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DivxTotal is down, 5 alternatives to download torrent

The well-known DivxTotal website has suffered a global decline. At this moment the web page does not work in any of the countries where it is available, with a message that reads “Error 503 Backend fetch failed. Backend fetch failed. Guru Meditation. XID: 938183755 ". The origin of the crash is completely unknown, although everything points to an attack on the web servers. W

5 alternatives to Vidcorn to watch series and movies online in 2020

Vidcorn is known to be one of the best alternatives to Megadede in everything that has to do with series and online movies. Unfortunately, the page has been forced to change its domain on many occasions for violating the different Intellectual Property laws. Today the website is still operational, although it suffers a national blockade by some operators .

Pepecine does not work: 5 alternatives to watch movies and series online

Pepecine is one of the great portals in Spanish of series and online movies. Although the page is accessible today from its original domain, the truth is that it has suffered a series of continuous blocks by operators for infringing the copyright of the works it links. Currently this block is maintained in some companies , which is why we are forced to resort to other web pages.

7 pages to download YouTube songs without installing programs

It is usual to go to YouTube when we want to listen to a specific song, watch the video clip and discover new styles and artists. The great advantage of its platform is that it is possible to find all kinds of musical styles and enjoy any song, complete albums and unreleased works. Surely on more than one occasion you have thought that you would like to download any of these songs , to listen to them through your computer or mobile, without having to spend internet data and without having to enter any application.

5 pages to download YouTube videos for free without installing programs

Downloading YouTube videos today is only possible through the mobile application. The video in question is stored in the application's cache, and it can only be played by the YouTube app itself. Fortunately, there are a lot of pages to download YouTube videos for free without installing programs . Whether on Windows, Mac and even Android and iOS, downloading videos is extremely easy if we find the right page.

14 alternatives to DivxTotal to download new releases and torrent music

DivxTotal, one of the main torrent file download portals in Spain, has been blocked by a large part of the telephone companies for breaching current regulations on Copyright. Although it is currently possible to access the website of Torrent premieres, movies and music , the truth is that its total blocking is closer than ever, which is why we are forced to resort to alternative pages to DivxTotal to download Torrent files from uTorrent. does not work, 18 alternatives to watch football online

Veo Partidos, better known as or Veopartidos simply, has been closed after violating the Intellectual Property Law as regards broadcasting rights. The first signs that the website had been closed began in early August, and the truth is that today Veopartidos does not work . Fortunately, there are many alternatives to this to watch football matches online, and this time we have compiled several of them.

More than 100 drawings of mandalas to print and color

There is no doubt: mandalas to color are in fashion and more and more people are joining the fever of colored pencils and markers. There are many special books that you can buy, but we also suggest you find mandalas to print on the Internet for free.In this article we tell you what mandalas are, how they are colored , what benefits they have, and where you can find free mandalas on the Internet.

Map of Europe, more than 250 quality images to print

Learning geography is important to know where we are. Having a good  map of Europe is a very important educational resource to get to know our neighbors and understand more about the continent in which we live.In the shops and stationers of a lifetime we can buy maps of all kinds. A political, fluvial, mute, physical map of Europe  .

9 alternatives to Kickass to download torrent in 2019

Although they are less and less used, torrent files reach good popularity in full 2019. Unfortunately, torrent search engines to download files with programs like uTorrent are increasingly censored in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and even Spain . One of the last to fall has been Kickass Torrent.

15 alternatives to 1337x to download torrent movies in 2019

1337x, the popular website for downloading torrent movies, series, TV shows and even documentaries, has suffered a nationwide blockade ; This was announced at the end of January by the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Barcelona. Currently we can only access the web if we have a proxy  or VPN application or our telephone operator has not blocked the page in question in its databases.

2020 calendar, more than 100 templates to download and print

We have just inaugurated the month of December and it is time to get down to work with the organization of next year . And although Christmas is still a little while away, you may have noticed that there are lights, garlands and other decorative outfits everywhere that remind us that 2019 is already coming to an end.

VivaTorrent not working: 8 alternatives to download torrent in 2020

The alarm went off this week: DivxTotal and VivaTorrent, two of the most popular torrent download pages today, have stopped working. At the moment neither of the two portals is accessible from the original domains. The message that we find on both sites says a 503 Backend fetch failed error . We do not know if it is a blockage by the authorities or a generalized crash of the servers.

Top 5 alternatives to aTube Catcher to download free music

aTube Catcher is one of the oldest programs to download music from YouTube and convert MP4 files to MP3. Unfortunately, the application for Windows, Mac and Linux has been degenerating over time. Currently, the program has a multitude of advertising that greatly tarnishes its user experience. The good thing is that there are many alternatives to aTube Catcher in 2019 capable of downloading videos, music and all kinds of files from YouTube.

The best pages to watch dramas online

The dramas are dramas and other Asian soap operas which is that lately are becoming quite popular in the West. The main characteristic of this type of series is that they consist of 15-20 chapters with a duration that does not exceed one hour. This is an ideal format to enjoy a series while you move on public transport or after dinner, without having to get hooked on something very long.

World map, 100 world maps to print and download for free

The world is getting smaller every day. Distances are getting shorter, technology connects us faster and faster. But the world is still a vast place full of unexpected corners. That is why it never hurts to have a world map or world map at hand .Before when we wanted to know the countries, the capitals and the great rivers, we  used a purchased map.

8 antiplagiarism programs to detect plagiarism online

The current situation due to the coronavirus has forced education systems around the world to take the telematic route to teach online classes. This has also forced the creation of different platforms to present works online: TGF, Word documents, university papers ... Often these platforms have anti-plagiarism tools that allow detecting plagiarism of texts, citations and sources.

Pelispedia does not work: 10 alternatives to watch series and movies online

Pelispedia, which was one of the best known pages on the Internet to watch series and movies online, has closed permanently . Along with this, her sister Pelisplus, the page owned by the same group focused on movies. The reason for it? Its creators, of Uruguayan origin, have been arrested in the city of Minas in the same country for allegedly violating copyright.

2019 calendar, more than 150 templates to print and download for free

2019 is just around the corner. Have you noticed? Well, if you are here looking for a calendar for next year, surely you are much more forewarned than most. There are just a few weeks left to release 2019 and leave behind everything that happened in 2018, which surely has been a lot.And to start off on the right foot, nothing like having everything (or almost everything) planned.

The 14 best alternatives to RojaDirecta of 2019 online and free

RojaDirecta, which was one of the best page to watch football for free online without cuts, today suffers from a blockade that affects a large part of the countries. And is that although the web is operational through the domain, its access is limited in many regions. Fortunately there is a large number of alternatives to RojaDirecta to watch football online for free live on the internet .

HD wallpapers, more than 5,000 images for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Our desk screens are often a truly confusing space. If you are not a rare bird, you most likely have your Windows wallpaper full of icons, folders and countless documents . But there is a formula to make your work desk look nicer.And it is downloading new HD wallpapers. On the Internet there are countless proposals to make your computer a more pleasant space, both for your leisure time and for the moments when you have to concentrate.

10 hilarious memes of the Magi to share on WhatsApp

Tonight the Three Wise Men are coming and tomorrow will be the last holiday of Christmas. The children (and not so children) are already crazy to see what their majesties have brought them. A day to celebrate and share with family and friends. And what better way to share one of the happiest days of the year than through some memes sent by WhatsApp .

Map of Spain, more than 150 quality images to print

When we were kids in class when they asked us for a map of Spain to study geography, locate rivers and locate mountain ranges, we went to the bookstore. There they gave us a sheet and with it in the folder we went so excited to school. They were different times.Today fathers, mothers, teachers, and students have the opportunity to download maps of Spain online .

5 torrent sites that are still working in 2020

Surely you are used to that when you had a trusted website to download your torrents, from one day to the next it is gone and you have to look for others. The truth is that it is not easy to find a torrent website that has quality and that also remains active for a long time. After analyzing many of these portals, we inform you about which are the best of 2020 that continue to work.

How to enter Movistar email and solutions if it does not work

During the boom in email clients, the defunct Telefónica (now Movistar) decided to launch its own email platform called Telefó whose users could access through the data provided by the company itself at the time of hiring a finished product or service. Several years later, the service was renamed Correo de Movistar (

10 best sites to read books online for free

With the rise of the Internet, the reading possibilities are almost endless. So much so that some formats are being replaced by others, in the same way that it has already happened with the consumption of music thanks to the Internet. In this way, if at first we had to download the books to read them on our Tablet or ebook, now it is the turn of reading online .

Gnula does not work, 9 alternatives to watch series online in 2019

Gnula has long ceased to function in a large number of countries. The reason for this is mainly due to the breach of the web in terms of copyright of the films, series and documentaries that the page links from its portal. The direct consequence is that we cannot enter Gnula ... Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives to Gnula to watch series and movies online .

Over 200 Christmas photos and images to download and share

Christmas is here. Winter has already started. So if you haven't done it yet, it's time to prepare the Christmas tree decoration. Install the lights, organize the crib and if it is necessary, get down to work with the congratulations for all your family and friends.It is a habit that is being lost. Because in fact, now you can even congratulate Christmas with postcards on Facebook.

100 hobbies for the whole family to download and print

Now that the quarantine has been extended for another 15 days, keeping your head busy is essential so as not to lose it during the month of confinement. Outside of social networks and streaming platforms, there are endless activities to entertain us throughout the day. Hobbies have always been a good way to entertain both the little ones in the house and the adults.

Back to school, more than 100 schedules tables and templates to print

If there is something that goes hand in hand with going back to school, it is the organization. Without organization there is no successful return, so at this point, you should get down to work as soon as possible to synchronize your children's school schedules with yours and, logically, those of all the extracurricular activities that you have planned.

Más de 100 imágenes y mapas de rí­os de España

España es un paí­s nutrido por los rí­os, alfuentes y embalses. Cada comunidad autónoma cuenta con varios. Pero lo cierto es que los más grandes pueden pasar por distintas provincias e incluso llegar a otro paí­s. El Tajo es una de estas corrientes naturales de agua.Es el más largo de la pení­nsula ibérica, porque de hecho nace en la sierra de Albarrací­n (Teruel) y desemboca en el océano Atlántico, en la ciudad de Lisboa. Pasa por cuatro

40 free resume templates to fill out in Word

The Curriculum Vitae is the gateway to apply for any job on offer. Beyond the work experience or the academic qualification that we have, this document acts as a cover letter to make our profile known to companies and professionals in the sector. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge or the right tools to create a Curriculum, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

5 Websites to Download YouTube Videos That Work in 2020

"YouTube to MP3", "Download YouTube videos", "Convert YouTube to MP4" ... The number of search intentions related to downloading YouTube videos is increasing. The number of web pages that today work correctly due to the platform's copyright policies are not. Most have limitations that interfere with the final quality of the video or the overall length of the clip.

Todas las funciones y combinaciones de la tecla CTRL en Windows

Forma parte de nuestros teclados desde siempre. Es, aunque no lo pares a pensar, una tecla sin la que ya no podrí­as vivir. Hablamos de la tecla CTRL o Control, una de las denominadas “modificadoras”, que nos permite llevar a cabo determinadas acciones bastante más rápido, que si tuviéramos usar los menús tradicionales.De hecho,

5 Websites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 That Work in 2020

Despite the popularization of platforms such as Spotify, there are not exactly few users who continue to bet on a local music format without depending on the Internet or third-party services. Currently there are many websites that promise to convert YouTube videos to MP3. Unfortunately, a large part of these web pages have been closed or suspended due to claims from the platform itself.

9 alternatives to the Pirate Bay to download torrent files

The Pirate Bay, despite being the most popular torrent download page on the Internet, is the most vetoed by the various governments in their respective countries. This is the reason why we will need a proxy to enter from our country. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to The Pirate Bay to download Torrent files , and they have nothing to envy when it comes to cataloging the aforementioned download website.

10 alternatives to to download Torrent in 2019, better known as TorrentZ2 or TorrentZ to dry, is one of the most popular torrent download portals of 2019. Unfortunately, and as it is already common in most countries, the website suffers a block that prevents its access from some IP addresses from the countries where it is blocked. Fortunately, the number of alternatives to TorrentZ2.

10 + 1 trucos para convertirse en un maestro del correo de Hotmail Outlook

¿Eres de los que sigue prefiriendo el clásico correo de Microsoft al de Google? ¿O de los que tiene que usar Outlook (el antiguo Hotmail) en lugar de Gmail por su trabajo? Pues no te pierdas esta serie de trucos para hacer que tu gestión de correos sea más cómoda, personalizada y fácil. Y es que hay muchas herramientas que deberías conocer de Hotmail/Outlook que te pueden ayudar en tu día a día.1. Cómo us

5 extensions to download YouTube videos with Chrome

In this post, we present 5 Chrome extensions that you can use to download videos from a multitude of Internet platforms. In this way you will save yourself the need to install programs on your computer, or use specific web services to download the videos.Video DownloadHelperVideo DownloadHelper is one of the extensions, that we can use completely free of charge, to download our favorite videos from the Internet, from the Google Chrome browser.

Is Viagogo reliable? 4 reasons why and 5 reasons why not

"Is Viagogo reliable?", "Is it safe to buy tickets on Viagogo?", "Is Viagogo a scam?", "Is Viagogo a fraud?" … These and many other queries are made daily by many users on the networks. Viagogo, an acronym that gives its name to one of the largest ticket sales portals in the world, has received many criticisms in recent months about the veracity of the tickets and the price of the tickets. A

Sudoku, más de 350 imágenes para jugar e imprimir

Si eres un fan de los pasatiempos y un auténtico cerebrito en esto de las matemáticas, estamos seguros de que no puedes resistirte al sudoku. Su nombre ha sido exportado directamente del japonés sÅ«doku y lo cierto es que no se trata de un juego demasiado antiguo.Nació en 1970, aunque no se hizo verdaderamente popular, en Japón, en 1986. Más ad

How to improve a photo with poor quality via the web

The quality of the images can be a real nightmare . Especially if this is not good enough and we have no alternative to use other photographs. In recent times, there have been some projects that could be used to improve the appearance of low resolution images. Without going any further, Google itself already has its own technology to recover pixelated photos.

Pronto podrás entrar en WhatsApp Web con tu huella dactilar

La posibilidad de acceder a la versión web de la popular aplicación de mensajería con tan solo tu huella dactilar podría estar más cerca de los que imaginamos. Según la información filtrada desde el medio WABetaInfo, Whatsapp estaría trabajando en este nuevo sistema de acceso sobre la más reciente versión de la aplicación para Android (2.20.200).Act

Missed call from a number that begins with the prefix 212, who is it?

During the last week, hundreds of users have reported in various forums and social networks having received a call through a number that begins with the prefix 212 . Most of these users claim that the calls are constant and tend to last a few seconds. If we attend to the information of the prefix 212, the origin of the call takes us to Morocco.

How to translate the text that appears in an image with this website

Tools with which to translate a web page we have several and very reliable, such as the one developed by Google, called Google Translate with not much originality or others like 'Deepl' that also offers very good results. Both tools have in common that of offering a more or less logical and intelligible translation of texts in languages ​​other than Spanish and vice versa. Its

Map of Catalunya, more than 100 images to download and print

Catalonia is without doubt one of the most emblematic regions of our peninsula . Not surprisingly, its capital, Barcelona, ​​is a very important cultural and business center in western Europe. We recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games, one of the most successful and remembered sporting events of recent decades.But Cata

ING customer service, phone number, contact and support email

ING is one of the main banks in Spain. The Dutch company, with more than 24 million clients around the world, offers banking, investment and insurance products and services. You may be interested in opening an account, asking questions or hiring a service, or perhaps you are already a customer and need to contact the company to resolve any type of incident with your credit card.

More than 300 Disney coloring pages that you can download and print

Without the characters of the Disney universe we could not understand the childhood of the world. Who has not enjoyed the stories of Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Dumbo or Frozen? Now that the little ones are at home more time and we are looking for activities to do with them, we thought it would be a good idea to rescue and compile in one article all the Disney coloring pages that you can find on the networks.

Is DHGate reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

DHGate is probably the best known AliExpress alternative alongside eBay and Wish when it comes to products imported directly from China. Although the page is quite well known in the United States and China, the truth is that the name of the platform is quite unknown in Spain, Mexico and the rest of Latin American countries.

How to connect a router to another router to extend the WiFi network

If you have reached this post, you have probably ever thought of connecting a router to another router to extend the WiFi network. Currently there are more effective solutions such as the well-known PLC. However, most of these tend to be priced quite high for the benefits they offer. Fortunately, connecting one router to another to improve the WiFi connection is possible , although we must configure a series of parameters to have an Internet connection in both.

Is WallaPay, Wallapop's payment and shipping service, secure?

When buying second-hand items from apps like Wallapop, security is the most important aspect if the transaction is done remotely. Currently, the platform has a service called WallaPay, also known as Wallapop Envíos, which facilitates this same transaction, by managing both the payment of the product and its shipment.

More than 100 images of hobbies, crosswords or sudoku to print

If you like to spend your downtime filling in crosswords, sudoku puzzles or word searches, this selection is for you. We have compiled a list of websites where you can download and print these hobbies for free .Assorted hobbies to printThe Hobbies to Go page regularly publishes word searches, self-definitions, crosswords, and printable sudoku puzzles .

Photoshop Online: 5 Free Alternative Photo Editors

No, there is no complete free online version of Photoshop, although there is a free desktop version based on Photoshop CS2. For those who prefer to use pages to edit photos, there are plenty of web-based photo editors and Photoshop alternatives . Although it is true that the amount of functions that they include compared to that of the Adobe editor have nothing to do with it, they do have a series of basic tools to edit photos in a simple and easy way.

10 questions and answers about how PayPal works

Paypal is an alternative payment system to bank gateways that offers us a series of sales when it comes to managing our money virtually. The problem of Paypal appears at the time of its management, since it has a specific way of working. For this reason, we leave you a brief guide with the most common answers to the doubts that usually arise the first time we use this platform.

Hotmail customer service: phone, contact and support email

For some time now, Hotmail has become Outlook. So, whether you started with Hotmail or now you manage your communications with Outlook, this information will help you. When there is a setback, you need assistance or the solution to a problem related to your email, you will surely be interested in knowing how you can contact those responsible for Hotmail or Outlook.

The 5 best free text editors for PC

One of the biggest uses that we give to our computer is that of office automation. And within this, the processing and editing of texts for papers, reports, dossiers ... And since it is what we use the most, we need simple tools that do not give us headaches and that, preferably, are free. Not all of us need tools as complete (and paid) as Microsoft Word and we are content with a text editor that is simple, lightweight and free to download.

The best programs to download torrents in 2020

Torrents have always had great fame among users for the possibility of sharing these types of files for the consumption of music content, series, movies and a long etcetera. It would not occur to anyone to doubt that torrents and their various download programs are the kings of P2P.These programs, in addition to allowing us to download the files that we find , make our computer become a center for sharing data with the rest of the community.

Is it reliable to buy mobile phones in tuimeilibre?

sPhones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, televisions, consoles ... This Spanish store has hundreds of items from different categories. On the Internet, his fame is relatively recent. Precisely for the price offered by Tuimeilibre compared to other platforms. For example, we can find an iPhone 11 for 750 euros, about 100 euros cheaper than the official Apple store.

Instant work life, how to download the report online for free

Work life can be downloaded quickly over the Internet . Not so long ago, the Ministry of Social Security sent it to affiliates on paper to their homes. But this practice has been restricted, because the truth is that, unless you need it for a specific matter, working life is not a document that we are going to use periodically.

La Caixa customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Do you need to contact La Caixa customer service ? This bank, founded in 2011, has different forms of contact. Among them, a customer service number, a contact form or even different accounts on social networks for faster inquiries and about their services. You can contact them whether you are a customer or not, and through the different methods.

Netflix customer service: phone, contact and support email

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming content services today. For this reason, the company has different ways to contact you depending on the country in which we are located. In Spain, for example, there are several ways to get in touch with Netflix automatically. We can call the company's customer service, through an enabled chat or social networks. In

World maps 2019, more than 200 images to print

How are we doing geography this 2019/20 course? You may not be able to say perfectly right at the beginning, but we guarantee from now on that if you do your part, in June you can end up knowing yourself to the last capital of South America, North America and anywhere else you propose.And we will do our part.

Mega, how to find songs, movies and shared files

Mega is the successor to Megaupload , developed by the controversial founder of this service, which became one of the most used tools on the web. Kim Dotcom has returned to the fore with this network storage system. Mega has several features that make it an interesting alternative, such as its 50 GB capacity in the free account or the speed with which file downloads are carried out .

The funniest memes to celebrate Reyes and back to school

The end of the Christmas festivities is approaching and, with them, the arrival of the Magi. The houses will be filled with gifts and the children will be happier than ever. And this year, in addition, they will be able to enjoy a whole Sunday off to play with their gifts. Although on Monday, start over.

SeriesDanko no funciona: 10 alternativas para ver series online en 2019

Series Danko, la que fuera una de las páginas más reconocidas en el mundo de Internet para ver series online junto a Pelispedia y Gnula, ha sido bloqueada en España y parte del mundo. A día de hoy SeriesDanko no funciona, y por el camino van apareciendo páginas web que simulan su apariencia y dominio para aprovechar el tirón de la plataforma. La bu

10 interesting alternatives to EliteTorrent to download torrent files

It has been a long time since EliteTorrent was blocked in Spain from several Internet companies and some countries for legal reasons. As often happens with this type of website, the number of pages to download torrent has grown in such a way that it is currently possible to find alternatives to EliteTorrent that are even better than this both in quality and quantity of torrent files .

Map of North America, over 250 images to download and print for free

If there is a continent of generous dimensions, rich and varied, it is America. North America and South America are lands of contrasts, but they are united by the same continent. Today we have proposed to compile here a collection of maps of America, in multiple formats and for multiple purposes.For example, we have selected political maps, so that you have clear - very clear - where the state of Wisconsin is, physical maps, so that you can locate the Hudson River once and for all and even silent maps, so that, once you have studied all North American geography, do not have a single problem to l

5 alternatives to MP3 Converter to convert videos to MP3

In response to the various complaints received in relation to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the MP3 Converter website has disappeared from the face of Google and other less popular search engines. After its disappearance, a few months ago, a whole compendium of web pages and online applications has emerged that allow us to convert videos to MP3, whatever the source format (MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI etc.

Mega Link Downloader, how to configure it to download files at full speed

Mega has been one of the main platforms used for downloading and installing all kinds of files over the Internet for many years. In this article we explain how you can get the most out of it, and get the best download speed through the MEGA Link Downloader application .What is MEGA Link DownloaderMEGA Link Downloader is a tool that we can use completely free of charge, to manage the download of files through Mega , in the most efficient way possible.

Is a USB WiFi adapter worth it?

There are currently two ways that we can use to connect to an Internet network. The first and most classic of them is to use an Ethernet network cable. The second way is quite modern, and involves the use of WiFi wireless technology. In this article we analyze whether it is worth using a USB WiFi adapter .

Funny and joking messages to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp

Christmas is coming and almost everyone has someone to congratulate the holidays. And there are many ways to do it, from special Christmas memes to GIF images. However, if we don't want to waste too much time, we can simply send a somewhat more original phrase than simply saying Merry Christmas. There are many phrases that we can find on the net.

All Emergency and Information phone numbers in Spain

You never know when you will have an emergency. And for that it is very important to have all the Emergency and Information numbers available to all citizens in Spain. You can save them on your mobile phone to always have them at hand or save this article in your favorites. In this way, you will always have all the numbers you need at your fingertips.

Vodafone customer service: phone, contact and support email

The best way to solve any problem with your operator is by calling their customer service number. They all offer a free service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , because the truth is that when it comes to using mobile phones, landlines, television or the Internet connection, problems often arise. And you have to find someone on the other side who can solve them.

Maps of Europe 2019, more than 200 images to print

The school year has started and you have to get the batteries with all the subjects. Geography is one of the most difficult ones , because the truth is that learning countries, capitals and geographical phenomena is not an easy thing. What can we do? Well, start working now and take advantage of all the resources that the internet offers us.

50 free virtual reality videos to watch with VR glasses

Virtual reality is now available to everyone thanks to mobile phones and VR glasses. Just a few years ago, testing virtual reality required considerable hardware, but today we can enjoy it in the comfort of our own home. A virtual reality kit allows for such impressive experiences as wielding a lightsaber and stepping into the shoes of a Jedi.

Amazon account locked: how to recover and unlock an account

Although it is not usually common, there are times when Amazon blocks our account for one reason or another, in such a way that it is impossible for us to access the platform with our access data (email address and password). The reasons why Amazon blocks an account can be diverse, and the possible solution to unblock an Amazon Spain account depends entirely on the reason for the closure .

More than 50 letters to send to the Kings to print and download

With the year about to end, there are only a couple of celebrations left. The first is the end of the year. We will say goodbye to 2017 and we will welcome a 2018 that promises . Like every year we premiere. The second is the most important of all: the one that gives all the prominence to the smallest of the house.

How others see my Facebook

Facebook is a social network that has millions and millions of users around the world. There we publish countless photographs, thoughts, texts and other details related to our personal or private life.If you register with Facebook for the first time, you will see that all your data is shared directly with everyone.

Calendario laboral 2020, calendarios para imprimir con los festivos oficiales por comunidad

El Gobierno de España ha dado ya por aprobado el Calendario laboral 2020 que regirá el calendario de todos los españoles, incluyendo trabajadores, pero también estudiantes y ciudadanía en general. Como ya nos encontramos a finales de año, toca echar un vistazo a todo lo que vendrá en 2020.Esto implica planificar qué días festivos tendremos y, por tanto, cómo será nuestra jornada laboral durante todo el año. Al contar c

7 stores to buy clothes online that are worth it in 2020

We are losing more and more the fear of buying clothes without trying them on , through the Internet. And it is that you have to value the comfort of being on the sofa, looking at clothes and buying them without having to wait for queues, stresses, crowds ... you, at home, calm down, you choose, shopping basket, you come home and try.

5 alternatives to CamelCamelCamel to follow the price drops on Amazon

If you usually use CamelCamelCamel as a tool to find the best prices on Amazon, surely you have wondered if there is any alternative. Due to the large number of users who are looking for the possibility of finding bargains in their purchases of one of the largest ecommerce in the world, various alternatives have been emerging that offer very attractive functions .

What to do if I cannot enter ING Direct on the web or operate with my mobile

It is possible that in the last few days you have had some other problem when accessing your ING Direct account, either through the web or the mobile application . The fault lies with the new legislation that banks have been forced to apply since last September 14.We are talking about PSD2, a law that was passed in 2018 to guarantee, among other things, the safety of mobile banking users.

7 alternatives to Spotify that you can't ignore

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services today. Its extensive catalog, with more than 30 million songs, added to its interface and its simplicity of use, makes it very popular among users. Now, believe it or not, there is life beyond Spotify. The platform has more and more rivals willing to compete and take over their fans.

Cecotec customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Cecotec is the company behind such emblematic products as the Mambo 8090 or the Conga 3490. Like any company that operates within our borders, Cecotec has a complete customer service aimed at solving customer questions and problems. brand customers. Currently, this support is based on different contact channels: telephone, email, online form … We have compiled all the company's contact channels to communicate with Cecotec's customer service.Fr

Free cloud storage, who offers more?

Cloud storage options today are extremely disparate. Services like iCloud, for example, offer only 5GB for free. Others like Google Drive raise this figure to 15 GB. Beyond these options, there is a whole range of services that offer free subscriptions. To put all these options in context we have compiled some of the most popular platforms, platforms that offer a much larger cloud space than Apple's iCloud and Google's Drive.

The five best websites to watch movies and series online

There are many alternatives to watch a movie or your favorite series on the Internet. The best, the one that offers more quality and speed is to pay some type of monthly subscription to services such as Netflix , Yomvi or similar. Then there are download search engines and link compiling websites , where you have to fight through a jungle of deceptive links, malicious software, and finally poor quality files (on occasion).

The 10 best websites to watch documentaries online for free

Watching documentaries is a great way to increase our knowledge, while entertaining ourselves, and we can even learn languages. We propose a list of the best websites, where you can watch documentaries online for free . You will find proposals on very varied topics such as technology, with which you can always learn something new.

How to download the online claims sheet for your Autonomous Community

Requesting the claim sheet within a business premises can be a traumatic process. While it is true that the law requires all businesses to provide documentation when requested by business customers, there have been cases in which managers refuse to provide any information. Although it is advisable in these cases to call the authorities, it is likely that we will need a draft to complete the pertinent information.