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50 useful keyboard shortcuts to master Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing and retouching programs in the world. It allows making from small changes in the images to letting the imagination fly. However, it is not easy to fully master a program of this size. For this reason, there are many who usually look for tutorials to do the different jobs they need.

How to customize and change Windows 10 icons

Tired of the look of Windows 10? Or is it too boring for you? Windows 10 is a fairly customizable operating system in its aesthetics. One of the options it offers us is to modify the icons of the operating system and applications. We explain how to change the icons in Windows 10 to give the operating system a much more personalized look.

How to make Ares download faster

Ares is one of the oldest programs that we can find to download all kinds of files from the Internet. It is a very similar program eMule, which has lost much of its popularity, but still continues to see a large number of users who use it. We explain some very simple tricks you can use to make Ares download files faster.

Consejos para reducir el tamaño de tus fotos sin perder calidad

Intentar comprimir una foto es uno de los factores más importantes a la hora de subir imágenes a nuestra página web, blog o e-commerce. Si el peso de éstas no se optimiza adecuadamente, consumirá una gran cantidad de recursos del servidor o hosting donde tengas alojada tu web. Por no hablar de que su navegación será mucho más lenta, y tu web puede ser penalizada por Google a la hora de posicionarla en su buscador.Pero est

All Netflix codes to watch hidden series and movies in 2019

Exploring the Netflix catalog in its entirety can become tedious in most cases due to the large number of series and movies that the North American giant has. Thanks to a series of Netflix codes that the company itself provides, we can see hidden Netflix categories whose content is not currently available in Spain , in such a way that we can find series and movies that today are not possible to see on Netflix Spain.

How to calculate PayPal commission when sending money

PayPal has become the most widely used service to send and receive payments over the Internet. This platform has always placed a lot of emphasis on shopper safety, something that has been key to its becoming so popular. What some users may not know is that PayPal applies a commission system when sending and receiving money.

How to password a folder in Windows 7

One of the functions that is missing in Windows 7 is the ability to easily set a password to a folder in which we want to save important files, whether they are documents, compromised images or other confidential material. There is a way to protect a folder on the Microsoft platform without having to install any type of program.

How to open magnet links with any browser

Magnetic links have been a fundamental pillar of the most important browsers for a long time, allowing the download of torrent files in a much easier way. In this article we explain what magnetic links are , and how you can use them in any modern web browser.What are magnet or magnetic linksMany users believe that magnetic links and torrent files are the same.

How to make a design cover with Word 2007

Company presentations, school papers, university reviews… The uses we give to Microsoft Word are many and varied , so it is important to know some of the tricks that the Microsoft Office 2007 package offers us . This time we wanted to pay attention to the covers or covers of our works , since in the 2007 version of this program we have the opportunity to easily create beautiful, elegant and curious pages . H

How to know the waiting time for a bus in Madrid

The saying goes that time is money. And you never appreciate it as much as when you live in a big city like Madrid. Moving around the city can be a big waste of time , if you don't know how to organize yourself. But you already know that information is power.For quite some time, users of public transport have the opportunity to find out how long it can take to get to the bus, the subway or the tram.

How to download and install Java on Windows 10

Java has been one of the most widely used programming languages ​​for years. This is because it is a very advanced language, which allows all kinds of programs, and it is also multiplatform. The greatest virtue of Java is that you can write a program only once and make it available on all platforms in a very simple way. We

Amazon Locker, what is it and how to collect an order

Surely at some point, walking through a shopping center in your city, you have come across a huge yellow Amazon shelf. This is Amazon Locker, a very convenient service to place your order and collect it directly from that place. This avoids having to wait for the delivery person at home or be aware of the arrival of the shipment at your home.

How to install custom cursors in Windows 10

The cursor is a very important element on a computer. This is the "arrow" you see on the screen and represents the position of the mouse. An essential element, which sins of having a rather boring design. We explain how you can install custom cursors to improve the appearance of your Windows 10.How to get custom cursorsTo customize the cursor of our Windows 10, the first thing we will need is a pack of cursors .

How to block a contact from seeing my WhatsApp status

As much as you don't want it, it is inevitable. WhatsApp has become more than just an instant messaging application. Now it has taken a more social turn by incorporating the new 'States'. And they are called that, honestly, because to have named it WhatsApp Live would have been a bit cheeky. The similarities between the three Mark Zuckerberg apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram narrow.

How to download stickers and send them from WhatsApp Web

As you all know, the so-called stickers, or stickers, were introduced among the latest WhatsApp updates. A quite fun function to share with your contacts and that has been very well accepted by users. In fact, there are developers who have already launched their own apps to create custom stickers.These WhatsApp stickers / stickers are very similar and work practically the same as those that we can find in other messaging applications, such as Telegram.

How to return something on Amazon without being charged for shipping

Amazon has one of the most convenient returns processes. Above all, in those products sent and managed by the company itself. We can return the item in a couple of clicks, and in many cases without having to print the label.If you have wanted to return an item because you did not like it or it no longer served you, surely you have noticed that they charge you some return costs, which are usually around 3 euros for returns at collection points, or up to 5 euros if they come to look for the package at home.

How to download books from the National Library of Spain in ePub

The ePub file format is one of the most widely used when downloading e-books from the Internet. A few months ago, the National Library of Spain converted about 700 works to this popular digital format, so that users can download the content for free, and from the comfort of their homes. We explain how you can download books in ePub format from the National Library of Spain.

How to use all the controllers of your consoles on PC

PC gamers typically prefer to use the keyboard and mouse combination as the control system for their favorite video games. However, there are a large number of PC gamers who prefer to enjoy their titles with the community of a controller, just as they would with a game console. In this article we explain how you can use all the controls of the different consoles on your PC .

How to fix Windows 10 Store Error 0x80072f8f

Windows, as an operating system for tens of millions of computers, has a multitude of errors whose origin can be diverse. A few weeks ago we looked at some of the most popular system errors and how to fix them through various methods; specifically, we are referring to Error 0xc0000142 and Bad System Config Info Error.

A Complete Guide to Using Google Flights or Google Flights

If you regularly travel by plane, we are sure that this information will interest you. And a lot. First of all, we will ask you if you are aware of the existence of Google Flights or Google Flights. If you have never used it, you should know that it is a tool owned by Google that is responsible for helping travelers find the flights they are looking for.

Headphones don't work on my PC, what can I do

The configuration of the audio devices within the Windows 10 operating system can be somewhat complicated. There are several problems that can cause the sound not to be heard through our headphones, such as a conflict in the audio drivers themselves, as well as an incorrect configuration of the audio output, among many others.

How to see the results of the DGT exam for the driving license

For a few years now, the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) has been offering the results of both theoretical and practical driving tests electronically . This is extremely useful if we live in a city other than the DGT office and we cannot verify the result of the exam in person. A few weeks ago we showed you how to vote by mail for the 2019 Elections.

Windows 10 activation problems, how to fix them

Windows 10 works with a 25-character alphanumeric key activation system. When we buy a computer already assembled and ready to use in a store, the operating system is perfectly activated, so we do not have to do anything. In this article we will talk about the most common Windows activation errors , and the main ways to try to solve the problem.

How to watch DTT over the Internet using VLC

The appearance of numerous multimedia content streaming services has caused television to be relegated to the background. However, there is still a large number of users who prefer to watch their favorite programs through traditional DTT. In this article we explain how you can watch the DTT channels of our country, in a very comfortable way through the VLC multimedia player.

How to change your Hotmail account for a new Outlook one without losing emails

From 2012 onwards, many Hotmail users switched almost automatically to Outlook, the replacement for veteran Microsoft email. While remaining practically the same service, Outlook was presented as a completely renewed and updated messaging option .Another of the highlights of was its slick interface, which undoubtedly greatly improved the user experience.

How to enter Instagram without an account

Suddenly you have found yourself in the need to consult an Instagram profile, but you do not have an account on this social network and you do not want to create it for a single use, without a doubt a situation that can arise at any time. We explain how you can enter to visit an Instagram profile without having an account.

How to change password in Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo

Every user with an email account must periodically change their password . Surely you have heard it more than once, but it never hurts to remember it. Above all, in a world in which "123456" and "password" occupy the first and second place in the ranking of most used passwords year after year. It is not a joke.

How to improve the quality of an image in Photoshop, GIMP and the Internet

We love taking photos with our mobile. We take advantage of almost any excuse to take photos of everything, and of course, to show them to the world. But not all of us have the photography skills necessary to take good snapshots (and we are not talking about keeping a steady hand). It is common for mobile phones to include filters to increase the quality and attractiveness of the original image, but what do we do with the photos we took with previous phones or cameras, and that we save on the computer?

YouTube parental control, what is it and how to activate it

If you have children or teenagers at home, it is very normal for you to worry about their safety when they go to the computer to consult something. Since YouTube is one of the platforms most used by children, young and old, it is likely that your children visit it frequently, especially attracted by current youtubers such as AuronPlay or ElRubiusOMG.

7 simple tips to make your laptop go faster

With the passage of time it is not uncommon for us to begin to notice the computer slower than normal. Installing applications and programs, having a full hard drive or a browser collapsed with tabs when browsing, are some of the reasons why we just want to throw it out the window. With computing it is not only necessary to be patient, you also have to know how to maintain order and common sense.

The 8 best uses you can give a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pio phenomenon brought unusual doses of innovation to the home and home environment. His arrival was a milestone in the world of computing. I mean, let's think about it carefully. We could have a fully functional computer that could fit in the palm of our hand with its motherboard on which a processor, a graphics chip and RAM were mounted.

USOclient.exe, what it is and why disable it

Windows 10 includes a large number of services that are focused on making life easier for the computer user, but many times these services end up working against each other and are much more annoying than useful. In this post we explain what USOclient.exe is , and the main reasons to disable this service in Windows 10.

How to add music to iTunes

 The iOS operating system , used in Apple smartphones , is a great system, no doubt about that, but it is also something "special . " Apple's obsession with having a closed system makes some tasks, which are very simple in Android , become complicated for users less used to dealing with technology.

How to protect a pendrive with a password

Protecting our privacy is one of the most important tasks that we must carry out in the midst of a world that is becoming more and more digital. Passwords are a very simple, but extremely useful tool that allows us to ensure the privacy of our most personal data. In this article we explain how you can protect a pendrive with a password , in this way you will ensure that no one can access its content without your consent.

HDMI or DisplayPort Which is better for gaming?

DisplayPort and HDMI are the two most widely used video interfaces today. These are two protocols that serve the same purpose, but have different characteristics. In this post we analyze which of the two is the best alternative to play on PC. Are you ready? We startedHDMI, the most widespread digital multimedia interfaceHDMI is the most widespread digital video interface in the multimedia world, although this does not necessarily mean that it is the best.

10 tricks for Google Forms, the service to create Google forms

Google Forms, the company's popular forms tool, is one of the best options for creating online forms without having any knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS. The downside is that, unlike these types of forms, it does not have as many options as the marking code allows us. This does not mean that it does not have advanced functions to design forms to our liking.

5 programs to cut videos online for free and without downloading anything

Do you need to cut a video or do some other small editing task? The Internet offers us a multitude of free tools that we can use to edit a video in a simple way. This means that you will not have to buy or install anything on your computer to make those small adjustments to your videos. Without further ado, we leave you with the 5 best programs to cut video online for free and without downloading anything.

How to connect the Chromecast, step by step guide

Chromecast is a small accessory that allows users to enjoy their movies, TV shows, photos or any type of audiovisual content directly on their HDTV, through their smartphones and web applications. It also allows you to enjoy some Android games, make slide shows, and much more. In this article we will see how to install a Chromecast step by step .

Apps to recover deleted photos on Android

Everyone knows that one of the worst things that can happen to us with our mobile phone is that we lose a photo that we had carefully saved in our gallery. Maybe because of the rush, maybe because they reminded us of something or someone, the truth is that we clicked in the wrong place and goodbye. Luckily, there are several ways to recover deleted photos or videos on Android devices , and best of all, they work.

How to activate dark mode in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office includes black and dark gray themes for Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint applications. It is a feature included in Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016 and Office 2013 and it works on any recent version of Microsoft's operating system, including Windows 7, 8 or 10. Do you want to learn how to use dark mode in Word or another Office app?

Simple guide to send GIFs via WhatsApp

Hold on to your pants but: GIFs have arrived on WhatsApp . More or less. And it is that the most famous messaging application in the world already supports the use of these animations that have conquered the Internet and social networks. That is, you can share GIF files as moving images directly in chats and conversations.

20 Microsoft Word 2018 Tricks You Probably Didn't Know About

Despite its long history, Microsoft Word continues to be the most widely used office program in the world today. Not only for its simplicity of use, but also for the amount of options it offers compared to others such as Apple Pages or Libre Office Writer. That is why this time we have made a compilation of no more and no less than 20 tricks for Microsoft Word 2018 and previous versions of the application.

How to download Instagram videos with Android and iOS

Instagram is the social network most used today by the youngest, so it is very likely that you want to download one of the videos that are hosted on this platform. Instagram does not offer any option to download the videos, although we can always use third-party tools for this task. We show you the simplest and most useful applications that you can use to download Instagram videos on both Android and iOS.

How to adjust the speed of subtitles with VLC Player

If you use the VLC Player program to watch series or movies with subtitles, sometimes you can find problems with the synchronization of the texts, since sometimes the text and the images do not appear coordinated.This situation can be due to several reasons: problems with the video codecs, an inadequate speed of the subtitles or even an uncoordinated start point (that is, the subtitles advance at the correct speed but are ahead or behind with respect to the image ).

Turn your PC into a home WiFi repeater with this trick

Resorting to a WiFi repeater when the network does not reach every corner of our house can be the cheapest solution to an increasingly common problem. The problem is that most WiFi repeaters start at a price of 20 euros if we talk about basic repeaters and 30 or 40 euros if we talk about somewhat more advanced extenders.

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights

Google Flights, Google Flights in Spanish, is one of the best tools, if not the best, to find good cheap. Like the rest of the flight comparator applications such as KAYAK or Skyscanner, Google Flights has countless options that allow us to find cheap air tickets. Its main advantage over the previous ones is that Google Flights gives priority to all those flights that are below 50 euros , in addition to showing us the cheapest routes when establishing a trip in the search engine.

How to change Excel date format to Spanish mode

Microsoft Excel, as a program of North American origin, sets the format of the dates in the American format of default foram. Fortunately, changing the Excel date format to Spanish mode is possible through the program's options in both the desktop version and the online version. A few months ago we made a compilation of 20 free Excel school timetable templates and 100 keyboard shortcuts for Word and Excel.

How to remove ambient noise from recorded audio without spending money

All fans of audio and video recording know that there is nothing more annoying that has caused ambient noise to creep into an audio track. This is something that can completely ruin our recording, although fortunately it is also possible to solve it in a fairly simple way and totally free. Today we explain step by step how to eliminate ambient noise from recorded audio without spending money.

PDF to ePUB: 5 Pages to Convert Online Books in 2020

The debate that arose between lovers and detractors of the digital book has long since passed away. Now, whoever wants to can read their books on an electronic device and whoever doesn't, still has the smell and texture of paper. Both formats are equally valid. The important thing, as always, is to read.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video through your Chromecast

One of the easiest ways to enjoy multimedia content on television through your mobile is to get a Chromecast and turn your television into a smart device. Thanks to the Chromecast stick, any TV that has an HDMI connection will automatically have an Internet connection, so we can 'send' the desired content from the mobile to the TV with just a couple of steps.

Make an appointment online to renew your ID: 10 questions and answers

Requesting an appointment to renew the DNI or issue a new one is something that today can be done online through the Internet. In general, the body of the National Police does not accept the request for summons in person, which forces us to carry out the procedure through an electronic device. There are many doubts about the latter: how much does it cost to renew the DNI, how to cancel an appointment, what is the telephone number for the procedures and a long etcetera.

5 ways to transfer photos from an Android mobile to your PC without using a cable

Technology promised us a future without cables, but at the moment this future is not being fulfilled. If you have ever thought that it is a real hassle to have to connect the phone to the computer when you want to send photos to see them better or edit them, this article is for you.We have compiled five applications with which you can send photos from your smartphone to your computer without having to connect it .

5 ways to update motherboard drivers

Drivers are an essential software component for the proper functioning of our PC, since they are in charge of controlling the hardware correctly. We present you 5 ways to update the drivers of the motherboard and the other components of your PC.With Windows Device ManagerThis is the fastest way to check for new versions of our motherboard drivers.

How to subscribe to a YouTube channel

YouTube video platformit is a great option to find all kinds of content. From videos to learn how to make cakes, to knowing how to put on makeup , to be up-to-date in video games , to follow other people's daily lives, to watch movie trailers or even shows created especially for this platform. But how to be aware of all these videos in a comfortable way?

How to check the health of a hard drive with CrystalDiskInfo

A hard drive failure can cause us to lose our most valuable data. Wouldn't it be great if you could know in advance if your hard drive is going to fail in the near future? With this you could make a backup of all the important data before it stops working. We explain how to check the health of a hard disk with CrystalDiskInfo .

How to Cleanly Uninstall Graphics Card Drivers with DDU

Drivers are a fundamental part of a computer's graphics card, since it depends on them that the hardware works in the best possible way. Many times it is necessary to uninstall the drivers, either because you are going to install a card from another manufacturer, or you are going to change it for a new one from the same manufacturer.

How to watch Blu-Ray discs on Windows 10 for free

Optical discs are not going through their best moment, but you still see a large number of users who prefer to use this format to watch their favorite movies and series. Windows 10 does not include any tool to play Blu-ray discs , but this is something that we can solve in a very simple way using totally free tools.

Second monitor not detected, how to fix it

Many users resort to a configuration of two or even three monitors to be able to work more comfortably with their computer. Current operating systems are prepared to work with this type of configuration without us having to do anything, but there are some cases in which the second monitor is not detected correctly.

How to insert images directly into a Gmail email

If you use Gmail email regularly, you will know that one of the main options that the tool has is to insert images and send them as attachments. It is a basic gesture that you have used countless times , but ... did you know that there is the possibility of incorporating them into the body of the message?

20 interesting tricks of the Google search engine

The number of people who use the Google search engine daily can be counted by hundreds. In fact, a large part of the population has it as their home page in their usual browser. The reason is simple. It is comfortable, practical and today Google Search dominates the Internet. It is rare the day that we do not use it to search for something, be it a website, question or a product that we want to buy.

How to Convert DVD or Blu-ray to MP4 File with VLC Program

You may have a large number of DVD discs and want to enjoy them on portable devices. It is also very likely that at some point you wanted to upload them to the Internet to share with more people, or even save your movies and TV shows on a hard drive to take with you wherever you go. There are actually a ton of great DVD converters available to help you in this process, but one of the best is VLC Media Player.

How to repair your damaged hard drive step by step

Hard drive errors are quite common. Many of them are irreparable, but there are also many errors that can be repaired in a very simple way. In this post we explain how to repair your damaged hard drive step by step .What Are Bad Sectors On Hard DriveThe appearance of bad sectors is one of the most typical failures in a hard disk.

How to track the IP of an email in Outlook and Gmail

When it comes to knowing the origin of an email, there are several ways that allow us to know more or less exactly where it came from. The first step is precisely to check the domain that accompanies the email address: @, @, @ The most useful way to gut the origin of an email is based, however, on tracking the IP from Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail .

All keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 and Windows 7

One of the characteristics that have always defined Windows is its multiple  keyboard shortcuts that many of us are completely unaware of. Although it is true that there are a good number of key combinations, we can also rest assured that it will not cost us as much to learn them as it seems.If you want to move with Windows lightly like a true professional, take a look at this special one.

The solution to the most typical Netflix problems

Like any streaming platform, Netflix is ​​not without its problems. Being compatible with a multitude of devices and operating systems, errors can be as disparate as they are diverse. The audio is not heard, the chapters are shown in another language, it does not allow you to log in ... This time we have compiled some of the most typical Netflix problems and their possible solution.Netf

How to change the font and font on an Android mobile

All Android mobiles come with a default style of letter and font in their interface. If you have ever thought about how you could change the typeface and font to customize it to your liking , we bring you the solution.Any user who wants to customize this aspect of their Android mobile has the possibility, regardless of the brand of the mobile.

How advanced startup options work in Windows 10

Windows 10 has been spreading quite quickly among users, in part because Microsoft has almost imposed its download. In addition, all new computers already come with the latest version of the Redmond operating system . Although the base of the operating system is very similar to that of other versions such as Windows 7 and, especially, like Windows 8 , if we are used to any of these systems it is possible that with Windows 10 we are a little lost.

How to use Android apps on your PC with VirtualBox

Android is an operating system that puts millions of applications at our disposal. Many of them offer us really interesting functions, although the fact of using them on a fairly small screen can be important. found in terms of usability. In this article, we explain how you can use Android applications on your PC in a very simple way.

Android TV Box, what it is and what it is for

Android TV Boxes are devices that have become very popular since their arrival a few years ago. In this article we explain what Android TV Boxes are , as well as some of the main uses that are usually given to these devices. You are ready? Read on to discover all the secrets of these great devices.What is an Android TV BoxThese are small electronic devices, which run on the Android operating system , and which include all the components they need to function.

6 tips and tricks to extend the WiFi signal at home

Extending the WiFi signal is something that often requires external devices, such as WiFi amplifiers or PLCs. Fortunately, there are many tricks that we can carry out to expand the WiFi at home , and with it, its maximum range, without the need to resort to third-party solutions. This time we have compiled several methods to improve the WiFi signal.

This is the ideal size for your PC monitor

Wondering what is the perfect monitor size for your PC? While some users think that 24-inch monitors are the ideal size, others may think that even a 27-inch screen is too small. For most users, 32-inch monitors are too big. We have created this guide to try and explain what the ideal size is based on screen resolution and other factors.

4 ways to change the keyboard map in Windows

Do you need to customize your PC keyboard settings? Fortunately, there are several ways to do it in a fairly simple way using tools that come in the operating system itself or external programs. In this case we have selected the 4 best tricks you can use to modify the keyboard map on your Windows 10 PC.

How to use two apps in the same window in Windows 8.1 Update

One of the important advances that the new Windows 8 operating system incorporates is the ability to use two applications at the same time on the computer screen. This feature sets the apps automatically on each side of the screen and allows us to manually change the width we want for each of the tools.

How to remove voice from a song with Audacity

For karaoke lovers, it is sometimes difficult to find the desired songs in a version in which they can make the most of it for a night out . We tell you a little trick to remove the voice in songs through a free sound editor called Audacity . Although the result varies greatly from one song to another, it will serve to share a few laughs with friends and become, others more and others less, stars of the song.

A cool battery trick hidden in the Android menu

Battery life worries us all. Thanks to the latest advances in this field, which allow terminals with up to 4,000mAh and fast charging, we can breathe easier than before. But, even so, there are many who do not have enough. We must go with the charger in tow. Looking for plugs. That is why any trick to save on battery is welcome.

How to show only unread messages in Gmail

Gmail is a very useful tool from the search giant Google . It is a very interesting alternative to the Hotmail email client , since its filters to combat spam and its less widespread use make it possible to better get rid of this annoying scourge of junk mail . But there are some points where you still need to improve this service, such as handling unread emails.

5 keys to spot fake buyers on Wallapop

Since last January, more than a hundred users have reported through the comments of this other article a multitude of cases of scams and scams forged around the Wallapop application. Precisely last week the National Cybersecurity Institute warned of a new case of scam in Wallapop that seeks to get the users' money .

How to remove audio from a video with VLC

Recording videos with mobile is a trend nowadays. There are many applications that help you make amazing videos, and you can also add filters, stickers, and much more to personalize your video. Many times the problem of having some unwanted sound in a video arises, a situation in which some users prefer to remove the audio completely, but do not know how to do it.

Para qué sirven estas 10 fórmulas básicas de Excel

Excel es el programa de hojas de cálculo más utilizado del mundo y aún así­ sigue siendo un misterio para muchos. No conocer el manejo de Excel en ocasiones nos puede costar pasar muchas horas delante de una de sus hojas realizando acciones repetidas que se pueden simplificar, de manera muy sencilla, mediante el uso de fórmulas. Para

How to Read ePub Books on Amazon Kindle Devices

The Amazon Kindle is possibly the best known and most widely used electronic book. At Amazon we can find many types of Kindle devices, with prices for all budgets. That and the huge e-book store that the online sales giant has are enough for most users to opt for these devices when purchasing an e-book.

10 functions that you are interested in knowing about the ING website

ING clients have at their disposal a fairly comprehensive website with which to thoroughly view their savings account. In this special today we are going to tell you about some of the most important functions of your website, what we can do in it and some of the most unknown. So now you know, if you have a savings account in this bank, enter the official ING website right now and get ready to browse it with us, in order to get the most out of it.

How to block spam in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email services today. Many users only have one account on this platform, so the number of daily emails in the inbox can be quite large. The normal thing is that of the hundreds that we receive, only a few are interested, fighting by all means with those unwanted emails that sneak in without us being able to do anything to prevent it.

How to use iTunes with an Android mobile

You may have Android as your mobile operating system , but you love using iTunes . It is true that the Google platform is not fully compatible with the Apple service , but there are several ways we can transfer our entire music library from iTunes to the Californian platform without too much trouble.

20 Facebook tricks to get the most out of this social network

If you are reading this, you must have a Facebook account. If you don't have it, let us congratulate you. Resisting the social network par excellence requires a lot of willpower. But if you're like most of us, you've probably been doing almost the same things for years. Upload photos, give "Like" to the publications of your contacts, make funny comments, share some news .

Workaround for the yellow light bug on the PlayStation 3

The error known as "The yellow light of death " is one of the worst that the Playstation 3 can suffer . It indicates a serious hardware failure , specifically the motherboard, and in many cases it is usually the reason why many users are forced to buy a new console since the repair can cost more than 100 euros.

All the features and tricks of Nougat 7.0

At last the news broke: Samsung began to update its flagship terminals, the S7 and S7 Edge to Android Nougat, version 7.0 of the android, one of the best and most stable that they have ever launched. Of course, let's not expect too many changes in terms of design: Android maintains the material design , introduced in version 5.

How to fix limited or no connectivity error in Windows

Some Windows 10 users are experiencing a strange problem. After months of using the PC normally, they suddenly find that their device shows a 'Limited Connectivity' error in the WiFi status, and they cannot access the Internet. Next, we explain the best tricks to solve this annoying problem.Restart the router and the computerTypically when you get the limited internet access error in Windows 10, you can try the simplest step first which is to restart your network device and restart your computer.

Ping command, what is it and what is it for

Ping is a word widely used in the language of networks. This is a command widely used by Internet specialists to analyze computer network connections and detect possible problems. We explain what the Ping command is and what it is for .What is the ping commandPing is an acronym for Packet Internet Groper , it can be translated as “packet search engine in networks”. In

5 tricks to schedule Windows 10 shutdown

Programming the automatic shutdown of Windows 10 can be very useful, if you have to leave home and need to leave the computer on to complete some type of task. We explain 5 very simple tricks that you can use to schedule the automatic shutdown of your Windows 10 computer.Automatic shutdown via Windows 10 RunExecute is one of the most useful tools that are included in the different Microsoft operating systems, including of course the latest Windows 10.

6 common Netflix problems and how to fix them

There are times when things don't work out the way they should. And, most of the time, they can be fixed. Netflix is ​​a service that works very well. But, sometimes, we can have certain problems that annoy us when watching this or that series or film. We have tried to gloss the most common Netflix problems and how to solve them in six sections .Why

How to edit and reduce the size of an mkv file

If you are preparing your favorite movies and series to see them in summer or during the trip directly on your mobile, surely this interests you. And it is that the storage capacity of our devices is limited, and you will not be left without knowing which character dies, what war is being prepared or how a love story ends for it.

How to change the default letter in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system that offers users many options related to customization. One of the most missing features in Windows 10 is the ability to change the letter or font of the system as easily as with previous versions of the operating system. Fortunately, it is something that is still possible, we explain how to change the default letter in Windows 10 .

The recycle bin has disappeared, how to fix it

The problem of the disappearance of the recycle bin is something quite frequent in Windows 10. On many occasions it may ask you where the icon of the recycle bin has gone and how you can recover it. The good thing is that you can recover it in a very simple way through the following methods.Restoring the Recycle Bin IconIf the recycle bin has been accidentally disabled, Windows will not be able to display it on the desktop screen .

How to order an Uber for the first time step by step

You know that in your city there is the Uber VTC car rental service with driver but you have never dared to hire one. They have told you that if it is cheaper than a Taxi, that the service is much better ... but, for whatever reason, you have not yet encouraged to use it. It may be lazy to enter the card number (you can pay with PayPal and, in some cities, it is even possible to pay at the end of the trip, with cash) or because this Internet and asking for services is not your thing, you are not good at it.

Windows 10 Game Mode, what it is and how to activate it

Windows 10 does not stop receiving news in each of the updates that reach the operating system. The Creators Update introduced the Game Mode , which allows improving the performance of video games under the Windows 10 operating system in a very simple way.What is Windows 10 Game ModeWindows 10 Game Mode is a mechanism that allows the operating system to detect when a video game is running .