connect to the data, our rate is scarce, or it is the end of the month and we cannot afford to waste it. That is why it never hurts to have some games on your mobile without WiFi, that is, they do not need to connect to the Internet or data.

What is Kodi and why is its website down?

Kodi, the best known IPTV content application of the last decade, has suffered a global decline ... Or rather, its website. At the time of this writing, the application page does not work in any way, and its creators have already spoken about it. Is it a brute outside attack? Have they vetoed the use of the service for violating the Intellectual Property Law in a new attempt at censorship?

Create your filters for Instagram with Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio is a powerful application developed by Facebook, which allows us to create filters for Instagram and Facebook social networks in a very simple way. We explain how you can install the Spark AR Studio application , as well as start using it to create your own filters in a very fast and personalized way.

5 apps to send and receive money from your mobile

The way of paying and receiving money has changed, we no longer need to wait in long lines at ATMs or banks. Now with the mobile it is increasingly common to make all kinds of transfers and online payments . In order for you to do it in the safest, easiest and fastest way possible, we are going to recommend some of the best apps that offer you this possibility.

What is Zepeto and why is it becoming so popular?

Thousands of stories on Instagram are being attacked by Zepeto fashion . No, it is not a virus or malware, but a nice application developed by Snow Corp that allows us to transform our gepetto (that is, our face) into a virtual avatar. In a similar way as Apple did with the Animoji or Samsung with the AR Emoji, the application uses our camera to create a virtual character.

5 keys you should know about the new Android Auto design

Are you a driver? Can't let go of your phone even when you're driving? So the solution that Google gives you is Android Auto. It is the best tool to integrate the most used functions while driving, avoiding the danger of distractions as much as possible. Something that you can take advantage of whether you have a compatible car or if you use your mobile as an on-board navigator.

Top New Features for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects in 2019

Adobe has updated its main audiovisual content creation applications with significant improvements. Both  Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and Adobe Audition have received some really cool new features . New features include innovative Content Fill technology for video. Also new features for titles and graphics, creating animations, fine-tuning audio mixing, and organizing and preparing media for projects.

Top 5 alternatives to Zoom for group video conferencing

A few days ago the news broke. Zoom, the popular tool for group video conferencing, doesn't encrypt end-to-end conversations, as promised on its website. Just last week we collected some tricks to make Zoom conversations more secure. Still with everything, from we strongly recommend resorting to some alternatives to Zoom to make group video calls safely, alternatives like the ones we will see below.

The news you should know about the Android Auto update

Android Auto, Google's driving application, renewed part of its interface and some of its functions last September with the sole objective of making the tool more complete. Recently Google has re-launched a new update that arrives like rain in May to fill one of the most important deficiencies of the application: the Do Not Disturb mode .

9 essential apps if you want to get the most out of your Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is the company's most popular gadget. And it is not for less, because its price makes it accessible to all audiences. To this must be added that the device is compatible with a good number of applications, which allows us to expand the range of possibilities much more: from playing a simple game to watching local content on our television screen.

8 essential apps for emergency situations

Life can put us in unpredictable situations. We may suffer an unexpected mishap or witness an accident while driving or walking on the street. A risk that is accentuated in summer periods due to the great movement of people, both on the road and in the interior of cities.Faced with this type of situation, as a general rule, there are a series of action protocols that should be respected and strictly followed.

8 questions and answers about Android Auto

Today we want to be connected at all times and, of course, the automotive world was not going to be any different. For this reason, we come across an infinity of proposals from the car companies themselves that incorporate native software in all their models to bring the experience of your mobile to the car.

How much data are the most popular mobile applications of 2019

In a hopelessly connected world, staying connected to the Internet is essential to enjoy the main Internet services. WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix ... There are many applications that require an Internet connection to work. Unfortunately, the bulk of Spanish companies have limited data rates, in such a way that we are forced to control how much data is consumed by the applications we use the most on a day-to-day basis .

Why are my photos from WhatsApp or Facebook no longer being saved in Google Photos?

Are you one of those who saves all the photos and videos that come to you in your Google Photos account? If so, you should know that Google has made an important announcement that affects the photos and videos that we receive through messaging applications and social networks. A company employee has confirmed in support forums that automatic backups of photos and videos to Google Photos from some messaging and social media applications have been disabled .

5 advantages and disadvantages of Joom and Wish

They are called Joom and Wish. And they are very similar applications . Both are used to make online purchases of all kinds of products. And for very, very cheap prices. In recent days you may have also seen them advertised on television. And they have risen to fame with great force.Now many wonder what advantages and disadvantages these applications can present .

16 questions and answers about WhatsApp in 2019

Although WhatsApp has been with us for some years now, the messaging application continues to generate a series of doubts among those users who are not experts. Just type the term 'WhatsApp' in Google to find out some of the most popular search intentions in relation to the eponymous application. Such simple questions about why WhatsApp uses so much battery, or why we cannot see the statuses of a contact .

Samsung Pay, how to register and pay with an El Corte Inglés card

Samsung Pay allows holders of certain Samsung terminals to make payments through mobile phones in practically any establishment that supports contactless card payments. The service went live in June 2016 and has been growing ever since. But in addition to credit and debit cards from certain banks, Samsung Pay also supports multiple customer cards.

All banks and cards compatible with Google Pay in 2019

Google Pay, the official Google application for mobile payments on Android, is currently compatible with a large number of banks to add cards, tickets and all kinds of documents compatible with telematic payment, which does not mean that all banks are compatible with it. Caixabank and many other financial entities have decided to integrate mobile payments into their respective banking applications.

5 apps to learn to relax and sleep better

In these moments that we live in quarantine due to the coronavirus, anxiety crises are shooting. Spending so many hours locked up at home does not help us relax , and the uncertainty about what we are experiencing complicates everything much more. If we do not relax, we have difficulties sleeping and resting, and that means that we are more irritated, unstable and in a bad mood.

5 basic apps that you should install on your mobile if you have a Lenovo computer

Little by little, desktop operating systems are becoming more like Android and iOS; Windows 10 is good proof of this. Likewise, manufacturers such as Lenovo develop mobile tools that serve to complement the information on computers or solve some everyday problems that we may have with the computer. To this must be added the existence of mobile applications that allow expanding the functionalities of the equipment .

Can the new Microsoft Edge be turned into an alternative to Chrome?

The relaunch of Microsoft Edge by the company has been a declaration of intent. The main novelty of the browser comes with the base that supports it: Chromium . This makes it possible to install Google Chrome extensions through the application options.But that is not here. With the latest update to Chromium-based Edge, those from Redmond have included a series of features that promise to bring the Chrome experience even closer to the Microsoft tool, features that we will talk about below.

How to log in to Instagram from the app, PC or mobile browser

Instagram is one of the most important social networks of the moment. Although it is an application designed for use on mobile phones, the truth is that we can also enter through the computer. It is even possible to use it from your mobile without installing the application. Generally, once we enter our username and password for the first time we will no longer have to do it.

8 hidden Instagram settings that you have to activate yes or yes

Instagram has become a content creation platform, just like YouTube and Twitch. It is a fact, its application for Android and iOS has dozens of functions. Some of these are kept in view of any user. Others, on the contrary, are hidden from inexperienced eyes . This time we have compiled some of these hidden settings to activate in the Instagram application and get the most out of it.

Facebook and Instagram do not work, the service is down

Second time in a row and fourth so far this year. Facebook and Instagram have once again suffered a decline that affects much of Europe and Latin America, including Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil. At this very moment dozens, and even hundreds of users, are reporting that the application does not load, does not respond or does not reload the content.

We tested Amazon Music, the music service that includes Amazon Prime

Today we woke up with a new surprise relevant to the giant of online commerce, Amazon. The Amazon Prime paid version, which includes express shipments in 24 hours without shipping costs for 20 euros a year, now also includes a subscription to the music streaming service Amazon Music. It is the equivalent in music to Amazon Prime Reading, a service that has been with us very little and that gives Amazon Prime users access to a catalog of more than 500 electronic books included in the price.

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay, 5 differences that you should know yes or yes

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The two driving systems have established themselves as the most mature options on the market compared to the native navigation systems of car manufacturers. Each of these systems is geared towards a different type of user. While Android Auto is compatible with any phone with Android as the operating system, CarPlay is only compatible with Apple's iPhone starting with iPhone 5c.

Instagram does not work: mobile application does not load

On the eve of Halloween, Instagram has again suffered a new fall on its servers. With this, there are already four consecutive falls that have been happening throughout the year, and although it usually recovers after a few minutes, the truth is that at the time of writing these lines Instagram does not work .

9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile

One UI, Samsung's customization layer, doesn't exactly claim to be a simple layer. If we want to get the most out of our mobiles, however, we are forced to resort yes or yes to third-party applications. Beyond the applications that we usually install (Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp ...), there is a whole string of applications with much more powerful and interesting functions .

All OK Google voice commands that we can use in Android Auto

Since Android Auto has been integrated into Google Assistant, we can use a multitude of commands through OK Google to interact with the different applications of the system. And it is that although until now we could make use of most commands while driving, the system forced us to unlock the phone to change applications in case of issuing orders that depend on third party applications, such as WhatsApp, Gmail or Telegram.

The Google Play Store reaches Google Chrome computers

Months ago, the American firm from Mountain View assured that it was going to include a new feature to Google Chromebooks, computers with Chrome OS operating system. The new feature is nothing more and nothing less than the incorporation of the Google Play Store, Yes, the Google Apps store that we currently find in the Android operating system .

Spotify Wrapped 2019, how to see the songs you have listened to the most

As every year Spotify has just launched its popular tool called Spotify Wrapped, an online application with which we can discover which songs we have listened to the most during the last year. Just a year ago the company launched the same tool with the songs of 2018. Today it presents Spotify Wrapped 2019  (in Spanish, Your 2019 in short) to know in detail the songs and albums that we have listened to the most in the application, as well as others no less interesting statistics and data.

Samsung's Secure Folder is now available for Android

The Samsung Secure Folder can now be downloaded from the Google app store . It is available to all users who have a Samsung mobile with Android. And although it is an exclusive functionality for Samsung customers, the company has decided to make things easier for its customers.Thus, in addition to being available in the Galaxy Apps store (the manufacturer's application store), the tool will also be operational from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down, apps not working

It's not you, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have suffered a global decline . At the time of writing, none of Mark Zuckerberg's applications work in Spain and parts of the world. As is common in this type of crash, the problem affects the loading of content (publications, photos, comments ...) and the sending of messages in the different media of each application.

ING Direct not working: app and web crash

Fourth time so far this year. Not even a month has passed since the last ING Direct crash and the service has failed again. At this very moment, the fall affects both the website and the ING Direct application , making it impossible to access online banking from any of the platforms. In the case of the application, the service shows an error message ensuring that they are working on the problem to fix it as soon as possible.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Windows 10 has an app store. It may be that many of us do not give importance to it or that we directly pass from it since we can install programs without more. But the Windows 10 store has some interesting applications that we can install on our computer quickly and directly.We have compiled 10 applications that we find the most useful and interesting.

Problems with WhatsApp when downloading photos and documents

It is not your internet connection. It is not a fall for WhatsApp either, but it does have problems with some of its functions. The instant messaging application does not allow you to download the images or documents of the chats . Although the app allows you to send text messages, voice notes and even images and other multimedia content, it does not allow you to download the files and view them.

The 8 most active WhatsApp scams in recent months

Internet scam attempts are the order of the day. Just a few days ago we were talking about a new type of scam on pages like Wallapop that takes advantage of the DHL company to simulate fraudulent money transfers. A new stream of scams is coming in the form of WhatsApp messages. Most are easily identifiable.

Holy Week has its own steps and processions on Tik Tok

This is going to be a somewhat strange and above all very creative Easter. We are still in quarantine, and we have no choice but to celebrate it at home in a very special way . This is something that we can appreciate in the social network Tik Tok, where the most believers are already preparing their own steps and processions for Holy Week.

Vodafone SafetyNet protects the Android smartphone from children

Vodafone has just introduced a new free application of security . It's called Vodafone SafetyNet , and it helps parents who want to protect their children from the risks of mobile phones . It is available for smartphones with Android operating system . It can be downloaded from the Android Market, but also from the Vodafone application store.

Mortadelo y Filemón online, download comics for iPhone and iPad

Mortadelo and Filemón are already here . TIA special agents have just landed on our screens and in digital form. Who was going to tell us. And who was going to tell Francisco Ibáñez , creator of this very famous comic saga of worldwide reach. In fact, the investigations of this inseparable couple have been followed around the world, although Spain continues to be its majority reading public, with a whopping 120,000 Mortadelos sold each year. Th

Wish customer service: phone, contact and support email

Wish is one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the planet. Together with Aliexpress, it forms one of the largest Chinese import conglomerates of our time. Like any platform with a certain impact, the company has a customer service designed to resolve incidents that application users may have. This time we have compiled a compilation of all the contact channels of Wish customer service to communicate with the company in a simple way.

7 amazing launchers for Android if your mobile bores you

Bored of your Android phone? We propose a list of the 7 best alternative launchers that you can install, to obtain a renewed user experience. Thanks to these applications, you will be able to enjoy new functions on your Android smartphone that until now have not been within your reach.Lawnchair 2Lawnchair 2 It is one of the most interesting launchers that we find within Google Play.

Paying for WhatsApp will not be free, be careful with commissions

A function that many of us have been waiting for on WhatsApp finally reaches more countries. Last Monday, payments through WhatsApp landed in Brazil after passing through India. Now, a new tool that, in addition, will be both in WhatsApp Business and in the one we all use normally. In relation to the first, this new functionality will offer the owner of the WhatsApp business account the possibility of sending, receiving and requesting money through the application.

WhatsApp, we tested how the Windows 10 app works

The WhatsApp application for Windows is now available in the Microsoft application store . In this way, the messaging and video calling app increases its diffusion and its multiplatform characteristics. First we were able to test WhatsApp Web, the version of the application to use in any browser. In 2016 WhatsApp launched a desktop app for Windows and Mac, which could be downloaded from its website.

Milanuncios or Vibbo, what is the best alternative to Wallapop?

Every day we see more applications advertising on TV and more and more apps that offer us to sell the things we no longer want and buy bargains that others had planned to throw away. But, which is the application that interests me the most to sell and buy second-hand products? Over time Wallapop has become a digital shopping center in which users go to see what is around us.

These are all cars compatible with Apple's CarPlay in 2020

CarPlay is the driving support system developed by Apple. The problem with this system is that its compatibility is limited to certain models of radios and cars. Today there are more than 500 car models with CarPlay around the world. In Spain and other Latin American countries, the number of cars compatible with Apple CarPlay is lower due to the absence of certain brands in local markets.

Windows Store, an application store for Windows 8

Shortly after the launch of Windows 7 , Microsoft is already working on the new Windows 8 operating system with the desire to surpass itself and, if possible, the other competitors. One of the first novelties that has come to light in this news advance is called Windows Store and it is nothing more than a store to download third-party applications , as we currently do through the App Store or the Android Market in the case of mobiles.

This is what is behind the fake Instagram giveaways

Instagram is a nest of fake giveaways and contests. It is a fact. A few months ago we collected several tricks to avoid scams and scams within the application. Half a year later, most of the practices that we mentioned in the video are still in force in the form of raffles and contests that promise to give away  from an iPhone 11 Pro Max to a 15-inch MacBook Pro or an Apple Watch Series 5 .

Twitter now allows you to follow specific topics

Continuing with the Twitter roadmap in the update calendar of its official application, the company has launched a new function that allows us to follow certain topics on the blue bird social network . Days ago we saw how a new commercial policy was announced from the company that would lead to integrating an even greater number of advertisements within their respective official clients.

Futbolme vs Livescore, which is the best app to follow soccer

Futbolme and Livescore are two applications that allow us to keep track of football matches, of the main leagues in the world, in a very simple way over the Internet. We have put together this article to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two applications.Futbolme or Livescore, we solve the eternal doubt of football fansMany football fans wonder if it is better to use Futbolme or Livescore, to keep track of the games that are not broadcast on television.