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You can now see and consult the draft of the 2016 Income

Today is the day. April 5, 2017, begins the 2016 Income declaration campaign . Taxpayers have time until June 30 to present our accounts to the Treasury for the year 2015.The first thing you have to do is obtain the reference number that will help you access all the procedures . One of the first, get the draft and start the process through the Renta Web program (new this year).

Money held in PayPal 7 or 21 days: causes and solution

If you have reached this article, it is likely that part of the balance you have in PayPal has been withheld by the company. Although not very common, PayPal can hold a payment or put it on hold for different reasons. It is not something that we should worry about if we have not breached the rules of the payment platform, since it can occur in countless scenarios (payments, online purchases, money transfers .

The funniest memes of Real Madrid Barcelona

Tonight the highly anticipated Real Madrid FC Barcelona Classic was played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. And the truth is that things have not ended well for the visiting team. The match ended  with a 2-0 result, in favor of Real Madrid.The truth is that the expectation was maximum, since in addition to the usual bite between the fans of both teams, the match brought together the two top scorers in the League : Messi with 18 goals, and Benzema with 13.R

How to change the photo that appears in my Gmail emails

Every time we receive an email from one of our Google contacts, it comes with the addition of showing a photo of the sender. A photo that, in the vast majority of cases, may be out of date. Perhaps you prefer to give a more modern air to your Gmail , editing the photos of your senders, which are more similar to how they are today than when Google simply collected them from the defunct Google+.

How to know if your message has been sent or read on Facebook Messenger

It is very likely that you already know how to do it or, if you are an inexperienced user, we still have to explain it to you step by step , from the beginning. We are talking about Facebook messaging . For some time now, users of this famous social network have had to download an additional application called Facebook Messenger to their mobiles, in order to be able to interact correctly (and privately) with their friends.

How to watch Operación Triunfo 2018 online outside of Spain

Operación Triunfo 2018 has finally begun . He did it this Wednesday with the Gala 0, which was starred by both the new members of the contest and those belonging to OT 2017. Just a few days ago we showed you some ways to watch and follow the program live via mobile . One of the ways was to follow the program through the official website of RTVE to see the galas live and delayed.

5 platforms to watch movies and series online for less than ten euros a month

At the time when the " Spotify for movies " a reality, platforms viewing torrents as Popcorn Time will not take a long time to go down in history, as has been happening slowly with websites download MP3 files after the arrival of Spotify . For now, the arrival of Netflix in Spain has reopened the debate about the integration of this type of platform among users who until now have been consuming movies and series through alternative paths to the legal route.

9 things you should know if you want to open an account at OnlyFans

OnlyFans has become the social network of success after confinement by the coronavirus. Like Patreon, access to OnlyFans is limited to all those users who pay a subscription to a certain content creator. But the conditions of service do not stop there. There are a number of details that we will have to know in advance whether we are users of the platform or if we want to register as a creator to generate income within OnlyFans.

The best Netflix sci-fi series

Netflix is ​​one of the most important streaming content platforms of the moment. It has competitors like HBO, Amazon Prime Video or SKY but they still cannot compete face to face with this entertainment giant. On other occasions we have recommended series and films of different genres, today it is the turn for lovers of science fiction. We

How to delete a YouTube account in a few steps

If you are tired of YouTube and do not want to use the service again, you can easily delete your account without losing your Google email . Some time ago it was deleted very quickly, you just had to enter the channel settings and in Advanced there was the option to delete the account. Now you have to go a few more turns, but it won't take too long either.

How to fix Windows 10 apps that look blurry

In the Windows 10 operating system we can find the following problem. If you have several screens connected to the same PC, or your screen configuration has changed, some of the applications you use may appear blurry to the user, poorly defined in sight. Microsoft's own support page, being aware of the error, has seen fit to have a solution to the problem that ends with blurred applications in the latest version of the Windows operating system.

YouTube disappears from iPhones and iPads that update to their latest iOS 6 icon system

Apple has once again shown its unrelenting yoke. The apple company has blown up YouTube , Google's video platform , in the new version of the iOS 6 beta 4 operating system that was published yesterday. What a surprise were the advantageous users who downloaded this new edition for iPhone and iPad yesterday , when they saw that the YouTube player application for iOS 6 had disappeared from the map, or rather, from their desktop.

Tuenti goes down, problems with coverage and mobile data

In just a few minutes, the Tuenti network has suffered a fall that affects a large part of the users of the operator owned by Movistar. The problem in question affects only the mobile network, so most of the failures are related to the coverage and mobile data provided by the company . At the moment the number of affected users is a mystery, as well as the origin of the problem.

How to consult the 2016 income refund online

Have you already submitted the 2016 income tax return? The deadline began on April 5 and you have time until June 30.It is a little over two months during which you will have to organize all the paperwork, examine the erasure and get to work to balance data.If the numbers came out the first time, you may have even been one of the first to confirm the draft.

Lenovo, a look at the history of this Chinese giant

In 1984 Lenovo began to take shape as a company in Beijing. Behind its creation was a group of eleven engineers led by Liu Chuanzi. Everyone wanted to make it one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. And it seems that they ended up succeeding. To this day, Lenovo remains the largest PC manufacturer in the world.

12 hidden Spotify tricks you have to know yes or yes

Spotify is an application that goes beyond a simple streaming music player. The platform has dozens of options that allow us to customize the experience to our liking. Some of these options are visible to the public. Others, however, are somewhat hidden in the program's interface. That is why we have compiled several hidden tricks that you have to know yes or yes if you want to get the most out of Spotify, regardless of the platform.

Subscribe to PewDiePie, the meme that PewDiePie wants to end

PewDiePie is the most famous youtuber in the world. For years, it has led the list of channels with the highest number of subscribers, counting the 95 million of its main channel. Or at least that was until the arrival of T-Series, a Bollywood mega-producer whose growth has ended up unseating the youtuber from the first position by only 1 million subscribers.

How to take screenshots with Windows

Sometimes  a picture is worth a thousand words . Therefore, below we will show you how to take a screenshot on a computer with Windows , Microsoft's operating system . To do this, the first thing you have to see is whether the capture is going to be done with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 .

These are the 36 new emoticons that we will see on our phones

The ninth version of the popular colorful emoticons is now a reality. And its extensive catalog presents a series of new icons that contribute to complete its particular dictionary . Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to express a relatively complex feeling and have seen to your misfortune that there was not an emoji elaborate enough to express what you wanted to summarize in a single character.

Prepare jokes for April Fools' Day with these YouTube videos

That fateful date has arrived when you can be the victim or the executioner of all kinds of jokes. There are funny ones and there are heavy ones. But there is also a wide range of intermediate degrees according to the genius of the macabre mind that creates them. Do you lack imagination to play a joke on this Day of the Holy Innocents ?

Guild Wars 2 Cheats, Races and Classes Guide

The variety of classes that Guild Wars 2 offers along with the most notable races of Tyria make us think for more than a while which character to make us for the first time, or try again and again all their skills until we decide on one style or another . To make your start in the world of Guild Wars 2 easier , we explain the main differences between all the classes and races that we can choose from when creating our avatar.

The best offers of the Super Electro 3 of El Corte Inglés

During August 13, 14 and 15 El Corte Inglés is celebrating Super Electro 3 . During these days we can find some electronic items with a very interesting sale. We will also have the usual guarantees offered by El Corte Inglés, such as ease of payment or guarantee. So if after the holidays you want to indulge yourself electronically, you can take advantage of these days to get it at a more interesting price.To

10 key features of the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

At the end of December, Samsung presented the new Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. And just a few days ago, it was put on sale in several stores and operators in Spain. Today the Korean company has officially presented the terminal in our country. The first mobile of 2018 launched by Samsung shows the path that the company is going to take this year.

How to download the draft of Income 2014 with digital certificate

You already know that since this week, the Tax Agency has made available to users the download of the draft of the 2014 Income , which should be presented this year 2015 . Before carrying out all the checks and entering new data, you will need to download the draft first. You can do it in different ways (by entering the reference number provided by RENO or by registering in the Cl @ ve system ), but one of the most practical is, without a doubt, the one that requires a digital certificate .

Spotify not working, how to fix the problem with an update

Spotify does not work and you no longer know what to do to listen to music without problems. If you find yourself in this situation, we will tell you that it is a much more common problem than you expected . In fact, by now we can say that the matter is not serious . To verify that we are really correct, you will have to review some issues of the Spotify program .

The funniest memes of the historical humiliation of Barça Bayern Champions

Bad ends ... Bad starts. It was seen that Barcelona had been weak for a long time, dragging a situation that did not finish fixing with the changes. But few imagined the end of an era that we have just seen in Lisbon. Eight, no less than eight goals has been scored by Bayern Munich against Barça. A game that will go down in the black history of FC Barcelona and that will cost a lot to forget.

7 essential apps for your Apple Watch

Do you have a new Apple Watch and want to fill it with applications? This device allows you to download a large number of apps of all kinds: from designed for sports, even to offer us greater productivity on a daily basis. I use the Apple Watch for everything: both for exercise and for work. I wanted to collect the essential applications, which cannot be missing from this Apple device .

Yomvi disappears, what changes with Movistar Plus?

The absorption by the telecommunications giant Telefonica of the Grupo Prisa audiovisual platform, Canal + / Yomvi has already been consummated almost a year and a half after the purchase. Very gradually, they have changed from some of their own content to the aesthetics and corporate image of the channels.

Huawei Y9 2019, price and main features

The Asian firm Huawei has a wide variety of mobile devices that are classified depending on the sector to which they are intended. The Huawei Y9 2019 is the terminal that they have just announced, a phone with characteristics that place it in the spotlight for users who want a beautiful, functional terminal at a contained price.

Stickers, GIFs and memes to send on Star Wars day by WhatsApp

Like every fourth of May , Star Wars Day is celebrated . And although any day is good to enjoy the different manifestations of this saga, whether they be movies, series, video games, books ... it's time to remember all those fans around you. You can congratulate them on the day or simply remind yourself that today is the day of the force and that it is well worth celebrating in some way.

A hacker publishes 100 photos of famous naked stolen from iCloud

Imagine taking a picture of yourself as God brought you into the world. And that this photo ends up on the Internet, shared publicly with all those who want to see it. Now imagine that you are a famous star. That's what happened a few hours ago with a collection of over 100 photographs that have been stolen from the iCloud of famous people (private cloud where photos and files are uploaded the iPad or iPhone ).

How to check your neighborhood rent through zip code

We know that there are rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. We know that different realities coexist in the same city, marked by fire by an absolutely determining factor: the income of the citizens who live in it. And since we all know that the rich live in Salamanca and the not so rich in Carabanchel , we are not at all surprised by the data that the Tax Agency has made public this Thursday.

10 questions and answers about the new Netflix offline

The long- awaited day for many has arrived: Netflix allows you to download its content to be able to view it offline. This step will mean that no one will have to worry about faulty Wi-Fi connections anymore , and with a little planning  the service in optimal quality is guaranteed . Since the new function has just been offered , we have thought to anticipate some of your questions and offer you a small questionnaire type Frequently Asked Questions to guide you in your first steps with the new Netflix .

How to watch the Super Bowl live on the Internet

Next Sunday, February 5, one of the most watched sporting events of the year is held. More than 100 million people around the world will be watching the final of the Super Bowl 2017 on television . The game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will be played at the NRG stadium in Houston at 6.

We visit the first Lego store in Spain

We have visited the first Lego store opened in Spain , in the La Vaguada Shopping Center in Madrid. Through an agreement with the Percassi Group, the famous toy brand will have a total of 10 stores in the national territory.Before Christmas, the brand will open its second store in our country, in the Parquesur Shopping Center (Leganés).T

Android, what is it and what is it used for?

Android is one of the names most often heard lately when talking about technology . A new version, applications ... have you been off the hook? Not sure what Android is? At Tuexperto we have prepared this guide to catch up in a moment.What is Android?Android is an operating system for mobile devices.

Vodafone service problems, internet and mobile data fail

Do you have internet problems? The Vodafone operator suffers a general drop in its different services. Some users are reporting errors on the internet, mobile data and coverage and on the phone . It seems that this ruling is nationwide and has started just a few minutes ago. Reports on Downdetector continue to rise.

HDMI 2.1 is here: its advantages and why you will need it

HDMI connections came almost 20 years ago to facilitate the connection between video sources and displays . The evolution has come to the "new" HDMI 2.1 that was presented in 2017 and which will be a strong point of the new PS5 or XBOX Series X consoles . And it is now when we begin to see televisions equipped with this connection and home theater receivers also arrive with it.

Mytaxi, Cabify or Uber, which one do I use?

In the age of applications to order a transport vehicle, which is the best? Which one is cheaper? How is the service of each one? The fight between the taxi and the services that use VTC (passenger transport) licenses is still very much alive. Mytaxi, Cabify and Uber are fighting for their site. Something that results in much more personalized services and care for users, and at a very competitive price.

The 50 acronyms and technologies we use every day

Every day we come across new acronyms and names for electronic devices and the technologies they use. The number of names can be overwhelming and in many cases we do not know what this new system called NFC is about or what is that https that appears on our computer. Here is a review of some of the most common acronyms and technologies that we can find today.

Seats by provinces 2019: consult online the distribution of deputies

The 2019 General Election is just around the corner. It will be on April 28 when the electoral colleges of all the municipalities of Spain take out their ballot boxes to vote. Just 24 days before the 2019 Elections are held, most of the studies have already published their polls and electoral polls with the intention of voting by Spanish citizens.

Which is better, a TV with a flat or curved screen?

When we decide to buy a television, we look at the size of its screen, its design, the resolution, the Smart TV system and its price. However, there is another feature that has spread rapidly in recent years. We are talking about the curved screen, which we now see as something normal but not long ago did not exist.

Smartgyro X2 and SmartGyro XL2, electric skates that are controlled from the mobile

Smartgyro has presented two new electric skates that add Bluetooth connection so that we can connect them to the smartphone and configure a large number of settings. The Smartgyro X2 and Smartgyro XL2 electric skates improve the original hoverboards, since they can be connected to the smartphone and configure settings such as the maximum speed or the sensitivity to make changes in direction.

10 fun challenges to share on WhatsApp or Twitter

While the confinement lasts to avoid contagions by COVID-19, it is better to maintain the Internet. And it is that it gives us life every time a viral appears, a challenge or something new with which to entertain ourselves and spread our mind. Of course, it is not just a matter of being locked up. These contents that travel through WhatsApp, Twitter, forums and other social networks have been accompanying us for a long time.

Google, how to go back to the old Google

Changes are not always to everyone's taste . And Google has realized it. Just a week ago, the most popular search engine on the Internet changed the design of its home page to add additional navigation bars, as well as giving access to a variety of search tools. And although the change will have made life easier for most users , many will be thinking about how practical the old Google was for them .

These are the best-selling gifts on Amazon for Christmas

The Christmas madness is not over yet. To the Christmas gifts now we must add those corresponding to Kings, so in these last days of 2017 and first of 2018 it will be time to pay again what is necessary to make our families happy. But above all, to the smallest of the house.Amazon has become an infallible tool to receive at home everything we want.

Sergio Ramírez, the most wanted man on YouTube thanks to Luisito Comunica

It is not a trend on Twitter or Facebook, but it is on YouTube. Sergio Ramírez, who today is a complete stranger to the great network that the Internet supposes, is in search order and capture? for a week by a large part of the YouTube community following a video by Luisito Comunica, one of the Spanish-speaking youtubers with the most subscribers today.

This is how the new Word for Windows 10 works

Although there are still a few months left for Microsoft to launch the final version of Windows 10 , the company is already giving very definite samples of what its new operating system will be. In addition to the beta of this platform, during the last hours a previous version of the new Word for this system has been published.

Motorola Moto G 2015 problems and solutions

On July 28, Motorola surprised with new phones. One of them, the Motorola Moto G 2015 , can already be purchased in the market at a fairly affordable price for the features it integrates. The terminal came with a 5-inch HD screen , a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor and a main camera with a 13-megapixel resolution with f / 2.

You have to see it, the new proposal from Vodafone to recommend series and movies

You Have to See It is the new proposal from Vodafone TV, its purpose is to facilitate and simplify the choice of a series or movie. This restrained will do so through the most relevant faces of the film and culture scene. In addition, although it is associated with Vodafone, the content that is created will be available both on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube and in editorial groups such as Prisa.

Keanu Reeves' best memes after E3

Without a doubt, actor Keanu Reeves is an artist who has managed to reconvert himself over the years. To his emblematic roles in the first installment of Speed, They call him Bodhi or the Matrix saga, today there are a lot of projects that have revitalized his public figure .Last month, we were able to see him in the third installment of John Wick, the action saga that is reaping enormous success, in large part, thanks to its protagonist.

Acer Care Center, the program that takes care of your Acer laptop

The eventual maintenance of a laptop is the best prevention against errors and failures in addition to supplying life insurance for our equipment. And for this, nothing better than using a program that executes certain tasks so that everything goes well and continues to go well. The Acer brand, in this way, pre-installs the Acer Care Center on all its computers, a program that takes care of the laptop so that everything goes as the first day.

The funniest memes and GIFs of the Estepona slide to share on WhatsApp

We live in turbulent times and, why not say it also, wonderful. In Estepona they have thought that the best way to connect two streets is to do it through a gigantic stainless steel slide with a degree of slope that ranged from 32 to 34 degrees . It thus became the largest urban slide in Spain. And after being tested, and suffered, by numerous pedestrians, it could also be considered the one that has lasted the least as the city council has seen fit to close it down.

The Dream World comes to Candy Crush Saga for Android

Android users can finally enjoy the new Candy Crush Saga update . This, which was already available for iOS , has a great novelty compared to previous updates, since it is the first true expansion of the game . This takes players to a "parallel universe", The World of Dreams ( Dreamland , in English).

This is how the offer to watch League and Champions football on TV and online has remained

The 2018-2019 season has already started. Although we have played three LaLiga games, the truth is that the football offer continues to create confusion among users. But now that it's September and most of us are on vacation, it may be a good time to recap. So we are going to review the offer to watch football from operators and streaming services , both for LaLiga and to watch European competitions this season.

What Chromecast do I buy? Guide to available models

Chromecast is one of the most used devices today. We explain what this great Google invention is, what you can do with it, and everything you need to know about the different versions that you can find for sale. Read on if you want to learn how to get the most out of your new Chromecast.What is the Cromecast?

Mymanu Click, the headphones that serve as a simultaneous travel translator

The world of translators is becoming more and more complete. And it is that the alternatives to classic tools such as Google Translate increase day by day with different inventions that are increasingly useful and practical for communication. After learning about the virtues of the Mymanu translator application, we now see what your Mymanu Click headphones are capable of .

These are the impressive photos you can get by superimposing images

When looking at the work of Canadian photographer Matt Molloy, it  is impossible to stop thinking about the pictorial effect emulated by the “brush strokes”  appearing in his photographs. The feeling it produces is that of being in front of a painting made by one of the great impressionist geniuses such as Monet or Renoir . And

Error loading data in Popcorn Time, solution to this problem

Popcorn Time , the popular torrent streaming program that has revolutionized the world , has started to show an error message to users who try to access the catalog of movies from this application. Under the message of " Error loading data, try again later ... ", many users have encountered the situation of not being able to access the catalog of films (on the other hand, the series does work).

WhatsApp goes down, problems with the service in Mexico, Argentina or Spain

Every time WhatsApp goes down , our world seems to stop. The messages do not arrive, the answers remain in limbo and we do not stop wondering what may be going through the head of our lover, friend or relative. Like what is happening now all over the world, where thousands of users are reporting problems when connecting with the service and sending their messages.

Differences between the Samsung Gear IconX of 2018 and 2017

For all sports fans, whether at home, on the street or in the gym, Bluetooth headphones are great companions. They are comfortable because they do not require cables and some can even include music so that we do not have to carry the mobile when we do our exercises . In 2017 we could find the first Samsung Gear IconX on the market, direct competitors of the iPhone earbuds and which lacked, completely, cables, resembling two earplugs.

Sco pa tu manaa: the best memes from the latest Twitter viral

Sco pa tu manaa, not Sco tu pa mana or Sco para tu manaa, has become the last most popular Twitter viral since “Ontas” stopped being on everyone's lips. The meaning of the expression that is so fashionable is already explained in the article that we have just linked. From then until now, many Twitter users have joined the latest viral from a song by the Ghanaian-based artist Kawoulaa Biov, and this time we have made a compilation with the best Sco pa tu manaa memes on Twitter .What

2012 calendar to print, download free templates

We are ending the year and many are already preparing the arrival of 2012 . It seems like yesterday when we premiered Millennium , but twelve years have passed. If you are proactive, you will love that we tell you how you can make your own calendar through some templates posted online . In this way, you can create a completely personalized calendar, made your way, without having to resort to the classic blocks that are put up for sale.

How to tune La 1, Antena 3, Cuatro or La Sexta again

Tonight we have turned the clocks back, but it is not the only change that has occurred. It is also the scheduled date for the anticipated " DTT move ". Some channels have changed frequency and, although there is no blackout , the Spanish will have to retune our DTT equipment to adapt to the change. This move is the reason for the distribution of these frequencies to mobile telephone operators.

How to get an alert when an Amazon product drops in price

Surely it has ever happened to you that you browse Amazon to find that product that you have been wanting to buy for so long but at the last minute you regret and interrupt the purchase process because at that moment something happens that you do not have time or simply because it seems too expensive.

The 5 most destructive viruses of 2018

We are in 2018, a year in which, unfortunately, we cannot say that the presence of viruses and malware has been small. Techniques continue to be perfected and cybercriminals do not rest for a second to achieve their purposes. In the best of cases, get the identity of the user and get sensitive data, such as email and bank card number.

#ohnananachallenge, what is it and how to participate in it

After the # 10YearsChallenge and the Roast Yourself Challenge, comes Oh Nanana Challenge, a new Instagram challenge starring the Bonde song R300 . More than 150,000 publications accumulate the  hashtag #ohnananachallenge (#ohnanachallenge in some countries) in the Instagram application. Also fashion influencers have joined the latest challenge of the KondZilla song.

7 applications to organize your summer vacation 2017

This is the time of year when many people are already organizing their summer vacations . The most forward-thinking will take time looking for destinations, organizing plans or simply writing down ideas that go through their heads of how they want to approach the summer season. If you like to go last minute or take the car and go where it takes you, these applications will become an extra help in organizing your summer vacation 2017.

How to watch the OT2020 final online and vote for your favorite as the winner

It was hard, with stops and all kinds of shocks. Even from the first weeks. But no one is aware that this edition of Operación Triunfo 2020 will go down in history for all this. Gone is the nostalgic feeling of OT2017, or the vindictive OT2018. This OT2020 has great protagonists and, in addition to the 16 participants, the COVID-19 pandemic has been another of them.

How to change your Facebook account password

Facebook is not going through its best moment , it is a fact. There is not a day in which the company does not star in an article. His latest scandal is a few hours ago, we are talking about a very serious security flaw for which 50 million accounts were exposed. Mark Zuckerberg has given his opinion on this and concluded that it was an extremely serious failure, but about which we do not have to worry.

How to download Twitter videos from mobile mentioning a bot

Social networks are full of multimedia content, we can find photographs, videos or gifs. It is common to see something and want to share it with our acquaintances in applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram , but many times sending the link is not enough. The content of said account may be protected or you need to be registered in the social network to view it.

The 5 best websites with resources for students

The way we study has changed, this is a fact. And January is a great time to dip into some of the best student resource sites , as high school students have just started their course and college students will start preparing for their next exams. We are going to make a list of the 5 best websites to help you with your studies , so that you use the Internet in a practical and appropriate way, becoming the best tool you can get.

Alcatel 1C (2019), entry phone with Android Go

Alcatel has diversified its mobile sector to meet the needs of any user, from the most advanced to the most basic. In the latter case we have terminals like the Alcatel 1C, a phone almost 5 inch Android Go . It is a modest terminal in specifications since it is designed to be either the first Android phone of a user or for people who need the minimum.

flowkey App, we tested this app to learn to play the piano

If you have a piano or keyboard at home, but no time or desire to go to an academy to learn, now there is a comfortable solution. And we are not referring to the typical course by fascicles with which you can watch endless and boring videos of how to master the technique with one or two hands. We are talking about a tool capable of evaluating you with your own keyboard, wherever you are .

How to download all your photos from Tuenti before losing them forever

For many users, today is the end of an era. Tomorrow, September 1, the Tuenti social network will be completely extinct (I had already been living with assisted respiration for several years), and with it, all the photos that we once uploaded with pride. Tuenti dies, as did Fotolog or Myspace, a first generation of modern social networks.

The video of the greatest child prodigy fail in history

What were you doing at 14? It may be that you were already one of those who fiddled with computers or if you are from the 80s, you probably spent the afternoons in the street until they called you to dinner usually yelling at you through the window. To this day, in Honduras, they have made a report for which they call a fourteen-year-old boy a 'genius' who has simply replaced the hard drive of his 500-gigabyte computer with one of 1 tera.

What about Jaime Altozano and why is it viral on Twitter

"What about Jaime Altozano?" It is the most repeated phrase on Twitter since the early hours of yesterday until today. At this time, Jaime Altozano, who today is one of the best-known music promoters on YouTube in Spanish, is being a Trending Topic on Twitter, with more than 15,000 tweets in total and on the rise.

How to fix battery problems on the LG G4

The LG G4 has a very good battery life, not least because the Android system is optimized to do more with less power. Despite this, this does not mean that we do not need more autonomy. The current flagship of the South Korean has a 3,000 milliamp battery , which is not bad at all if we compare it with the one offered by other competing terminals.

Butter Project, the legal alternative to Popcorn Time

It seems that the creators of the acclaimed - as well as criticized - Popcorn Time's on-demand content service  have decided to take action on the matter due to the pressure suffered by being a pirate or  illegal platform . And it is that, according to themselves, these policies are hindering their chances of growing and improving by not finding developers who want to collaborate and work in this service of dubious reputation .

The 10 most surprising Lego constructions on YouTube

Lego, an example of creativity and ingenuityThe Lego company continues to be one of the benchmarks in the world of toys worldwide. We have started to analyze and see on YouTube a good number of examples about the world of construction with these pieces.There are real works of art that allow the imagination to be developed to the fullest, often resembling real life examples.

Iberia's online check in does not work on the web or in the app

So is. The online check-in of the Iberia website has stopped working. Far from being a one-off fall, the truth is that the portal has stopped working since early in the morning . And it is that although the website works normally, the page destined to check in the tickets does not allow the usual process to be carried out to register for the flight.

The best memes of the elimination of Germany in the World Cup

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. This is soccer. There are days when the ball does not want to enter. We could add another mythical phrase about football, but we would always end by saying that Germany has hit a hit of those that make history in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. And it has been eliminated.

Save Your Internet, what it is and how it affects us users

In recent days the hashtag #SaveYourInternet and the various YouTube videos with the slogan Save Your Internet or Salva Tu Internet flood most of the computers, mobiles and tablets of people residing in Europe. Although it may seem like the advertising campaign of some brand, the truth is that it affects the main Internet users to a greater or lesser extent.

5 tips when using Google Photos on your computer

Google Photos, the internet giant's cloud storage service, has been running as one of the best since it was created. It is easy to use and very intuitive. But there are those who miss that it is a service that goes beyond mobile. We also have Google Photos in the web version and we can do as many operations as the mobile version.