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20 movies and series that you can watch in 4K on Netflix

The streaming war is served. At the current HBO and Amazon Prime, two of the great competitors in the current market, the irruption of the Disney 'streaming' platform in our country is expected next year. Not to mention the Apple TV + service with a lower price than other services.However,  Netflix is ​​still the go-to option for all types of users today . The

How to diagnose and where to have your Roomba repaired

It has become one of many homes. Not surprisingly, it provides a solution to the problem of daily cleaning without us noticing. In fact, since the Roomba can be programmed, it is enough to give it an hour to clean - when we leave the house in the morning, for example - for it to start up and leave the home like the jets of gold .

Main error codes in Samsung washing machines and their solutions

Does your Samsung washing machine show you error codes when you use it? Do not worry, this is something that usually happens in many cases, and it is usually solved in a very simple way. Below we describe the main error codes that your Samsung washing machine can display and some tips to try to solve them.

5 alternatives to Google's Chromecast in 2020

Nowadays it is difficult to get hold of a new television that does not have an Internet connection . Smart TVs abound in such a wide range of prices and available brands that it is almost impossible not to find a single reference that does not suit the needs and pocket of anyone. Come on, it's really hard to avoid the temptation to get one.

How to choose a good cordless phone for home

More and more telephone users choose to use their mobile phone at all times. Every time we call less and we connect more by messaging. But the truth is that the landline, on many occasions, has to be hired on a mandatory basis. Especially if we also want to have an Internet connection at home. Either through fiber or with the old ADSL.

5 healthy recipes that you can prepare with the new LG microwaves

The new LG Smart Inverter microwaves represent an evolution of the conventional microwave with which you can cook an infinity of dishes in a healthier, faster and easier way. Thanks to LG Smart Inverter technology they can defrost, heat and cook faster, more powerfully and more evenly. This new system allows cooking 1.

Samsung EcoBubble washing machines, in-depth analysis

The technology can also improve our lives when washing clothes . At least this is what the engineers of the Korean firm Samsung have thought when researching and improving the circuits of their best washing machines with the recent EcoBubble system . It is true that it is not the most appreciated appliance in the house.

Appliance warranties: what they cover and what to look for

When we buy an appliance we look from the design to the functions, going logically through the price. But we are many users who do not pay attention to the after sales service. What warranty does the manufacturer offer? What parts of the device are covered? During how much time? Most of us rely on the two-year warranty that all manufacturers have to give by law.

LG refrigerators offer a 10-year warranty

The refrigerator is one of the most important electrical appliances in our home . It is, in fact, an essential in any kitchen worth its salt, so when buying a new one you have to especially take into account what its capabilities are, how it can perform and for how many years and how it can help us to be efficient.

5 smart bulbs compatible with Google Home and Alexa

Buying a few smart bulbs is the necessary first step if you want to create your own smart home ecosystem. The intelligent lighting has become an excellent option to manage your house as well as create interesting experiences. In the market we can find a multitude of alternatives available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles.

5 tiendas online para comprar herramientas a buen precio

Las cifras de ventas que origina el comercio electrónico no paran de crecer. Nuestro día a día hace que a veces no dispongamos del tiempo suficiente para acudir físicamente al punto de venta, o si lo tenemos, lo último que nos apetece es ir de compras.Hoy en día, tenemos de todo a tan solo un clic, hasta herramientas a precios muy asequibles. Por e

10 keys to the environmentally friendly LG Dual Inverter air conditioners

With the arrival of heat, we all want a good air conditioning system in our home. In addition, we want it to be low-energy, fast-cooling, and environmentally friendly. In this sense, LG air conditioners with Dual Inverter technology meet all these characteristics. They are manufactured to reduce electrical energy consumption and achieve a higher cooling rate.

The best calendar templates for Office

Looking for free calendar templates for Microsoft Office to help you better organize your work or better manage time? You have come to the right place, we have collected the best free calendar templates for Microsoft Office .You can use these templates within an application like Word, Excel or PowerPoint .

Advantages of the Inverter Direct Drive motor of LG washing machines

The motor is one of the fundamental components of any self-respecting washing machine . That is why it is important that when buying the next one, you take into account what are the characteristics of the engine and what guarantees the manufacturer can offer you.The Korean company LG installs Inverter Direct Drive motors in a large part of its equipment.

Prefabricated houses, prices and websites to buy your custom house

In the middle of the last century, the human being finally achieved what had always been his dream: to become a snail. Undoubtedly, a phrase that may seem made to make a smile does not stop containing part of the truth. Around 1950 the 'mobile houses' or, as we know them here, 'prefabricated houses' were born in the United States.

Everything you need to know about LG TWINWash smart washing machines

LG's TWINWash mini washers are possibly one of the most exciting advancements in home technology. The Korean manufacturer has created a mini washing machine that can be attached to some LG washing machine models and thus create a set capable of washing two laundry at the same time . The small washing machine can be used for delicate garments, to separate colors or to wash everyday clothes that are not really too dirty.

5 Thermomix recipe websites that are worth visiting

Everything that revolves around the Thermomix is ​​a world of endless recipes and accessories . The famous kitchen robot has become an essential in all those homes that have already tried it. And although there are many who still resist with the pans and the traditional methods, when you talk to someone who has it at home, they will convince you that with it you can no longer turn back.When

5 automatic irrigation systems for plants

Before, when we went on family vacations, our parents left the house keys with the neighbors. And they were the ones who were in charge of going every day - or once a week - to water the plants. Today it happens to us that we practically do not know our neighbors. So leaving the key to water the ficus is a little more uncomfortable .

Espresso or cappucino: with these coffee makers you don't have to choose

Although there are currently super-automatic machines to prepare all kinds of coffees at home, there are more affordable and simple options. Always looking for comfort and speed for the coffee-loving user. The key is to find the coffee maker that best suits your tastes or needs. De'Longhi continues to seek solutions for all types of users.

How to know how much power I need when hiring the light

One of the most recurrent questions by new owners and tenants of apartments and houses. The power of light necessary to contract depends entirely on our needs, as well as the amount of electrical appliances and devices that we have connected to the current . We refer to elements such as heating (if it is electric), air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher .

Cheap portable air conditioner: 5 options for less than 200 euros

The heat wave that our country is going through seems to have no end. Meanwhile, various electronics stores advertise dozens of deals on portable air conditioners. The advantage of this type of device over traditional options is that it does not require installation, with the consequent savings that this entails.

How can you make a plan of your house with the computer

Have you ever thought about the possibility of creating the plan of your own house with your computer and your mobile phone ? This is something that a few years ago was absolutely unthinkable, but the great advances that have occurred in the field of technology allow it to be something totally feasible today, and much simpler than you think.

5 smart devices to make your home a little smarter

The dream of having a fully automated and intelligent home like Tony Stark's may still be a long way off, but the truth is that today we have many devices on the market that allow us to make our home a little smarter . The massive landing of the so-called smart speakers in the homes of users has made many of us bite the bug of home automation.

Cooking with Thermomix: its advantages and disadvantages

The Thermomix is ​​an essential appliance in the kitchen of many people. But what is the success of this kitchen robot? Its main advantage is that it is a perfect ally, both for those who know how to cook and for those who have never done it. Although he is capable of preparing all kinds of recipes, there are some that he does better than others. No

LG Smart Inverter, what is this technology and how the microwave has evolved

LG's Smart Inverter technology has been a before and after in the world of microwaves. And it is that thanks to this invention it is already possible to cook faster and with greater power than other conventional ovens (up to 1,200W). All this without losing nutrients and with a uniform result. That is, they defrost, cook and heat any type of food in its entirety, without altering the flavor at any time.

Haier, new American-style XXL refrigerators

Haier just showed what its next high-capacity refrigerators will look like . They are appliances designed to store the maximum amount of products, both frozen and fresh. With their XXL size , they can keep large amounts of food in perfect condition for a long time. The new models stand out for their titanium-colored finishes and for their low electricity consumption.

Cheap short throw projectors to replace your TV

It may seem that projectors are more related to  business and educational environments. However, everything changes as technology evolves and, above all, democratizes with the drop in prices. Today, any user can get a projector to use from their own home with the premise of creating a cinema experience like in a conventional movie theater.

Philips 2200 Series, we tested the automatic coffee machine

Spaniards have long discovered that there is more to life than roasted coffee . Capsule coffee makers, chains like Starbucks and the foodie tide have educated the taste of the population. That he is even able to appreciate the smell of freshly ground coffee or the difference between an espresso and an American coffee.

Samsung RF24 and Combi F Series, new extra-large and efficient refrigerators

It is called Samsung RF24 and it is the new French Door refrigerator (four doors) that the Korean firm Samsung has just presented for large families and demanding users. It is a brand new four-door refrigerator with a large storage capacity to keep food fresh for as long as possible. The refrigerator is designed for those consumers who buy large quantities of food, organized in savings packages that take up a lot of space in the fridge.

5 tips to use less electricity with air conditioning

Are you still resisting or have you already had to put the air conditioning on? If your house looks like hell itself, chances are that by this time of summer you have already had to activate this blessed device. High temperatures are not good allies for well-being and concentration, but the truth is that if you abuse it, the air conditioning can go out of your face.

Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++, a very efficient and complete refrigerator

Large, very efficient and with advanced technologies to keep food in the best conditions. This is the Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++ refrigerator , an appliance that wants to become the king of the kitchen. Of course, make room for it, because it is almost a meter wide and almost 180 centimeters high. Among its most interesting characteristics is the A ++ type efficiency , which places it among the best refrigerators in this regard.

AquaReturn, a water and gas saving system made in Spain

AquaReturn is a system of saving water and energy invented and manufactured in Spain. It works to reduce waste when using hot water . Avoid wasting dozens of liters of water while waiting for hot water to reach the tap to, for example, take a bath. It is a small box that is installed under the sink, and is then connected to a socket.

6 models of portable air conditioning for this summer 2019

Summer is coming and with it the heat. Many areas of Spain go above 40ºC in midsummer, temperatures that are difficult to bear. A portable air conditioner is one of the best ways to combat the summer heat , these units are very easy to install, and you can do it yourself without the need for a technician.A

Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Mesh, we have tested it

We tested the Tenda Nova MW3 kit , a set with several WiFi repeaters (Mesh) to improve the home network. It has an eye-catching design, is easy to set up and offers coverage of up to 300 square meters.The Tenda Nova Mw3 kit is composed of three WiFi nodes, which we can place in different places at home or in the office to improve the signal of the wireless network in the furthest corners of the router .

How to cook healthy with the new LG microwaves

Let's face it, there are many of us who have the microwave simply to heat the milk or the plate that we had left the day before. But, did you know that with the microwave we can cook a multitude of dishes? And now, with LG's new microwaves, we can do it in a totally healthy way. LG Smart Inverter microwaves combine the functions of Oven, microwave, grill and multifunction to offer us the possibility of making practically any dish that comes to mind .

10 cheap kitchen robots that do -almost- the same as the Thermomix

No one can deny that kitchen robots have found a place in the houses of half the world. True allies of the kitchen. Boasted by some, despised by others, the truth is that these devices have a series of virtues that are well worth knowing .Virtues that, of course, we find in their maximum expression with the famous Thermomix, with a whole legion of followers behind it who do nothing but praise its qualities.

Philips S9000 Prestige, 3-speed precision electric shaver

It is called Philips S9000 Prestige and it is the new shaver that the Philips house has presented for men who want to shave by machine and renounce the blade of a lifetime . The apparatus works through NanoTech precision blades, redesigned with stronger and sharper edges. This guarantees a smooth, precise and long-lasting closeness.

Gigaset Sculpture, a designer cordless phone for the home

It is elegant and it is functional. What more could you want? We are talking about the new wireless terminal that the German company Gigaset has just presented . This is the Gigaset Sculpture , a cordless phone for the home that at first glance draws attention for its design, but also impresses with its list of specifications .

Sonos, a piped music over WiFi

Music on demand in every room of the house. The American company Sonos is one of the reference brands in audio equipment for home use, thanks to a series of very interesting functions such as the possibility of combining several self-powered speakers and connecting them to a WiFi network to generate a musical thread in all rooms of home.

5 interesting refrigerators between 800 and 1,000 euros

Have you renovated the kitchen and want to change the refrigerator? Has your current model been damaged and are you looking for the best replacement? Whatever the reason you are looking for a new refrigerator, we will try to help you. Generally it is an appliance that spends many years with us. And, on the other hand, that it has a really important function.

5 claves que hacen únicos a los frigoríficos de LG

En LG están dispuestos a mejorar aún más su familia de frigoríficos. Por ello han lanzado una nueva generación de sus electrodomésticos combi, aquellos que cuentan con parte frigorífica y parte de congelador. Pero ¿dónde se puede innovar en un electrodoméstico que ya lleva años en las cocinas de todo el mundo? Pues fácil

The best websites to find an apartment for rent or sale

Since the real estate bubble burst, the price of real estate in Spain has dropped considerably, to the point that for many this is the best time to buy or rent a house. Currently, thanks to the Internet, we can resort to a large number of platforms that will facilitate the search process. Websites such as Yaencontre.

Roomba iRobot 890, we have tested it

The field of technology at the service of domestic cleaning is only progressing by leaps and bounds. You can now say goodbye, for example, to back pain from carrying heavy vacuum cleaners that woke up all the neighbors. Now we have at our disposal the roombas, small cleaning robots that sweep and polish by themselves.

The 5 most obnoxious and effective alarm clocks

When you were little and you had to get up there were two options, being one of those who just called him put one foot out of bed or the one who asked for those famous five more minutes that ended up becoming the first fight of the day.If our parents or grandparents were the first alarm clock, in recent times that clock with two bells that made a roar when getting up has given way to mobile phones .

LG Signature Twin Wash, a washer-dryer that does two laundry at the same time

The LG Electronics brand has just launched the Signature Twin Wash washer-dryer , capable of doing two washes at once. The model is part of a series of premium home appliances, LG Signature, which arrives for the first time in Spain.LG Signature Twin Wash Washer-Dryer FeaturesThis curious appliance stands out for its innovation in both design and functions.

Gigaset C570, cordless telephone with color screen and calendar

The use of the landline phone may have fallen compared to a few years ago, but the truth is that the majority of users continue to keep it. It is always useful to have a telephone line that does not depend on coverage and can save us from any trouble. But to use the phone line we will need a terminal.

Samsung AddWash, extra door washers to put clothes in the middle of the wash

Who has not forgotten more than one to put a lost sock or some garment that we are wearing in the washing machine and we have not realized that it had to be washed? For these and many other cases, Samsung has created a new series of washing machines that incorporate an extra door on the front to quickly insert forgotten garments at any time of the cycle .

eNest, smart bracelet for the elderly

eNest is an intelligent wristband specially designed for the safety of the elderly , as it offers functions such as emergency call and indoor location. Actually, the system consists of a compact device connected to a bracelet worn on the wrist and which provides more peace of mind to those who have elderly or dependents in their care.

The best features of LG's smart washing machines

The number of users interested in creating a smart home is growing rapidly. The mass arrival of smart speakers and the ease offered by some accessories, such as light bulbs, mean that many of us are starting to automate our homes little by little. So it is logical to think that the next step that a user interested in this type of device could take is to buy an appliance with more advanced functions.

Samsung EcoBubble F-series washing machines, washing with electricity savings

They are probably the most famous washing machines on television . Samsung has shown the new generation of EcoBubble washing machines with some very interesting news. They are fast, clean, consume little and waste bubble technology. The washing machine is not the most attractive device in the electronics store, but new technologies are also coming to these computers to improve their performance.

Samsung brings its WaterWall dishwashers to Spain

Dishwashers have become essential in our homes. To live without them would be to go back a few years. And wasting time: a lot of time. Now Samsung has wanted to contribute its grain of sand to modernization in homes, with the arrival of the Samsung Waterwall in Spain.The Samsung Waterwalls are a new range of dishwashers that until now had only been available in the United States.

Gigaset A170, a cordless phone with lots of color for your home

It may seem like something that is out of use, but there are many of us who still have a land line. If only because it comes bundled with most carrier convergent offers. If you are looking for a cordless phone to connect to that landline, which is complete but at the same time original, you can take a look at the new Gigaset A170 .

5 types of cheap air conditioning for this summer of 2020

The heat wave that Spain is going through right now is raising mercury to unsustainable levels. Between May and July, user interest in air conditioners on the Internet has increased by more than 80% , according to data taken from Google Trends. The search term 'cheap air conditioning' follows closely behind, with more than 60% growth in the last month.

All the facts about the Ikea UPPLEVA TV

It is unavoidable. The furniture manufacturer can't stop giving its products weird or Swedish-sounding names. We were lucky anyway. The new TV is going to be called UPPLEVA . Worse it would have been if the TV was called KROJORN, or any of the other usual pearls in its catalog. It must be recognized that it is going to be an amazing product, created to satisfy all the needs of users.

400 euros for a Roborock S5 Max thanks to these Roborock offers

Gone are the times where buying a robot vacuum cleaner for several hundred, and even thousands of euros, was the daily bread. With manufacturers like Roborock coming to market, the average price of cleaning robots has dropped significantly without sacrificing quality. With the arrival of 11/11, a date marked on the Chinese calendar as Singles Day as opposed to Valentine's Day, there are not a few brands that launch discounts on their products in stores like AliExpress .

Guess how long the AEG 9000 washer dryer takes to wash and dry

The Electrolux Group took advantage of the IFA 2019 celebration to present its new proposals in household appliances. One of the ones that caught our attention the most was the new AEG 9000 connected washer-dryers with SensiDry technology . This new technology adapts the program to different fabrics, washing and drying clothes in a uniform way.

Miele SmartLine, modular induction hobs

The German appliance manufacturer Miele has just announced a new range of modular induction hobs, which it has dubbed the SmartLine. They are characterized, above all, by their design, since they have many combination options for all types of kitchens. The goal is to gain more comfort and space in the kitchen, with easier cleaning and wide capacities.

5 kits to make your air conditioner smart

With the arrival of summer, many users turn to air conditioning to make the hottest time of the year more bearable. Air conditioning is a very energy consuming appliance, so it is important to maximize its energy efficiency. We present you 5 kits to turn your air conditioning into smartThe following kits connect to the air conditioner via infrared , thus replacing the remote control that came with the equipment.

Canon Pixma MG3650, simple all-in-one printer for the home

The Canon Pixma MG3650 is a new proposal from the Japanese company for the home. An all-in-one ink printer that combines its main function of printing with copying and scanning. This device stands out for its WiFi connectivity to install it anywhere in the house and it also has a dedicated app so that we can easily print from a smartphone or tablet.

Dyson AM05 Hot Cool, bladeless heating fan

It's called AM05 Hot + Cool and it's the new bladeless heater and fan that the British firm Dyson has presented . The device is equipped with the highest technologies of this specialist company, but stands out for a basic characteristic: it has a built-in Dyson motor that will allow any room to be cooled or heated during the four seasons of the year.

Gigaset A150, a landline phone with vintage design

The Gigaset brand has presented a new landline phone, the Gigaset A150 , with a vintage design and intuitive use to make it easy to use even for the little ones. The device also offers high-quality sound and balanced features for a price of 22 euros .A vintage phone for all agesThe Gigaset A150 landline phone has a 1.

LG SmartThinQ, this is how this technology for washing machines works

Housework takes up a lot of time in our day to day. And, although we have less and less time for these kinds of things, we must do them, they are inevitable. Luckily, some appliances make our lives easier. Such as the new LG washing machines with SmartThinQ technology . Thanks to its wireless connection, it is possible to control them from anywhere.

Frequency inhibitors, how do they work?

Article sponsored by ProsegurThe use of frequency jammers is increasingly widespread in vehicle and home thefts. In the last decade, the use of systems to inhibit the alarm signal has skyrocketed in a direct promotional way to the number of robberies in Spain. In fact, the Generalitat de Catalunya itself was forced to publish a video in 2018 showing the operation of this type of apparatus through an intervention by the Mossos d'Esquadra.

LG advances in the creation of refrigerators more respectful with the environment

Did you know that the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most in the home? Currently, this equipment is in the first position because, in fact, it is in practice the only appliance that is switched on continuously.That is why it is so important that when we are going to replace the old refrigerator with a new one, we always choose one that can provide us with maximum energy efficiency.

Best Features of Samsung Family Hub Connected Fridges

Current appliances have little or nothing to do with those of a few years ago. The rise of smart speakers and connected devices has made manufacturers want to have home appliances on the market capable of connecting to the Internet. But some models go even further. This is the case of the Samsung Family Hub, an impressive double-door refrigerator equipped with a huge screen .

Samsung QuickDrive 8 Series WW10M86GNOA, features and price

Samsung has taken advantage of the Casa Decor 2018 celebration to launch its new washing machines with QuickDrive technology in Spain. Thanks to this technology, the new Samsung washing machines reduce the time needed to do a laundry by 50%. With Super Speed ​​mode, washing a load of laundry is completed in just 39 minutes. Wit

The recipes for Thermomix that are having the most success in confinement

Having a kitchen assistant such as the Thermomix is ​​always appreciated, since you only need to add the ingredients and let it cook. The result is usually positive. In addition, the catalog of recipes for Thermomix is ​​endless, since you can make practically everything (pizzas, desserts, drinks, sauces, traditional and original dishes, etc.) In thi

AEG RX9, we tested AEG's latest robot vacuum cleaner

When we talk about cleaning robots we think, above all, of motorized round products that circulate on their own at home. And more or less true. However, prestigious brands such as AEG also have more serious, powerful, effective and yes, expensive alternatives . However, therein lies the difference between moving dust and dirt around and actually vacuuming it up.

Dyson Cinetic DC52

The Dyson Cinetic DC52 is a first-rate vacuum cleaner that uses two of the revolutionary proposals of the British company Dyson . On the one hand, its powerful motor is combined with a system of cyclones that prevent the loss of suction of the equipment throughout its life cycle ( Dyson has tested with the dust equivalent to 10 years of cleaning).

Advantages of LG InstaView, the refrigerator with screen in the door

When you were little you imagined the future, you thought about the flying cars in your city. In the pills that would provide us with all the necessary food. And maybe in refrigerators like the ones LG now proposes? We are talking about the new LG InstaView technology , with which users can see what they have inside the fridge, without having to open the door.

This is how Dyson Cool bladeless fans work

The British company Dyson is one of the most innovative and exciting brands on the technology scene. Their designs almost always have the virtue of surprising us and tend to have a futuristic halo that is very easy to recognize. But always with one idea ahead: utility. It was with that idea that Dyson bladeless fans were born .

Dyson Pure Hot And Cool, we tried it

To speak of Dyson is to speak of excellence. That is what the British company is looking for in all the equipment it launches on the market. Fans, vacuum cleaners, robot cleaners or even hair dryers ( Dyson Supersonic ). All of them are manufactured with the latest in design and technologies to bring the best to our home.