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Gearbest, is it reliable to buy in this Chinese online store?

Gearbest is, together with Aliexpress and Wish, one of the largest Chinese online stores today. Like these last two, the question when buying at Gearbest lies in whether it is reliable or not, especially because of its origin and the low price of the products it offers. Products that mostly correspond to mobiles, smartphones, tablets, accessories and even computers.

Where can I buy online so I don't leave home?

The fact that before they brought our purchases home, seen from the perspective of the times in which we live, was a kind of whim. Going down to the supermarket to walk the aisles full of products was a very unappetizing excursion. But the truth is that with the current restrictions, that weekly outing now seems like an adventure .

PayPal customer service: phone, contact and support email

PayPal, like any serious company that is involved, has an entire customer service dedicated to solving the questions and problems of the users of the platform. Currently this service is based on different contact channels: telephone, support form, email … On this occasion we have compiled all the ways to contact PayPal customer service in Spain.12

How to know who connects to my WiFi

Have you noticed something strange in your WiFi connection? If you don't seem to have problems with your network and you find that your connection is too slow , it may be happening. Someone may be stealing your WiFi.One of the clearest signals, when it comes to knowing if someone is connecting to your WiFi network, is precisely the speed.

Is Joom reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 5 reasons why not

Joom, along with Wish and Aliexpress, has become one of the most popular applications to buy products online. The platform is presented as a trade of "quality products at low prices" where many vendors outside of Joom offer their products; nothing that we cannot find in the rest of the alternative to the latter.

Has it been said, has it been said or is it said? Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet

To work is said or has been said? Has it been said or has it been said? Doubt is sown, along with other more common ones like so, so or so, above all or above all, but or if not, go, fence, berry or balla, there is, there is, there or there or there is, there or Oh. When it comes to outlining an imperative sentence, the formula that concerns us on this occasion is one of the most used.

20 funny memes and GIFs to celebrate Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day, a good reason for all of us to have a nice detail with a person who put up with us throughout our childhood, adolescence and, why not, during part of our adult life. As a complement to the great gift that you are going to give her (because you will give her a gift, right?) We have for you a great selection of memes and GIFs for Father's Day, to make her day a little more special and fun.

10 sports anime to watch in 2019

Do you like sports anime? We propose no less than 11 sports animes that you can enjoy this year 2019. You will find proposals for each of the most popular sports.Slam dunkSlam Dunk 4 is the best basketball anime we can find, and one of the best sports in general. The protagonist is Hanamichi Sakuragi who decides to join his high school's basketball team to win the girl he likes.

10 websites to modify a PDF document online for free

We normally use PDF documents because they cannot be edited as easily as a Word file. Normally, you have to have the paid version of Adobe.However, you already know that in computer science there are always those who invent tricks to do everything that in principle is impossible. But modifying a PDF document online for free is easier than it sounds .

We tried Lookiero, an online personal shopper for 10 euros

Before, we didn't need personal assistants. We relied on our own judgment to buy fashionable jeans and a T-shirt. What happens now?  Well, we are busy in a thousand and one matters. There are infinite trends and we have a fever, a lot of fever, of consumption.As if this were not enough: we live online .

10 online stores to buy books

Book Day (Sant Jordi in Catalunya) is here. There are only a few days left until we celebrate this precious day, which commemorates the death of two key writers of literature. On the one hand, our Miguel de Cervantes; on the other, the magnificent William Shakespeare.This April 23 we will buy many books .

I cannot enter Gmail: solution to login problems

Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world. It is a platform owned by Google, which has been on the market for many years, and has managed to outperform the rest of the alternative race such as Microsoft's Outlook. In this article we explain what are the most common login problems in Gmail, and the easiest way to solve them.

30+ Word Party Invitation Templates

We have templates for almost everything. To make calendars, invoices, reports, letters and even… party invitations. Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of festive days. What we usually do is get together with friends or family to organize a feast. And live together a nice day.If

Gmail customer service: phone number, contact and support email

Not always everything goes smoothly in Gmail . Although Google email has few bugs, sometimes we have doubts or the need to contact someone who can offer us support on the service, advise us on a functionality or solve a problem that may have occurred with an email or any other tool on the platform.And it is that there are few options that are offered to us from the Gmail inbox.

Orange customer service: phone, contact and support email

Do you have a problem with Orange? Do you need to contact the operator of French origin to answer questions? Do you want to know their offer to formalize a contract? The most agile thing will be that you call directly any of the customer service numbers that we propose.We also offer you some addresses, both electronic and postal , to get in touch with Orange through other means.

The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio

It finally happened. Colorín, red and what was given is over. YouTube-MP3 disappears and has been inactive for a few days. First the error message “we are undergoing maintenance…” appeared, but the truth is that the portal has finally ceased to exist. The complaints of the companies that denounced the problem of rights and copyright on the platform led to a lawsuit that has permanently ended the activity of the popular website.Let us

ArenaVision, how to enter the P2P sports and soccer website in Spain

The well-known website for watching sports broadcasts over the Internet was blocked in Spain by the main operators at the end of 2017. We refer to ArenaVisión , the most famous sports streaming page after RojaDirecta. The news prompted some users who used the platform to send their complaints to the different companies (Vodafone, Movistar, Ono, Lowi and Orange) through Twitter and Facebook.

How to change the WiFi password of a TP-Link router

The router has become an indispensable tool in many of the homes in our country . Having a powerful and fast Internet at home is a common demand. But, in addition, it also has to be safe.Therefore, it is important that we know how to change the password of our router . The original password, although it seems long and complicated, is usually easier to crack than an individually chosen password.

Funny messages and congratulations on Kings and New Year's resolutions

This is probably the most exciting night of the year for children and parents. Tomorrow is the night of Kings and in many houses they will leave gifts for young and old. A day that, without a doubt, is worth congratulating all our loved ones and friends. But why do it in a bland and boring way? Three Kings Day should be a happy day, so better congratulate it with humor.

Vueling customer service: phone, contact and support email

Vueling is one of the most popular airlines in our country. Due to the current health situation, the company has been forced to cancel all the flights that had been scheduled during the State of Alarm. Like any third party company, Vueling has a customer service department dedicated to answering customer inquiries.

Best alternatives to My Bookmarks to follow football

The website has become the reference site for all sports lovers who want to know the results of the different matches that are played every day. It is a platform that allows us to keep track of the matches of a large number of sports and not just football. My Bookmarks is surely the best platform to follow the sport, but it is not the only option we find on the Internet.

How to control and limit WiFi from an Android mobile

Many of today's children and teens spend their days connected to the Internet. They have very easy access to technology and we parents are responsible for controlling their use of the network. And the truth is, we have many weapons for this, such as limiting WiFi . Also more elaborate ones, such as putting a time restriction on them, blocking access to certain pages or simply not letting them connect.

What is Spotify's Stranger Things mode and what is it for?

Stranger Things, the Netflix series, has become a true mass phenomenon. A few weeks ago, Spotify released a special playlist . It's called Stranger Things and contains up to 58 hits from the 80s, the decade in which the series is set. 3 hours and 45 minutes of music.There are, for example, great songs like Thriller , the Michael Jackson anthem; Every Breath You Take , by The Police; Should I Stay or Should I Go , by The Clash or Girls on Film , by Duran Duran.

14 alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019

A little over two years ago today, ArenaVision was permanently blocked in Spain: since 2017 ArenaVision has not worked . Today we only find pages with a similar domain and content that has little or nothing to do with what the original website offered. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to ArenaVision to watch football online in 2019, and this time we have compiled up to twelve of these that are currently active.

What can I do if my Aliexpress order does not arrive

Not all that glitters on Aliexpress is gold. It is true that the average price of products in the Chinese giant is low. Extremely low, in fact. On the other hand, waiting times are long and may even take longer than expected due to the current health situation. The problem comes when an order from Aliexpress does not arrive after several months.

Steps to follow if a Facebook or Twitter account is blocked

You will not be the first. Nor is the last one. If a Facebook or Twitter account is blocked, something strange has happened . Or that something strange has been detected, without a doubt. However, it would not be news if the teams behind these social networks were wrong.Whatever it is, if your Facebook or Twitter account is blocked , you can do several things .

15 alternatives to torrent downloads to download torrent in 2019

Although most torrent download pages have already ceased their activity, others have chosen to integrate proxies  to access from countries whose IP addresses have been blocked. This is the case of Torrent Downloads, a page for downloading Torrents files that has recently been blocked and whose access is only possible through one of the domains that the web has public on the Internet.

GMX mail, what is it and what advantages does it have

Email has become a fundamental tool for the day-to-day life of most of our readers. Gmail and Outlook are the undisputed kings of today in this sector, but they are not the only email services that we can find. In this article we talk about GMX , a free alternative email service that offers some advantages over the most popular platforms.

Work calendar 2019, calendars with holidays by community to print

The 2019 work calendar has already been officially approved. In this way, and from October 2018, we will have on the table all national holidays, that is, all those that all citizens working in Spain will have, plus those that each autonomous community has decided to establish as holidays as well .In this way, you should know that the holidays stipulated by the Government of Spain for this year 2019 are the following, without exception, for all autonomous communities:1 of January New YearApril 19: Good FridayMay 1: Labor FestivalAugust 15: Assumption of the VirginOctober 12: Columbus DayNovember

5 interesting websites to buy cheap furniture online

Buying cheap furniture online is not impossible. Even if you think that you cannot find beautiful and quality things, you are wrong. On the internet you have countless stores that can help you locate just what you are looking for, always taking into account your preferences in terms of style, materials and prices.

How to remove all bookmarks from Google Chrome

This is the panorama. You go to see your favorite web page in Chrome and you find a list of bookmarks that reaches the bottom of the screen ... And beyond . It is something that happens to many of us after using the browser for a while. Eliminating bookmark by bookmark is not at all comfortable, and in the end this bar becomes a graveyard for elephants to which all the curious websites that we find on the net will die .

Ryanair customer service: phone, contact and support email

Ryanair is one of the best-known low-cost airlines in our country. Like any third party company, the company has several contact channels in which Ryanair customer service is provided, a service that has been recently reinforced by the current health situation due to the coronavirus in order to attend the return of the tickets.

How to watch FC Barcelona in the Champions semi-finals online

It will be from 21:00 Spanish time when Barcelona and Liverpool meet at the Camp Nou to play what will be the Champions semi-final. A week later, specifically on Tuesday May 7, the second leg of the semifinal will take place at Liverpool's Anfield Road stadium. With less than three hours for the game to take place in Barcelona, ​​the different TV channels and national newspapers are getting everything ready to broadcast the semifinal live, and this time we will show you how to watch Barcelona vs Liverpool online the Champions semi-final .This

10 YouTube documentaries you can't stop watching

Every minute 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 3.25 billion hours of video are viewed per month worldwide. These figures make the streaming service one of the most popular sites when it comes to looking for any type of content to pass the time, whether on the mobile phone, on the television or on the computer.

How to get a copy of the 2015 income tax return

The 2016 Income campaign has begun and it is time to prepare to file the return. Although in the end it is a simple procedure, at the beginning it can be somewhat tedious. You have to prepare the documentation and have everything in order to start entering data or, failing that, check well that the Tax Agency has everything clear .

How to use Facebook's advanced search

In general, searching on Facebook is pretty straightforward . It is enough to introduce the name of the subject we want to see (or the place, or the artist or the group ...) so that we will immediately see a few suggestions, often correct, of what we are looking for exactly. Sometimes, however, we are not so clear what that person's name was, or by what data we can locate that restaurant that a friend has recommended to us.

How the AliExpress guarantee works with your shipments

AliExpress is one of the most popular Chinese online stores, due to its wide variety of products and the possibility of receiving them in any country in the world, among which is Spain. In addition, for some years, AliExpress has had a warehouse in Spain (AliExpress Plaza), so the delivery time is shortened if the product you are looking for is available in this section.

Microsoft customer service: phone number, contact and support email

Since most of today's computers are governed by Windows, Microsoft's operating system, it can come in handy to have the telephone and other means of contact handy for when it is necessary to contact the customer service of the company. company. Either because we have a problem with the platform, or with any of its tools, such as with any service within the Microsoft Office package, it is necessary to have a support number, email or social networks to expose our doubts and find one solution.

Fake Facebook profile, what is behind these types of accounts

We open our Facebook session and we see a friend request from a profile with photos of less dubious quality. At best, the person behind this account can be an acquaintance who wants to gossip about our Facebook posts. But there are cases, which I have been able to personally experience, in which the people behind a fake Facebook profile are looking for something more about us.

Madrid tourism maps, more than 100 maps to print and download

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid ... You still don't know where to spend your holidays? A cultural weekend? A romantic getaway? The possibilities are very varied, so today we have proposed to help all those who are organizing their trip to the capital of Spain.You will need a suitcase with appropriate clothing for the season of the year in which you are going to travel.

Schedules and where to watch Manchester City - Real Madrid Champions online

Today one of the most anticipated matches of the year will take place. After the defeat of Zidane's team at home, the Whites will need to overcome the result they obtained in the Spanish capital after facing Manchester City, the team led by Pep Guardiola. In this case, the Spanish team will have to overcome 1 - 2 in the first leg to access the next phase of the Champions League and thus win their fourteenth European championship title.

Hackers post stolen nude celebrity photos at Celebgate

A new Celebgate arrives . What at first seemed a simple leak, after publishing intimate photos of Anne Hathaway, begins to be something more. Hackers have leaked more images of the private lives of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn . In short, a new edition of security flaws in devices, revealing intimate photographs of celebrities.

How to calculate the distance between two points with Google Maps

Google Maps is much more than a mapping tool . Since its inception, it has been incorporating new social functions, search tools and integrating services to become what it is now: a global mobility application. It has completely changed our way of relating to the outside world, and a good example of this is the calculation of distances.

5 online stores to buy video games at a good price

Summer is coming, the time of year when many users have free time. A time that we can take advantage of to go out, go to the beach, go to the pool or play video games. Therefore, it may be a good time to renew our collection of games . Whether you play on console or PC, there is sure to be a title that you would like to have.

5 websites to find recipes for the LIDL Monsieur Cuisine food processor

The LIDL kitchen robot has managed to do what no other: democratize access to these types of devices. He is also famous for allegedly spying on our conversations, as we saw in this other article, although LIDL has already denied these accusations. Precisely because of its price, around 200 euros , LIDL Monsieur Cuisine has a fairly generous user base, although it appears and disappears from the German company's store every so often.

How long does it take for a PayPal refund to arrive?

Are you pending a money back for a purchase you have made with PayPal? Have you been waiting for several days and start to "piss off"? We tell you what the refunds on this platform consist of, how long they take, and how to contact customer service if you need it.PayPal, the online “digital banking” service, is one of the best options for making payments online. Man

Delays at Amazon, what can I do if the order has not arrived on time?

Amazon works. And it works reasonably well. For some time now, we have become accustomed to making a large part of our purchases in the largest Internet store . In fact, the company offers its customers the possibility of acquiring Amazon Prime.What does this mean? Well, they can pay an annual extra to receive their purchases earlier and forget about shipping costs .

Complete guide to sell your antiques and collectibles at todocoleccion

In these difficult days of confinement, many have managed to have something to do at home. An interesting activity can be cleaning, for example. Going up to the attic, going down to the basement, or sifting through your storage room to throw away items you no longer use in the trash… Or, Eureka! Discover that there are things you can sell online to get extra money .Fo

Gmail vs, advantages and disadvantages of each

We have been using email services over the web for many years. They save us long configuration processes and allow us to make inquiries from anywhere . One of the most used is, without a doubt, Gmail. Google's email service has been offering us free space and various configuration options for many years.

Letters to the Magi and Santa Claus: download, print or send online

There is one very important thing that you must all do if you want the Magi and Santa Claus to remember you. And it is very simple: write a letter. Tradition says that in the days leading up to these very familiar and endearing festivals, a letter must be written, either to the three wise men from the East or to the bearded man from Lapland (or both at the same time) to take stock of the year.

MRW customer service: phone, contact and support email

They offer urgent shipments to any part of Spain (and even the world). In fact, they even allow their customers to send their bags to their destination, be it a business trip or a vacation. MRW is one of the courier companies that works the most nationwide and in fact, together with Seur and Correos, it is the one that amasses a greater portion of the pie in this business, which is that of shipments.

7 text editors to work online for free

Until a few years ago, the only way to write our documents in a comfortable and editable way was to use Word. The Microsoft Office word processor was, and still is, an essential tool for most computer users .But times have changed. And even the Microsoft team itself has had to recycle. Hence, it has released a new tool for online editing, which is Office 365 .

2019 2020 school calendar, more than 100 calendars, templates and schedules to print

School calendar, timetable templates, meal tables… Back to school is here . With the end of August and the uphill of September, you have to start preparing everything. And preparing it means buying the textbooks (and trying to find them at a good price), making the personalized labels with the names (or printing them at home), buying the clothes and uniforms, the shoes and, of course, the school supplies that everyone Small and large, they will need to measure up in their studies.Bu

Movistar customer service: phone, contact and support email

One of the customer service calls that we use the most in homes is, without a doubt, the one that must resolve our incidents and requests related to internet, telephone or television service . If you are a Movistar customer, surely you have found yourself more than once looking for the exact customer service telephone number you should contact.

10 online stores to buy board games

If someone told me years ago that I would have fun calculating the price of the coal that powers a power plant, I would have raised my eyebrows until I got a cramp. But since I tried the board game High Voltage, I am looking forward to the weekend to play another game .The world of board games has been booming for several years .

20 Japanese, Chinese or Korean series to watch on Netflix

The Netflix online service has a wide catalog of series and movies that you can watch at any time . Although many contents are quite popular or fashionable, there are also many less known that are worth watching.We suggest, for example, to investigate a little the different options for Asian series. They come in many styles and different themes, and are available with Spanish subtitles.

How to know if I have been blocked on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is probably the most popular messaging application along with WhatsApp, at least in Spain and the rest of Europe. This is the reason why most of the searches related to the Facebook service coincide with those of WhatsApp. One of the most common has to do with being blocked by other users.

The 14 best HD image banks to download for free of 2020

Looking for free and royalty-free images for your work? Thanks to many generous photographers, there are thousands of free images and photos that you can use in your projects. We've put together our selection of the best free photo sites to help you find the photos you need. All images on these sites are free for your personal, editorial or commercial use.

Correos Express customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Correos Express is one of the subsidiaries of the Correos group. Like any third party transport agency, the company has several contact channels to process its customer service. In this way, we can contact the Correos Express support via email, by phone or through the company's profile on Twitter . On this occasion we have compiled all the ways to contact the Correos Express customer service.

BBVA customer service, telephone number, contact and email

If you are a customer of BBVA bank, on some occasion you will have to contact their customer service. And that is why it is better to have, in a single place, all the ways to do it so as not to have to waste time looking for it on the Internet. We are going to give you a hand by offering you a special in which we will list all the possible ways to get in touch with them.

How to find my Google contacts in the new Gmail

Before the summer season kicked off, the Google Gmail email application benefited from a makeover and features to adapt to Material Design 2 guidelines. Clearer and cleaner interface, with the ability to view files Email attachments and a sidebar to add add-ons were the star novelties of this new beginning for Google Gmail.

Fnac customer service: phone, contact and support email

The French company, with more than 30 stores in Spain, has a customer service that is provided in two ways, the presence and the telematic way. Due to the current health situation, Fnac has placed special emphasis on its telematic attention service . Within this service we find the usual contact channels, as we will see below.

10 online clothing stores to buy cheap

Online fashion has become one of the biggest businesses today. Buying clothes from home is how, fast and very simple. In addition, we have the possibility of accessing the entire catalog and choosing the garment that best suits us. This is a great advantage for those who do not have much time to go shopping, or live in remote areas.

Common Netflix problems and how to fix them

We know that you are passionate about Netflix , but not so much about running into the odd problem. Sometimes you will ask yourself: Is Netflix down? Are these failures only happening to me? Relax, it is very possible that in the end it will end up being something unimportant. Our article today is dedicated to precisely that, to arm yourself with patience, learn about the most common Netflix problems and how to fix them.

Explanation of the most common error codes on Netflix

Browsing Netflix we can find, on more than one occasion, with an error code that makes it impossible for us to continue viewing content. But what are those error codes? How can they be solved?We are going to make a selection of some of the most common , so that you can locate the problem immediately and continue with the movie, without the popcorn getting cold.

Why you shouldn't update the Popcorn Time app

The formerly known as "pirate Netflix" comes back to life after years of disappearance. Many will remember this application with which you could find movies and series of all kinds , including major releases, with great ease.Feared and hated in equal parts by the industry, this service began its journey in 2014, not without controversy, earning successive court orders of closure and later reopening the service until it finally ceased its activity four years ago, in October 2016.

Bankia customer service, telephone number, contact and support email

Founded in December 2010 and headquartered in Valencia and Madrid, the Spanish bank Bankia remains today one of those chosen by hundreds of users to save their savings, direct their receipts, or request different products, such as pension plans or car insurance. It is likely that at some point you will have to consult an incident or answer a question, whether you are a customer or not, and in the latter case what you want is to open an account with the bank.

5 websites to download and convert YouTube videos

YouTube is the video streaming service par excellence. There we can find thousands of videos of practically any subject that we imagine. However, to watch these videos we will need to be connected to the Internet . It is possible that, at some time, for whatever reason, we need to keep some of the YouTube videos on our local hard drive to play it later without being connected to the network.

How to prevent Spotify from kicking you out of your family plan

A piece of news has come to the fore: some Spotify users have seen their family accounts deleted as they are not being used by "real families." That is, when a group of users focuses on a family account, and the expense is simply distributed . This is not the real goal of the plan, which seeks to be used in family settings that share a home.

The funniest memes of Easter 2019 to share on WhatsApp

Holy Week has already begun and the streets are filled with brotherhoods, music, incense and human tides going from one place to another to contemplate the show. WhatsApp is also filled, in its own way, not with people but with other elements called 'memes' that will enchant fans with a greater sense of humor.

Unsubscribe Netflix, step by step guide to cancel your subscription

Netflix has become the streaming service par excellence in most homes. There are many of us who pay the subscription religiously, either individually or shared. Is it overpriced? That will have to be decided by each user, but the truth is that it offers a lot of content. In addition, it is a service that has no permanence, which means that we can cancel it at any time.

Euskaltel customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Euskaltel is one of the largest groups in Spain together with Orange, MásMóvil, Movistar and Vodafone. Like any third party company, the operator of Basque origin has several support channels to answer user questions: toll-free telephone, email, social networks ... On this occasion, we have collected all the customer service channels from Euskaltel to contact the company easily.Eu

8 pages to sell and buy second-hand clothes online

Buying second-hand clothes is always a good way to save money on something that is essential today. The current health situation has forced us to resort to online buying and selling to get any type of product. The good news is that there are dozens of pages and applications to buy second-hand clothes online, either from companies or from private users.

More than 200 templates with Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve invitations

Christmas is just around the corner and we have to get down to work with the preparations, lest we be late with the canapés, the gifts and the costumes in the end . Although, if you are going to celebrate Christmas at home, one of the things you should take into account is the guests. And for these to be considered as such, it is clear that first you will have to send them a personalized invitation.D

How to play Candy Crush Saga from your computer

At a time when games like Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run are installed on millions of smartphones and dominate all the news in the sector, some users continue to spend hours on Candy Crush Saga . The well-known game developed by King has lost a bit of steam, but it is still very much alive. And is that the game has not stopped updating, currently having more than 2,000 levels available.

How to sell second-hand furniture that we don't use to Ikea

Buying furniture at IKEA has a very interesting advantage. Since they are not as expensive as a traditional piece of furniture, you can change them as many times as you consider. Either for aesthetics or for necessity. And in these IKEA walks, because the company has just launched a service in which its customers can sell second-hand furniture that they no longer use.

How to know if your email has been read in Gmail

We are used to knowing almost everything about our contacts. In fact, when we send a message through tools like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, we receive read confirmations . This reassures us, because we know that our recipient has received the message. And we can even verify that you have read it.

The funniest memes of Mother's Day for WhatsApp

Tomorrow is Sunday. It is also the first Sunday in March. And what is celebrated? Do you really don't remember? Well then you have a problem. Because it is Mother's Day. And of that we all have one. So you have to comply. At least try it.You can buy her a bouquet of flowers. Or, since we are in the technology business, have the phone changed once and for all or give him a wireless speaker to listen to Julio Iglesias from any corner of the house.

HP Customer Care: Phone, Contact, and Email Support

HP is one of the largest computer and IT solutions companies in the world. The company supports both companies and individuals, so it is often very necessary to have a customer service number at hand. Either because we have any problem with the laptop, PC, printer or Workstation, it is possible to communicate with the company through different means.

The top 10 of the most popular torrent search engines in 2020

2020 is just around the corner. After a very busy year in everything that has to do with Internet freedom, many torrent search engines have fallen to give way to other alternatives with which to download torrent files from an external client. Fortunately, the number of pages is still quite high , beyond the established platforms that we all know, and to test a button: we have compiled ten of the best most popular torrent search engines for next 2020.

4 alternatives to Blablacar to travel cheap this summer

Blablacar , the application that has been revolutionizing the world of land transport for a few years, manages a good market share. A percentage so large that, without being a monopoly, it begins to invite it to act as such. Its operating rules are starting to be draconian and the commissions of three euros per passenger-trip are a good example of this.

How to set Google back as the default search engine in Chrome

It sure has happened to you on more than one occasion. Although if you are desperately looking for the solution, chances are that you have never found yourself in this eggplant or that you do not know very well how to return to your favorite configuration .Obviously most of us use Google . Searching through Bing or Yahoo is definitely a waste of time.

The tremendous mistake you should not make when shopping at Wallapop

Wallapop is the queen of applications in Spain within the second-hand market. Currently the application has the largest catalog of products together with Milanuncios and Vibbo in second stay. By its nature, it is also one of the most used by scammers and con artists. Beyond the cases that many users have reported in several of our articles, there is a common mistake that most often make and that it is essential to know to avoid falling into this type of tricks, an error that we will explain below.

Carrefour customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Carrefour, the chain of French origin with a presence in Spain, has dozens of stores and surfaces in our country. Due to the current health situation, the chain has placed special emphasis on its online sales service. The same happens with Carrefour customer service. To date, the French giant offers more than a dozen methods to contact the company for any problem or incident with some of its products or services.

Lenovo Customer Care: Phone, Contact, and Support Email

Lenovo is one of the largest manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers in the world. In addition, with the purchase of Motorola it has also become a key player in the telephony sector. With this in mind, you may have one of their teams and want to have the company's contact number handy in case a problem should occur.

What do RT, PRT, DM, #FF and other acronyms mean on Twitter?

Perhaps you have just started using Twitter , or you are thinking of opening an account, but the language that the users of this microblogging social network hold scares you as it would when you enter the Kazakhstan Pasapalabra. It is not for less. By its nature and communication system, Twitter contains its own micro-universe where people follow , retweet , modify tweets or send direct messages , and for all this it is necessary to know a very simple code, although necessary.

Wallapop, Vibbo and Milanuncios, where to buy or sell second hand?

The apps for buying and selling products continue to enjoy very good health. Nowadays it is very common to go into one of them to get rid of used products when there are financial difficulties or in view of a nearby move . But which of them works best? Which one is more recommendable? We have decided to test the three most used, Wallapop, Vibbo and Milanuncios, to compare all their characteristics.

What will happen to my photos and posts on Google+

Google+ is officially shutting down after eight years since its launch back in 2011. It does so for various reasons. The main one is due to the lack of users and activity within the same social network. And is that since its presentation, the maximum quotas of unique users has not managed to dethrone the two current kings: Facebook and Twitter.

Banco Santander customer service: telephone number, contact and support email

Banco Santander, better known as El Santander, is a Spanish bank run by Ana Patricia Botín, daughter of the company's founder, Emilio Botín. It is one of the largest financial institutions in the world with millions of clients and headquarters on Paseo de Pereda in the Cantabrian capital. The entity offers banking, investment, savings and insurance products and services.Ma

Correos customer service: telephone, contact and support email

Did you know that between individuals, Correos is the most used postal and parcel delivery service? They have 66.9% of the market share of the packages sent by Spanish citizens, above MRW and SEUR, which occupy the second and third positions on the podium, respectively.Correos offers users an infinite number of parcel delivery services, classified according to the needs of the people who send or receive, the place to which it is destined or the characteristics of the product itself .

How to see the CVV code and PIN of your credit card on the Internet

Internet banking has become a very interesting tool to operate with our accounts. From here we can directly carry out most of the operations that were previously only possible by phone or going to an office. Transfers, check movements, activate or block cards. .. Speaking of cards, from these online portals we also have the option of viewing the credit or debit card details .

How to contact or file a complaint with IKEA online

Shopping around IKEA can be as charming as it is boring. There are many who enjoy strolling through its long corridors and exhibitors. But there are also a good number who associate a walk through IKEA with something very similar to hell. As you read it.Fortunately for these seconds, for some time now the Swedish manufacturer offers so-called home delivery .