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5 billing programs for freelancers

Do you need help to manage the invoices of collections and freelance payments? Fortunately, there are many online tools that make filing and filing a lot easier. Take note of these 5 billing programs for freelancers .1. Quipu, one of the most completeQuipu is one of the most complete billing programs on the market .

What is an OEM product and why are they used?

The term OEM is used a lot in the tech world. In this article we explain what it means that a product is OEM, why they are so widely used and what are their advantages. You are ready? We started.What are OEM productsTo understand what OEM products are, you first need to clarify how companies can act to get the products they need to do their jobs.

These are the five brands that sell the most TVs in the world

We have all been through the same trance. When we go to buy something (especially if it is something expensive , like a television), we end up dizzy from looking at options so much, and the final decision almost becomes a leap of faith. Although we always try to get a good deal, the brand is one of the criteria that matters most to us .

Lenovo 10 years after buying IBM computers

Ten years go a long way. And more in the field of technology. This 2015 has been a decade since Lenovo bought IBM's personal computers division. A strategic decision that has been key in the development of the firm that today is the world's largest computer seller, ahead of large packaging companies such as HP .

Drivy launches a service to rent your rental car and reduce costs

If you are thinking of buying cars for your company, it may be more profitable for you to take advantage of the renting modality . Vehicle renting is more convenient and cheaper than buying cars. It is a vehicle rental option in which a monthly fee is paid and the vehicles, owned by the renting company, are available only when the company so requires.

Garmin dezl 570LMT and 770LMT, two GPS for truck professionals

Despite the proposals in the form of applicationsto guide users while driving using their smartphone , there is still scope for GPSto use. And it is that road professionals need more than a voice that tells them which way out to take, something that the Garmin company knows well. For this reason, it has launched two new models for truck drivers of any type , providing maps, traffic information, points of interest, routes and functions that help ensure safety and comfort at the wheel.

Brother MFC-L9570CDW, we tested this color laser printer

The Brother MFC-L9570CDW printer is not for everyone. It is a professional laser equipment designed for those companies and businesses that need to print continuously. Up to 6,000 pages per month for your recommended monthly cycle . But, in addition, it also emphasizes versatility. This printer combines its printing functions with copying, scanning and faxing.

Find out how to make good map charts with Mapchart

When it comes to making diagrams and graphs , we can more or less get by with a little knowledge of Excel . But if we want to make a graph where maps appear , to show some kind of geographic distribution , things get more complicated, since that kind of design with drawings is not so easy to do . If you have found yourself in that position, and you have ended up doing a botch , you will appreciate this discovery that we bring you.