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Discover how you will look in 20 or 30 years with this website

The future worries us. It is an indisputable fact. Being able to guess what our future will be like is something, however, that not everyone is interested in. There are those who fear for everything that will come, or who prefer (or try) to live from day to day without worrying much about tomorrow. There are already websites that try to be 'time machines', like FutureMe, with which you program emails that will reach you, yourself, in the near (or distant) future.

10 online stores to buy cool t-shirts

What's it like to have a haute couture suit if you can wear a cool t-shirt instead? Before it might have been a bit more complicated, but today we have countless online stores that sell cool t-shirts. You will find them of all kinds, for all tastes and sizes.So all you have to do is choose the right store .

How to permanently delete or close your Yahoo account

The last two years have not been particularly good for Yahoo : more and more users abandon their services to join pages and email accounts  Google , while offering  Yahoo continues to deteriorate gradually. Flickr , the company's flagship application, is also losing momentum as concerns about the security and privacy of content grow among users.

We try to buy and convert Bitcoins into euros and this is what happens

Although it may seem something extraterrestrial, the truth is that operating with cryptocurrencies is the order of the day. Proof of this are the dozens of applications and platforms related to the sale of virtual currencies that have become popular in recent years, such as Coinbase, which today reaches 5 million downloads only on Google Play .

The best cold wave memes to send on WhatsApp

Surely you have noticed the change in temperature. A little over a month ago we were at home, with the fan on, and when we went out we were still wearing shorts and we waited for the night to reach out. From one day to the next, the cold wave has arrived. We have to take out the winter clothes again, put the swimsuits and tank tops away and look, let's see, where we had put the gloves and scarves.

How to request the draft of Income 2015 without box 490

Today is the day. The Income 2015 campaign begins in which you, like all taxpayers, will have to submit the return corresponding to last year's fiscal year. At this time in the morning, the website of the Tax Agency that this year has dedicated to Income 2015 is partially blocked, probably due to the large number of requests it has received since early in the morning.

How to know the status of a postal shipment

Correos is the most widely used parcel transport company in Spanish. For this reason, many users have the doubt of how they can locate the status of a shipment made with Correos , or of a package that they expect to receive in the next few days. If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Keep reading this post if you want to learn how you can know the status of a shipment with Correos.

Active Directory, what it is and what it is for

Active Directory is a tool created by Microsoft that provides many benefits in the business sector. In this article we explain what Active Directory is, how it works and what it can contribute to your company.What is Active DirectoryMany companies have hundreds of employees on their staff, many of whom need access to a computer connected to the company's resources in order to do their work.

The most interesting websites to track a shipment

With Christmas just around the corner, online shopping is the order of the day. Unless we reside in the city of Madrid or Barcelona, ​​most of these shipments usually travel several centers of kilometers from the departure center to our home. To monitor these shipments, the different transport companies usually provide a tracking code to know at all times the location of the order, as well as its situation. Cor

We tested the Vodafone Super Wifi repeater

Do you run out of WiFi coverage in any area of ​​your home ? This quite common problem can be solved with devices that collect and extend the signal to reach the last corner of the home. These devices can be purchased and installed on your own from brands like Devolo or TP-Link, to name a few. Or, if you are a Vodafone customer, it can be contracted as a monthly service called Super Wifi . In

5 websites to learn to program online

Learning to code is one of the great challenges of the 21st century, an increasingly important need for the jobs of the future. More and more children are going to robotics and programming classes , in addition to their extracurricular sports or language activities.In this article we review five very useful web pages where you can learn to program online, at your own pace and from home .

How to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020

Some Google services such as Gmail or Google Maps are well known, but others perhaps go a little more unnoticed. And we are not talking about services that are only useful for some users, such as Google Trends, but services that can help anyone. Among them is Google Flights or Google Flights, a flight search engine created by Google so that we can find cheaper trips .

CVV code, what is it and how to see it on a credit card

You have just selected your online purchase, you have entered your card number and you are about to pay. But the website asks you for something more. One such CVV code, and you have no idea what it is. If you are lucky, you will be in one of the many electronic stores that, at least, tell you where you can find this key.

20 funny Christmas GIFs and memes to share on WhatsApp

Christmas is here, one of the most beautiful times of the year, where friendship, joy, gifts are shared ... and of course, memes too. Because it wouldn't be Christmas without the traditional memes and GIFs to send on WhatsApp. At Tuexperto we have selected 20 funny memes and GIFs with Christmas motifs so that you can send to your friends and family through WhatsApp or social networks.

5 types of scam on Wallapop and how to avoid them

Along with Vibbo and Milanuncios, Wallapop is the most popular second-hand trading app of all time. As in any platform of this type, there are organized groups and people with dubious intentions whose sole purpose is to scam other users to obtain an economic benefit or a certain good in the form of a product.

How to create collaborative lists on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. It has a catalog of millions of songs to listen to for free (with advertising) or through a monthly subscription that removes the ads and offers more options. Just a few weeks ago, Spotify announced that it had already surpassed 15 million premium subscribers, while active users rise to a total of 60 million, which is said soon.

How to make the joke Rajoy has left the group on WhatsApp

We Spanish are like that. We like to face the most serious news with a touch of humor and yes, also with a bit of evil. With the triumph of the motion of censure over Rajoy , a new period in Spanish politics opens, full of uncertainty and with a heterogeneous government that represents one of the great challenges in the recent history of the country.

The best websites to sell second-hand items

With the passage of time, the Internet has been refined to become one of the current resources to sell and buy second-hand items. There are more and more websites to carry it out. All of them with very visual, simple and adapted interfaces so that we can find everything we are looking for. The main objective is that both buyer and seller have the maximum guarantees during the transaction .

SEUR customer service: telephone, contact and support email

It is one of the main courier companies that exist in Spain. In fact, together with Correos or MRW, SEUR is one of the carriers that monopolizes the most business. Specifically, 16.8% throughout the territory . The company is dedicated to distributing parcels, so it can send a package to any corner of Spain urgently.

Why does Amazon charge me 1 euro more when placing an order?

There are many who have already lost the fear of buying online. Proof of this is the good performance of services such as Amazon. If you are a regular Amazon buyer, you will know that the charge for your purchases is made directly on the card that you have inserted. Another option is to include it manually every time you make a purchase.

What is OnlyFans and why your sex videos are not safe there

Have you ever heard of OnlyFans? If the answer is no, don't worry, it's normal. OnlyFans is a website designed for YouTubers, content creators, public figures, personal trainers, models and influencers in general to share exclusive content through a paid subscription. That is, content creators open an account for their most die-hard fans to pay a subscription to see the content that will be uploaded to OnlyFans.

More than 200 images of original tattoos to download

It may seem more like a fad in recent years, but tattoos have been a part of our history for many centuries. Although they have not always been seen with good eyes, today their use is widespread. In every neighborhood there is a tattoo artist willing to infiltrate ink into your epidermis.What we have proposed here today is to offer you more than 200 images of original tattoos to download.

Mega, differences between the free service and the paid service

Although its popularity has dropped since its launch, Spain remains the world's number one country for Mega traffic . This network file saving service takes the witness of the defunct Megaupload , and allows users to store up to 50 GB of space for free. This is the main attraction of the popular Kit Dotcom platform , as it far exceeds the capacity of other services of this type such as Dropbox or Google Drive .

2017-2018 school calendar, more than 100 images to download for free

The course has already started. At this point in September, almost all the students in Spain have started their classes. We talk about colleges, institutes and universities. Although those who are pursuing higher education, they may not give the start touch until next October.Be that as it may, the 2017-2018 school calendar must be prepared.

Sam goes lentín, the best Valentine's Day memes 2020 to share

Valentine has dawned with more than a thousand memes on Facebook and Twitter. Every February 14, Internet users who boast of their loneliness share dozens of funny memes on different social networks. By tenth? consecutive year, the general motif of the memes has been the famous phrase "Sam goes lentin" , alluding to the character in the play The Lord of the Rings.

How to view and retrieve archived emails in Gmail

Like WhatsApp and Telegram, Gmail allows us to archive certain emails and conversations to clean the inbox and thus optimize our workspace. The option in question is found by right-clicking on the email or conversation in question and clicking on the Archive option. We can also resort to the Archive icon that will appear if we leave the mouse date  on the aforementioned.

How to download MP3: 15 websites to download YouTube videos

Although applications like Spotify are the order of the day to listen to music, the truth is that there are not few users who choose to download MP3 files directly from external sites. One of the most common options to download MP3s is to use online video converters. Thanks to these, downloading videos from YouTube or from any page is as simple as pasting the URL of the video in question and downloading it in the format we want.

Login to Facebook: How to Login to Facebook in 2019

Facebook is, along with Instagram and Twitter, the largest and most used social network of the last decade. Precisely due to its size, the web platform and application can generate a series of doubts if we talk about logging in to Facebook through the methods it offers. And to test a button: more than 13,000 people have consulted Google how to enter Facebook or how to log in in the last month.

How to play the mythical PC Soccer and other MS-DOS games from your browser

Do you remember PC Soccer? If you are of a certain age, surely yes. And if you are younger, it is very possible that you have heard of it, since it is a game that marked an entire era. PC Soccer was a sports simulator that focused more on managing a soccer club than on the games themselves. You could play the games, yes, but it wasn't the most interesting thing about the game.

How to save Twitter GIFs from your computer and mobile

Are you a fan of GIFs? Can't live without adding them to all your virtual conversations ? Today we want to unleash (yes, even more) your love for GIFs by telling you how you can download the GIFs you see on Twitter to your computer or phone, to share them - without they are really good - with your colleagues through other applications messaging or your favorite social networks.

20 questions and answers about Aliexpress Plaza with shipping from Spain

Aliexpress Plaza is the store of the Asian giant whose activity is centered in Spain. Unlike the original Aliexpress store, Plaza is based in the country, with the advantages that this entails. The company itself opened a physical store in Madrid a few months ago with the same name, although its management has nothing to do with that of the online store .

List of the best online stores in Spain

The sale of online products continues to grow in our country. We are already many users who buy practically everything through the network. That is why every day there are more and more online businesses of all kinds. Perhaps if you are reading these lines you know perfectly the main technology stores, but today we can buy any product online.

Los memes más graciosos del Día de los Santos Inocentes

Cuidado. Se acerca, como cada año, el día más temido por todos los que somos un poco más ingenuos de la cuenta. Nos la dan con queso. Eso es así. Es llegar el 28 de diciembre y uno va ya con temor a abrir alguna página web, de algún medio, y leer algo que da por mentira cuando, en realidad, es verdad. Hoy es

100 recommended books that you can download for free

andBook Day is very close. On April 23, a series of celebrations are held throughout the country that revolve around something magical: books. That same day William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died , just in the year 1616, although the truth is that the most punctilious say that it was not really like that, because there was a gap between the English and Spanish calendars.

Aliexpress, buy online or in the physical store?

The opening of the first Aliexpress store in Spain took place this Sunday at the intu Xanadú shopping center in Madrid. More than 3,000 attendees have gathered to attend the opening event of Aliexpress Plaza, the name that until today gave its name to the Aliexpress online store in Spain. At this point the question falls on whether it is worth buying online through the online platform or through the physical store.

Is Oscaro reliable? 4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not

The Oscaro group is probably the largest platform for the sale of spare parts and car parts in Europe. Its website is known both by workshops and by individuals. However, there are users who are unaware of the existence of Oscaro, much less the reliability of the website when making online payments, processing returns or buying spare parts.

How to consult the 2013 income refund

You already know that for some years, the Tax Agency offers all taxpayers the possibility of downloading the draft and managing their return over the Internet. Once the 2013 Income Tax is processed, citizens (whether they have submitted it online or not) will have the opportunity to check the status of their return online.

Can I use Netflix Spain outside the country if I have an account?

One of the big questions about Netflix. Can I use Netflix outside of Spain? Will the catalog of series and movies change if I move to another country? How can I watch series from Spain if I live in the United States or any other country? All these assumptions are contemplated by the US company in their respective legal bases, however, the answers to these questions depend largely on whether we travel outside of Spain for a certain period (for holidays or limited stay) or if, on the contrary, we change our place of residence outside the country.

iCloud, what is it and how does it work?

Since yesterday Apple users have had - and have - the option of updating their old operating system with the brand new iOS 5 , a platform that brings with it many new features and that this time stands out for having an unpublished tool . We mean iCloud , of course, a new system from Apple to enable cloud storage .

Fake News Maker for Internet Pranks

The Internet has become a breeding ground for news of all kinds. Nothing is surprising anymore. Thanks to the network of networks and social platforms, we can learn curious anecdotes or really extravagant information. This allows you to play pranks on your friends without them noticing. And, did you know that you can become a fake copywriter or journalist for a while and, best of all, inventing your own fake news to play a joke on someone ?

Advantages and disadvantages of Wikipedia, the encyclopedia par excellence

Wikipedia has been one of the fastest, most widely used and cited sources of information on the entire web for years . Millions of users around the world compose this encyclopedia, which is updated every minute with new information or corrections to existing articles. His collaborative and open nature provides him with a high degree of truthfulness and thoroughness, but also draws him numerous criticisms.

The best websites to meet people and flirt

Internet is a powerful tool to meet people of all kinds and why not, find a possible partner or flirt. Whether you've moved to a new city or neighborhood, or want to enjoy someone's company, you can take a look at a large number of websites . They are all prepared for you to establish relationships with people who are in your situation.

5 websites to buy books at a good price

Buying books online is something more and more common and simple. It may not have the same charm as getting lost on the shelves of a bookstore to find a book that we like, but it allows us to access a vast catalog and buy quickly , without leaving home.We are going to show you five websites that offer the user the possibility of finding and buying very cheap books , sometimes second-hand, and other times new.

How to send your bags through the Post Office on your trips

How are you doing packing your bags to go on a trip? Are you one of those who go to a country and arrive twice as loaded as they left? If so, it is very likely that you have encountered problems when checking luggage. And you have had to face, logically, the costs that airlines demand when assuming surcharges.

How the warranty and repairs work on Amazon

Amazon distinguishes itself by having a very competitive customer service. It is fast, efficient and solves our doubts without having to go through many filters. To this must be added a very well structured guarantee period in which, as it should be in any ecommerce site, the user always comes out favored.

5 websites to download beautiful images for free

If we have a blog or a web page, we usually face the problem of the rights of the photos that we use in them. When we write a post, we like to illustrate it with some pretty images that will add luster and appeal to readers. But we can't put the one we want. Behind a photograph is the work of a person who, like anyone else, has basic needs to cover.

How to modify my personal data in Hacienda por Internet

Bureaucracy is bureaucracy, and as such it requires a whole series of steps and rituals. This also happens, logically, when one is about to request certificates from the Treasury , to present declarations or to carry out any procedure that one needs, either as a common citizen, as a self-employed person or entrepreneur.

7 little known secrets of WhatsApp Web

A very good alternative to using WhatsApp on the phone is to opt for the web version of it. It is simply a replica of the application in web format, which we access by giving it permissions through the application and a QR code. It is not a separate application like Telegram: to use WhatsApp on the PC we must have a mobile account associated with a phone number.

Google Chrome Web Store, what it is and how to install applications, games and extensions

If you regularly use Chrome as your main browser, you probably know that there is an online store or service called Chrome Web Store , which is used to download applications or, rather, extensions, which can be used to improve your experience on board the tool. In many cases these are functions that increase the performance of the browser, but in other cases, they add new functionalities or even invite you to try games to distract you from your work matters for a while.

20 classics of literature that you can download and read for free

Reading lengthens life. We don't say it. Researchers say so. It does not matter whether it is on paper or in electronic format. According to the Yale University School of Medicine, readers have a survival rate of more than two years compared to those who do not touch books or with a stick.But this is not the only reason why we would recommend reading.

5 low-priced surprise travel websites

Do you dare to go on vacation without having any idea of ​​what your destination is going to be? In recent times, websites that organize surprise trips through Europe at a really cheap price have become very fashionable. They play with the advantage of seducing users who like risks and who also want everything done, without worrying about deciding. In

Netflix says goodbye to star ratings, this is the new system

Netflix streaming movies and series service changes the way you score. After rumors on this subject, the company has made the change official. L as stars are changed thumbs up and down on the valuation of the series and movies from Netflix. We explain the reasons for Netflix and how this new way of scoring works.

4 alternatives to buy tickets when the Renfe website does not work

On June 21, the Government will cease the State of Alarm to allow circulation between provinces and Autonomous Communities. Given the imminent saturation of services such as Renfe, it is important to hurry to avoid the collapse of the company's website when reserving seats and buying train tickets. We have already seen it with the AVLO service of the same company, whose web portal was saturated for several hours, with virtual queues of up to 20,000 people.

NACEX customer service: phone, contact and support email

When it comes to sending parcels, NACEX is another leading company , which together with SEUR, MRW and Correos, offer delivery services throughout Spain. In fact, they have an infinite number of special services with which any user, whether private or company, can send what they want to the other end of the country and with due urgency.

The 20 funniest Halloween memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp

Tomorrow will take place what is possibly one of the most anticipated festivities in the world: Halloween. Better known as Halloween or Halloween Night in Spanish-speaking countries, it is a tradition of Celtic origin whose evolution over the years has led to parties with costumes and mortuary motifs and dozens of Halloween memes on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram., ships and planes that cross Spain in real time

The Internet is made for the curious . And but take a look at , a new service that we show boat trips and plane are being made in real time by our country . The service works seamlessly with Google Maps and is capable of updating every twenty seconds . In this way, we can see how many planes are flying over Spain , see where they are going and even check their coordinates .

Funny memes and GIFs to celebrate Christmas with friends and family

Christmas is coming and it is likely that we will have to send the occasional greeting. Although now it is no longer necessary to write postcards and send them by ordinary mail, the truth is that the custom of congratulating the holidays continues. Perhaps even more, since now it is much easier to do it using applications like WhatsApp.

20 historic football matches that you can relive online

Soccer and the rest of sports competitions are not the most important thing now, there is no doubt about that. But we cannot deny that the so-called beautiful game attracts many fans and serves as an escape from problems and distraction for many people. Due to the coronavirus all sports competition is stopped, as you well know.

5 ways to download your torrent without installing programs

Torrent networks have become one of the main tools when it comes to sharing and downloading all kinds of files over the Internet. It is a system, in which all users share files with each other, so that it is possible to download them very quickly. We present five ways to download all kinds of torrent files from the Internet , in a very comfortable way, and without the need to install programs.

AliExpress Plaza, how shipping from Spain works

Aliexpress has become one of the leading merchants on the Internet. This Chinese giant offers us a large number of articles from the Asian country, which we can buy for prices that are often ridiculous compared to what they ask us in our country. AliExpress Plaza is a complementary version of AliExpress, which has warehouses in Spain to streamline order delivery processes, as well as offering many other additional advantages that we will explain to you in this article.

eBay Extra, what it is and how coupons for purchases on eBay work

EBay Extra panel interface, where we can see the accumulated points and the different promotions that are added to the platform.Shopping on eBay? It is one of the largest online shopping platforms, you find both new and second-hand products from different sellers. It is an ideal place if you are looking for a discounted product, since there are different buyers, and each one offers a very interesting offer.

The 7 most popular Milanuncios scams and scams of 2020

Milanuncios, like Vibbo and Wallapop, is not without scams, bogus offers, and undercover scams. Although those responsible for the web work to detect these types of ads, the truth is that today the number of cases of scams is still quite high. A piece of information: Milanuncios eliminates about 500,000 suspicious ads every three months , which is only 0.

Error 502 Bad Gateway: what it is, causes and how to fix it

Error 502 Bad Gateway is, along with Error 401, one of the most common on the Internet. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and pages built under WordPress and Prestashop show this type of error daily. The cause of it is usually related to a communication problem between the servers of the web page in question (incorrect gateway).

Better pages to upload files without registering

There are many users who need to upload and share files online every day, both for work and leisure reasons. Today we present you a list of the best services you can use to upload files to the Internet, and share them without registering . This way you won't have to waste time filling out a long subscription form.

All the steps and options to make a return on Amazon

Like any other online or physical store, Amazon allows us to return a product in the event that we are not satisfied after the purchase. Specifically, it gives a period of up to 30 days to make the return. In addition, it can be delivered to the company in different ways. Through a Celeritas point (taking care of taking it), going to a post office, or requesting that a Celeritas carrier come to our address for collection.

10 beautiful advent calendar images to download and print

The Advent calendar is a tradition that has spread around the world. Millions of children around the world count the days until Christmas using this system. E n fact, its origins go back in Protestant Germany of the nineteenth century .For each day of the Advent period (then the first Sunday of Advent began and lasted until the 24th) the little ones lit a candle .

How to add another email account in Gmail

There are many people who need multiple email accounts, either for personal or work reasons. And it is very convenient to be able to manage and use all of them from the same provider. That is why we are going to explain how to add another email account in Gmail, so that you have all your correspondence in one place.

How to avoid being tagged in a photo on Facebook

We all have that heavy friend who can't stop compulsively labeling everything. And you, who are suspicious of your privacy and do not like that hundreds of unknown people know about your daily chores , you are tired of putting up with your presence in all kinds of snapshots. Photos, memories, visits to places .

10 torrent pages still working in 2019

Despite the rise of direct downloads, the torrent format is still widely used to share and download all kinds of files on the Internet. We offer you a list of 10 torrent download pages that you can still use in 2019.Torrentz2Torrentz2 has one of the largest databases with more than 30,000 torrents indexed on a multitude of pages and domains.

I've been ripped off at Wallapop, now what?

Wallapop, like any second-hand market, is not without its scams and scams. In previous articles, more than two hundred users have commented on their experiences with this type of practice. It's a fact: there is no common method to avoid falling for fraudulent offers or fake sellers. The security forces always recommend reporting these cases.

WORdER, this is how the page works to search for synonyms when writing or playing Words

If you have ever played Scrabble or are, in short, a fan of word games, surely you cannot play any other way than with your mobile next to it, to check if that word really exists or to find a synonym that can help you earn the points you need to sell to your opponent.In that case, the RAE dictionary may have become your best ally, but you should know that there is another tool, called WORdER , with which you will become a true ace of word games.

FIY, ASAP, LOL, XD, OMG, and other internet abbreviations you should know

The use of abbreviations is common on the Internet, especially among younger users. FIY, ASAP, LOL, XD, or OMG are just a few examples of the most popular abbreviations. In this article we compile a list with the most used abbreviations in social networks and the Internet in general, so that you do not have problems when it comes to recognizing any of them, and knowing what they mean.

Beware of the Wallapop scam and DHL shipping

As a result of the article about the Wallapop scams that we published back in June, many users have reported a new type of scam based on DHL shipping services . As detailed by some affected, the way to proceed is not very different from the famous Nigerian scam, where generally a certain amount of money has to be paid to unlock the initial transfer.

5 alternatives to Tor to navigate safely

Network security is one of the aspects that most concerns all users when browsing the Internet. Tor is a web browser that has been designed with the aim of offering maximum user privacy, although it is not the only option we can find for this purpose. We present you 5 alternatives to Tor , which you can use if you want to browse the Internet in the most anonymous and secure way possible.

10 Spanish series that you can watch on Netflix

If you are a series lover, you will know that Netflix is ​​the perfect place to enjoy the best. The service, which works by subscription, includes different plans (Basic, Standard and Premium) with prices of 8, 10 and 12 euros per month, depending on whether we want to see content in Ultra HD quality and the number of devices that connect. Wit

Consumer rights in Spain, guarantees and returns

We buy all kinds of things, from the corner store to a website on the other side of the world. What rights do we have as consumers? How long is there to return something that we do not like or is not right? What guarantee do we have and how should I claim if necessary? We are going to clear up these questions, but a warning is ahead.

What is the IP and how can I find the IP of my PC

The IP address is one of the most used terms today among all fans of the world of technology. The Internet has become essential in everyone's life, and IP addresses are an essential part of the Internet. We explain what the IP address is, what it is for, and how you can find out that of your PC.What is public IP and private IPIP is the acronym for " Internet Protocol " or "Internet Protocol" in the language of Cervantes.

How to send trick images like "the black of WhatsApp" through the app

A few days ago, Facebook announced a change in the way of managing the photos that are sent through the WhatsApp application , a change that put an end to the possibility of sending fake images to our contacts or groups. All of you will have received several times a photo that in the preview looks like one thing and, when you open it, it is something totally different.

10 stores to buy alternative and designer clothes

In the age of online shopping, almost all of us are aware that there are large clothing chain stores that allow us to make our purchases without even going through a physical establishment. Returns are agile and the facilities when ordering, even more so.But what if we want to dress differently from others?

How to use WhatsApp Web on mobile

If you use WhatsApp a lot and work in front of a computer, it is very likely that you already know WhatsApp Web. It is the client with which we can use the well-known messaging application on a computer. But, have you thought that it could also become an alternative to the fact that WhatsApp as an application cannot be used on two devices simultaneously ?

The 10 programming languages ​​with the most future in 2020

Today computers have entered almost every industry. Be it the autopilot of an airplane or the digital speedometer of a bicycle, computers in their various forms surround us. Therefore, one of the most important skills to learn in today's world is knowing how to write a computer program. Every beginner asks what language should I learn?

10 April Fool's Day jokes you can prepare with YouTube

Do you have the jokes ready for tomorrow? On December 28, as is tradition, we celebrate April Fools' Day. What the most pranksters usually do on this date is to play pranks on their relatives, friends or family. The objective? Laugh at the poor innocent and have a few laughs at his health.If you are still not sure what jokes you will make, we have compiled a good number of jokes made by youtubers and posted on the networks for the use and enjoyment of the entire Internet audience.

Dropbox vs OneDrive vs Google Drive, we compare their free plans

The offer of cloud storage services has not stopped growing and has grown in recent years under the umbrella of cloud computing. Among all of them, there is a group of platforms that stand out in popularity over others , either because their services are better or simply by name.Of course, we are talking about Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive .

Outlook is not working: web page and app are down

Have you experienced any kind of problem in your Outlook application? Outlook page not loading? You're not the only one, it seems. At this very moment, Microsoft's email service is reporting a series of problems that affect a large part of Spain, Europe and some Latin American countries. The official service has not commented on the matter, so the origin of the error is unknown.

10 alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large files

WeTransfer is the most popular service for sharing large files with our contacts. It is a tool that allows you to share files of up to 2 GB in its free version, and up to 20 GB in the paid version. Today we propose 10 alternatives that you can use if the WeTransfer free plan falls short , or stops working for some reason such as a problem on their servers.

How to download and print an invoice on Amazon

Do you often order through Amazon? Do you also need to download the invoices? If you make an order through this Internet giant, you will not receive the attached invoice in the email, but you will be able to access your user area and download the corresponding invoices.Download an invoice on Amazon step by stepAll you have to do is the following:1.

7 Chrome extensions to improve security

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world, so it is not surprising that cybercriminals and hackers are on the lookout to get data, steal credentials or get onto our PC. One of the main features of Chrome is that it offers the possibility of installing extensions, small tools within the browser that allow us to have useful functions .