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Canon Legria Mini X

Canon has released to the market its latest compact camera, the Legria Mini X . This device is perfect for taking selfies, as it has a panel that rotates 90 degrees . Precisely for this reason, it is especially recommended for videoboggers looking for good quality, thanks to its Full HD resolution , while recording their inputs comfortably.

Amazon cuts its affiliate commissions amid economic crisis

The crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic is generating is not leaving anyone indifferent. The vast majority of companies are being affected and Amazon is no exception . Its affiliate system, which is one of the best known and most important in the world of online sales, already announces important cuts that will take effect from April 21.

How to know who has seen my WhatsApp status

Fashion stories that started with Snapchat, has become a genuine need for users, so much so that even WhatsApp has implemented in its messaging service . The so-called statuses are already available to all users. And although for some, it may seem like a nuisance and practically a censer, many are those who have decided to accept this new feature, and publish.

How to set and change the alarm sound on an Android mobile

Some of the latest models of phones with Android Lollipop or Marshmallow that land on the market with the platform installed natively, that is, without any kind of customization, present the inability to select one of our personal tones to set as an alarm. Directly, we cannot choose one of our favorite songs or some melody from the Internet to wake us up or warn us at the moment we want.

5 keys to choosing and buying a camera

Although smartphones have badly damaged the camera market, still many photography enthusiasts who are betting on one of these devices to get a better result in your snapshots. Same spirit but with more and more additions, such as the possibility in some models of connecting to WiFi or a smartphone connection to share photos on social networks.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 specifications are leaked

The big manufacturers are aware that if they want to be successful they must be able to launch models that cover all kinds of sizes and colors. Samsung already has tablets on the market that even exceed 10 inches, but it could now be working on a new one with an 8-inch screen. The Galaxy Tab 5 has recently passed through TENAA , a new device that would have already received bluetooth certification, which indicates that it would be on the way.

10N elections: consult the electoral program of all the parties online

The celebration of the next General Election of 2019 is just around the corner. The lack of agreement between the left-wing parties has led to new elections. A little over a month before November 10, the day on which the fourteenth elections to the Presidency of the Government will take place, the different political parties have already published their respective electoral programs for the November 10 elections .

The best memes of Barcelona - Juventus

It could not be. Luis Enrique's Barcelona has been left out of the Champions League by not being able to score a single goal against Juventus in the entire tie . If the Italy match ended 3-0, the return leg at the Camp Nou was a goalless draw.Although Barcelona tried on several occasions, everything will be in a "could not be" .

The Moto X Play would not have important sensors such as the gyroscope

For this year , Motorola has three new devices in its catalog, equipping some of the best performance in the sector telephony . Since the day of their presentation we had not heard much about them. Today one of the three, specifically the Motorola Moto X Play, is back in the news for not having, apparently, some important sensors, among which would be the gyroscope.

YouTube and Google account, how to link my Google account to YouTube

In the coming weeks, YouTube will definitively ask all users to link their YouTube account to their Google account . It is very possible that yours is properly connected , although it is also very likely that users who created their account before May 2009 have it linked to another email address . YouTube asks us to complete this setup process to access all the services offered by Google from the same account .

How to stop showing up in Google search results

For a long time, Google has used information about the personal profile of many Google+ users to show their reviews or opinions about places, in the results of the searches that others carry out. This situation occurred without the express agreement of the people who appeared in the search results , therefore, since the Court of Justice of the European Union has begun to regulate the role of search engines such as Google in Europe , it has been has urged the American giant to include the option of being able to disappear from its results or at least to report the use it gives to the personal dat

The best tech news of 2016

2016 has been a particularly turbulent year for the technological panorama: automatic cars, mobile phones that explode, games that provoke the fury of the masses ... We want to look back and tell you a small summary of the technological news that have most caught our attention in this 2016 that we are already leaving behind.

Guitarraviva and Jaime Altozano fight against the harassment of record companies on YouTube

Does Guitarraviva sound familiar to you? Carlos Asensio is the one behind this story that we are going to tell you today. The story of a fight against record companies , which in turn fight against channels that are dedicated to music dissemination.But, let us start at the beginning. Guitarraviva is a YouTube channel that Asensio founded eight years ago to teach others to play the guitar .

The best memes of the electoral debate in the United States

With the popularity of social networks, any event becomes a focus of debate and gives rise to jokes and jokes of all kinds. If the event is also an electoral debate between the two top candidates to become president of the United States of America , 'turn off and let's go'. For this reason, we have selected a series of memes to experience the intensity of the exchange of arguments, pleas and reproaches that the Republican candidate Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate  Hillary Clinton dedicated to each other  .

The best memes of the historic black hole photo

Not even science escapes the culture of the meme. Internet users always find a way to make humor out of whatever. And they did the same yesterday on the occasion of the presentation of the  first real image of a black hole  by  the international consortium Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) .

Movistar Go, television on demand for any screen

Viewers no longer just want to watch their favorite shows on TV. They also want to be able to enjoy them anywhere, from their tablets and smartphones or from the screen of their laptop or desktop computer. The television networks, as well as the cable television providers know this, and therefore they have been engaged for some time in making available to their users everything they need so that they can enjoy their content whenever and wherever they want, as long as they have access to an internet connection .

Lenovo Thinkpad A475, a powerful laptop for professionals

The Lenovo firm has presented a new professional laptop. We are talking about the Lenovo Thinkpad A475, a computer with very powerful specifications, different configurations and a very robust design . This laptop is made for professionals looking for greater versatility and efficiency. Here are all the features and information about this new Lenovo Thinkpad.

We tested Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9 on the Huawei P20 Pro

Talking about Android 9 Pie is talking about Artificial Intelligence. And it is the great novelty of Google for this operating system on Android. And things do not change much when we talk about the Huawei P20 Pro. A terminal that includes two processors, one of them exclusively dedicated to managing these tasks that are learned from the user to make their life more comfortable or, at least, the phone more practical and efficient .

3D-printed plastic weapons: a new terror?

A judge in the United States prevented a possible nightmare for citizen security from coming true. The judge's order blocked a web page where files with weapon designs could be downloaded. Those designs could easily be turned into real objects with 3D printers… Anyone could therefore make a weapon with this method. E

Fidget Spinner, the creator of the fashion toy does not receive a penny

They have christened it the Fidget Spinner and it is the fashionable toy on the playgrounds of all schools in the world . If you have a child nearby - children, nephews, grandchildren, students - you will know what we are talking about. If not, we will tell you.The Fidget Spinner is a toy or gadget that has become fashionable among the little ones.

The 20 best-selling music albums in history

We are sure that you have many on your shelf, archived in MP3 format or in a Spotify list . They are the best-selling records in history . Great gems of music that have been massively purchased around the world. In the first place, because they are masterpieces; secondly, because all of them are part of the repertoire of the greatest .

These are the radars that fined the most in Madrid

Madrid has more than 20 fixed radars placed to control citizens' speeding. There are areas where the collection is higher. According to data from the City Council of the capital, the pole radar located on Paseo de la Castellana 300 was the one that captured the most photographs due to speeding during the past year.

New wave of fake SMS from Mediamarkt that promise you an iPhone

We announced it a month ago and today they are again the subject of news on social networks. Fake Mediamarkt SMS have returned to the fore, and this time under an alleged raffle for an iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Another wave of messages says that “we have been chosen in the MediaMarkt raffle” with a multitude of technological gifts as prizes. Of

More than 50 maps of hiking routes in Madrid to download and print

Holidays are to be enjoyed, but the truth is that we do not always have vacations, nor do we always have time to travel far or to make big plans beyond our cities. However, there is the possibility of taking advantage of our free time doing what we like best and close to home. Have you tried hiking?The hiking is a perfect activity for those who, without competing or make major marathons, they want to exercise at the same time, close to the natural environment and the heritage that surrounds them.

Pa Negre, how to watch Pa Negre online legally

Pa Negre , or Pan Negro , was the winner of the last Goya awards , confirming itself as the best film that our cinema gave last year . Logically, that has made it easier for the film to be replenished in cinemas, and also, with almost three times the distribution than in the first screenings (40 copies compared to the 105 copies added to the screens this weekend ).

The best memes about the end of Christmas and back to work

We can all agree that returning from vacation is one of the worst sensations that exist for human beings . Starting again with the usual routine, leaving the warmth of home and entering the icy streets still half asleep, all wrong. There is nothing that can cheer us up on a day like today, but even so we have decided to try to make you smile with this compilation of memes.

Google Earth Pro is now available for free to everyone

Google companyhas surprised with the announcement of the availability of Google Earth Pro for free for anyone who wants to test its features. It is the professional version of Google Earth , where maps and geospatial photographs of the entire earth are shown, accompanied by useful tools to design and plan routes, buildings, record videos using these images, and a good list of other possibilities.

Nintendo offers you $ 20,000 if you manage to hack the 3DS

If your technical knowledge exceeded the level "Change the batteries to the remote control" a long time ago, you are waiting for the new Nintendo Switch to arrive like May water , and you have the 3DS a little parked because Pokémon GO has absorbed your life (and that of your mobile battery), you might still be interested in dusting it off a bit.

These are the new Emojis that will come with iOS 10.2

The emoji most awaited by the Spanish is here: that of the paella. But not only that, also the acclaimed  avocado and of course, the bacon. And it is that yesterday, October 31 , Apple released the beta version of its new iOS update, 10.2 (just after launching 10.1 for all the public), and if there is something that has liked about it, it is the new Emojis with the ones that will count.

How to build your own 70-meter house for 25,000 euros

If I told you that you can build your own house of about 70 square meters for the paltry amount of 25,000 euros , without banks, without mortgages, in today's world where everything is problems, the crisis can with everything and nobody will lend you even 20 euros, what would you think? I'm probably kidding you.

How to hack thousands of credit cards with just 20 lines of code

Last week the British airline British Airways admitted the theft of data from some 380,000 transactions on its website made between August 21 and September 5 of this year . Names, email addresses, bank accounts, and other sensitive information were compromised. Now, researchers at threat detection firm RiskIQ have shed new light on how the attackers carried out the heist.

10 series you should give a try if you have Amazon Prime Video

It is possible that when it comes to streaming content, the first thing that comes to our minds is Netflix. However, this is not the only platform and, in fact, there are more and more alternatives. Among these alternatives is Amazon Prime Video. Yes, Amazon also has content on demand and the truth is that the catalog it offers is varied and of quality.

Autonomous and Municipal Elections: consult the electoral programs of all parties

A little less than a week is what remains for the Municipal and Autonomous Elections to be held. Specifically, it will be next Sunday, May 26, when all polling stations open their doors to receive the vote of more than 20 million Spanish citizens of legal voting age. Less than five days away, most political parties have already published their respective electoral programs for the Autonomous and Municipal Elections .

5 key features of the Lenovo Legion Y920

One of the most acclaimed gaming laptops in the past year was the Lenovo Legion Y920. It managed to win the award for the best gaming laptop of the year at the tuexperto awards. Not only for its power, but also for its design and different included functions. It is a computer with a 17.3-inch screen, a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics.

Images of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are filtered in rose gold

It is not the first time that rumors have emerged about a new pink iPhone . To date the company has not included it in its range of colors (except for the iPhone 5C with a plastic case), but the latest leaked images reveal that this possibility could be closer than ever. Cult of Mac has published a series of photos showing what appears to be an iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in pink.

Facebook, how to activate the Timeline or Facebook biography

Last week, Facebook premiered a new type of profile, called Timeline , which here is called biography . The place chosen to start the starting gun was New Zealand . Now, the company announces that it is releasing the biography to everyone. It is a quick and easy way to share the most important moments of your life with the rest of the members of the social network .

Facebook now allows you to react to comments

Because you don't just fall in love with original posts, Facebook has started applying reactions to comments as well . We refer to those faces that express more than a simple Like, and that have been accompanying each publication that is launched on the walls of the social network for several months.

The best memes of Real Madrid champion of Champions

The Real Madrid has won in Cardiff the Twelfth . And he has also done it against one of the most rocky rivals in the championship, Buffon's Juventus. A rocky team, which some dubbed a wall, which today conceded three goals against those of Zidane whose team is the new Champions Champions.Real Madrid wanted to add the Duodécima to its record, although it came out somewhat asleep in the first minutes.

How to watch Vodafone TV if you only have a mobile phone

Generally, in order to contract the television service of an operator, it is necessary to have contracted the fiber or at least the Internet connection with that operator. However, the rise of streaming services such as Netflix has made operators become somewhat less restrictive, opening their television service to all customers.

Sony Xperia XA2, analysis with features and price

There are many alternatives if we are looking for a high-end mobile. Many manufacturers, prices and different highlights. Japan's Sony has its own mid-range fleet, with mobiles such as the Xperia L1, Xperia XA2 Ultra or even the latest Sony Xperia XA2, a mobile with a continuous but elegant design, a 5.

Those responsible for Seriesyonkis win the trial and get rid of the fine

In image David Martínez and Jordi Tamargo, two of the accusedAt last we know the sentence of the Seriesyonkis case that began on April 8 in Murcia.Justice has taken the side of  Alberto García Sola , owner of Pousen SL, the company to which SeriesYonkis was linked from 2009 until its sale, of Alexis Hoepfner, owner of Burn Media that acquired the platform in 2011.Al

Vote by mail does not arrive: so you can request it online for the 2019 Elections

Despite the fact that the deadline for submitting the vote by mail for the 2019 Elections through the nearest Post Office ended on the 24th of this month, Correos has announced that said deadline will be extended until next Thursday the 25th . With less than a week until the 2019 General Elections are held, many users have reported through Twitter and Facebook that the vote by mail has not arrived.

The funniest memes of Zidane's return to the Real Madrid bench

After his elimination in the second round of the Champions League against an immense Ajax and being out of all competitions, Real Madrid decided that Solari's adventure at the head of the team had come to an end and quickly contacted Zidane to reinstate him in the club immediately.Zinedine Zidane returns to Real Madrid for almost 10 months, or 283 days, after leaving last May with the hope that a successful second cycle with the meringues will be repeated after having won three Champions League titles in a row and a League in just two and a half years as a technician.

Yahoo turns off automatic forwarding on its email service

Yahoo Mail , the email service of Yahoo , has disabled the forwarding mail to other accounts, in a twist that has very negative consequences for users using various email services.The company's goal seems to be to force its users to forcibly check their messages through its service, without the possibility of automatically sending them to another account.

The best memes of the election of Pablo Casado as president of the PP

Pablo Casado is the new president of the Popular Party. The fight with Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría has been tough, but finally Casado has won the victory with 57% of the votes. And, how could it be otherwise, the Internet has been filled with memes representing both the victory of Casado and the election process in the Popular Party.We

Here is the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2015

Do you remember  Antonio ? From the bar? And the crying you made when you saw the  Christmas Lottery announcement last year ? Well, get ready now to open the handkerchief.  Leo Burnett , the same agency that was in charge of starting the machinery of Antonio's Bar , has just announced the announcement of the  Christmas Lottery 201 5.

The most viewed YouTube video clips in Spain in 2016

The way we consume music has undergone a substantial change for some time now. We went from the physical format to download and have finished in streaming. Music videos have not been immune to this change and, although there are hardly any specific channels that include them in their programming, we have a great platform to watch them and stay up to date: YouTube.

My Tele, this is all that Movistar + rival offers

In Spain, television operators are constantly competing with each other to see which one offers the best content, but especially where there is usually a greater dispute is over football . They launch attractive football and television Packs to guarantee the highest number of subscribers possible. Although Movistar + is a tough nut to crack and has a long history in the telecommunications sector, Mi Tele is making things difficult for them.

OLED screen and triple camera in the new Huawei P Smart S

Huawei still has ammunition left, it seemed that we already knew all its terminals for this 2020. However, without making much noise, it has launched the Huawei P Smart S. This new device is intended for the mid-range and does so with an OLED screen , three cameras on the back and a reader that is housed under the screen.

New Xiaomi TV with 65 inches and Chromecast, at a good price?

The presentation of the already known Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10 Lite 5G has not arrived alone. Xiaomi continues to launch technological products to cover all kinds of needs beyond communication. For this reason, along with these mobiles, the Chinese manufacturer has devoted a few moments to other products such as some really fast routers, a television loaded with technology at a very competitive price, its new wireless headphones and, in addition, an inexpensive air purifier.

Spain vs Iran, schedule and how to watch the World Cup match online

This afternoon, at 20:00 Spanish time, the red will face its second match at the World Cup in Russia at the Kazan Arena stadium. This time against the Iranian team, led by Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz. The expectation is maximum, especially after his close 3-3 draw against Portugal by Cristiano Ronaldo, who was undoubtedly the real star of the day.

Pangea: why it's trending on Twitter

At this time of the afternoon and from early in the morning Pangea , which was the original continent of the five current continents, is in the Trends section of Twitter. As is often the case with this type of viral phenomenon, the popularization of the continent has a humorous tone that comes from an innocent tweet from a user of the same social network.

This trick brings you back to Clippy, the Office assistant

Windows XP and Office brought us a feature that perhaps many of us will never forget. And is that before Cortana there was a much more special assistant. Yes, we are talking about Clippy, Microsoft's virtual assistant that always appeared when we had problems in Word and other Office applications. Although Microsoft no longer includes Clippy in its program, there is a little trick to be able to continue having it on our computer.

How to set a song as a ringtone on an Android mobile

Android is a highly customizable platform, although the latest versions ( Lollipop and Marshmallow ) present some impediments when it comes to setting ringtones or alarms. The problem is in those devices that come under the protection of the platform natively, that is, with a clean system without any type of customization .

New email fraud that claims to record you while watching porn videos

Have you entered your inbox and seen a strange email? A new fraud is circulating via email. In the message, she assures that she has a video of you consuming pornography while you masturbate and that she will send it to all your contacts if you do not transfer Bitcoins.The email is usually written in English and has as subject the phrase:  Hi perv.

The best memes to better endure the cold

There is no doubt, the cold is coming. It has gotten in very little by little, but finally we will not get rid of it. In fact, since yesterday a cold mass of arctic air has been entering the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, which will spread during these days. It will leave rainfall and a significant drop in temperatures.

10 photography tips from professional photographers

The photograph is one of the most popular hobbies among people of all ages. However, getting beautiful photos does not depend only on buying professional equipment, nor is it a matter of intuition. Below we offer you 10 tips prepared by professional photographers that will help us know how to combine all the necessary qualities to be a good photographer .

How to watch Barcelona - Real Madrid for free on the Internet

Here you have the information of today's League match Saturday April 21Barcelona - Real Madrid, how to watch the game online for freeThe following information corresponds to the match held in January ...Today the Copa del Rey is played . And not just any Cup. Beyond real matters, today FC Barcelona and Real Madrid face each other , two teams that last Wednesday saw each other - and in what way - at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Common problems in Spotify and how to fix them

Spotify is still the king of the streaming music industry. Despite the fact that it currently has many competitors, a list that is gradually expanding, the service already has more than 70 million active users, a fairly juicy figure. Spotify usually works very well, both in the desktop version and in the applications for Android or iOS , but it is true that sometimes many users complain of problems that are quite uncomfortable and leave us without knowing what to do for a while.

The Madrid City Council auctions iPhone and iPads from 15 euros

iPads for 15 euros , iPhones for 30 euros,  Macbooks for 100 ... it seems a lie, but it is real, and it is happening today, in Madrid . These are products without an owner , stacked in the Lost and Found Office . Many times we wonder what to do with all those products, found in buses, taxis, libraries, and other public areas.

These are the four best mobiles with removable batteries

Phones with removable batteries are increasingly difficult to find, something absurd, especially if we consider that more and more autonomy is needed to cope with the large number of features that current devices have. The real problem is that the industry seeks to launch increasingly thin phones , something that is not compatible with removable batteries, which need to occupy more space in the terminal.

Why has Mixer, the alternative to Twitch that paid streamers millions, failed?

At the beginning of this week there was a news story that caught us all by surprise. Microsoft shut down Mixer, its streaming content platform, due to the impossibility of standing up to giants like Twitch and YouTube .The company will continue to offer its service until July 22 , at which point it will become part of Facebook Gaming, Mark Zuckerberg's great project that includes livestreams and pre-recorded video broadcasts, and which also seeks to become the leading content platform.

Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook Messenger is a standalone chat app

For a few months, if you want to talk with your friends through Facebook, you have to download a separate messaging application . However, until today we have not known why. The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg , has responded to the reason for the existence of this independent application of the social network in a question and answer session that The Verge collects .

Netflix suffers a global drop, the service does not work

If you were watching your favorite movie or series and suddenly you got an error message like this: “This title is not available to watch instantly. Select another title ”or similar, don't go into a loop looking for other titles. The online platform for movies and series has been down for a few minutes. And

The horniest Valentine's greetings to laugh at Cupid

It's here. It is February 14 again and several possibilities open up. You have a partner and you hate it, you have a partner and you adore this day, you have no partner and it is one more day on the calendar. Although logically, there can always be variations and that even being alone or alone you will love Valentine's Day.

Get more out of Google Hangouts with these tips

Next May the Google Hangouts service will be three years old. In this time, the Californian has managed to create a platform with which to establish work groups, friends, as well as make multiple video calls at any time and day of the week. But Hangouts is much more than a system for speaking and being heard.

No 8D music on Spotify, but here are 50 8D songs on YouTube

Interest in 8D music is growing. Every week there are numerous hits that have their eight-dimensional version on pages like YouTube. Unfortunately, and as you can read in the title, not all music players are compatible with this type of sound. This is the reason why there is no 8D music on Spotify. If yesterday we taught you how to transform any track to 8D through an online converter and make music of this type through Audacity, this time we will show you fifty of the best-known songs in history and today in 8D .

How to request the draft 2014 Income

Today , April 7, 2015 , the 2014 Income campaign begins . From today, all those taxpayers who are interested in starting the filing of the income tax return, will have the opportunity to download the draft through the Internet. In this way, you will be able to check all the tax information that the Tax Agency has registered about you and make the corrections that you consider appropriate.

The best offers of the 48 hour limit in El Corte Inglés

One more weekend the offers of the 48-hour limit arrive in El Corte Inglés. The well-known store has applied a 15% discount to many of the electronics products. We have from smartphones to televisions, through sound and photography devices. So we have thought about making a compilation of the best offers that we have found in the 48 hour limit in El Corte Inglés . W

Panasonic FX780 and FX740, new 4K LED TVs with HDR10 +

Panasonic today unveiled its new line of LED televisions for 2018. At the top of the range we have the Panasonic FX780 and the Panasonic FX740 . Both feature a sleek glass design, 4K HDR panels, and more powerful image processing. In addition, both models are compatible with HDR-Multi, which includes HDR10, HLG and the new HDR10 + dynamic metadata technology.

The best memes of the PSOE crisis

It has been an intense weekend. And it has been for everyone. For Pedro Sánchez . For Susana Diaz . We also include ourselves. And is that nobody has been able to escape from the soap opera that since last week was being lived in Ferraz . Since the resignationists decided to plant the secretary general of the PSOE , the headquarters of the Socialists became the scene of one of the most exciting dramas of recent times.

The best memes to celebrate Star Wars day

May 4 is International Star Wars Day for a curious play on English words. "May the 4th be with you" is used as a substitute for "May the Force be with you" ("May the Force be with you").In your expert we have made a compilation of some perfect memes to celebrate May 4. What better way to show your passion for Star Wars than by sending these images to your friends?

The best memes of the elimination of Spain from the World Cup

Spain played the eighth round of the World Cup against Russia today, where the Spanish team ended up losing and exiting the World Cup in a monotonous match, where a 1-1 draw reigned and some penalties that ended up kicking Spain out of the World Cup. As in all matches, the network has been filled with memes, jokes and very funny videos about the defeat of Spain against Russia.

The sale of CAM adapters to watch GolTV for paid DTT increases by 10%

They don't want to be without football . For this reason, a few days after the start of the Spanish Professional Football League , a 10% increase in the sale of CAM adapters was detected during the first week of September . Just seven days after they were put on sale , to pay for the use of the cards that allow you to watch the recently launched soccer channel Gol TV, through paid DTT .

Google down, problems with YouTube, Gmail and other services

If you are experiencing problems with Gmail, YouTube, Google Photos, or other Google services , don't worry. You're not alone. The search engine company has been giving problems to its users in numerous services since around nine o'clock at night. From what can be seen on the Downdetector page, the fall would be mainly focused on the United States .

BQ Aquaris VS and VS Plus, price, features and opinions

They are called BQ Aquaris VS and VS Plus and they are two new phones with extensive specifications, but with a price that is very adjusted to most pockets. Framed within the Aquaris V range, both terminals enjoy an elegant design and metallic finishes.They draw attention for their capabilities, both in memory and in processor power.

Samsung Power Sharing, a cable to share battery between devices

Samsung has presented Power Sharing, a cable that allows you to transfer battery between a Galaxy terminal , be it a smartphone or tablet , to another device. At the moment, the Korean company has indicated that the source of origin of this new accessory will have to be  the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Alpha, the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Avant, the Galaxy Tab S 10.

Free TV channels with Ahí + TV, is it worth it?

Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, many operators are offering different services or free improvements to make the quarantine more enjoyable. The last to join this initiative has been Ahí +, a virtual operator that offers mobile lines, internet at home and television, making Ahí + TV available to all. T

These have been the most watched series on Netflix in 2017

Ce waffles, the adventures of Miss Jones and the rest of Marvel superheroes or the Narcos traffickers have filled the leisure hours of millions of users around the world. Not to mention that they have taken a few hours of sleep from others. Netflix is ​​still a favorite on-demand Internet service for many, and content is key. Esp

We explain everything about the change from mytaxi to Free Now

The transport business in large cities is constantly being renewed. Proof of this is the current change in the mytaxi company that has been renamed Free Now. This taxi application has not only changed its name but also its way of operating, offering very attractive options for its users . We expand all the details below.

Los memes más divertidos para celebrar el Día de la Hispanidad

Hoy se celebra el Día de la Hispanidad. Si nos remitimos a los datos históricos, el 12 de octubre fue el día en el que España y America establecieron contacto para casar lo que en la época se conocía como el Nuevo Mundo y el Viejo Mundo. Bastantes años más tarde, los españoles celebran el descubrimiento de América con un desfile militar en el que participa tanto Ejército como Corona, además del Presidente de España y, por supuesto, los distintos representantes de las comunidades autónomas.With the celeb

Ozone cannon or air purifier What best removes viruses from home?

With the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, new weapons are emerging to combat the virus. Or, at least, becoming more known in the face of this war against the virus. We are talking about ozone and the machines that are capable of producing and expelling it. They are known as ozone cannons or ozonifiers . However, they are not the only options currently on the market to ensure that we clean the environment of our house or disinfect a space.

Gmail now allows you to recover an email sent by mistake

Who hasn't put their hands in their heads after hitting the send button in Gmailand discover a blunder in the mail? Or by sending private information to a contact that has nothing to do with it? These are things that happen when using any email service and that sometimes make the most clueless sleepless .

So are the Photoshop retouching of Victoria's Secret models

Photographic retouching is the order of the day, not only in the professional world but also in the more amateur world. Today everyone has applications that allow them to improve their appearance, mainly in the case of selfies, where the range of applications that allow us to improve our skin or gesture is totally disproportionate.

Sony Xperia Z4, possible features and price

A few days ago the new Sony flagship , the Xperia Z3, was presented . Therefore, with the calendar to which the company has accustomed us, we should see its next terminal in early 2015 . Taking this information as a premise, we are going to review what we know so far about the device.Release dateThe Sony Xperia Z was introduced in February 2013 and the Xperia Z2 a year later, in March 2014 .

The Cuevana movie portal plug-in could steal passwords

Cuevana is a South American portal dedicated to viewing online content that is very popular due to the good quality of the videos it hosts . This website was very successful because most streaming video services do not offer good image quality. The closure of Megaupload was a hard blow because most movies and series were hosted on their servers, despite this Cuevana continues to work and little by little they have been moving the files to other servers so that it can continue to be watched without problems.

Common Nexus 5 issues that users are most concerned about

Since it was launched almost two years ago, the Nexus 5 has suffered various problems update after update. There are only a few days left before users of this device can enjoy Android 6.0 Marshmallow , so it is only a matter of time to know if many of its errors will be solved. One of the most common problems with the Nexus 5 is related to the camera.

That's how expressive the new Facebook Like button is

Something is brewing on the social network Facebook . And it is that for some time a strong rumor affirms that, soon, a new button I do not like will appear , so requested by users. Well, a new rumor claims that not only one button will appear, but up to six more different ones . A whole range of expressions with which to offer the sensations that cause an information, publication or content shared through the most massive social network in the world.

The best memes of this week shared by WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook

Than? How do we get back to the routine? It was hard, right? No need to worry, it's already Friday . It's already the weekend . The well-deserved rest arrives. The relaxation that will calm your post-vacation depression. Your moment of order and concert to be able to assume that summer is over, and with it the beach bars, the beers on the terrace of the bar on duty and the wandering.