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This is how Air View and Air Gesture work on the Samsung Galaxy S4

It was last week when  Samsung presented one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy S4 , one of the mainstays of the Korean catalog. It addition to having a hardware high range ( 5 - inch display , processor eight - core and 13 - megapixel camera ), the new flagship of Samsung comes with a host of intelligent features that will delight the most demanding users.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini receives an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

After going through an intense period of doubt, the Korean company Samsung officially confirmed that the international version (3G) of the Samsung Galaxy S3 could not be updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat . Yes, those who have acquired the 4G / LTE version of this smartphone , whose RAM memory reaches 2 GB , would have the opportunity to do so , doubling the capacity of the original device.

10 attractive themes to change the look of your Xiaomi mobile

Android mobiles allow you to customize multiple aspects of the interface. From changing the wallpaper to the size and font, going through the design of the icons and the colors used in the various screens of the system. The truth is that you can completely modify the interface that Android offers us or the customization layer that the manufacturer includes.

Lenovo Moto Z, all the keys and features

Motorola's new high-end terminal is already among us. The company Lenovo , now owns Motorola , he unveiled its new flagship, the Moto Z . A terminal with an ultra-thin design and really interesting technical characteristics. The new Moto Z offers us the latest Qualcomm processor , 4 GB of RAM and a 5.

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music - Thoroughly

The MP3 has definitely entered the mobile . The latest study by The Phone House indicates that 54.02% of Spanish fans buy phones with music and that more and more people prefer to listen to songs from their mobile . With these users in mind, Nokia created its Xpress Music family . At we have reviewed terminals such as the 5700 or events such as the presentation of the Nokia Music Store online store .

10 things you want to know about EMUI 10

The arrival of EMUI 10 was announced with great fanfare last August in the context of the HCD 2019. Since then, we have been assured that this layer of customization in Huawei Android would be one of its updates with the greatest number of new features. And the truth is that they were right.What Huawei has raised with the tenth EMUI update has been to improve the user experience to levels not previously reached.

Nokia 7230 - Thoroughly

It has everything we are looking for in a simple mobile and the design that we would like to find in a sophisticated phone . It is the Nokia 7230 , a terminal that the Finnish has brought out to contrast with the new Nokia 6700 Slide , more expensive and complex than the current one. Even so, it keeps a colorful design and a generous 2.

Some Sony Xperia have hidden FM Radio functionality

Did you know that your Sony Xperia has a hidden feature? It's all about the FM Radio functionality . The PhoneArena medium has just given some clues today so that users of the equipment of the Japanese firm Sony Mobile can enjoy their favorite music and radio programs. But, let us start at the beginning.

Lancôme Makeup Chest WhatsApp Scam Spread Again?

Just a year ago, we warned you about the existence of a scam that circulated through WhatsApp and that featured a Lancôme makeup chest. If you are usually aware of these types of hoaxes and scams, you will know that everything that once came, comes back again. Sometimes even more forcefully.So it is worth being aware of these types of threats.

iPhone 4 - In depth, opinions and analysis

Apple and Steve Jobs once again give the best of themselves with the presentation of the iPhone 4, without the G , as some expected. Apple's new phone breaks into the smartphone market at a sensitive time for Apple , whose market share is threatened by high-end smartphones with Android operating system , such as Google's Nexus One or Motorola Milestone .

The best Samsung Galaxy S7 edge deals for Black Friday

The Black Friday is here, so if you are one of those who were waiting for this date as rain in May to renew your mobile phone or buy the phone you're going (or going) to give away this Christmas, you have to start tracking offers from already. Tomorrow is the day! One of the phones that promise to be on the shelves of great and succulent offers is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , the most cutting-edge phone from the Korean firm Samsung , whose launch on the market will soon be one year old.

LG X4 2019: features, price and opinions

If you do not want to spend a lot of money when buying a new mobile, it is interesting to look at the options for the mid-range or entry, since they have very interesting specifications, and in many cases enough for the user, at a very competitive price . This is the case of the new LG X4 2019 , an entry range that does not have the best design, nor the most powerful specifications, but it does have very interesting features, such as a large panel or resistance with military certification.

What is and how to use Google Local Guides

The 21st century traveler uses the Internet as the main way to find information about places to visit, as well as establishments and restaurants to go to and enjoy a pleasant evening. Tools like TripAdvisor or Yelp! They are very popular and useful if we want to be very careful, thanks to the opinions of other users, rather than find ourselves with an unpleasant surprise.

These are the brands that sold the most mobiles in 2019

Right now we would not understand the world without the mobile phone, a device that has literally changed our lives, shaping aspects of our daily routine, creating new habits and customs ... a tool, in short, without which we could no longer live. for better or worse. It is reality, it is what there is and we must live with it.

Delete WhatsApp conversations without recovering them

Protecting our privacy has become very complicated, in a world that is increasingly digital. Today we offer you a complete tutorial, in which we explain how you can delete all WhatsApp conversations, without leaving a single trace, and without being able to recover them in any way.Delete messages and conversations from your phoneMany users think that deleting a conversation using the WhatsApp application is enough to protect their privacy.

10 funny Carnival memes to share on WhatsApp

This weekend the Carnival is celebrated in almost the whole country . In some places more than in others (read Cadiz and the Islands, for example), but who else who least has his costume prepared. Up here you have a group of friends dressed as trolls, with that mask that you will have seen more than once in memes like the ones we want to share with you today.

Nokia 6300: A design classic for all audiences

This week we have tested the Nokia 6300, a classic and simple terminal, but at the same time well equipped with camera, mp3 and multimedia options. It will go on sale next April 12 and will cost around 260 euros (free).It has a fairly simple and compact design. It's light and slim, weighing 91 grams and just over a centimeter thick.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in coral blue can now be purchased in Spain

It seems that Samsung is making the most of its excellent Galaxy S7 , a mobile that they will have to work hard to overcome. Meanwhile, this phone that improves over time like good wine continues to give of itself. The latest development was the edition blue coral , announced a few months ago but already is d vailable for purchase in Spain, through the website .

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, in-depth analysis

It's called the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and it's an affordable, yet powerful version of the original Samsung Galaxy S4 . After many rumors and speculations earlier, the Korean firm Samsung Electronics Co . has unveiled another of the most anticipated phones of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is presented as an alternative to the most powerful phone on the market, although in this case the technical sheet is not far behind.

How to convert computer videos to watch them on mobile

We often have videos on the computer that we would like to be able to watch on our mobile phone, especially to be able to take advantage of those idle moments when we are away from home. The problem arises when the source format is not compatible with those supported by the mobile, such as 3GP, for example.

Alcatel 1V, features, price and opinions

The Alcatel 1 series is renewed with the appearance of the Alcatel 1V, a mobile that is characterized by a screen design with little visible frames, a varied group of photographic functions as well as a button exclusively dedicated to the Google Assistant. Here is a list of the specifications in table format that the brand itself has provided us, so that you can get a general idea of ​​what the new entry range offers.Alca

Honor 20 Lite, features, price and opinions

Honor has just officially unveiled the Honor 20i in China, a phone that will eventually arrive in Europe as Honor 20 Lite. The device features a nearly notchless design, with a waterdrop-shaped notch and a large screen that exceeds 6 inches. To all this we must add a triple main camera with Artificial Intelligence functions, an eight-core processor with 4 or 6 GB of RAM, as well as a capacity of up to 256 GB.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2016, simple features with high-end design

The family to which the Samsung Galaxy A3 belongs has been characterized by offering mid-range technical specifications in a very differentiated design with respect to its competition, with almost high-end finishes. Now, the time has come for the renewal of this range, and Samsung has just officially presented the new Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) .

How to access the recovery mode of a Sony Xperia Z5 to solve problems

As with any Android- based device , the Sony Xperia Z5 can also reboot into recovery mode. However, being a new device, the Xperia Z5 comes with another type of configuration, completely different if we compare it with other Xperia smartphones or with other Android phones . The recovery software is hidden by default on the Xperia Z5, therefore it cannot be accessed through the classic menu.

ZTE Blade A602, leaked the new economic mobile from ZTE

A leak about a possible new economic mobile from ZTE has appeared on the network. Its name would be ZTE Blade A602 and, despite its low cost, it would have a metal body and a 5.5-inch screen . But it is not the only thing that has been leaked, since we have been able to see some images, more characteristics and even the price, which would be around 150 euros to change.

How to make your Motorola Moto G go faster

Each and every generation of the Motorola Moto G has caused a great impact among consumers at the time of its launch. Not surprisingly, these are mid-range devices at a really affordable price. In addition, they arrive governed by Android and are usually one of the first devices to get the latest updates.

How to hide photos on an iPhone 7

You may have some photos on your mobile that, for whatever reason, you would not like anyone to see. You may have slightly risque photos, photos of “nonsense for adults” that they send you on WhatsApp and you do not want our children to see, or any other type of photos that you simply would not like someone else to see. If

The old Samsung mobiles will no longer have the Gallery integrated with Facebook

Do you have an old Samsung device? Well, pay attention to this news, because on June 30, old Samsung mobiles will stop integrating Facebook with the Gallery and other applications.Users with a Samsung mobile phone released between 2012 and 2014 will no longer have the opportunity to access Facebook images and information through applications such as Gallery, Calendar or the Information widget , located on the home screen.

English-Spanish Dictionary ”“, free for iPhone is a popular on-line dictionary . This page contains a multitude of bilingual dictionaries of languages . They can be found from English-Spanish to Czech-English. Those who use this page as a regular consultation tool can also find it as an iPhone application .By downloading the English-Spanish Dictionary app , you don't just get this dictionary.

Samsung Galaxy A30s: features, price and opinions

Samsung is taking all the blame about its lazy effort to bring worthwhile handsets into the mid-range too seriously. This year it has presented no less than eight mid-range terminals that would cover prices ranging from 140 euros of the most affordable, the Samsung Galaxy A10, to 580 euros of the Samsung Galaxy A80.

How S Beam works for the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was presented to the general public with a very high technical sheet. Apart from having interesting physical features like Exynos Quad 4 processor with four cores or a screen Super AMOLED 4.8 inch , the Samsung Galaxy S3 stands out greatly by integrating exciting new intelligent features that allow us to enjoy a voice assistant , for example, more powerful data transfer between devices or the transmission of content to larger screens, through different applications that make up and complete the Samsung universe.

Sony SmartWatch 3, with metal strap and a more formal look

The Japanese company Sony has decided to update the design of the Sony SmartWatch 3 ( SWR50 ), a smartwatch with Android Wear operating system that we have been able to test recently. Until now this smartwatch was only available with a silicone strap, but Sony has announced a new metal strap for the Sony SmartWatch 3 .

Everything you can do (and surely you don't know) with your Xiaomi mobile

MIUI is probably one of the most complete customization layers within Android. To this is added the huge number of options available to the phones of the Chinese firm and that generally go unnoticed in the eyes of an inexperienced user. There are many tricks and functionalities that we can carry out on our Xiaomi phone, and this time we have compiled several of the most interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Young, in-depth analysis

It is called Samsung Galaxy Young and it is the new proposal from the Korean firm Samsung for the low-cost line of its catalog. It is part of a new collection of terminals, together with its companion Samsung Galaxy Fame , dedicated especially for the youngest and for those who want to enter the world of smart mobile telephony for the first time.

The funniest congratulations to celebrate 2017 on WhatsApp and Facebook

How is your last day of the year being? Have you already congratulated the year to all your friends, family and relatives? If you haven't done it yet and want to add a bit of humor to the day, you may have to take a look at some of these images that we propose here. They are all funny congratulations, some jokes from great comedians like Forges or Quino (oh, what would we do without our beloved Mafalda) and many other images that you can use to wish yours a happy entrance to the new year that we have around the corner.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite, we have tested it

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite is a phone that arrives to conquer the mid-range in Spain. We are facing a DualSIM smartphone with a large screen (6.3 inches), 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage . And all this for 400 euros.However, the main strength of Huawei's new smartphone is in the cameras: the Chinese brand has opted for the dual camera on both the main lens and the selfie lens .

Aliexpress or Gearbest, which is the cheapest mobile store?

One of the alternatives that the user has to buy a mobile is to go to a conglomerate of Asian online stores . Their most notable advantage is that they are cheaper terminals. By cons, we have some disadvantages. For example, we can find that the ROM installed in the terminal is not the international version; you lack bands to have a complete coverage in your country; the store does not give you a two-year guarantee as it does, by law, in our country; Or if something happens to the mobile, you will have to send it to China and mediate with a seller who barely knows English.

Samsung Galaxy S5 receives a security update

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, this story interests you, because the Samsung company has just launched a security update for all devices that are in Europe. And of course in Spain.The data package in question would be the one that corresponds to the security package that Google launched last February , but in reality, it would be the most recent one that exists for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to get an invitation to buy the OnePlus 2

Yesterday was a day marked by important presentations. The Motorola company unveiled three new members of its catalog. Hours before, OnePlus had presented its expected OnePlus 2 , a team full of news and interesting features. But when and how can we get hold of it? As you know, OnePlus does not follow a typical marketing system.

We compare the Galaxy A8 and A8 + with the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7

Samsung's Galaxy A family is renewed. The Korean company today announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A8 and Samsung Galaxy A8 +. Actually, the new models arrive to replace the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and the A7 2017. But Samsung has not wanted to wait for 2018. Among its novelties we have a frameless design, more power and a double front camera.

Samsung Galaxy Fame, in-depth analysis

The Samsung Galaxy Fame climbs a step a bit above its companion, the Samsung Galaxy Young , presented in one go by the Korean firm Samsung . It is, as you will see, a smart mobile phone with a touch screen, designed for an audience that still prefers to opt for more basic range devices. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Fame is the perfect candidate for those users who want to renew their mobile phone to launch into the world of smart mobile telephony , but who want to do it with reservations, touching with their feet on the ground to get a powerful but economic.

Sony solucionará pronto el apagón espontáneo de algunos Sony Xperia Z

Algunos usuarios del Sony Xperia Z han experimentado problemas con su terminal recientemente. Los foros de la propia compañí­a Sony Mobile se han llenado en las últimas semanas de mensajes que indicaban que el funcionamiento de su dispositivo no era del todo normal. Según parece, un grupo reducido de usuarios ha visto como su  Sony Xperia Z se apagaba de repente mientras estaba funcionando de manera aparentemente normal. Algu

The Moto G4 and G4 Plus are updated to Android 7 Nougat

Motorola (now owned by Lenovo) is a firm that usually updates its devices soon, especially if we talk about its flagship smartphones. In this case, it has also put a lot of pampering on its mid-range devices. The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus . These devices are beginning to receive the update to the most recent version of Android in our country and in Mexico.

Update to iOS 9.2.1 begins

If you have an iPhone or iPad, this news interests you. And it is that the Apple company has just launched the update to iOS 9.2.1 for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . The data pack arrives just after the heavy month, the beta version was released. After testing, the update has started rolling out on all devices .

Lenovo S5 Pro, features, price and opinions

The Lenovo S5 Pro is the company's latest bet for the upper-middle range. The terminal includes some of the most prominent features of the moment, including four sensors (two located on the front and two on the rear). This model offers a streamlined design, with hardly the presence of frames, with notch or notch.

How to improve the GPS signal of an Android phone

Many of us decided long ago not to invest in a GPS navigator. For what, if the one that comes with our Android phone, also known as Maps, is enough for us. Although, to tell the truth, there are times when it is not as fine as we would like. We get in the car, we start it and it is difficult for him to catch the signal.

Here's what the LG K50's dual camera can do

There are two clear trends in the mobile world. On the one hand, high-end models are becoming more expensive and powerful. And on the other hand, mid-range and even low-range mobiles become more complete and beautiful, with designs that have little to envy those with higher prices without spending a lot of money.

The update to Android 9 begins for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus? Good news, the company is already rolling out the final Android 9.0 Pie update for these devices . The two models had been in beta for a few weeks, where they could already update, but in a not very stable test version. Now, and after receiving the update from its older brothers, this device can now enjoy the latest version of Android.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, analysis, price and opinions

Samsung  has renewed its mid-range Galaxy A for 2017. The Samsung Galaxy A7 2017, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2017  improve in several aspects to their predecessors of 2016, with redesign, new finishes and improvements in their hardware that will make these terminals, without a doubt, an option to keep in mind if we want to change mobile phones in this year that we have just released.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 receives an update with improvements

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is receiving a security update that includes some improvements. The weight of this update package is low, 51 MB . The new update is coming to devices via FOTA (firmaware over the air). This means that it will not be necessary to have the use of cables to enjoy it. The normal thing is that the user receives a pop-up message on the screen of her device advising her.

Huawei Ascend Y330

The Chinese company Huawei also has an important collection of devices intended for a basic range. The Huawei Ascend Y330 is an affordable proposal for all budgets that will especially appeal to those users who are willing to renew their old phone with an economical proposal. Huawei's new device is very colorful, in five different colors: white, black, yellow, pink and blue .

5 apps that come standard with the ZTE Axon Mini

The ZTE Axon Mini's software is quite nice. In it there are hardly any weird applications or an ornate appearance as it happened with other Chinese phones. The  layer customization of Mi-assistnat is subtle and uncluttered  despite the background have opted for simple lines and basic applications.

How to update the Nokia Asha 303

The Nokia Asha have become a family with tradition within the field of low-cost smartphones . With the permission of the prestigious Lumia , the Finnish company Nokia has managed to put Asha devices at the forefront. All the pieces in its catalog are simple, but they are sufficiently equipped so that the user can fully enjoy the connectivity , but also new and interesting applications.

Five key points of the Nokia Asha 311

Since the first units were introduced, the Asha family has not stopped growing. The Nokia Asha 311 is, in fact, one of the best-selling phones in the Finnish catalog. Not surprisingly, it boasts a couple of very important features: on the one hand is its price . It is an affordable phone , suitable for all audiences.

Size and measurements of the iPhone 5 screen in a video

The iPhone 5 could be just around the corner, but the truth is that at this point we still do not have accurate and official data that can tell us the right moment when the official presentation of the device by Apple will take place . In any case, rumors continue to spread everywhere and in fact, at this point we have other information related to the size of the iPhone 5 screen .

Customize your WhatsApp like never before thanks to this mod

The enormous popularity of WhatsApp has seen the application constantly receive a lot of improvements from the modder community. One of these improvements, or rather modification, that is giving a lot to talk about is Fouad WhatsApp.It is a mod for Android systems with which we can expand the customization possibilities of the app .

Nokia 2, features, price and opinions

This has been a great year for Nokia. The company has once again been the center of attention thanks to Android and its new Nokia 8. A high-end phone with dual cameras and Carl Zeiss optics. After going down a few steps with the Nokia 6.5 and 3, now it surprises again with a device that is positioned in a lower range.

Alcatel 5V, analysis, price and opinions

The new Alcatel 5V hits the market to become the brand's flagship terminal at a moderate price: 230 euros in Spain . It can be purchased from August.It is a mid-range mobile with an attractive design and a large  Full View  borderless screen –with notch– in 19: 9 format . It also stands out for its camera with artificial intelligence.Belo

Sony Xperia Z2 camera apps moved to other models

After weeks of rumors and speculation, last Monday 24 Sony finally officially announced its new flagship. Neither Sony Sirius, nor Sony D6503, the device they announced was the Sony Xperia Z2 and, as rumor has already advanced, it has very advanced features such as 4K video recording. The truth is that the number of leaks in recent months did not leave room for surprise and the Xperia Z2 was meeting expectations, almost point by point.

Huawei P Smart Z, features, price and opinions

Thus, without prior notice, and without a prior official statement, the new Huawei P Smart Z has appeared on the Amazon Italy page. The first thing that stands out is that we are facing a new member of the P Smart family, that is, a new  mid-range terminal . But not just any one, but what is possibly one of the best mid-range references in value for money of this 2019But beyond its name, this appearance on Amazon confirms a good handful of data about the terminal, from its technical section to its price, which will be around 280 euros .

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a range of three days

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled just over two weeks ago. In the first performance tests or benchmarks its results were frankly good. So much so that the Samsung Galaxy S4 far surpassed the iPhone 5 , doubling the final score obtained. The European version of the phone will be presented to the market equipped with an eight-core Exynos Octa processor , with a potential never seen in our territory.

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery problems are Google's responsibility

Have you noticed that your Samsung Galaxy S6 , shiny and fresh out of the box, has little autonomy? After its launch, the experience of users around the world has been mixed. On the one hand, there are those who experience a more than remarkable duration , a full day at full capacity. On the other hand, those who cannot enjoy their new equipment for more than two hours .

Folding mobiles: what's already in stores and what's to come

Folding phones around here. Folding mobiles over there. The Mobile World Congress was marked by the presentation of a multitude of mobile phones with flexible screens; In the article we just linked, we made a list of all of them.Almost nine months later, the truth is that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the only phone that has hit the market.

LG Secret - Thoroughly

In the end, the third model in the LG Black Label series had a very simple name: LG Secret . It is LG's new bet on sophisticated design mobiles , after the successful Chocolate and Shine . A very slim model ( 12 mm thick ) and with a sliding screen , with two fundamental variations compared to its predecessors: it incorporates an ambitious camera and, as is becoming more and more common, touch control details .

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, prices and rates with Movistar

The Korean firm Samsung unveiled a new edition of its flagship phablet , the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a few weeks ago . With the arrival of this advanced smartphone , the most professional users already have the most prepared version of this flagship team at their fingertips. So much so, that for a few days they can already buy it in Spain , both in the free market and with the main operators in the country.

Huawei Ascend P6

The Huawei Ascend P6 is the new smartphone star of Huawei . The Chinese company will launch what is so far the thinnest device on the market, just 6 millimeters thick . Its screen will be a considerable size of 4.7 inches , close to the size of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Another aspect that stands out compared to other smartphones is the quality of its front camera, with a powerful 5 megapixel resolution .

The 10 best-selling mobiles in Spain in 2016

Kantar has published this morning a study in which it shows the best-selling mobile brands and models in Spain during 2016. As you can imagine, at the brand level, Samsung continues to be in the first position. But what happens if we look at the individual level? As it turns out, the best-selling mobile in Spain in 2016 was the Huawei P8 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Leaked Images and Features

It is called Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and it could become the next generation of the legendary Samsung Galaxy S Duos , an Android mobile phone that is positioned in the most basic division of the Samsung catalog . The Korean company would plan to unveil this new smartphone shortly, so we already have some images of the model and part of its technical characteristics on the table.

How to update the iPhone 4S software

Many iPhone users are true connoisseurs of everything that involves having a smartphone in their hands. So much so, that the vast majority have their device up-to-date with relevant updates and skillfully manage any new applications that Apple allows them to integrate. And the truth is that it is not that difficult either.

Meizu 16Xs, features, price and opinions

Meizu has just unveiled a new phone for the mid-range that it has dubbed the Meizu 16Xs. The new device follows in the wake of the Meizu 16X announced last September, although it has improved on its predecessor in some characteristics. This new model now comes with a larger 6.2-inch screen, a triple camera and more battery (4,000n mAh with fast charge).

5 offers to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge now

Within months of a mobile reaching the market, its price can drop a few hundred euros. And if we talk about terminals a year ago, things improve ostensibly. In the first case, for example, we have terminals like the Samsung Galaxy A5 from 2017. At the time of its launch, it cost more than 400 euros. Now it can be found on Amazon for just over 300 euros.

Nokia Asha 300, in-depth analysis

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting mobile phones in the Asha family . We say this because the Nokia Asha 300 has technical features up to the task, a little more advanced than other devices in the same range . In this way, the Nokia Asha 300 could be one of the favorites for the Spanish market.

Everything we know about the Lenovo K7 Note

Lenovo is about to unveil one of its most anticipated releases . We refer to the Lenovo K7 Note, a smartphone that has just poked its paw on Lenovo Mobile's Facebook page in India.What they have posted is a video ad to remind us that their debut is just around the corner. In this appears the hashtag #KillerNote .

When will the Android 7.0 update arrive on my mobile?

Information updated to 03/05/2017The update to Android 7.0 Nougat has been available for a few weeks now, but the truth is that manufacturers are taking their time to implement it. So much so, that there are not a few terminals that are still on the waiting list , despite the fact that their manufacturers have announced that they are compatible with the version.

Nokia 2.2, features, price and opinions

As planned, HDM Global has officially announced the Nokia 2.2, an input terminal that comes to succeed the Nokia 2.1 that we already met last year. The new model sports a design that is far from that of its predecessor, with a front with hardly any frames and a notch in the shape of a drop of water. Its rear part, built in glass, is quite simple and only houses the main camera and the company's seal plus the Android One brand.

Alcatel POP 2 4.5

Alcatel has released a new family of mid-range smartphones at the CES fair. They are the  Alcatel Pop 2 , simple equipment, with a design of very colorful interchangeable shells and very complete technical profiles. The model that concerns us in this analysis is the  Alcatel Pop 2 4.5, which is the intermediate one since it has a 4.

Huawei P Smart 2019: is it still the king of the entry range?

The original Huawei P Smart was the best-selling mobile phone in Spain during 2018 , according to data from the GFK consultancy. A year later, the Chinese company launched its renewal, the Huawei P Smart 2019, along with two terminals of the same range, the P Smart Plus 2019 and the P Smart Z. The terminal in question came to fill some of the shortcomings presented by the original model, as is the design, the processor and the internal memory.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 receives February security update

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016? Well, get going, because the Samsung company has just launched what would be the February security update , a data package that you should install as soon as possible, once it reaches your mobile phone.The update itself is being rolled out in Europe progressively (as is usual with most updates), so that the data package should arrive in our country from one moment to the next .

Are so many megapixels necessary in a mobile? We do the test

If until a few years ago the technological war came from the hand of the gigahertz of the processors, today the battle comes from the hand of the megapixels, with figures that take us up to 21, 48, 64 and even 108 megapixels in the case of the last Xiaomi launched on the market. We have had the opportunity to test the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, a terminal that uses a sensor signed by Samsung of no less than 64 megapixels .

Orange Bic Phone ”“ Thoroughly

Put a mobile within the reach of anyone , at any time, without contracts or ties, cheap and ready to call as we take it out of the box. That is the concept behind the Bic Phone , a phone that at first glance seems “disposable” , but which, in reality, can be used as many times as we want. The fact is that the operator Orange has successfully marketed it in France and, as of July, it will also be sold here .The

Alcatel Idol 4 Plus, first contact

The French company Alcatel has arrived at the Mobile World Congress , the most important mobile fair of the year held in Barcelona , with a new face and new devices. Thus, your branding is now simplified, as is your logo , and you forget the Onetouch surname . But what is really interesting is its new flagship, the Alcatel Idol 4 Plus , which arrives to present an update of the Idol family focused on leisure and entertainment with a 5.