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How much do the most famous youtubers on the net earn?

Forbes magazine is known for ranking the richest people in the world . In these lists we generally find athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs , but as the market is constantly evolving, we now have to take into account other more recent professions that generate a huge amount of money around them. We are talking about youtubers .

What is a reaction video on YouTube

It seems incredible how people pull genres and sub-genres out of their sleeves from time to time that, either by chance or by a perfectly concocted plan, make the Internet a totally changing and mutating world. What is fashionable today, not tomorrow, what used to be cool is now outdated and what used to amuse us today does not sound like it.

How to make your own homemade fidget spinner

If you have tired of spinning your fidget spinners bought by Amazon and Aliexpress. If you have also broken the ones you bought in the Chinese shop on your street. Or if you are sick or tired of seeing the same toy models, you have to know that you have one more option. Create it with your own hands .

The 5 funniest political parodies on the Internet

The world's politicians are cannon fodder for jokes . So many hours of media exposure make them the ideal target for comedians and comedians. From dream montages to delusional imitations. We have searched the Internet in search of five funny and current parodies of some of the most relevant politicians in the world and in our country.

How to find intimate places with the Mispicaderos app and website

There is no doubt that on the Internet we can find all kinds of information. In this article we talk about Mispicaderos, a service that we can use to find intimate places in different cities in Spain, and that works through an application for smartphones, and its own website.Find the perfect intimate place using the Mispicaderos appMispicaderos has an application that we can find in Google Play for free, and that will not be used to use this service in a very comfortable way and at any time.

10 memes para sobrevivir al lunes y compartir en WhatsApp

Domingo por la noche. Son las diez y te das cuenta de que mañana ya no es fiesta. Te das de bruces con la realidad: efectivamente, mañana es lunes. LUNES. Esa jornada que empieza con la resaca del fin de semana y que requiere poner toda la carne en el asador para salir de ella indemne. Luchar contra el sueño, lidiar con los buenos propósitos e incluso con los intentos de hacer dieta. ¿Se

6 current scientific discoveries that could change your life

Science saves us. Thanks to the scientific discoveries of the last century, humanity has advanced by leaps and bounds . But our researchers do not stop working and bring out new inventions and possibilities that could improve our lives in the very short term . Today we want to tell you about six recent scientific discoveries that will surprise you.

20 funny and absurd summer songs to watch on YouTube

The light song is not a thing of a summer. Not two. Not three. The song of summer is linked to this season of the year and threatens to remain for life echoing in your ears and in your head forever. All the songs of the summer are funny, devilishly catchy and absurd for a long time. But they are here to liven up an entire summer season of tacky and entertaining.

5 inventions that were not successful in the market

Over the years, companies have come up with new inventions nonstop. Some of them are quite successful in the market. But on some occasions, these new gadgets do not obtain the approval of the public and the sales do not reach large figures; the company decides to eliminate them from its catalogs, and there are even occasions when the product does not even reach the market .

What is BTS and why is there so much craziness on Twitter?

Today the world - at least that of Twitter - has woken up with dozens of hashtags related to three acronyms: BTS. # BTSComeback2020, # MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7, #WeONWithBTS, #JIMIN, #BTS, #ONisHere, #  BTSTODAY … Most tweets, comments and images come from South Korea, China and Japan. Also from Spain and some Latin American countries, although to a lesser extent. B

Orb Bluetooth Headset, a Bluetooth ring and headset concept for 2010

Bluetooth devices have become an important ally as hands-free kits for mobile phones . We know many and most of them are very similar. That is why proposals like those of Hybra Advance Technology in collaboration Absolutely New are so fresh and original. We are talking about Orb Bluetooth Headset . A concept that, according to Hybra Advance Technology , will materialize in 2010 .

Benjamin Bennet, the youtuber who sits and smiles for hours

We could make a list of the most disturbing videos on all of YouTube, strange and bizarre content that leaves us with a feeling of discomfort and discomfort even though, deep down, we know that nothing paranormal, fantastic or negligent has happened. The inventiveness of the human being is amazing: she can use it to invent the wheel or to disconcert her peers with audiovisual pieces, performances that invite reflection or, simply, appeal to the most primal feelings.

14 curiosities about Instagram that you probably did not know

The best-known photography social network of the last decade has established itself as one of the most used applications throughout the world. Less than a month before the application turns 10, the evolution of Instagram throughout this time has been praiseworthy, leaving behind a series of functions, options and curiosities that not everyone knows .

How to manage the devices and services that use your Google account

Today we use the Google account for everything, to send or receive emails, download applications from the Play Store, create accounts in different services or configure devices. And there is no doubt that the Google account has become an indispensable tool to have everything under controland synchronized with any application, but we use the account so much that you may have lost track of how many applications you have allowed access to, or how many services you have used.

You are so ugly ... but I love you

“She was so ugly that she got caught in a car and it fit better. She was so ugly that instead of going to the zoo, they came to see her at home. She was so ugly that to enter the clubs they asked her for her fingerprint because they did not know if she was a person or an animal. She was so ugly that the first time she was whistled, the train caught her. S

10 original and very useful inventions that will surprise you

In this newsroom we greatly enjoy discovering new inventions, ideas that make our lives easier or that are simply wildly ingenious. Our cutlery, purse, backpack or even the shoes that we use can have new and better uses thanks to technology. We are going to show you ten examples in which science can simplify our day to day.

Furby Connect returns one of the funniest and most disturbing toys

Furby, one of the most successful technological toys since the launch of the first models in the 90s, is updated once again to offer entertainment by synchronizing with mobile applications via Bluetooth . The strange alien owl will also be able to interact in real time with the contents of the application, remind you that it is time for dinner or even turn on an LED signal to notify you that there is new content available in the mobile game.

10 inventions that aimed high and became flops

Throughout history there have been thousands of inventions that have rarely gone beyond the sketch or, at most, the prototype (in many cases luckily for humanity). But reaching the market is by no means a reason for success. Hundreds are the great projects backed by very powerful brands that after a powerful landing end in the most absolute of miseries.

The fastest and most technological trains in the world

They are trains that can travel at speeds never imagined. The fastest are in Japan and China, but the truth is that in Spain we are not short. Our high-speed trains are highly regarded around the world . And in fact, for transport from Barcelona to Madrid (and vice versa), one of the most powerful models that exist is used.

The most curious technologies that are being used in the clothes of the future

A great adventure is coming from the hand of the textile sector and technology. Two sectors so different a priori, such as technology and fashion, have joined forces in a multitude of investigations for the future. Clothing is no longer just a matter of aesthetics, now it will also be smart. By integrating sensors and microchips in our garments, the clothes of the future are becoming a reality .

Japan Dome House, igloo houses made of polystyrene

The polystyrene no longer serves only for packaging . The Japanese firm International Dome House has invented igloo-shaped houses made of polystyrene , a material that until now had only been used for packaging and construction. But this company has created a kit that allows you to assemble a complete igloo-house, in just one day, and that has all the essentials to live comfortably (and with modesty).

With this translator you can finally know what your cat thinks

The Japanese company Takara Tomy has a translator for sale that promises to help you discover what your cat is trying to tell you (mood, emotions, health issues…). It's called the Meowlingual Cat Translation Device and is on sale for $ 174.What if we could understand our cats?The Meowlingual Cat Translation Device can be the ultimate solution for those who always wonder what their cat is really thinking. W

5 stores to buy geek t-shirts online

With the arrival of summer, you want to be comfortable and why not, make your days a little more joyful. Are you one of those who enjoy dressing in curious clothes? Do you love geek shirts? To prepare the entrance to the summer, we want to give you 5 recommendations of the most interesting stores to buy geek shirts online .

The 6 biggest and most amazing computers ever built

When we go to buy a desktop or laptop computer, we may look for a model with a design that reflects our personality . Or better yet, our personal tastes. Therefore, if our personality or hobbies are something out of the ordinary, we strongly recommend that you take a good look at what comes next .Some are true geeks taken from the imagination of certain users.

Gadgets to play PUBG and Fortnite like a pro on mobile

Let's be honest: playing shooters or shooting games on your mobile is anything but comfortable. Even more so if it is about online titles like those that top the download charts. And it is that to the lag that supposes to play from wireless connections it is necessary to add controls in touch screens.

This is the new dinosaur robot that Mattel has created

Does not grow. Nor does she eat. Nor does it bite. Not until proven otherwise, so you can adopt him as a pet. It is the new robot that the Mattel toy house has created and that bears this curious name: Alpha Training Blue. Besides roaring like a good dinosaur, he has a sense of humor and is even capable of responding to his master's orders.

How much money does it cost to charge your mobile in 2020

The price of light is getting higher and higher, so many users wonder how much it costs to charge the battery of the devices we use every day, including of course the mobile. We tell you how much it costs you each year to charge your smartphone's battery , the result will surely surprise you.This is what it costs you to charge your mobile every dayTo make the approximate calculation of how much it costs to charge a mobile, the following data must be taken into account:The price of the kilowatt hour in Spain is around 15 euro cents on average.

How to request a refund for apps, books, music and movies on Google Play

As happens when a user makes a purchase through the Apple application store, App Store , users who operate on Google's mobile platform, Android , also have the possibility of requesting a refund of the amount paid for any application, for an e-book, for a song or for a movie. And we will see, in each case, what must be taken into account to proceed with the return of the money .

The complete collection of Micromania and Nintendo Action uploads to the network

Crazy about video games, you are in luck. They have uploaded a huge number of classic video game magazines to the page. Specifically, three are the names of specialized magazines that we can find in a large number of formats such as EPUB, PDF or KINDLE: Micromanía, Nintendo Acción and Microhobby, three publications that the most veteran of the place will remember for occupying, in their day, privileged places in the kiosk, next to the typical magazines of the heart that were consumed in bulk.To

Meccanoid G15, the Meccano robot for children and not so children

Although there are more and more models of children's robots on the market for children to play, the Meccanoid G15 and Meccanoid G15KS robots from Meccano are an excellent option for fans of this curious construction game.The most interesting thing about these two models is that you have to assemble them yourself, since you receive the Meccano parts and the assembly instructions, as well as everything you need to know about programming.

10 funny Valentine's memes to share on WhatsApp

Today is Tuesday, February 14 . And what about today? Really nothing comes to mind if you search for "February 14"? If you have not realized that today everything is full of hearts, roses and other elements typical of a falling in love with no return, you are not in this world. There are those who live this day with a lot of passion: they make the appropriate gifts, organize dinners with candles and even decorate their rooms with an infinity of pink accessories.

7 original ideas to use your Chromecast that you would not expect

Google's Chromecast stopped being a simple screen replicator a long time ago. Thanks to the applications that currently make up the brand's ecosystem, the possibilities that Chromecast offer us are much broader than those of other competing devices. On this occasion we have gathered several original ideas to take full advantage of the Google Chromecast in its four versions released to date: Chromecast, Chromecast 2, Chromecast 3 and Chromecast Ultra.

The wonderful thread of the Amazon user who shares absurd opinions

Surely more than once you have read or written a review of a product on Amazon. They usually help if you are hesitating when buying a product, and if you write it yourself, you also help users who are going to buy it. But not all opinions are coherent, there are users who take the opportunity to write a funny or something strange opinion.

This is why iPhones and iPads are cheaper on eBay

After Amazon, eBay is the most important point of sale for Apple products on the Internet. It is not only because of the variety of apple products that we can find in it, but also because of its price. This is even more pronounced in iPhone and iPad, where the price is far from the price recommended by Apple.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon on paper and ready to cut

Here we have a homemade invention for fans of the Star Wars saga and for fans of crafts. These are templates to build the legendary Millennium Falcon ship made of paper . It seems like a joke, but the result is more than interesting and affordable materials.This has been set up in Japan, the birthplace of the great geeks, a certain Shunichi Makino .

The most terrifying urban legends on the Internet

The stories that were told around the fire, during a summer camp, have changed. The arrival of the Internet has led to a multitude of terrifying, gruesome and mysterious stories being born under its protection. It is a territory in which it seems that the laws of logic have yet to develop, a virtual world in which anything can happen.

LG's goal with the Smart Green challenge

LG has a great commitment to our planet. The company has created the Smart Green Challenge , an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions on the planet through different actions. We tell you what this challenge consists of and how LG products can contribute to an improvement for the environment.The main reason for the LG Smart Green Challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions , save on electricity, water and protect the environment through recycling.

The craziest things you can buy on Aliexpress

The Chinese product store has such a quantity of products in its warehouses that they can range from the most normal and everyday, to the most absurd and bizarre. So that we understand each other, they have everything.And to prove it, we have carried out an extensive search among a multitude of the most diverse products, of which we have selected 10 to share with all of you .

Amazing photo montages with Photoshop

As more than one of you may already know, Photoshop can leave anyone looking perfect. But this photo retouching tool not only serves to make the models of the advertising posters beautiful . An example of this are the works of Erik Johanssen , a young Swedish photographer who spends his free time tinkering with the program.

Coca Cola at 90 euros on Amazon and other jewels you can find

"Buying online is always cheaper," someone said somewhere, once. And yes, it is usually true. However, and although the Internet is usually flooded with offers and cheaper prices, it also has absurdly expensive products . Amazon can be a good example, and that is not dedicated to auctions like Ebay. Nobody bids and the price remains unchanged.

The bicycle of the future in 10 inventions

Technological advances also apply to such rudimentary means of locomotion as bicycles. Ecological awareness has made that, day by day, many more people choose to travel by bike to their places of leisure and work. In addition, the progressive incorporation of exclusive lanes for bicycles has also been an important support to put aside the smoke from the car and hit the pedal.

The most curious technologies you'll find in a football stadium

The Internet of Things reaches, as can be expected, all imaginable areas of life. Smart cars, Smart TV , Smart homes , why not Smart Stadiums ? It may seem that there is not much to apply in terms of technology in a football stadium , but the truth is that technologies of all kinds are already being tested and applied in different locations around the world, designed to make the experience more comfortable for attendees and also for footballers.

I have bought Bitcoin, do I have to declare them in the Treasury?

With the opening of the term to present the Income Statement just around the corner, there are not exactly a few who wonder if they have to declare operations with cryptocurrencies in the draft of the Treasury. The short answer is yes . For three years the Administration has paid special attention to all those who operate with cryptocurrencies.

The 5 craziest movies you can watch for free on YouTube

A boring weekend? Don't have money to go to the movies ? Don't have money to pay for your Netflix subscription ? Does n't Netflix have the weird B or even Z series movies that you really like? Well, believe it or not, you can find them on YouTube . Yes, yes, on YouTube , and completely free . Here we show you a selection of the 5 craziest movies that you can watch through your SmartTV , your mobile or your tablet .

The most delusional porn versions of famous movies

The porn does not have to be at odds with humor. In fact, sex makes life happy every day: exploring our body, sharing sensations and moments, alone or in company, guarantees a more pleasant, more relaxed day to day. And if we add parody to porn , we have the perfect cocktail. We have prepared an article for you with the best porn versions of famous movies.

A website allows you to buy semen at home online

Health authorities have warned of the dangers of this system on multiple occasions , because the truth is that home insemination is becoming popular. Yes, there are semen banks that send you a frozen sample at home and that you can then use to inseminate yourself at home . And although it comes with instructions so that women who want to become pregnant can carry out a successful insemination, the guarantees that this will happen are frankly low, especially when compared with the probabilities that exist of obtaining it in an assisted reproduction clinic.

Lego Torch, a dynamo lantern shaped like a giant LEGO doll

Among the wonders from the LEGO world we have never had a chance to marvel at its own mythology, if there is one. In this case, in which there really was a Lego mythology, surely the 19-centimeter giant would star in some passage . Be that as it may, we now have it with us, and it looks excellent , especially when checking its use: a dynamo rechargeable flashlight .

"Sure yes guapi", what is behind the viral phrase of the moment?

There is no middle ground. You either love it or hate it. It is Coral , the actress who appears in the advertisement for Chicfy , an application to sell and buy clothes from mobile phones with iOS or Android . "I buy clothes / then I sell them / so I get this roll that I have" and continues "Chic for me, chic for me, chic, chic chic .

Ecofa, a project to generate biodiesel with household waste

As we see if biofuels exacerbate social problems , some are bothering to come up with a way to create biodiesel from household waste . The idea comes from León , and is called Ecofa . Its main inventor is Francisco Angulo , a 31-year-old young man who found a way to obtain biodiesel after observing the behavior of bacteria in the middle of nature.

How to discover where your ancestors come from thanks to technology

Can you imagine a system with which you can navigate through your family tree and find out your origins and your ancestors? Well no, at the moment the Animus is just a concept of the Assassin's Creed video game (with which you live the life of genetic ancestors), but there are scientific tools to analyze your DNA and get to know it a little better .

10 YouTube videos of spectacular magic tricks

Magic is something that moves. Discover that the impossible, for a few moments, can come true and feel that miracles exist. That, although deep down we know that everything is due to suggestion and some improbable hand movements, it continues to excite us, trick after trick. I still remember when, as a child, television was filled with magic specials.

Solar fan to avoid heat with the cap on

These two articles that we present to you are going to come in handy now that the hot summer heat is approaching. It is a personal fan to be incorporated into the brim of the hat and an electronic mosquito repeller . The best of the two is that they work with solar energy , thanks to some plates that they incorporate, thus we save a few euros in batteries or electric current.

Distance sex with virtual reality, the future of human relationships?

Technological advances in virtual reality and wireless connectivity have not gone unnoticed in the sex industry , which has always been interested in adapting the latest news to its services.The erotic webcam portal Camsoda is one of those pages that have applied technology the most, and by combining various types of software and hardware they have found what they call VIRP: Virtual Intercourse With Real People (in Spanish, virtual relationships with real people).

The 10 biggest planes you can fly on

There are large airplanes, and other huge ones. An airplane, to fly well, must be as light as possible, but sometimes engineers look for so much capacity ... We have already seen that there are really big planes but many of these devices are exclusively for military use, or for cargo. It will be rare that you see them live except in some exhibition.

The worst selfies ever

That selfies or selfies are more than a passing fad has become clear in the mobile industry. Thus, terminals with better cameras on the front are increasingly being created , offering not only more quality, but more filters , virtual masks and all kinds of applications to get the most out of our faces or to locate ourselves in a given situation or moment.

This is the robot that wants to destroy human beings

He looks at you, gets angry and has a conversation like a friend or acquaintance would. Under the disturbing quest to make robots look like human beings comes Sophia, the new creation of the Hanson Robotics company . Her resemblance to a person is truly amazing. For this, his face has been manufactured in a silicone skin called Frubber, capable of making up to 62 different facial expressions .

Little Star Wars Costumes, costumes for the children of the Galaxies

Children are not to blame for anything . The problem is that there are parents who insist on transmitting their passion for the Star Wars phenomenon. And these Little Star Wars Costumes are more than costumes, they are the perfect excuse to have a galactic party with entire families. Families with parents who would join without thinking to colonize the Galaxy traveling in a generational ship .

10 hilarious Amazon items to buy or give away

Amazon is not exempt from finding, among its immense catalog, products that draw a grimace of astonishment on your face. Items that you thought could only be found in the most hidden parcel of the most twisted mind. Objects that are for sale and that only make you think about playing a practical joke on a friend.

The viral video of the anchovy face joke that ended very badly

Let's put ourselves in situation. You are working and it is a normal morning, although one of those in which, due to the alignment of the stars, any little detail can drive you crazy, and suddenly someone asks you for a specific place in the city. Specifically, it is about a boy, who looks like a university student, who wants to know where the commercial and shopping area is.

The ultimate Iron Man costume. Only superpowers are missing

We will never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity some people have in constructing homemade replicas of items from their favorite comics, movies, or books. On this occasion, it is nothing less than the complete Iron Man armor , designed and built to the smallest detail by TMC, a fan of the character who has shown his work in a forum of fans of this superhero of the Marvel publishing house called Advanced Iron .

The craziest homemade inventions to fix things

In the world millions of objects are broken every day . Ok, it is not a statistic supported by any study. But every time we surround ourselves with products manufactured with lower quality acquired at prices that border on absolute zero. The normal thing, then, is that they last as long as they last.

3D Chessboard, a conceptual three-dimensional chessboard

Surely, many wished that their lifelong chessboard better reflected the fantasy of an epic scene. The 3D Chessboard is a new chessboard concept created by the Korean designer and publicist Ji Lee that manages to give a battlefield impression to our games . With this board, anyone will be able to demonstrate skill in strategy and in the movement itself, since you have to be careful not to throw the rest of the pieces when you move and have an outstanding spatial capacity to see the plays .

10 funny memes to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

Single, be very careful, the day you least think about it, the angel they call Cupid could hover around you, that rosy creature that is dedicated to shooting arrows to unite beings of all kinds and fur. Love, which many reduce to a combination of chemical reactions, moves, how could it be otherwise, millions of euros throughout the year, especially with the celebration of Valentine's Day.

The 10 great hacks in history

This week the news broke of a massive hack on the social network Twitter that would have compromised the accounts of important personalities such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Barack Obama .An unprecedented hack that joins a long list of quite notorious cases that have affected numerous entities and public figures in recent years.

The most curious products of Star Wars

May 4 is known to fans as Star Wars Day. Also, on the 40th anniversary of the release of the first film, this year will undoubtedly be a cause for celebration. The fans of the galactic saga have always been characterized as great consumers of merchandising . Dolls, special editions, replicas of laser swords .

Barcelona - Athletic, how to watch the game online for free

Today Saturday two very important games are played. On the one hand, starting at 10:00 p.m. we have Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid . From 8:00 pm, the fans of Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao will have the opportunity to fully enjoy their high level of football. It is a pity that both games, like the rest of the Liga BBVA matches , are not broadcast open-air.

The 10 funniest GIFs of the week to share on WhatsApp

Here, waiting for the bus.We have made it through Monday . Today we have a Tuesday and not just any Tuesday. Today the polar cold wave arrives, so we will have to warm ourselves and also laugh a little. And it is most likely that there is no other effective way to overcome it. So you're happier and you can ride out the day with a little more joy , we share with you the last 10 GIF most fun we've found the networks and that it ought to be sending all your friends and family via WhatsApp .

What do the abbreviations ATM mean in a smartwatch?

With the popularization of smart watches, terms such as ATM or IP have become a standard within the smartwatch market. Both acronyms refer to the level of protection that the watch has, although they are generally used to indicate indicative data, never to establish a real limit. While IP certification (IP67, IP68, IPX8…) is known within the telephony sector to define the level of resistance to dust and water immersion, the term ATM has not ended up catching on among the general public like the latter. W

Ultima Tower, a tower with a million residents that is more than three kilometers high

The architectural answer to the problem of overcrowding in cities appears to be to build taller buildings with greater capacity . We saw it with the Eco Tower in London and we meet again with something similar with Ultima Tower, an impressive project that includes a tower 3 ”™ 2 kilometers high. To get an idea of ​​the scale of this work, here is a fact: the elevator would take 9 minutes and 40 seconds to go from the ground floor to the upper floor . And tha

Barcelona - Seville, how to watch the game online for free

After the failure at the San Siro stadium against Milan , FC Barcelona has no choice but to continue facing the BBVA league matches . Today Saturday, starting at 10:00 pm , Barí§a receives another flagship team, Sevilla FC , at their home . Unfortunately, the match is only broadcast on Canal + , satellite pay TV. I

How to keep your laptop active when you close the lid

Often times, we are forced to leave the computer on for a long time. Good because we are downloading a large file, or for any other circumstance. If we have a desktop computer we can turn off the screen without any problem, and thus it does not stay on, or the light does not disturb us, for example, at night.

The 15 best tech costumes for Halloween

Candy crushTonight is Halloween ! The Anglo-Saxon festival has gradually taken over in our country and is celebrated -almost- with as much enthusiasm and fervor as in its countries of origin. If you're going to dress tonight we thought that maybe something with technological dyes could be yours, and therefore we have selected the best costumes based technology running on the network to see if this will give you some ideas.

Bedfan, the fan that keeps you cool in bed

There are devices worthy of the telemarketing that deserve our attention. This is the case of this Bedfan , a kind of fan with a table that is attached to the bed to generate air under the sheets . This invention manages to create a stream of air from the foot of the bed to the headboard. And, incidentally, inflate the bed a bit.

Solar cars, electric vehicles that recharge with sunlight

Although solar cars are nothing new, it is true that in the last 3 years this idea has returned with more force by the different brands determined to carry out their own version. The big car houses are clear that this is a great market niche to be exploited .However, a priori it seems an unrealizable company in the short and medium term , since there are many complications in its development.

Weed never dies: the WhatsApp 1,500 euro scam returns

It seems that the current situation is no excuse for thieves. The 1,500 euro scam has returned to WhatsApp in the form of a chain. It is not a common scam, but a hoax that has been denied by the authorities on dozens of occasions and that dates back to no less than 2014. There are some variations of this hoax that come to warn of something similar.

10 most surprising videos of the vehicles of the future

When in the eighties and nineties we imagined what the future would be like, we all had in mind a city with super futuristic cars . All of them flying. Having reached two thousand, little of everything that we thought would be our future came true.Over the decades, it seems that humans are still hell-bent on flying cars.

The funniest memes seen this week to share on WhatsApp

Cool memes, very rich! They are the memes that we have shared during this first week of August. There are them for all tastes and for all subjects that are currently raging in current times. The political pacts and the shadow of the third elections and Pokémon GO have returned to be protagonists, but if there is something that has taken over a large part of our conversations on the networks it has been the heat ..

Life-size robots from Star Wars

If you are a fan of the Star Wars saga , you can already jump for joy. After countless editions of the movie characters at different sizes and with different qualities, we can now enjoy the two main robots, C-3P0 and R2-D2, in life size . The company that will make them is called Sideshow Collectibles.

10 funny post Christmas memes to share on WhatsApp

Farewell to Christmas, the Three Kings and feasts. The holiday season is coming to an end and it's time to get back to the usual routine. Whether you are working and you have taken a break with vacations or small bridges, or you have to go back to school or university, what was given is over. From now on, we will have to live for the next few weeks with the cold without gifts, exams or work meetings that had been postponed with the holidays. or how to create a free photo montage in seconds

Creating a proper photo montage is not entirely easy. Sometimes we try it through programs like Photoshop , but the truth is that in some cases, the results end up being a real disaster. This is probably why there is a site like , a page that allows us to make quality photo montages in a few seconds and completely free of charge.

All, a blog for them (and they, if they want)

The blogosphere is not a world for men only. Fortunately. They also edit and comment on posts , use feeds and create their own blogs. Todos is a collective blog with a female audience and a theme oriented towards women, but without falling into the usual hot topics.Because it is a blog of technologically advanced women , as they define themselves .

AcceleGlove, a programmable glove with motion sensor

AcceleGlove is a glove invented by the American company AnthroTronix in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense . In principle it was going to be used for remote control of robots, but many other applications have been found for this glove, such as playing video games, or translating sign language, and it is capable of recognizing movement.