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The 15 most original aquariums (part 1)

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of curiosities and surprises. In this case we have compiled up to fifteen aquariums as original as they are extravagant . Some even have to do with state-of-the-art electronic inventions, like the following aquarium that wanted to be an iPod :1.- iPond, the aquarium that wanted to be an iPod:First we have the iPond , which we can see a little higher.

Mattel Mind Flex, a game controlled by brain waves (CES 2009)

The Mattel booth at CES 2009 was one of the busiest of the entire show . And not because it had the most showy hostesses. Most of the people who passed by were impressed by Mind Flex , the new game that is controlled by brain waves . The California toy firm has had the collaboration of the firm Neurosky EGG , which specializes in the study and manufacture of equipment that works with EEG technology .

Taga, the bike-cart for babies and parents

When you see simple devices like this, you think “but why didn't it occur to me?” . Taga is one of those good ideas that are so good because anyone could have thought of it , but no one had the wisdom to make it a reality. And what is Taga , exactly? Well, it is neither more nor less than a hybrid between a folding bicycle and a baby stroller . You

The most fake viral photomontages of 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, these days it is common to see the lists of the most viewed of the year. We find news that compiles the videos with the most YouTube views, the funniest , the viral ones that have had the most diffusion on Facebook ... but there is one thing that has also gained a lot of popularity, viral photomontages.

Porn apps for the iPhone that have passed Apple's censorship

Some Red Hot Chili Peppers album , sexuality podcasts, chat apps and little else . That's all iTunes users entering search terms like ”˜sex” ™, ”˜porn” ™, ”˜tits” ™ or ”˜les” ™ will find. It doesn't matter the language. The term does not matter. Apple is said to have declared war on inappropriate sexual content . Contents that, everything i

The 10 fastest cars in the world

It may seem strange to see an article about cars on, but the truth is that technology and cars are increasingly related. Today's cars have a lot of technology, both in the cockpits and under the hood. So, the motor world and the technological world are increasingly united. Therefore, today we wanted to make a curious list of vehicles.

10 very curious robots with surprising applications

Robot is a peculiar word: it comes from the Czech 'robota' which means in our language 'work'. And yes: robots help us with multiple tasks every day and, for some, pose a threat: can our jobs be in danger because of these 'robots'?We wanted to bring you a very interesting special: to make a compilation of the 10 most curious robots that we have seen on the YouTube video platform.

How does a bionic arm work?

Up here you have a simple explanation in English of the invention. Patients can move their arm , thanks to redirected nerves that send electrical signals to sensors placed on their chest . In addition, they can perceive certain sensations in this area, but it is intended to go much further. Advances indicate that in the future the arm could be controlled with thought , and even transmit complex sensations (pressure or temperature, for example).

The story behind the cat taking selfies on Instagram

It's not just monkeys who take selfies. The fury of photographic self-portraits spreads in the animal kingdom, even reaching our feline friends. This is the case with this cat named Manny. One fine day, without his owner knowing exactly how, he learned how to operate a GoPro camera. And since then, he hasn't stopped taking selfies.

Hatchimals, when Tamagotchi is reincarnated as a stuffed animal

The Tamagotchi fever did a lot of damage . Do you remember those children who carried that egg hanging everywhere to feed, play and clean the poop of their pixelated pet? Well, it seems that now we have something similar back, but much bigger and hairier. Christmas is coming and the toy manufacturers had to come up with something to seduce those crazy little guys who are already guessing what to put in the letter to the Three Kings .

The worst Halloween costumes in history seen on the Internet

Halloween is here. The most Europeanized American party returns like every year with its thousands and thousands of costumes. A few days ago we left you an extensive list with some of the most successful recommendations to go out on the night of the living dead, today it is time to leave you a series of recommendations aimed at preventing someone from taking a photo of you and circulating through the remains on the network.