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How to connect a wireless headset to an old TV without Bluetooth

Your TV doesn't have Bluetooth? Don't worry, if it's the only thing you miss, you don't have to buy a new TV to get a pair of wireless headphones connected to your current TV. We have found the solution you needed for about 40 euros . All you need is this Avantree device and your TV to have a standard headphone output or RCA audio output.

Dolby Atmos, what is it, advantages and how to enjoy this sound format

At we have been seeing what the latest imaging technologies are and how they work. We have explained what HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG are. Also what advantages does 4K resolution bring? However, we had not yet addressed the audio. And, in recent years, the great revolution in terms of audio is, without a doubt, the Dolby Atmos format .

Bose SoundTouch 10, we reviewed this small but powerful wireless speaker

The Bose SoundTouch 10 is the smallest wireless multiroom speaker family company . However, that does not mean that we are not looking at a quality speaker. The North American company has developed the SoundTouch 10 with the idea of ​​providing a rich and deep sound in any room in the house. An easy-to-use speaker that we can control through the Bose SoundTouch application. Wit

Panasonic CMAX5, high-power portable sound system

Japan's Panasonic joins the stream of high-powered and strikingly designed laptops that are populating supermarkets with its new Panasonic CMAX5 . This is a portable system consisting of a self-powered three-way speaker and a player with Bluetooth and USB ports and analog audio input for both stereo signals and for microphone and guitar.

How to Convert FLAC or ALAC Audio Files to MP3 for Free

Digital music files have long been the favorite way to enjoy music. The FLAC music format is becoming more and more popular, but many devices still cannot recognize it. But they all play MP3 : portable players, or car players in particular. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, that is, free lossless audio codec.

Yamaha R-S202, stereo music amplifier with Bluetooth

A radio amplifier capable of receiving music via Bluetooth, with 100 Watts of power, for only 230 euros . The Yamaha brand can evoke quality motorcycles, musical instruments, and music devices. This receiver is part of this last specialty, although Yamaha has us accustomed to home theater equipment with “stratospheric” features. The

The 5 best soundbars of 2016

There are many users who during these dates will buy a brand new television. However, when you get home and watch a movie, you will surely miss a good sound system. As we always say, the ideal is to mount a good 5.1 system with three front speakers, a subwoofer and two rear speakers, but this is not always possible.

Denon AVR-X1400H, great budget and home theater receiver

From one of the leading specialists in home theater amplifiers, Denon, comes this affordable receiver. The recently introduced Denon AVR-X1400H is the entry point into the “X” series receiver range . With state-of-the-art features like 4K HDR video support or Dolby Atmos decoding.But, one of the most interesting points of this receiver is that it works with the firm's multi-room music system. In

Yamaha RX-V485, 5.1 AV receiver with MusicCast system

Yamaha has renewed its range of AV receivers for 2018 and one of the cheaper models is the Yamaha RX-V485 . It is an AV receiver with 5.1 channels and a power of 115W per channel.Despite being an entry-level model, the Yamaha RX-V485 incorporates CINEMA DSP sound field reproduction technology and Yamaha's YPAO calibration system .

Denon Envaya, Envaya Mini and Envaya Pocket - We've Tested Them

The Envaya are Denon's portable speakers, with battery and Bluetooth reception . The brand, already centenary, has a very complete catalog and in it there are other similar solutions. But they are from the other great Denon family, the Heos, wireless speakers (Wifi) that -except for one- need a plug.

Yamaha MusicCast

Following the current trend in the home audio equipment sector, Yamaha this year introduced its own multi-room network system. This new technology from the Japanese has received the name of MusicCast , and it offers us a multiroom connection that is made both through WiFi and Bluetooth, and that also has the particularity of being able to work in two directions.

Yamaha MCR N470, analysis of this complete mini system with MusicCast

The latest in sound equipment goes through "multiroom" or "multi-room" systems. These are speakers, accessories and stereo equipment that are connected to each other by WiFi  and offer us personalized music on demand in each room and without cables . In addition, in an age where everything tends to be light and easy to transport, our demands for good sound at home with which to enjoy our favorite music are not limited to a single room or a single location.

Bose Connect, the perfect app to control Bose headphones and speakers

Bose has many Bluetooth products in its catalog. For example we have the award-winning Bose QuietComfort 35 noise-canceling headphones. But also some speakers with a very original design, like the Bose Soundlink Revolve. And they all have the Bose Connect app in common . An application that is available for Android and iPhone and that allows you to unleash the full potential of Bose Bluetooth products.

Polk Audio Signature S20e, powerful bookshelf speakers

The American manufacturer specializing in quality / price loudspeakers Polk Audio recently renewed its Signature-E range. We already had the opportunity to hear them first and we confirm that they maintain the virtues of the previous Signature series. They add small improvements, the most prominent being the new tweeter or tweeter.

Denon D-M41, quality micro system with Bluetooth, radio and CD

One of the specialties of the Japanese Denon are the mini and micro sound systems. Hobbyists have known for years that when looking for a quality compact chain , Denon is right. Within the smallest size, only 21 cm wide by 31 cm deep, Denon updates its micro system. The D-M41, based on the best-selling D-M40, incorporates Bluetooth and costs 430 euros.

Yamaha YAS-107, DTS Virtual: X Compatible Soundbar

Sound bars offer a solution to improve the poor sound of slim televisions. And, above all, it is an easy solution to install and very not aggressive with the decoration of the living room. And the other option is to fill the room with boxes and cables.However, this does not mean that we forgo quality sound.

Yamaha MCR-B020, micro audio system with Bluetooth

With the MCR-B020 , Yamaha offers a very versatile micro audio system. It is a compact computer with a modern design, with bold lines. It is made up of a small central unit and a pair of speakers . The central unit is just enough to accommodate a CD player, and the speakers take up practically the same space.

Polk MagniFi Mini, ultra-compact soundbar for home theater

Do you need to improve the sound of your television but you have very limited space? You should check out the latest from Polk. The new  Polk MagniFi Mini is an ultra-compact sound bar that allows us to enjoy surround sound with a really small device. It features Voice Adjust technology for good volume and is compatible with wireless music streaming.

Sonos Amp, we tested the most versatile and powerful amplifier and player

The Sonos family continues to grow and last summer the American company announced its Sonos Amp. Unlike their other products, this one doesn't "sound" on its own: it needs speakers. But there is also its grace, by allowing us to take advantage of some boxes that we already have , or buy better ones. Thanks to that, it does not limit its benefits to the included speakers: it will depend on what we connect to it.

LG HBS-820S, we tested the included legal hands-free headset

Bluetooth headphones are great for comfortable listening to music or talking on the phone. But the DGT prohibits using them while driving, so LG has invented something great. They are headphones that include a speaker for use in "hands-free" mode (and ears free). That way, and using them that way (without placing the headphones in your ears) it is perfectly legal to use them while driving.

TDK A33, in-depth analysis

TDK is a brand that was previously known primarily for recording media. However, the field of audio is now gaining a great reputation. Under the umbrella of the Life on Record category , the company is assembling a selection of consumer products aimed at music lovers. They are dynamic teams with an original design, which offer good sound.

Marantz MCR611, a compact high-quality audio system

Marantz MCR 611, compact high-quality audio systemThe Marantz brand imposes a certain respect for its tradition and the quality of its products, so it is remarkable that it presents such a compact musical system : in hardly more than a square span (it measures 29 cm wide, 31 deep and 11 cm wide) . high) we have a CD player a Radio FM / DAB player network music , and two outputs for speakers with up to 60 watts of power.

Denon AVR-2113, multi-channel receiver with networking

The Denon AVR-2113 is an A / V receiver with everything you need to enjoy music and home theater. It supplies an output power of 7 by 125 watts and a subwoofer can be connected to it. It has an easy-to-read informational display with large typefaces. In the field of the image, it has the latest. It supports 3D video , and the signal can pass to the TV when the equipment is in standby mode.

Denon AVC-A1HD, the cinema amplifier that offers the most complete processing capacity

Fans of home cinema who buy their sound equipment in line at the supermarket, in those large piles of offers near the checkouts, and above all are happy, stop now. This is not a team for them. It costs 6,000 euros . Sound lovers, you can read on. There are amplifiers and amplifiers. Some are great for soundtracks, but when you want to hear an opera , or a good rock record, you get asthmatic .

Samsung DA-E550, audio dock for iPod, iPhone and other smartphones

Samsung has decided to give a twist to the design of the iPod docks . Some products in the DS-E range have a tubular shape that looks like a piece of an elephant horn. This is the case of the Samsung DA-E550 . It is one of the basic models within the manufacturer's audio catalog. However, its slightly curved tube shape finished in white is very pleasing to the eye.

Denon DHT-S514, sound bar with 150 euros discount for the World Cup

There is less left until the World Cup begins and it is an excellent opportunity to buy a sound bar at a good price. Denon knows it and that is why it has reduced 150 euros from its DHT-S514 bar, which has a bass cajon without cables. The bar is very thin with a section of 8 x 7.8 centimeters and one meter wide, ideal to combine it with a television from 42 inches.

Tannoy Mercury 7.2 and 7.1, compact speakers at your fingertips

Tannoy Mercury 7.2, quality compact speakers at your fingertipsThe veteran British manufacturer Tannoy (he has turned 90) is able to offer very high-end products, but also to be up to date with speakers such as its competitive Mercury series , a range that has a long tradition. The most current model in the family is this compact box or "monitor", the Mercury 7.

Sony NWZ-A15, MP3 player

The Sony NWZ-A15 is a slimline MP3 player that supports high resolution audio files . It is less than one centimeter thick and incorporates a screen TFT color LCD with a diagonal of 2.2 inches (5.6 centimeters) which gives a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels ( QVGA ). You can display photos from albums and artists.

Bose brings music to the garden with its wireless systems

When the good weather seems to set in, you want to be on the terrace or in the garden. Bose, a sound specialist, has several ideal solutions to also provide sound in those outdoor areas . Its cordless amplifier and weatherproof speakers are the stars. Let's see what options we have, what qualities they have and at what prices they are.

Yamaha reduces its YSP 1600 soundbar by 120 euros for the World Cup

The offers continue to coincide with the Soccer World Cup, with this discount of 120 euros from Yamaha. Its YSP 1600 soundbar has a regular price of 570 euros and remains, until June 30, at only 450 euros . It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a sound at the level of a current television, which can sometimes sound somewhat anemic because of such flatness .

Sangean DT-250, a portable radio with retro design

The Sangean company has the DT-250 pocket FM radio available on the market , very suitable so that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere. This model offers a handy and compact design, something that is appreciated in this type of product. It has 19 radio stations that work in a single press, as well as an LCD screen so that we can see the stations without problems and set different settings .

LG sound bars, the ideal complement to live a cinema experience

A simple and comfortable way to improve the sound of our television is to use a sound bar. Most models have only one main unit that we will have to connect to the TV. And that's it, with a single cable we will have a powerful sound system, without having to get into complicated installations. If you want to watch movies or any other type of program without wiring the living room, sound bars can be a great option.

JBL E65BTNC, headphones with quality sound and noise cancellation

The American sound specialist JBL from the Harman Kardon group brought several novelties to the IFA in Berlin but these headphones stand out. It is a full-size model, wireless (Bluetooth 4.1) and with a noise cancellation system. Hence its name, JBL E65BTNC (BT and NC for Bluetooth and Noise Cancellation).

Camouflaged speakers for gardens and terraces

In theme parks there are lots of them. Who would have told us that one day they would reach homes ! We are talking about the camouflage speakers that the American firm Niles Audio has presented and that imitate flowerpots or even rocks . The purpose is that we can spread them around our garden or terrace and secretly create a good musical atmosphere.

Yamaha MCR-B270D, your new most elegant and affordable mini system

Yamaha introduces a new mini system in its luxurious PianoCraft series. The MCR-B270D is a mini system consisting of a receiver with an integrated CD player and two compact speakers . The electronics box measures only 18 centimeters wide by 12 high and 32 deep, and weighs 2.7 kilos. The two speakers, 19 centimeters high by 12 wide and 29 deep, each weigh 2.

LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG, high-end sound bars with Dolby Atmos

LG has given us a small brushstroke about the new sound bars that it will present at the next CES 2019. The Korean manufacturer is once again collaborating with audio specialists Meridian to design its high-end sound bars . More specifically at the fair we will see three new models: the  LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG .

Sennheiser PXC 480, headphones to isolate you as you want

Sennheiser PXC 480 HeadphonesThe Sennheiser PXC 480 are headphones that cover the ears completely and are closed , which already guarantees a certain isolation . But in addition to that they use the brand's own NoiseGard technology to cancel external noises , and minimize the annoyance of that ambient noise .

Samsung U Flex, resistant and flexible Bluetooth headphones

Samsung has introduced the new Samsung U Flex, a flexible and splash resistant Bluetooth headset . They also have improved Bluetooth connectivity and smart features with a dedicated button. All this accompanied by a sound with powerful and deep bass, in addition to a clear sound. A headset that we can configure as we want through a new application.

Bose LifeStyle 650, home theater system to dream

Bose LifeStyle 650, high-end wireless 'home theater' sound systemA sound system , a "home theater", of a good standard is what everyone seeks to install in their home: flat large diagonal televisions are here to stay, in many homes they are already in the second or third generation after maybe go through several of those HD Ready , Full HD and now 4K , and the next thing is to install a sound system capable of living up to that cinema image .

Samsung HW-N950 and HW-N850, sound bars with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X

Sound bars are an ideal complement to our television. They allow to achieve an improved sound without the need to resort to complicated installations. But, as in any other range of products, they are not all the same. The high-end models offer compatibility with the latest systems on the market, as well as a greater number of speakers.

LG and Meridian Audio launch high definition sound equipment

LG remains determined to seduce users with greater purchasing power. In June 2017 we saw the launch of the LG Signature brand, a line of premium products from the Korean manufacturer. It included the spectacular LG OLED W7 television. Now the manufacturer dares with high definition audio . And for this it has partnered with Meridian Audio, a company specialized in high fidelity audio.

Yamaha WX-030, wireless speaker with MusicCAST technology

The small speaker Yamaha WX-030 incorporates a port WiFi Direct to communicate with the rest of the range equipment MusicCAST of Yamaha and to network and share music throughout the house. This new network audio function from the Japanese company allows all MusicCAST equipment to receive and send audio from or to any of the devices in the range, allowing us to create a multiroom system that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet thanks to the free application MusicCAST .

Yamaha NS-555, floorstanding speakers

The Yamaha NS-555 are tower- sized floorstanding speakers that are almost a meter tall . They are built to work with digital sources , for which they offer a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity. They are black in color and feature the elegant glossy finish of the brand's pianos. Its enclosures have an elliptical shape, like all of the EF family from the same brand, which are also characterized by a solid construction that minimizes sound diffraction.

Bose Companion 5, in-depth analysis

They are not just small speakers, it is a 2.1 multichannel sound system , specially designed to complete laptops or desktops. Furthermore, given its ease of use and installation, the system can work with practically all computers on the market. The only essential requirement is that they have a USB port.

Sennheiser HD 630VB, high definition headphones

Are you one of those who, when listening to music, demand the highest possible quality? The new Sennheiser HD 630VB are Hi-Fi headphones that will provide you with the sound you need. The German company Sennheiser , specialized in sound and communication solutions, has just released a specific product for lovers of quality sound.

Yamaha YAS 306, analysis of this soundbar

In the increasingly extensive world of sound bars, today we want to highlight this Yamaha model that we can consider as an all in one . We are used to these gadgets to enjoy movies or series on our television come with a separate box for the subwoofer. A module that, thanks to its powerful loudspeaker, allows us not only to listen, but to experience the lowest frequencies and feel pressure standards similar to those of the cinema in our own home.

Bose SoundTrue, in-depth analysis

The American brand has applied all its knowledge and good work to this new family of headphones. The Bose SoundTrue are aimed at those consumers who want to listen to music, but also take calls. These new products are specially developed to work with Apple products , and it will be the owners of the iPhone , iPad and iPod , who will get the most out of them.

LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ, portable speaker with Google Assistant

Smart speakers are here to stay. This year we have experienced a real “boom” in this type of device. The arrival of "official" models has paved the way for models from other brands. Like the LG WK7 XBOOM AI ThinQ, a wireless speaker capable of reproducing Hi-Res audio and that includes the Google Assistant .The

Amazon Echo with Alexa, we've tested it

Amazon Echo? What is that? It is possible that this is what you have thought when reading the title of the article. And it is not surprising, because it is a product that is not yet available in Spain. But don't worry, it won't take long to be. The Amazon Echo is a smart wireless speaker . Smart because it includes Amazon's Alexa personal assistant.

Denon D-T1, we tested the stereo mini system with CD player and Bluetooth

Denon's tradition in the world of minicans is great, and from his expert hand comes this Denon D-T1. In compact dimensions of only 21 centimeters wide by 10 cm high and 29 cm deep, we will see that it combines enough connectivity and features for a medium room or living room. Its 2.8 kg weight contains a 15 W amplifier per channel and a compact disc player.

Yamaha RX-V685, AV receiver with 7.2 channels and two HDMI outputs

The Yamaha RX-V685 is a new AV receiver that has no less than 7.2 channels and 150W per channel . It goes a step beyond its little brother, the Yamaha RX-V585, including greater connectivity (with dual HDMI output) and greater sound power, while maintaining the rest of the characteristics.A receiver ready for the future, as it supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, as well as 4K and HDR signals .

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50, designer speakers with a lot of power

The Danish company Bang & Olufsen has in its catalog some of the most exclusive speakers on the market. Among all of them, the BeoLab 90 stand out, luxury speakers with an astronomical price. Now the manufacturer has introduced the new BeoLab 50, the first speakers directly inspired by the BeoLab 90 .

Bose SoundLink Color II, compact and rugged Bluetooth speaker

The Bose SoundLink Color II is a very compact Bluetooth speaker, perfect for taking with you everywhere . It has a resistant design and offers quality sound, just as the company has used to. A speaker that is controlled by a simple application and that will allow us to listen to music for many hours.

Sony Walkman B170, small MP3 player with very powerful bass

Sony just introduced a new series of small clip-on MP3 players . The new Sony Walkman B170 are available in a wide variety of colors and they are also very light and practical. The range consists of the NWZ-B173F with 4 GB memory , and the NWZ-B172F with 2 GB .As we have said above, the Sony Walkman B170 are MP3 players that are very comfortable to carry thanks to their clip-on support , which allows us to attach it to our clothes or bag without noticing or carrying it.

Sennheiser HD 4.40, foldable Bluetooth closed-back headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT, Foldable Closed Bluetooth HeadphonesSeries HD Headphone Bluetooth from the German manufacturer Sennheiser can enjoy models large (completely cover the ears), closed (isolated from ambient noise) and folding so that they can carry more comfortably, and up to 25 hours of battery life .

Yamaha R-S202D, cheap stereo receiver with Bluetooth

If you are looking for a stereo receiver, simple, but with good sound quality, maybe you should take a look at the Yamaha R-S202D . A receiver launched as a replacement for the Yamaha R-S201 , a team that was very successful thanks to mixing great sound with a very competitive price. The new model follows in the wake of this team, but is modernized by adding Bluetooth wireless connectivity to be able to play music from mobile devices.

Yamaha NP-S303, new HiFi network player with MusicCast

In late July, Yamaha introduced the Yamaha NP-S303, its new MusicCast-compatible network player . It is a basic level network player, but it is capable of playing high definition audio. With a classic design perfect to combine it with other HiFi components, the device has a circuit capable of achieving excellent playback quality.

Yamaha A-S2100, stereo amplifier

The Yamaha A-S2100 is an integrated amplifier with high quality components. It is a very elegant product with a refined design that reflects a good construction. The front panel is made of metal and the side panels of the box are made of wood . A very well combined mix that provides a craftsman touch.

Denon AH-W150, in-depth analysis

The Denon AH-W150 are sports headphones . They are available in bright colors and resist sweat well. They are very light and adapt well to any type of user. For added convenience, they are wireless. That way, there are no cables to snag during training sessions. Music is transmitted via Bluetooth; therefore, they are a good match with any compatible mobile phone or MP3 player.

Denon DP-200 USB, in-depth analysis

Lately, the indie record companies or the most modern music groups tend to accompany the release of their works on CD with small runs on vinyl . This format, as old and out of fashion as it may seem, is making a comeback, and hence the manufacturers of hi-fi equipment are turning to present players like the one at hand today.

Esoteric Grandioso F1, a very high-end amplifier

Esoteric Grandioso F1, top-of-the-range integrated amplifierGranting a device the title of "best in the world" may seem daring, but if it is not the best, this Esoteric (a brand dedicated to high-end audio from the Japanese manufacturer Teac ) is among the very few that can aspire to be the best. That comes at a price , in this case no less than 27,990 euros , but it is about offering the most demanding music lover the most advanced technology for stereo music reproduction .

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose has updated its compact portable wireless speaker with the introduction of a new model. This is the  Bose SoundLink Mini II , which incorporates as a novelty the hands-free function to answer calls, better autonomy and the possibility of recharging the battery through the USB connector . For the rest, the SoundLink Mini II continues to offer the same quality as its predecessor, still being a compact speaker, ideal to take with us on our outings or excursions, or simply to listen to music in any corner of our house without having to connect no cables.

LG The Beast OK99, keys to this large speaker for parties

The LG La Bestia OK99 speaker has a total power of 1,800 W with a 900 W 12-inch diameter subwoofer . It is specially designed for parties and events with friends and has several functions that guarantee fun: karaoke mode, DJ effects, etc.Its main attraction is the LED lighting with multi-color effects , which offers red and blue lights and flare effects to add more atmosphere to the party.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL, in-depth analysis

The Sennheiser Urbanite XL are fashionable headphones with their own premium product finish. Its appearance is original and with resistant and durable finishes. They are circu-earphones for urbanites (hence their name), that is, designed to be used outside the home to listen to music from the smartphone.

Bose OE2i, in-depth analysis

The Bose OE2i are small headphones that will come in handy for those users who require a light and comfortable model, but who do not adapt to the in-ear headphones that are so fashionable at the moment. There are people who are hurt, or who can't stand them for too long. Others don't feel too safe with the extra insulation they provide.

Marantz PM10 and SA10, amplifier and deluxe CD / SACD player

The legendary Marantz brand completes its Hi- Fi stereo range with two devices that are a true luxury : the PM10 integrated amplifier and the SA10 compact disc player , a device that also reads SACD and allows its use as a DAC converter for other digital sources. Marantz has applied its maximum knowledge to them and has manufactured them without any quality compromise , hence a price - still estimated - that will be around 8,000 euros per piece.

Guide to choosing an audio equipment on Black Friday

Do you want to take advantage of Black Friday to get a new audio equipment? What do you need? A sound bar for the TV? Maybe a Bluetooth speaker? Or maybe what you are looking for is a powerful speaker for your parties? Whatever you are looking for, it is very likely that you will find the solution in the extensive catalog of LG sound equipment .

Bose QuietComfort 15, in-depth review

Some people dare to criticize the sound quality of the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones , but it is an unfair criticism. It is true that active noise cancellation technologies are not perfect. It is not a magic bullet and some frequencies are attenuated during the removal of external noise. That is why it is not fair to compare the quality of noise canceling headphones with that of traditional headphones.

Yamaha MCR N470, the mini system that includes a speaker without cables

Yamaha is well known for its motorcycles, musical instruments, and audio devices. Their mini-chains are a success and we liked the MCR N470 in their test. That model is compatible with the brand's wireless multi-room MusicCast system . Now Yamaha makes it easy for you to get started in that way of enjoying music: they give you a WX-010 wireless speaker when you buy the mini system.

Pioneer N-30, in-depth analysis

Pioneer has launched a new player within a category that has more and more representatives. The new Pioneer NP-30 is a network audio player that will allow us to reproduce through our hi-fi equipment the music that we have stored on our computer or on another compatible device using our home network.

Denon AVC-X8500H, amplifier for home theater "no more"

Sound specialist but highly specialized in home theater systems, Denon introduces "no more." The new Denon AVC-X8500H is an AV amplifier that raises the bar for other manufacturers. It has 13 channels of amplification and can handle the most complex audio system possible on its own. It supports the latest surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro-3D.

Sonus Faber Principia 1, pedigree accessible speakers

Sonus Faber is a legendary Italian speaker manufacturer specialized in mid and high-end cabinets, even very high-end, and that is opening the market for more accessible speakers that are even capable of being part of a home theater system. So are their monitors " Principia " a good name for a range of input, the model No.

Panasonic SC-MAX4000, audio system with powerful bass

This mini system takes up little space, but offers a lot of power. Its bold-looking design is very modern. It carries its own lighting, which can be switched on and off. The multi-colored lights change to the beat of the music. The Panasonic SC-MAX4000 can play music from a wide variety of sources. On the one hand, it incorporates a CD disc reader , which also supports CD-R and CD-RW discs that are loaded with MP3 files .

Marantz NR1608 and NR1508, stylish home theater receivers

Sound and home theater specialist Marantz introduces two new home theater amplifiers. These are two devices in its “lifestyle” range, with a low-rise design and state-of-the-art technology. In addition to compatibility with 4K UHD video signals and their sound formats, they have full network connectivity. The

Marantz SR-6011, a state-of-the-art home theater receiver

Marantz SR6011, the latest home theater receiverThe Marantz range of receivers for home theater systems continues to expand and catch up: the SR6011 is the second highest in the range after the SR7011. It includes 9 amplification channels, it is compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos or DTS: X sound systems, and its price is 1,499 euros .

Yahama HPH PRO 500, hi-fi headphones with 200 euros discount

A 50% discount and 200 euros of savings . One of the highest-end models from the Japanese company Yamaha ends the summer with a great offer for which the price is reduced from the original 400 euros to just 200 .We are talking about the HPH-PRO500, one of the most exclusive Yamaha models made from a high-quality aluminum alloy.

AVIC-F500BT, Pioneer Hybrid Navigation System (2008 CES Special)

In addition to its new 9-millimeter-thick televisions , Pioneer has unveiled what they call the world's first hybrid navigation system at CES 2008 . It's the AVIC-F500BT , a gadget that can function as both a satellite navigation system and an entertainment center .The AVIC-F500 is essentially a GPS navigator (with air or 3D mode for maps ), but with extensive interconnectivity possibilities .

Sony SRS-X77, a wireless speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth

The Sony SRS-X77 is one of Sony's new proposals to fill the home with music. A wireless speaker with a compact format that offers good audio quality, with power of 40 W . The 69-millimeter subwoofer delivers deeper bass for a richer sound experience. In addition, this model incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity , designed to facilitate the creation of an audio system through the rooms of the house.

Yamaha WXC-50, play streaming music on your old equipment

The Yamaha WXC-50 is a preamplifier that allows you to upgrade an amplifier or receiver to MusicCast to enjoy streaming music or to integrate it into a multiroom system. The equipment is compatible with all types of sources and many music on demand services. With a compact and quality design, it will allow us to update any sound equipment we have at home.

Denon DRA-100, stereo receiver with network connection

Not long ago we reported from Tuexperto on the amplifier PMA-50 from Denon , a small but capable stereo amp that could also function as an audio interface USB to your computer. Well, it seems that Denon has expanded the family of compact equipment with the new DRA-100 . On this occasion, the Japanese company offers us a compact stereo receiver equipped with a network connection to be able to access it from smartphones , tablets or computers.

Yamaha R-N402D, a stereo receiver with the latest technology

The Japanese brand Yamaha fulfills the new R-N402D receiver with the desire of many fans: to be able to access the latest music reproduction technologies, not only with traditional sources ( turntables , CD player , radio , etc.) but with the possibility to play music files stored on a USB memory , or shared on a network , or sent from a mobile phone, or to connect to the thousands of radio stations on the Internet, even an online music service like Spotify .

Yamaha R-N303D, stereo receiver with MusicCast and network functions

Yamaha has taken advantage of the IFA 2017 celebration to present a new stereo receiver. It's called the Yamaha R-N303D and it offers great sound quality and state-of-the-art connectivity . A receiver that has a classic design, but is capable of playing through music streaming services. It even supports high resolution audio files over the local network.

Denon HEOS 3 HS2, review of this versatile wireless speaker

Denon's HEOS system is one of the best-rated wireless speaker systems on the market. A system that has received several awards from specialized media and is made up of a large family of all types of speakers. The smallest of the family is the Denon HEOS 1 , a speaker that we had the opportunity to test last year.

Yamaha R-N301, new Hi-Fi receiver with network connection

With an elegant design and state-of-the-art features, the new Yamaha R-N30 1 is a high-fidelity stereo receiver with a network connection. It combines a 100 watt power amplifier per channel with a radio tuner and a network access port. This will allow us to browse the music library on our computer, or use our smartphone or tablet to play our favorite songs through the receiver, being also compatible with the latest digital audio formats.

Bose SoundDock 10, Digital01 Finalist for Best Sound Equipment

Bose added to iPod or iPhone is for many an irresistible combination. The best of compressed sound combined with one of the best audiophile sound brands . These speakers SoundDock 10 from Bose are created to preferentially work with the products of Apple , and offers a compact sound , resounding, full of nuances.

Yamaha YSP-2500, in-depth analysis

Under the name of Yamaha YSP-2500 they hide a sound projector plus a subwoofer . Together they produce 7.1 channel surround sound , thanks to the brand's own technology. The bar incorporates sixteen speakers with a diameter of 2.8 centimeters and the subwoofer, with two 10-centimeter cones, is wireless and active.

Bose Sound Dock Series III, in-depth analysis

Bose just renewed its family of digital audio systems with the Sound Dock Series III . He has brought it up to date by changing the digital connector on the base, which is now a Lightning , instead of the previous 30-pin dock that Apple previously used . That makes it compatible with the latest Cupertino products.

The 5 key features of the Bose Home Speaker 500

Do you want a smart speaker, but that has a premium sound? If so, you are sure to like the Bose Home Speaker 500 . It is a smart speaker that delivers room-filling stereo sound . It has a small screen on the front that shows information about the content played, as well as controls in its upper area.

Yamaha R-N602, stereo receiver with network connection

The Yamaha R-N602 inaugurates the new MusicCast family of products from the brand of tuning forks, whose main feature is its complete network connectivity. This new equipment combines the classic scheme of a 100 watt stereo receiver with inputs for analog or digital signal sources with a wireless network port that allows you to receive audio from a smartphone , tablet or computer that is connected to the home network.

Bose TV Speaker, your new most affordable soundbar

Bose launches a new affordable soundbar, the Bose TV Speaker . Just launched in the international market, it will soon be available in Spain at a price of around 250 euros . It is a compact bar, barely 60 centimeters wide and about 5 centimeters high by 10 deep. Its strong point is the ease of use: just connect it to the sound output of the TV, either by HDMI ARC, optical digital or even analog.

Denon D-F109, mini system by components

This mini system retains the old school hi-fi design. The components are separate . The Denon D-F109 designation brings together a stereo amplifier with radio, also known as a stereo receiver, (the Denon DRA-F109), a CD player (the Denon DCD-F109, a network audio player (the Denon DNP-F109 ), and a pair of speakers (the Denon SC-F109).

Pay TV in Spain: all offers and rates

Pay TV is still not very developed in our country. So much so, that in 2009 the number of users decreased significantly, contrary to what happened in Europe. Even so, the current offer is very varied. In Spain we have ADSL, cable or satellite operators , so that the user has the possibility to choose between several options , always taking into account the availability of this technology in each area .

Yamaha MCR-N670, Hi-Fi system with network connection

The Japanese Yamaha has just launched a new hi-fi system that is included within its family of MusicCast multiroom equipment . The new MCR-N670 is presented as a Hi-Fi system with a compact size and elegant design, with a front finished in aluminum and topped by side panels in black. It consists of an amplifier plus a player, to which are also added two speakers with a five-inch woofer belonging to the Soavo line .

JBL Go 2, the portable water-submersible Bluetooth speaker

The mythical and popular brand JBL is owned by the Harman International group, in turn owned by Samsung Electronics. At CES in Las Vegas they presented among other things a renewal of their portable sound equipment. The most compact is the JBL Go, now called the Go 2. Following the success of the original Go (more than 10 million sold since 2015) the Go 2 will arrive in spring 2018.

HP 2.1 Compact Speaker System, 2.1 Computer Speaker System

HP has just introduced a new computer speaker system . It's the HP 2.1 Compact Speaker System . It consists of two speakers plus a subwoofer , and offers a total power output of 12 watts , of which 5 W correspond to the subwoofer. It is a suitable solution so as not to give up surround sound, even if there is very little free space in the room where the computer is installed.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90, € 70,000 audiophile speakers

Founded in 1925 by two Danish engineers, Bang & Olufsen has managed from the beginning to build a strong brand image based on high quality and innovative design. For this reason, now that the 90th anniversary of its birth is being celebrated , the firm has launched a new speaker that will not leave anyone indifferent.