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Beware of the number 912041600: it is a spam call

Since the last few weeks there have not been precisely a few users who have reported calls from the number 912041600. If we attend the prefix 912 that precedes the telephone, the origin of the call takes us to the Community of Madrid. As it is a national number without a payment prefix, the doubt lies in the origin of the phone.

Why can't you go to Roja Directa or Intergoles to watch football anymore

Today the Spanish Justice has dealt a hard blow to the pages that replicate football broadcasts without the express consent of the rights holders. According to CincoDías, the Economics section of El País, a Madrid commercial court has ruled in favor of Telefónica Audiovisual Digital in a lawsuit filed against Internet operators and providers to identify and block access to a list of websites that until now offered - and they offer - pirated content. Fa

5 reasons to buy on Wish and another five to distrust this website

It is the Amazon of shopping in China. It's called Wish and it sure sounds familiar to you , because in the last year it has become very fashionable. The store has the peculiarity of having an infinity of articles. You have, in fact, thousands and thousands of products at your disposal. From ball gowns for your dog, to colored false nails, to clothing, mobile phone cases or lipsticks.

Cómo descargar vídeos de Vimeo sin usar programas

YouTube es la plataforma reina para consumir vídeos, pero no es la única. En Internet podemos encontrar muchos otros portales en los que poder ver los vídeos más interesantes y divertidos, además de mucho contenido educativo. Vimeo es una de las principales alternativas a YouTube, hoy te explicamos cómo puedes descargar vídeos desde esta plataforma sin usar programas.Lo que

How to know what computer model I have

Technical queries, updates, mere curiosity ... There are many reasons why sooner or later we will want to know the model of our computer. And if we don't have the box located (or the last time we saw it it was on the way to the landfill) and the name is not specified somewhere on the case, finding our specific model can be a real headache.

Solution to Windows 10 Bad System Config Info error

One of the most common Windows 10 errors is the famous Windows 10 Bad System Config Info . Generally, this error appears on our computer or PC after installing a Windows update, as we saw a few months ago. The problem with it is that, unlike other similar errors, it does not allow us to enter the system even if we access the safe mode of Windows 10.

This is the meaning of Sco pa tu manaa, the latest Twitter viral

"Sco pa tu manaa", sco tu pa manaa "," sco for your mana "... The new Twitter viral has as many meanings as forms of expression. As happened a few months ago with the Ontas meme, the latest viral is crossing the language barrier, and today its use extends even to the English-speaking public. But what is the meaning of Sco pa tu manaa and why is it becoming so popular?

10 printable 2017 calendar templates

A new year begins. 365 days that we must fill with our decisions, our plans, our experiences. A blank year that opens in front of us like a new sheet of paper, like a virgin ground on which to place the seeds of experience, watering them day by day with the water of affection, perseverance and discipline.

20 free school timetable templates in Excel

September is the month to return to work, to school or to the institute, to adapt to the schedules of the new annual routine, and to debate again whether to say "September" or "September". Good organization is key so you don't get overwhelmed with the transition from vacation to daily duty. In the case of the school year, this is especially important.

What is SkyDrive and how to use it

SkyDrive is the service online storage from Microsoft that competes with rivals like Dropbox . The concept of this type of service is simple: to have a kind of hard disk on the network where you can store files such as documents and photos and access them from any computer with an Internet connection . vs Gmail, the new Hotmail vs Google mail

Microsoft has decided to revamp its Hotmail platform and make it . The new platform has brought a quite evident change in the design (the new is very close to the aspect of Windows 8 apps ) and promises to incorporate some important updates, such as the possibility of making calls through Skype from the mail tray.

The funniest GIFs to celebrate the arrival of the Magi

The Three Kings are coming, the Three Kings are coming, with a GIF under their arms. Or wasn't the Christmas carol like that? It does not matter because we do bring you a good gift from kings: the best GIFs to celebrate this day and share them on WhatsApp , for example. A good way to remember those people you love or with whom you should have a detail, even when you are far away.

10 memes to wish Happy New Year 2017 by WhatsApp

While we are living the last minutes of 2016, it is time to review what the last 12 months have been. But above all, they are also days of family, of friends that you have not seen for a long time and it is even the perfect opportunity to recover those friendships that have gone to the background in recent years.

Ono email closes, how to pass emails to Gmail or Outlook

Ono's mail closes. Vodafone has decided to suspend this email service and you will soon no longer be able to access the domain through the platform . Fortunately, there is an option to be able to forward all emails from Ono's webmail to another mail server, such as Gmail or Outlook. So you can do it.

TomTom leaves your old navigators without new maps

TomTom has confirmed that its older navigators will not be updated to include the new versions of the maps. At a time when  Google Maps and other navigators seem to have completely invaded the market , owners of old TomTom  devices  will have to find new options, keep their navigators with maps that are out of date, or renew their TomTom devices   taking advantage of the replacement discounts that the company will apply to those affected.

This is how works, the portal to download movies and series

First it was SeriesYonkis and later . And now we have another space where series lovers can find links that redirect to content stored online on third-party websites and other pages for downloading content.If you still do not know him, his name is and is creating a reputation as the great new favorite spot for fans of the series and movies .

Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet: go, fence, berry or balla?

Go or go? Oops or berry? Balla or fence? Although due to their graphic and phonic resemblance they may seem similar words, the truth is that their meaning has nothing to do with each other, as well as above all and above all. To this day, there are not a few users who hesitate when using the verb to go in the present of the subjunctive or the synonym of close.

How to check the 2014 income refund

Since last April 7, Spanish taxpayers have the opportunity to download the draft of the 2014 Income to present the return of last year, which is the one that corresponds now to 2015. There is time until June 30 , with the possibility to present it in a practical and fast way through the Internet, without the need to queue at the Tax Agency offices and to go up and down with paperwork.

What is “ontas” and why is it going viral on Twitter

Ontas, Onta, Ontoy and other variants of the happy word are reaching popularity shares comparable even to those of the 10 Years Challenge on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. The word in question has its origin in Mexico, and its recent popularization has more to do with an anecdotal fact than with its use by the Mexican people.

The eight most common cybercrimes

The Internet is a fundamental tool for human beings today. Business, communication, even our social life revolves around the screen of the computer, smartphone or tablet. It seems like a utopia to think of a world without the Internet, but its success has also attracted a huge number of criminals who want to take advantage of this platform to make their fortune.

Ethernet cables - all types, categories, and maximum speed

Despite the fact that WiFi networks are gradually replacing traditional Ethernet cables (better known as RJ45, RJ-45 or RJ 45 cables), the truth is that currently it is still the best measure to enjoy 100% of the connection hired. Internet speed is one of the most important aspects when opting for a cable of this type over wireless connections.

NM Card, what is it, how much does it cost and where to find it

NM Cards have come to replace the classic microSD or at least that's what Huawei thinks , as it has been one of the first companies to adopt this new removable storage format. It may be the first and last if we take into account that it is a proprietary standard of the Asian firm. Currently high-end smartphones compatible with removable storage can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

How to make your Windows 7 computer run faster

If you want to get the most out of your Windows 7 computer, you just have to follow a series of steps. One option is the installation of a series of programs, but we propose something more manual.The first thing you should do is click the Equipment icon with the right button. Next, press the Properties panel , it is the last of the list that appears.

Muzo, the crowdfunding cone of silence smells like deception

The idea of Muzo , to say the least, is attractive. It is a device that promises to eliminate street noise, ensuring a full rest . Its financing has been through crowfunding, exceeding the initial amount by 500% (almost two million euros on Indiegogo and more than half a million on Kickstarter). The problem is, right now, it  smells like deception .

How to congratulate the new year 2017 by WhatsApp

We face the last day of the year and we do not do it unemployed. Nothing is further from reality. We have a lot of tasks to finish : preparing New Year's Eve dinner , putting on a red garment, peeling the grapes and of course, sending the usual congratulations on WhatsApp . Before we used SMS, but with the WhatsApp application our range of possibilities is much wider.

Schedule and how to watch Real Madrid Barcelona League online

An exciting soccer Sunday awaits us. The claw, the emotion and the nerves are presented at the Bernabéu waiting for good football to also accompany him. Because, make no mistake, the classics between Real Madrid and Barcelona are always full of intensity, but sometimes the show is left aside . What is undoubted is that we are facing a game that can leave many headlines and that arouses the interest of half the world.

YouTube to MP3, 10 online tools to convert videos into music

"The best youtube to mp3 converter", "youtube mp3 converters", "youtube music converter" ... Dozens of similar searches are currently trending in the Google search engine. Websites to convert YouTube videos to MP3 are all the rage. And it is that until very recently we had to resort to specific programs to carry out said conversion or acquire the paid version of YouTube, YouTube Premium.

2018 holiday calendar, 100+ templates to download and print

Organizing vacations is not an easy thing. Not at the office, not at home. This is why calendars are so important . Through this tool we have the possibility to add all our vacation days and compare them with those of our work colleagues and family.In this way, we organize ourselves better. And we always keep in mind - or rather, on paper or digital - our days off and those of our colleagues.

73 CMD commands to get the most out of Windows 10

The Windows 10 CMD, better known as Command Machine or Command Prompt, is a program integrated into Windows whose possibilities allow us to interact with the different functions of the system. From accessing folders or creating files to fixing external hard drives and SD cards . All this through CMD commands, which must be accompanied, as a general rule, by a series of arguments.

GIFs, memes and funny messages to celebrate the arrival of the Magi

The Magi are coming loaded with incense, gold and memes. Yes, memes too. Because it is time to close Christmas and we better do it with a smile on our faces and a few congratulations on WhatsApp. A good way to look good, have a good time and remember the people you love the most these days. And best of all, all the dirty work is done by us.

1GB vs 1Gb or why your 1TB hard drive doesn't have 1,000GB

If we ignore the scandal specifications and the mileage figures that different telephone and computer manufacturers usually accustom us to, the bit is the most basic unit of information if we talk about digital devices. When speaking of a binary system (or and 1), a bit is the unit that contains two possible combinations of numbers, and a byte is the set of 8 bits whose figure can hold up to 256 possible combinations of 0 and 1 (that is, 2 raised to 8).

This is what happens on Twitter with the youtuber JPelirrojo and his master

In the middle of last week, the networks caught fire with two words that were repeated in all cases: JP red-haired swindler . Apparently, the well-known youtuber and musician had launched a private master's degree where “they would teach the keys to succeed in life and give the best of themselves” through “experiences that have made me a better person”, in the words of the protagonist. Master

Crash or hack? ING Direct does not open in the app or in the browser

If for a while you have tried to enter ING Direct both from the app and from the web, you have probably come across a strange message. Very strange. Everything indicates that the service of the Dutch bank is down, but the error that the website throws leaves doubts as to whether it could be a hack. Be that as it may, we will tell you what we know so far about this fall that is leaving thousands of users unable to access the mobile application or its website.

The funniest memes of Father's Day to share on WhatsApp

Do you want to celebrate Father's Day in a more fun way? One of the best options, especially if you are serving confinement and cannot leave, is to send a funny WhatsApp message to your father. Here we review the funniest memes of Father's Day to share through WhatsApp.How can I send these memes on WhatsApp?

Airbnb and HomeAway, main differences

The time of the holidays is coming and looking for hotels to visit urban or paradisiacal tourist areas is not always within everyone 's reach . For this reason that of collaborative consumption is increasingly practiced , offering wine from private users to others through barter or for a price somewhat more adjusted than the usual hotels .

DGT 2020 fees: price list for each car procedure

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has started the year 2020 by renewing the rates of the different permits that citizens must obtain. For each procedure of the car there is a specific price that must be paid. Next, we are going to offer you a list of the DGT 2020 rates so that you are not caught off guard.

Is it reliable to buy from Sharazon? 6 reasons it's not safe

15-inch MacBook Pro at 1,500 euros, iPhone 11 Pro Max of 512 GB at less than 700 or iPad at only 200 euros. These are some of the most outstanding offers that we can currently find on the Sharazon website. Since the launch of the platform earlier this year, celebrities such as Omar Montes, Rafa Mora or El Cejas have promoted a multitude of offers related to the aforementioned electronic products sales portal.

10 examples of the progress that virtual reality is having

Virtual reality, called VR in Shakespeare's language, has come to the world to stay. Although at present its use is not very widespread due to the high price of most specialized glasses, the truth is that its uses are numerous beyond the consumption of games on console and computer. Medical, educational and even psychology uses.

Is it profitable to mine Bitcoins in Spain?

The eternal doubt. Since the popularization of cryptocurrencies back in 2013, the profitability of mining Bitcoin and other less popular cryptocurrencies has been called into question due to the high cost that this entails. Over the years and the evolution of the different cryptocurrencies, the difference between cost of production and gross profit has been expanding even further.

How to watch Eurovision 2019 online and the clips of all the songs

Last year a girl who played the chicken won Eurovision. And it is the country of that winner, Israel, which this year hosts the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 . This will take place between today, May 14, and until Saturday 18, just when the grand final will take place.The Israel Palace of Fairs & Tel Aviv Convention Center will host the great meeting, in which, as is tradition, Spain will also compete with its own candidate.

This is the meaning of Bomboclaat, the new Twitter buzzword

First it was 'ontas', then it was 'sco pa tu mana' and now it's 'bomboclaat'. The new Twitter buzzword, also accepted as bomboclat , has arrived in the form of a drum roll, and at this time there are not a few users of the aforementioned social network who have joined the news. Many others wonder  what is bomboclat, what is the meaning of bomboclaat or what does bomboclat mean in Spanish .

Is it true that WhatsApp will charge you a penny per message?

Again with the same thing. Your aunt, your mother and your brother-in-law send you the same WhatsApp message alerted by what it says. WhatsApp is going to be paid! And they are not willing to pay a penny per message as that message that they have forwarded to them assures them. So do not hesitate to copy, paste and forward it to up to 10 different people to avoid such a fee.

Translate One2One, a translator headset that translates into 8 languages ​​in real time

In an increasingly globalized world, the application of technology to instant translation has become one of the great demands of the public. Both for leisure and work, the different products that have been presented free the user from having to know different languages when traveling the world.One of those that we got to know during 2017 was Translate One2One, from the Australian company Lingmo International.

Memes, GIFs and congratulations to celebrate a happy new year 2020

The new year 2020 is here . You better get all the memes, GIFs and congratulations to have on hand on New Years Eve and New Years. If you will not look bad with your family and friends, and starting the new year on the wrong foot does not bode well at all. Also, what does it cost you to remember your friends, family and co-workers?

How to turn your computer into an arcade game machine

If you are over thirty, this tutorial is designed for you. If, above, names like 'Golden Ax', 'Toki,' Snow Bros' or 'Cadillac & Dinosaurs' sound familiar to you, you should stay and read it until the end. How many 5 hard coins have we spent in arcade machines in lounges and bars? We weren't sure if we should be inside the bar, but the siren songs of fantastic worlds, dragons, street fighters and tokens that fell from the void attracted us like honey to flies.

WhatsApp crash, messaging service not working

Are you having problems with WhatsApp? Messages not reaching you? Can't send anything to your friends and family? You are not the only one. We have detected that the well-known messaging application is having problems . As we have seen, users have problems accessing the service and also sending and receiving messages.

The most hilarious GIFs to celebrate the New Year 2020 on WhatsApp

Every year the same. And it is over. Yes, the year is over and another begins and begins again with the usual routine. Congratulations, good wishes, the list of resolutions for the year ... As good animals of customs and traditions, we always repeat the same acts, year after year, with the same objective: to wish everyone (and us) the best of luck, May all of our dreams and all that set of set phrases with which we usually adorn these days come true next year.

The 8 best technological advances that will arrive in 2015

The 2014 has been a very good year in terms of technological advances : we could see larger iPhones , TVs with curved screen and better  wearables . However, it seems that 2015 will be even better and the average Techradar has made a compilation with the best technologies to come in the next 365 days .

How to share files and folders via Dropbox

One of the unquestionable advantages of cloud storage services is the ability to access files and documents from any computer with an Internet connection. Another is that you can do without having countless copies on various computers with revisions and modifications of work documents, or that you are not limited to the storage capacity of the email to share photos or videos or whatever you want with whoever you want.

The best memes of Tuesday 13 to share on WhatsApp

Tuesday the 13th is here with all its bad luck. For the most superstitious, Tuesday the 13th is the least lucky day of the year, which does not mean that we cannot have a laugh. Phrases, images, videos and memes of Tuesday the 13th are some of the ways to spend what is supposed to be the worst day to leave home, travel by boat or get married.

10 memes to congratulate International Women's Day on WhatsApp

Today is March 8, International Women's Day. This day commemorates the struggle of women for equality, for their achievements and for their efforts to achieve the same rights as men. Although every day should be Women's Day, today is a key date for all those who have fought, and continue to fight for their rights.

What is and how do you fill out the Tax Form 390 for self-employed

Tax form 390 is the annual VAT return of the self-employed , and it works as a summary of all the amounts of VAT paid and VAT invoiced for the year.Below we will tell you step by step what the 390 model consists of , which freelancers are required to present it, what are the deadlines and how to fill in its different boxes and sections.

The group buys

The kings of classified ads in Spain have long ceased to be general information newspapers, for which it was a big business. In the 90s, the well-known newspaper “classifieds” Second Hand was gaining market share among those who were looking for a television, a car or a tennis racket at reasonable prices and also for those who wanted to be the first to locate the best house to buy or rent. If

The funniest memes to celebrate Mother's Day on WhatsApp

Mother's Day is coming Are you looking for memes to share on social media? Look no further, in Tuerxperto we have compiled the best and funniest images to celebrate this May 5 as it deserves, with humor, a lot of humor. You can share these characteristic memes with your family, friends or mothers.How can I share a meme on WhatsApp?

How to download the draft of Income 2014 without digital certificate

Did you know that from this week you have the opportunity to download the draft of the 2014 Income? As you read it. The campaign began last Tuesday, April 7 , so since then, you have all your tax data at your disposal to check what information the Tax Agency has about you and complete or modify it in accordance with what is known to you.

10 YouTube channels to learn to play piano

Learning to play a musical instrument usually appears in some of the life goals of certain people, especially those with artistic aspirations. Among them we find some that are easier to play, for example the ukulele, than others, which require years and years of practice, such as the piano. However, if you want to learn the basics and even perfect your technique over time, you can do so thanks to YouTube.

How to synchronize your WhatsApp conversations with WhatsApp Web

Last year WhatsApp launched the web version so that its users could send messages to their contacts in a more comfortable way through the computer. The service is available for Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, three of the most popular browsers. The web client is simply an extension of the phone, that is, we have the same conversations and messages as on the mobile device.

Motorola Moto G7 Power, great autonomy with 5000mAh battery

Motorola has officially presented its entire new range of Moto G devices. They are led by the Motorola Moto G7 Plus, followed by the Moto G7, behind the Moto G7 Play and the one that interests us the Moto G7 Power. This terminal stands out for its great autonomy that is given by the capacity of its battery .

Tricks for Windows 8, how to create a direct button to shut down the system

If you have just bought a computer or a tablet with the Windows 8 operating system , you are probably facing more than one headache to find out how the system shuts down. With the Windows 8.1 update , we can access this function directly from the desktop more easily thanks to the Windows button, but it is still a far-fetched way to access a basic function on any computer.

Do I have to declare my online sports bets to the Treasury?

The deadline for filing the 2019 Income Declaration has already been opened and there are many doubts from taxpayers related to the activities to be declared. One of the most common has to do with online betting. "Declare sports bets of 2019", "percentage of the Treasury in sports bets of 2018" or "taxation of sports bets of 2018" are some of the search terms related to this type of activity.

7 tricks to get the most out of your Xiaomi TV Mi Box

One of the options to take into account to have Android TV on our television is to acquire a Xiaomi brand TV Box. Specifically, we are talking about the Xiaomi TV Box S, a small device with very simple installation that, connected to our television, provides us with a multitude of Android applications to watch streaming content, in addition to incorporating Google's Chromecast.

Facebook tries to put GIFs in the comments

Facebook also wants to jump on the animated GIF bandwagon . The social network is testing the option to add animated GIFs in the comments section.If you are a fan of GIFs, you will know that this is nothing new on Facebook. In fact, we can use GIFs on this social network since 2015. And the GIF phenomenon is present everywhere.

A new scam with free Vueling tickets on WhatsApp

If you have received a message like this , do not think that it is your lucky day, you could be the victim of a scam . A message that reads “2 free Vueling tickets . They are celebrating their anniversary and there is a limited quantity. I already have it ”, along with a photo of two juicy plane tickets complete the farce. Do

How much does it cost now to call from your mobile in Europe

Spaniards, roaming in Europe is over. Or, at least, that is what the MEPs are selling us, who have (supposedly) managed to end the extra cost that calls in Europe had until now as soon as we approached the border. But with the mess of changing rates, some still wonder - and rightly - how much it costs to call from your mobile in Europe .

Traffic Ticket, how to identify the driver of the vehicle online

When a vehicle commits an offense , the first thing the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) does is ask for the driver's identification , especially when the complaint has been made through a photo when the car passed in front of a radar. The fact is that at that time, if the owner of the vehicle (which is to be included as first fined) was not who was carrying the car , have a time period in which will identify the driver of the vehicle for which the penalty is executed on the real deceased.

The best memes that Rajoy has left during his presidency of the Popular Party

Mariano Rajoy has just left the presidency of the Popular Party, after being dismissed from the presidency of the government. This time without plasma, he has announced in front of the National Executive Committee of his party that he is leaving his post, something that will be the best for the party, for Spain and for himself, as he has confessed during his speech.

20 World Cup 2018 calendars to download and print

The World Cup in Russia is here. The Soccer World Cup will start tomorrow with a bit of a rush for the Spanish team. Just a few minutes ago, the decision of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to dispense with Julen Lopetegui for his signing with Real Madrid was just announced .This decisive move, 48 hours after the debut of the Spanish National Team, could greatly condition La Roja's participation in the 2018 World Cup in Russia .

The ten funniest memes to congratulate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

Valentine's Day is already around the corner. A date on the calendar for romantics , as long as they have a partner. Whether you believe in the power of this celebration or consider it an invention of the shopping centers, Valentine's Day is an excellent excuse (like any other) to remind the people that you want you to be there and that they are important to you.

Beware of fake MediaMarkt SMS: it's a scam

Have you received an alleged SMS from MediaMarkt in recent days congratulating you on winning a contest in which you have not participated? A message through WhatsApp showing how to win a free iPhone 11 Pro Max? Most likely it is a scam . This has been confirmed by the chain itself recently on its official Twitter account.

How to import your Spotify playlists to another account

One of the things that causes the biggest headaches when changing accounts on Spotify or directly switching to another online music service, is how to export all those wonderful playlists that have taken us so much time and love. create. But like everything else, this also has a solution and is much simpler than it seems, which we are going to tell you about in detail in this article.

Redmi 7; features, price and opinions

Just a few weeks ago we brought you our impressions of the Redmi Note 7, a mid-range terminal where the specifications-price ratio was more than achieved. Today Redmi surprises us with a terminal intended for the low-end or, from the outset, the Redmi 7. Let's see if this terminal manages to perform in the same way as its older brother .

The best GIFs and memes of The Simpsons

The best GIFs and memes of The SimpsonsIf there is an international day for almost everything, how could we live without World Simpsons Day ? We really couldn't. So when we received the petition to institutionalize that day through, we could only sign. The rest was up to Fox, the American network that launched for the first time, 30 years ago, the first chapter of cartoonist Matt Groening.

Hotmail Outlook mail not working, login problems

Outlook, Microsoft's email service formerly called Hotmail, is not working properly. Users have reported login failures with a 401 error. The reports began early this morning in Spain. But yesterday the service did not work in other parts of the world either. In Spain, 57 percent of users who have reported the fall through the Downdetector.

Calendar 2012 - 2013 to print and download with these templates

The end of the holidays is coming and no one should start their working day without having their personal and professional life organized. At we want to help you, so we are going to propose you a whole series of calendars so that you can organize your tasks and events for the remainder of 2012 and next 2013 ., find out how many sugar cubes are in what you eat

Surely many times you have heard the expression "you are what you eat . " Well, a web page, called , what it has done is to collect the amount of sugar that different foods have. Something that will help us to know how many lumps of sugar we consume with each product and above all, the final sum that it would give us each day.

7 tricks to take better photos with the iPhone 7

Since it saw the light in September, the iPhone 7 , as expected, is giving a lot to talk about. There are many features that place this terminal at the top of the market range but there is one that stands out especially: its camera. And it is that, Apple has notably improved in the photographic section in its new terminals.

Top 10 Most Streamed Spotify Love Songs

Love may be the main character in the vast majority of songs we listen to. And, on the contrary, music stars in many loving moments in which we participate, whether during a romantic dinner, when dinner is passed to dessert or, simply, when one is a little heartbroken and is dedicated to inflicting damage himself, selecting the saddest songs in the world.

The new IKEA 2020 online catalog is now available

Going back to school wouldn't be going back to school if we didn't have a whole IKEA catalog before us . Having made it through practically the entire summer by now, now is the time to prepare to return to your routines. And if we can do it by redecorating our house for little money, all the better.The new edition of the IKEA 2020 catalog arrives punctually on August 25, 2019 , as every year, with the aim of helping users return home a little more comfortable.

The funniest memes and GIFs of the heat wave in Spain

"And the summer? Where is the summer? So there is no one who goes to the beach, but what are we, in spring, or what?" Surely you have a friend or relative who has blurted this out to you over the past two months. And it is that we have been having a most unusual summer, with very few days exceeding, or even reaching forty degrees.

Shout Estefanía: this is the new viral of Instagram and Twitter

January 24. First hour in the morning. Media Spain has risen with thousands of videos on Twitter and Instagram of people shouting 'Estefanía' in public places. If you are one of those affected and you do not understand the latest viral meme, it is because you probably do not know about the existence of The Island of Temptations, the latest Telecinco reality show that arrives stronger than ever.

The ten funniest memes to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp

Oh, birthdays! That date so marked and sometimes so hated. That reminder of the day of our birth, or the thousand times repeated "you are already a year older" . An event to celebrate life and meet our loved ones ... Although sometimes we have to swallow with the odd heavy family member. But what would a birthday be today without a meme to match ?

Amazon Flex, requirements and conditions to be an Amazon dealer

Are you looking for a job? You may be interested to know that the famous Amazon is looking for workers. Of course, for her parcel business she has preferred to use the Deliveroo work formula. You know, a famous transportation and delivery company. And it is that the messengers of Amazon will also be autonomous .

Why can't I upload photos to Instagram and Facebook?

Don't worry, it's not your problem. Or at least that's what it seems if we look at other social networks that are up and running as they should. And is that after trying to upload a photo on Instagram or publish a snapshot on Facebook, with a fatal outcome, we have been able to verify on Twitter that the problem is not just ours.

The funniest GIFs to celebrate the new year 2019 on WhatsApp

There is very little left to leave the year 2018 behind , so at this point, most likely you have already received a lot of congratulations, between images, memes and messages. If you don't have the slightest intention of forwarding and forwarding all the material you already have in your mobile gallery, maybe this is a good time to find funny GIFs to send to your friends, family and acquaintances.

Game of Thrones, we collect the best memes of the eighth season

One of the most popular series in history comes to an end. Game of Thrones ends today with the sixth chapter of the eighth season. We are left with incredible scenes, great battles, a lot of blood and a variety of deaths. Of course, also with many, many memes . Because without memes, Game of Trhones wouldn't be the same.

Barbie's new house that works with WiFi and recognizes the voice

Technology evolves for everyone, also for children. One of the classic icons in the world of toys, the Mattel Barbie doll , also joins the bandwagon of innovation. The famous Barbie house, the “Barbie DreamHouse” , already had devices such as laptops , television screens or tablets in its previous edition . But

Guide to make the Income Statement if you are self-employed

The Income Tax Return can become a headache if you are self-employed. It is not always easy to find the corresponding sections for each expense or income, and things get complicated if you carry out more than one economic activity.Below we explain step by step how to make your Income Statement if you are self-employed.

How to unsubscribe from Spotify

Many of us use the paid versions of Spotify to listen to music. Generally, it is a subscription that we want to keep indefinitely and it is automatically renewed month by month. Therefore, if we do not want to extend the premium access to this service any longer, it is necessary to unsubscribe.The reasons for the withdrawal can be several: that we sign up for another similar service , that we would only like to enjoy it during the summer months or, simply, that it does not convince us for any reason.