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How to use two Twitter accounts on the same mobile

The official Twitter application itself allows two or more user accounts to be kept active . In this way, it is possible to manage several profiles from the same mobile, without the need to use unofficial applications or services.All you have to do is log in regularly. After completing the user verification process, it is now possible to see all the tweets or messages of the accounts that are followed.

Top 5 Pokémon Cheats: Magikarp Jump

Fishing Magikarp and raising them is a most fun activity. We have already been hooked by the new Pokémon game: Magikarp Jump. So we have commissioned to create a video to show you the five most amazing tricks of the title . And it is that it has many hidden secrets that will make fans of the Pokémon franchise fall in love even more. T

So you can create your own Clash Royale cards

In order to create Clash Royale cards, it is necessary to download the Card Creator for Clash Royale application . It is available for Android mobiles and is completely free . Of course, you have to understand that it is an application only to create cards in image form, without being able to build characters that can be controlled in the original game.

How to translate images with Google Translate

To translate from images with Google Translate it is necessary to have a constant Internet connection, either WiFi or data . The good thing is that it also allows its use offline if the language packs have been previously downloaded .There are two ways to translate from images . One simultaneously , thanks to Virtual Reality technology , and the other by recognizing the texts printed on said images.

Reel cameras in BACK TO THE PAST

Dear friend born in the age of digital photography ”¦ let me explain that this has not always been the case. No. There was a time when your parents and even your modern uncle lived when photos were developed on paper . Yes, as you read it.And they were not stored in a memory or on an internal hard drive. No

This is the Ecovacs Winbot 850 window cleaning robot

There are not only automatic robots capable of sweeping and mopping the floors of the house. The Ecovacs brand also has devices focused on cleaning windows and glass surfaces. No matter their size , shape or even if they have frames , the Winbot 850 robot takes care of cleaning them in the best possible way without having to pay attention to their operation.

How to beat all levels in Tigerball

You either love this game or you hate it. And it is entertaining, but devilishly difficult. That is why we have compiled five tricks with which to reach more levels. Some of them involve cheating in a shameless way, but it is left to each user.More bonusesYou will already know that in Tigerball or, there are bonuses when chaining hits.

How to put lyrics to YouTube songs

There is a formula to follow the lyrics of your favorite video clips on YouTube without missing anything from the video. And it is that the lyrics of the songs are not always accessible. But you can put subtitles with the verses of the song. We have created a video to explain how to do it both on your mobile and on your computer.

How to download Facebook videos to your computer

In this tutorial we show two ways to download Facebook videos to your computer without the need for programs or complicated processes.In the first one, you just have to have the Internet browser Google Chrome , with which you can access any video from the Facebook social network . In this case we have chosen the trailer for the next Star Wars movie .

5 secrets of Google Translate that you should know

The Google Translate app is really useful for many things. It is not only effective and efficient when it comes to translating words or phrases that we find anywhere. It is also the perfect travel tool for those traveling abroad. There where the local language is not mastered. But there are also other curiosities, tricks or secrets.

We raffle some BOSE Frames ALTO bluetooth glasses in collaboration with

Some Bluetooth glasses? That exist? So is. BOSE ALTO Frames are Bluetooth sunglasses that, like any headset with the same technology, is capable of emitting sound either in the form of music, podcast or any other sound from any of the applications compatible with is. Like any common headset, it is compatible with receiving calls, in addition to augmented reality applications that play with the sound emitted by the speaker integrated in the ear.

Memes, GIFs and greetings for the New Year 2018

MemesThe memes or greeting cards are too colorful and showy. Not to mention tacky. But be very careful not to forget to send it to a close contact ”¦ With the Congratulations New Year 2018 application you avoid this problem by getting a good amount of images and congratulatory messages. You will look good with everyone, since there are images for almost all tastes. Th

This is how Pokémon GO Plus works

In this video we show you the unboxing of Pokémon GO Plus . The box informs us that the bracelet is available for both Android and iOS , although not iOS 10 . And that uses a Bluetooth connection. Inside we find the nylon bracelet , the device itself and its instructions. Many instructions ”¦ By the way, the packaging is not very fair in terms of value for money. And

Philips TV news at IFA 2015

The first technology brands have been at the IFA fair in Berlin and in this video you have news from Philips , specifically its range of televisions . The Philips 8901 model is one of the most prominent due to the use of a new rear projection technology, which creates an effect as if the image were going off the screen., tips and tricks to survive in the fashion game

It is the fashion game. The famous snake Nokia is back , but with a new spirit. In we put ourselves in the shoes of a snake trying to survive in a world full of other human players. The goal: to get bigger and bigger by eating dough particles and engulfing our enemies. As we advance in the game, the strategy becomes complicated and the pikes reach stark heights.

So are the Samsung Addwash washing machines of 2017

In Samsung they have studied the patterns of use of the washing machine in Spanish homes. And no, the result is not encouraging. The men remain minority when handling this appliance. Machismo, lack of knowledge, lack of time? The solution is to make the procedure easier, and that is why they have updated their Addwash family of washing machines this 2017.

The Airplane of the Future, this is how airplanes will be in 2050

"Welcome aboard. This is the captain of the plane of the future speaking to you ” Gentlemen passengers. Today we are traveling aboard this Airbus flight . A design that could become a reality very soon.In the cabin, the views are spectacular. And the fact is that the roof is transparent , the seats rotate … On this plane we want you to enjoy luxurious panoramic views. Wit