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20 fun and curious experiments to teach science to your children

Sometimes entertaining and entertaining children can be very difficult. The truth is that we have many resources. Read stories, play at constructions, paint and draw… But sometimes the alternatives run out. And they end up getting bored.And although experts already confirm that boredom is a perfect ingredient to trigger creativity , most of the time we have to do our part. O

The truth behind the sugar in Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero

By now everyone knows that Coca Cola contains too much sugar . There are numerous videos and experiments that show how that sugar remains in the bottom of a saucepan by boiling the dark soda. A can of soda (which is 330 cubic centimeters) contains 35 grams of sugar. That is, like five (yes 5) sachets of coffee sugar: a lot.

20 stunning high-resolution photos of space

Space is as huge as our brain can imagine. Although the shape of the Universe is not yet known with complete certainty, it is known that it is continuously expanding due to its young age . For this reason, the number of stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets and other interstellar elements is increasing.The most powerful tool that humans have to observe this type of phenomenon is the Hubble telescope , along with some telescopes strategically located throughout the planet in the different observatories.

The 10 fastest planes in the world

Airplanes fly fast, we know that but… what are the fastest airplanes in the world? We will see how among them there are fighters and military aircraft. But also experimental models whose antiquity may surprise us: more than fifty years. And it is that, in the heat of space race, some solutions were tested in unique airplanes before having spaceships. D

5 applications of graphene that are already a reality

Graphene is a sheet of carbon of a minimum thickness (one atom) with unique properties. It has a monolayer hexagonal crystalline structure and is actually the basis of graphite. But it is 200 times stronger than steel and five times lighter than aluminum. Graphene's unique electrical or thermal properties make it attractive for many uses, but most are still projects .

10 types of 3D printing that have revolutionized medicine

The world of health and medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds mainly due to its integration with technology. Medical 3D printing is offering very good results, being one of the most emerging sectors. Much has already been accomplished on how to help and even replace our biological structures, as well as other achievements.

10 women who have made history in the world of technology

They have not had anything easy. And even today, women still play a minority role in tech companies . Especially with regard to management and responsibility positions. Although in that, the gap - and not only salary - is evident in almost all professions. Except for those in which women have always been the majority, such as in the field of nursing or education.

20 of the most impressive images in the universe

Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Kevin M. GillJust a few days ago we told you that Juno, the spacecraft that continues on a mission to Jupiter, had sent impressive images to Earth. The photograph, published by NASA and colored by scientists, showed Jupiter's characteristic atmosphere.Some associated that image with a painting by Vincent Van Gogh himself.

10 educational YouTube channels to learn mathematics

Now that classes have been suspended in almost all the Autonomous Communities of Spain, the use of educational applications and websites has exploded to levels never seen before. The problem with these types of tools is that they usually use predefined exercises . To solve a specific question or problem we have to resort to YouTube channels of Mathematics.

Bionic lenses, what they are and how they could change your life

Bionic lenses can revolutionize the field of vision medicine , and there are already numerous patented technologies in this sector.In short, we could say that bionic lenses are lenses to correct vision problems, but also use advanced technology to improve the capabilities of the user . And the website LentillasADomicilio has created an interesting infographic with the most recent advances.

The Cachopomatic and other curious inventions of Spaniards

Throughout its history, Spain has been the birthplace and residence of some of the world's most important poets, writers, thinkers, painters or actors. But not only artists, our country has also seen the birth of scientists who have created some of the most revolutionary inventions of the last centuries.

10 board games you can buy online to learn science

Many children remain hooked on mobiles and tablets. But the truth is that, although it may seem not, there is life beyond the screens. And science is a very good option to get the little ones in the house entertained, but at the same time learn.If you've been to a toy store recently, you know that the number of science games out there is huge.

20 tricks to teach your children to look at the stars

If you have small children at home, you will surely know a lot about sharpening their wits so they can have fun. But with summer drawing to a close, it 's very possible that your ideas have already run out . The summer months are perfect to enjoy time outdoors.The nights, for example, are a perfect time to enjoy astronomical contemplation .

What about graphene? Promises kept and pending of the material of the future

We know that graphene is a single atom thick sheet of carbon with unique properties. It has a monolayer hexagonal crystalline structure and is 200 times stronger than steel. It is five times lighter than aluminum and has unique electrical or thermal properties. Since its discovery we have heard promises about how it will revolutionize many technologies, and in some cases it has.

CGM Dexcom G6, technology to control diabetes through mobile

Technology is welcome for everything, but when it can also help us better control and manage our health, it is even more welcome. Now a new device developed by the company Novalab Iberia wants to collaborate in this to make life easier for people with diabetes. The data offered by the European Diabetes Society are devastating.

The 10 largest airplanes ever built

Surely the Boeing 747 'Jumbo' is the largest plane you have ever boarded, or perhaps it is the Airbus 380. In both cases you will have been quite lucky and you will have been impressed by its dimensions ... Well, being large, these planes have some ahead in the ranking of the largest built. If you found it curious to know which were the fastest, let's see which are the ten largest aircraft in history .

NASA gives $ 100,000 in competition to design a Mars base

What will they be like and who will design the future bases of Mars or the Moon? Five teams will distribute the $ 100,000 prize that NASA gives to those who present 3D designs of a base on Mars. It is a contest that NASA organizes together with the Bradley University of Peoria (Ilinois). They have selected the top five projects to be awarded the prize ($ 100,000) in the final phase of the competition to design a 3D printed habitat.

The 5 best channels to learn science through YouTube

YouTube has become a very interesting service to learn all kinds of things. It is possible to access channels with a multitude of themes. From cuisine, languages, beauty, technology or even science. It is a simple and enjoyable educational platform. Through illustrative videos you can find explanations that make learning easier.

NASA identifies a strange object on the surface of Mars

This is not the first time it has happened. NASA experts have been able to see an image of something very curious in one of the snapshots that the Curiosity robot has sent to Earth. As you know, the NASA rover has been working since August 2012 on the surface of the Red planet , with the aim of finding signs of anything and of course, to know in depth its characteristics on the ground.

New Russian missiles would leave deadly pollution in their wake

We have new Russian missiles. President Vladimir Putin announced on March 6 that his country had developed important new weapons. One is an underwater drone that could secretly navigate anywhere, the other two long-range nuclear missiles. The idea is that these weapons render useless the anti-missile shield of NATO and the United States, so criticized by Russia.

8 science fiction movies with technologies that are now a reality

That reality surpasses fiction is something we have been verifying over the years. The cinema is a clear example of how strange objects and curious ideas have become everyday tools in our daily lives. An example of this we have in films like "2001: a space odyssey". Stanley Kubrick already showed some advances translated today such as videoconferencing or tablets.

What are 5D ultrasounds and why should you be interested in them?

Fetal ultrasounds are a way to monitor the state of our baby inside the womb during pregnancy. They were a real revolution when they began to be implemented in gynecological clinics in the late 1970s, although it was really in 1960 that the first ultrasound device for pregnancy became available . The truth is that a lot has rained since those first 2D echoes, and we have gone from poor quality to 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasounds, the latest revolution in the sector.

10 simple experiments you can do at home

There are effects in nature that catch us off guard, or tests of known products that surprise us. Most can be highlighted in simple experiments that we can do at home without complications. Discover with us ten curious experiments ...1. How much sugar does Coca Cola have?It's a classic since someone recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube.

10 awesome videos from space that you can watch on YouTube

Last week, the NASA team and the European Space Agency (ESA) blew us away with their first 8K video made from space. In this you could see the day to day of the astronauts who live and work on the International Space Station.And while this is a small achievement, it is not the first time that NASA has been able to provide quality images from outer space .

Stunning photos of the snowy Sahara desert

Climate change is a reality, no matter how many people deny it. Seeing the completely frozen Sahara can give us reliable proof of this, apart from leaving us with our mouths open for a long time. Fortunately, there are wonderful people (and equally incredible technology) who have given us the opportunity to enjoy a spectacle that rarely happens: that a desert, one of the hottest places on planet Earth, is covered with snow almost completely .