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LovesTV, advantages and disadvantages of using traditional TV on demand

LOVEStv is the free television platform promoted jointly by Atresmedia, Mediaset España and RTVE. It is based on HbbTV technology and allows you to enjoy some functionalities that live television does not have. For example, with this service we can watch a program from the beginning, enjoy most of the content that has been broadcast in the last week, see programming recommendations or find out about the next few days through an improved guide.

The best devices to turn your TV into a Smart TV

Smart TVs or Smart TVs are very common in 2020, but that does not necessarily mean that all users have one. In this article we will talk about the best devices that you can use to turn your TV into a Smart TV . They will also help you if your Smart TV has become obsolete, and is not able to use the most current apps and services.

The best applications for your Samsung Smart TV

Having a Smart TV has the advantage that we can install some very useful applications, thanks to the fact that they have their own operating system, and hardware that is quite similar to Android TV devices. Today we offer you a list of the best applications that you can install on your Samsung Smart TV.

DTT, what are DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C and how are they different

Before we bought a television and looked at the measurements and little else. But since we have cutting-edge screens and technologies, before acquiring a new equipment for our home we have to look at many details and features . From the type of screen, to the technology or the connections.In addition, there are some acronyms that in the era of digital television can generate serious doubts in us.

Blu-ray, what is it and what is it for?

Have you gone to buy a   DVD player and have been offered a Blu-ray ? Is it a mess in the movie section? If you are still wondering what Blu-ray is and if it is worth buying, at we have prepared this guide to get up to speed quickly and easily.What is Blu-ray?Blu-ray is an optical disc format, an evolution of CD and DVD .

Netflix: payment methods when hiring the streaming service

With its large catalog of series and movies, Netflix is ​​the queen of streaming video platforms. Subscribers enjoy your content from the comfort of their home or from their mobile device.  Without the annoying publicity and legally.Your entire catalog is organized in a tag system: "recommendations", "genres", "recently added" and "my list" to create a totally personalized experience. Als

How to manually tune channels on a Samsung TV

It is time to retune DTT after the last resignation of frequencies by 5G. Unlike the analog blackout that brought digital television to Spain more than a decade ago, most Spanish homes will not require any additional device to watch TV channels. In fact, the only measure that we will have to apply will be to re-tune the channels manually , something that is not exactly easy if we have a Samsung television.

HbbTV, what is this technology and how to activate it on your TV

You may have heard about LOVEStv a few days ago, a new HbbTV platform developed jointly by RTVE, Atresmedia and Mediaset. This platform could be considered as the response of public televisions to streaming video services such as Netflix. However, it works with HbbTV technology. You may wonder, what is that?

5 legal alternatives to Series Blanco in 2019

Last year, Series Blanco passed away, one of the most used platforms to consume multimedia content, and which was accused of violating copyright. We offer you 5 legal alternatives to White Series so you can spend the summer watching your favorite content.FilminFilmin is a streaming platform for series and movies that was born in 2006.

What is IPTV and why are you interested if you have a TV Box

Xiaomi Mi Box.Since TV Boxes have become popular with the arrival of Android to televisions, terms such as IPTV, Kodi or Plex are the order of the day. Most of these terms refer to a type of application with which we can expand the possibilities that devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Box currently offer.

How to watch Orange TV from a computer

Television as we knew it before no longer exists. Now, who else who less is subscribed or subscribed to a content platform, such as Netflix, Filmin or HBO. Another interesting option for those who also need the services of an operator, is to opt for the TV content that it offers .Because the truth is that all of them, or at least the main ones, have their own packages of series, films, documentaries and even the main football matches.

The 7 best televisions of the year 2016

There is just over a month to go until Black Friday is celebrated , the craziest shopping day of the year in which stores take the opportunity to launch the Christmas campaign with great discounts. Many take advantage of this moment, or the letter to the Magi , to change the television . For this reason, we wanted to make a selection of what we think are the best televisions of this year .

HDR 10, what is it, advantages and how to watch this television format

A few days ago we told you what Dolby Vision is, a type of HDR that seems to be gaining strength. However, Dolby's proposal is not the only one that we can find on the market. In that same article we talked about HDR10, although without explaining it. Today we want to tell you what HDR10 is , since you have surely seen it on many billboards.

What are the differences between IPS panels and VA panels on LED LCD TVs

The resolution, the brightness, the size of inches, the smart functions… seem to be key when buying a television. But be very careful with the type of panel. And we are not only referring to the technology that illuminates and colors the image, but to how it is formed. Details that, sometimes, go unnoticed by users, and that can totally change the experience of using the salon. B

How to watch Netflix series and movies for free

Do you want to watch some Netflix series and movies for free? The platform has launched the Watch Free section in Spain, which is accessed through a portal where we can find some of the best titles with the possibility of viewing them for free, without the need for subscription or registration. 'Elite', 'Stranger Things' or 'Blind' are some of the titles available to watch for free.

Everything you need to know about HDMI, types and functions

HDMI cables are used to transmit sound and image between sources and displays. When two devices are connected via HDMI, they negotiate between them which formats one accepts and can send the other. Thus, if all goes well, the connection is fast, reliable and secure. Even "safe" for rights owners, as the protocol includes some anti-piracy measures.

How to check if your TV is really 4K

Currently if we go to the market to buy a television, it is most likely that we will end up taking home a model with a 4K screen. And it is not surprising, there are already few models with Full HD resolution that are still on sale. However, not all 4K resolution TVs offer the same quality. We could even say that not all 4K TVs are truly 4K .

What is the distance from the sofa to watch a 4K TV?

One of the aspects that most concerns us when we go to buy a television is its size. There are many who apply the well-known phrase “big horse, walk or not walk”. Others prefer smaller screens but offer higher image quality. However, the most common question is whether the screen will not be too large for our living room . Who

We review the Loewe televisions you can buy today

Loewe has been manufacturing televisions for more than 80 years. The key factor in the success of this manufacturer is the combination of high technology, design, quality and ease of use. Loewe products are characterized by offering a very characteristic design that tries to be timeless and durable. And, why not say it, they are also characterized by their high price.

How to connect iPhone or iPad wirelessly to LG TV

Just a few days ago LG announced the availability of AirPlay on some of its latest models. Thanks to this new feature, the 2019 LG TVs and the new 2020 range with integrated Smart TV became compatible with Apple's content transmission system . Thus, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac users with an LG TV could, with a few simple steps, project all kinds of content on the TV without using cables.

Everything you need to know to continue watching DTT and retune the antenna

It is very possible that you have seen on TV that the DTT frequencies are going to change again. Or else, you may have directly stopped watching one of your favorite channels. Why is this happening? Well, it is due to the so-called Second Digital Dividend, a process by which the 700 megahertz (MHz) band of the radio spectrum will be released to deploy future 5G telecommunications networks in it .

Common Chromecast Errors and How to Fix Them

Chromecast is a small device created by Google, which allows us to stream content to our television or any monitor, which has an HDMI port where we can connect this accessory. Chromecast's popularity has been reignited with the launch of the Google Stadia video game platform, which runs on a Chromecast Ultra.

Samsung H8000, curved TVs of 48, 55 and 65 inches

Samsung was the first manufacturer to market what could become the TVs of the future for the living room. The company's H8000 curved televisions combine an attractive, slim design with a more immersive and immersive viewing experience . These teams have Full HD quality and incorporate the latest in Smart TV and connectivity.

A review of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

Every year we see the different bets of companies in terms of televisions. Each company is committed to different technologies, some of its own and others with free standards. Now it is Hisense's turn, we are going to take a tour of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range. These televisions are large format, that is, they are large, this is seen in that its smallest model is 50 inches.

Samsung SUHD KS7000 series with Smart TV from 2016

The  Samsung KS7000 is the maximum exponent of Samsung's upper-middle range with a flat panel . The new Korean TV offers a minimalist design and an excellent set of technologies for a unique viewing experience. SUHD resolution with Quantum Dot Color , HDR1000 technology for images more faithful to reality, Ultra Black to minimize reflection on the screen, Precision Black to improve contrast,  Auto Depth Enhancerto improve depth .

Can I buy an LG OLED or LG SUPER UHD Nanocell TV?

OLED or LED? Many people ask this question when they start their search for a new home television. At we have talked many times about the advantages and disadvantages of OLED. But also of the virtues and defects of LG's SUPER UHD televisions, the top of the range of LED televisions. Even so, it is possible that some users still have doubts.

This is how the new Philips TVs are for 2017

Philips has announced the new TV models that will arrive this year . The company has prepared an OLED model, a new processing engine and new designs. They will even release a new version of the operating system they use on their televisions, Android TV. And all this accompanied by Ambilight technology.

LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA, smart TV with Nano Cell

Just a few days ago we talked about the LG SK 9500PLA, the top of the range of LG LED televisions. A high-end television that includes all the advances of the company. However, this TV has a kind of “little brother”. The LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA is also equipped with Nano Cell technology and Full Array lighting system . In

How to activate and start using HbbTV technology on a Samsung TV

Since the middle of last month, the main television content companies in Spain have joined forces to present a new platform, LOVEStv. This platform, which some have begun to call the Spanish 'Netflix', is a place where you can see, again, all the programs of a specific channel of TVE, Atresmedia or Mediaset.

Samsung H7000 de 40, 46, 55 y 60 pulgadas

La nueva serie H7000 de Samsung ofrece lo último en televisores Full HD de la marca coreana, con tamaños de pantalla de entre 40 y 60 pulgadas. Estos equipos incorporan tecnologí­as avanzadas para procesar la imagen como Micro Dimming Pro que mejora notablemente el rendimiento de las imágenes en movimiento.Ademá

My Chromecast is not listening, is bad or low: 6 possible solutions

For some time now, dozens of users have reported sound problems in certain versions of Google Chromecast: it is not heard, it is heard badly, it is heard low ... Often these problems are related to the configuration of the device itself. Before resorting to Google's technical service, we can apply a series of methods to solve Chromecast sound problems, regardless of the version of the device.

Samsung QLED Q70R, Direct Full Array system comes to Samsung 7 series

This year we have great news in Samsung's QLED range. And it is that the Korean manufacturer has decided to bring the Direct Full Array lighting system to the 7 series . This is the first year that it has done so and it is undoubtedly great news for users with tighter budgets. In addition, the Samsung QLED Q70R also includes the Quantum 4K processor with Artificial Intelligence and the Ultra Viewing Angle system.

Yamaha YAS-101, in-depth analysis

Sometimes, as much as we like to enjoy movies at home in the best possible conditions, the audio section represents a problem. The space that the speakers occupy in a 5.1 system , or simply the extra budget involved in buying a home-cinema of acceptable quality can slow down more than one fan. This is where the sound bars come into play and, logically, the protagonist of this in depth: the Yamaha YAS-101 .

Chromecast, Android TV, Smart TV and TV Box: the differences you should know

Smart TV has been on the market for at least five years. Over the years, different manufacturers have been betting on various options to bring intelligence to their televisions. Most of these options are based on their own operating systems, such as Samsung's Tizen OS or LG's WebOS. Others choose to install Android TV, a much more mature system than the previous options.

55-inch Samsung QLED Q7F 2018, QLED technology with new design

If you're interested in Samsung's new QLED TVs, but the Q9 and Q8 models are out of price, don't miss this review of the 2018 Samsung QLED Q7F . The Q7 series has been developed with the idea of ​​bringing the best of QLED technology to users looking for the best image quality, while spending a little less. In

This is the ideal TV size based on the distance to the sofa

One of the first questions that arises when buying a new television is what size will best suit our viewing area. If we come from a very small television, it is very likely that we are even afraid to put a bigger television in case it “gets on us”. But the choice of the size of the TV is much more important than it may seem to us, since only by choosing a correct diagonal can we properly enjoy the image quality offered by the device . If

Bose CineMate Series II, in-depth analysis

That is precisely the CineMate Series II from Bose . A simple way to meet the needs of a user who does not want to complicate his life, or make a large investment, but who is looking for good quality sound for his home theater system . Electronics and speaker design make it possible to fill this niche.

Samsung NU8000, new 4K TVs with HDR10 + and more intelligence

It seemed that they were never going to arrive (well, perhaps it is something exaggerated because we are in February), but the new Samsung televisions for 2018 are beginning to appear. Specifically, the company has launched the new Samsung NU8000 and Samsung series on its North American website NU7000 .

Samsung UHD 6000 series with Smart TV from 2016

The Samsung UHD 6000 Series is an ideal TV for those looking for a good image quality with UHD resolution ,  but with a fairly affordable price. Especially if we compare it with the latest generation SUHD televisions . The new 6000 series of Samsung are prepared for the future with a panel resolution UHD , support HDR , UHD Dimming to improve the brightness, color and contrast and PurColor for a full spectrum of color.

Grundig VLE 6730 BP, Up to 43-inch Full HD LED TVs

The German company Grundig has launched a new model of television. It is the VLE 6730 BP model, a device with LED backlight technology and three sizes to choose from, 32, 40 and 43 inches.They are models equipped with energy saving functions, advanced connectivity and a recording mode . We are going to see the common characteristics of these models, to later be able to analyze the differences of the different sizes.

Sony also shows its own 8K TV up to 98 inches

The Sony brand has also launched its own 8K TV up to 98 inches . Specifically, the manufacturer has shown two different models at the CES 2019 technology fair: one of 85 inches and another of 98 inches.So are Sony's giant 8K televisionsDuring the CES 2019 technology fair, one of the most important events of the year in the sector, the Japanese brand Sony has shown its new television models.

Samsung SUHD KS7500 series with Smart TV from 2016

Mid-range with premium features. This is how the new Samsung KS7500 could be summed  up . A television that does not renounce the curved format that is achieving so much weight in the market, together with a 10-bit panel and SUHD resolution , Quantum Dot Color technology and HDR1000 . To equal the highest range, the Samsung KS7500 incorporates Auto Depth Enhancer for greater sense of depth, technology  Ultra Black to reduce glare,  Precision Black for purer blacks and the new Smart Hub of Tizen OS .

7 things you should know about Mitele to watch series and movies online

The main content streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO or Netflix, offer us a huge variety of content, although all these platforms have the disadvantage that they do not offer a free plan. Fortunately, there are many other alternatives for users with few financial resources. In this case we are talking about Mitele.

Samsung SUHD KS9000 series with Smart TV from 2016

If we look at the sales numbers, to talk about Samsung televisions would not need any presentation . We are talking about the number one manufacturer of televisions in the world for the last ten years. Last January they unveiled the SUHD TV range , seeking its reaffirmation of world television leadership.

LG OLED C9, LG's most successful OLED now with a new processor

LG has been betting on OLED technology for the high-end for several years. The Korean manufacturer's OLED TV catalog has four different series: B series, C series, E series and W series. As you can imagine, the B series is the entry model to the OLED range. It has an inferior processor and some "trimmed" features.

Pioneer VSX-827-K, home theater amplifier

The Pioneer VSX-827-K can deliver 7.1 channel surround sound in high definition. It can decode proprietary formats of Blu-ray movies such as DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD . On the front of this equipment, with the burnished black aluminum panel, the two large wheels stand out, one for adjusting the volume (on the right) and the other for selecting the sources (on the left).

LG OLED B8, entry model to LG's 2018 OLED range

This year LG wants to bring OLED technology to more homes. And one model that could achieve this is the LG OLED B8, the entry model to the OLED range of 2018 . Although the company has made some concessions to lower its cost, we will continue to have the excellent image quality that OLED technology offers.

HLG, what is it, advantages and how to watch this television format

For a few days we have been telling you what the different HDR formats consist of. We have talked about HDR10, the standard that we find in all devices. We have also talked about Dolby Vision, which is increasingly present. And yesterday we told you what Technicolor is, a European standard that seeks, of course, to optimize the image.

Denon AVR-X2000, multi-channel receiver with 4K video

The Denon AVR-X2000 is a pretty complete A / V receiver . Provides an RMS power output of 7 by 95 watts . It can decode high definition multi-channel sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz . It can work with many sources of sound and image, and is able to memorize the audio level of each signal to correct it depending on the source.

LG 55E6V, analysis of this OLED TV

In recent years the world of television has evolved so fast that the competition has become fierce: increasingly thinner, larger televisions and with revolutionary technologies  in terms of image and sound quality. A good example of this is the television we thoroughly in this article: LG 55E6V of 55 inches with OLED technology, a technology that competes to become the best platform for next - generation TVs.

HDR10 +, Dolby Vision and 10 bits: the definitive guide to understanding 2020 TVs

Today's televisions have become fashionable in a multitude of terms that are related to image quality. 4K, UHD, Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10 +, 10-bit … The amount of acronyms can be overwhelming for any ordinary user, becoming confusing in some cases. And it is that while the terms 4K and UHD make mention of the resolution of the screen (3,840 x 2,160 pixels approximately), the rest of acronyms have to do with third-party certifications, certifications that ensure a minimum of quality in content compatible with these standards. B

Netflix vs HBO: who offers more for less money

We had been announcing it months ago and today it finally becomes official: Netflix raises its rates in Spain by up to 14 percent. The final price leaves far behind the company's proposal compared to services such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video in terms of competitiveness. The good news is that the price of the most basic subscription remains.

We test the Samsung app to calculate the perfect size for your new TV

What size should I buy my new TV? It is one of the most common questions when renovating the television. Whether for the living room, for a room or for the kitchen, we always ask ourselves the same thing. A couple of days ago we told you that we Spaniards like large televisions. No less than 32% of consumers who recently bought a television regret not having bought it larger.

10 Blu-Ray movies to put our home theater equipment to the test

Today technology allows us to enjoy home theater almost as if we were in a commercial movie theater. If we have a high budget, we can include a 4K UHD projector and Dolby Atmos sound in our equipment. But after leaving a significant amount of money, we need the content that we are going to see to take advantage of that technical team that has cost us so much to get.

LG OLED C8, Alpha 9 processor and ThinQ with more adjusted price

If you want a 2018 LG OLED TV but high-end models, like the LG OLED E8, are priceless, the LG OLED C8 can be a great option . Last year the C7 model was already one of the best sellers. And it is that it offers practically the same as its older brothers with a more competitive price.The LG OLED C8 changes design compared to its predecessor and equips the new LG Alpha 9 processor .

Samsung QLED Q80R, Direct Full Array and HDR 1500 with a very attractive price

We continue our review of the new range of QLED televisions for 2019 with the Samsung QLED Q80R, a model that seeks to seduce those who do not want to give up the best features of high-end televisions but have a tighter budget . The Q80R includes a Direct Full Array Plus backlighting system, which achieves better blacks than with traditional systems.

Samsung QLED Q85R, TV with Quantum 4K processor and HDR 1500

This year we have a new addition to the Samsung QLED TV family. The Samsung QLED Q85R ranks just below the Q90R we saw the other day, with a Direct Full Array Premium lighting system . Regarding the top-of-the-range model, the HDR system also changes, to become HDR 1500. Otherwise, the new Quantum 4K processor with Artificial Intelligence and the new Ultra Viewing Angle technology are maintained.

We already know the price of the Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV in Europe

Although they are usually presented at the beginning of the year, the truth is that new televisions do not go on sale until the middle of the year. This year Panasonic has taken a little longer than usual, but we already have their new OLED models available. The latest to go on sale is the Panasonic GZ2000, the flagship of the Japanese manufacturer.

The LG CineBeam, 4K laser projector, is now on sale

At last CES, earlier this year, LG introduced its new ultra short throw projector. The LG CineBeam (HU85LA) is a 4K laser projector capable of projecting 4K images up to 120 inches with just 17 centimeters of space . And if we have even less space, we can get no less than 90 inches in just 5 centimeters .

Samsung KS7000 55-inch 4K TV with Smart TV and HDR

Looking for a large flat screen TV with the best picture quality? You should take a look at the Samsung UE55KS7000U . A TV with a flat panel 10 bit and 55 inches , resolution SUHD 4K and system HDR 1000 . In addition, Samsung has incorporated a lot of technology to achieve the most perfect image possible.

Samsung SUHD KS8000 series with Smart TV from 2016

The best image quality without curves. Samsung SUHD KS8000 televisions arrive ready to seduce users. In terms of design, it is integrated into a virtually priceless frame. In addition, it incorporates an enhanced LED illuminated liquid crystal panel with Quantum Dot Color technology and SUHD (Samsung Enhanced Ultra High Definition) resolution .

Samsung JS9000, curved 4K UHD TVs up to 65 inches

The Samsung JS9000 are one of the new ranges of high-end Samsung televisions for 2015. Models that will be available in 48, 55 and 65-inch formats and sporting the curved format with which the company has reinforced its dominance of the market. As expected, these models will bet on the UHD 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, but they also incorporate the brand's own technologies that bring the level of color detail ten times higher than a traditional panel.

Samsung KS8000 55-inch Flat SUHD TV with Smart TV from 2016

We continue to review the televisions that make up the high-end of Samsung for 2016. Today we want to talk about the Samsung UE55KS8000TXXC . A 55-inch TV that incorporates a 10-bit flat panel with 4K SUHD resolution and Quantum Dot Color technology . The new KS8000 series offers all of the company's image enhancement technology to users who don't like curves.

What is HDTV ?: Improving Standard Definition

We have been talking about equipment, standards, solutions ... that carry the HD seal for some time . High Definition , which in English means High Definition . And in recent years the fashionable concept associated with this high definition is called HDTV , or what is the same, High Definition Television .

How to know if I can see HbbTV channels on my TV

The arrival of the LOVEStv platform has made many users wonder if their television is compatible with this service. It works with HbbTV technology, so any television that includes it will be able to use the service. Fortunately, even now when the most publicity is being given, this technology has been around for a long time.

46-inch Sony Bravia W9

A TV for demanding fans . The SonyKDL-46W905A or Sony Bravia W9 46 ” ( 117 centimeters diagonal) is one of the large screens of the Japanese firm for 2013 . A living room LED TV that stands out for its exquisite design, image quality and menus as fast as they are full of advanced services . Special mention deserves its instant connection system with the mobile or the deep and spectacular sound it offers.In

Samsung F7000 LED Smart TV, in-depth analysis

Samsung has shown its new range of televisions for this 2013. The F7000 LED Smart TV range includes four models between 40 and 60 inches with Internet connection . This F7000 range is not the most sophisticated of the Korean brand, but they are undoubtedly a high-end . The Full HD resolution and the 3D system with active glasses are some of the most noted values.

Samsung BD-E5300 and Samsung BD-ES5000, cheap Blu-ray players

The Samsung BD-E5300 and the Samsung BD-ES5000 are new Blu-ray players from the Korean brand. They complete the manufacturer's catalog in the basic part of the table. However, the look is quite different. The Samsung BD-E5300 features a very flat and elongated design, while the Samsung BD-ES5000 is much more compact and tall.

5 apps we don't recommend using with Chromecast

Google's Chromecast has earned itself as the most famous device to turn any television into a SmartTV . Not only televisions, but any screen or device with HDMI input, you can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful gadget from which we can launch some of our mobile applications.However, not all apps work equally well with this device, which can lead to some unpleasant surprises, since we  do not want anything to interrupt what we are watching or doing .

This is the Smart TV of Samsung televisions 2016

The "silly box" has changed. Gone are the televisions that only served to see "what they were watching" at that time. Currently streaming services are the kings and we increasingly enjoy television "on our air". For this reason, for some years, television manufacturers have turned these devices into smart equipment .

Samsung NU7475, image quality and design with an adjusted price

Samsung's range of 4K UHD LED TVs is very wide. It is clear that we all would like to be able to buy a QLED model, but it is not always possible. That is why the Korean manufacturer offers some models with good features and a more content price. This is the case of the Samsung NU7475, a TV with a 4K UHD panel and Dynamic Crystal Color technology .

Samsung LED TV 4500, 32-inch Smart TV

The Samsung LED TV 4500 television is a Smart TV of the Series 4 of the South Korean company with a size of 32 inches. This TV has several technologies aimed at improving image quality and color fidelity. In addition, it incorporates a complete set of advanced functions typical of smart televisions such as the ability to record the programs we are watching directly to a USB memory or an assistant that makes recommendations according to our habits and preferences .

Loewe Xelos televisions, in-depth analysis

Apart from their quality and equipment, Loewe equipment is known for its high customization possibilities, thanks to the large number of colors and finishes available for its entire range. And this is also on TVs Loewe Xelos , which can be ordered in four colors, white, black, silver and mocha, and also can be combined with the range of media and furniture Rack of Loewe .

Samsung SmartTV 2017, that's how smart Samsung TVs are

When choosing a television, you don't just have to assess price and image quality. We should take more things into account ... For example, the design and, above all, its intelligence. We refer to the part known as  SmartTV . That is, the features and facilities that the TV has installed to make it easier for us to access any type of content.

All about Samsung Smart TVs of 2014

One more year, Samsung wants to maintain its leadership in the television market. The company is aware of the importance of smart functions in today's equipment, and for this reason it has once again taken special care to evolve some of its main characteristics. 2014 is the year of the World Cup, and it shows.

The best games you can find on Samsung's 2016 Smart TVs

The applications that are most used in a smart TV are streaming video applications , such as Netflix or YouTube , there is no doubt about that. However, these types of applications are not the only ones that we can find in Samsung televisions of 2016. The new Tizen OS system offers us many interesting applications, including some games .

How can I watch Movistar + with my Chromecast

Movistar + is a video on demand service, widely used in Spain to reproduce all kinds of content. A small drawback of this platform is that it does not have native integration with Google's Chromecast device, although it is something that we can solve with some fairly simple tricks.Play Movistar + content on Chromecast using a PCUnlike other content streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime video, Movistar + has decided for the moment not to bet on Google's Chromecast technology.

LG SK10Y, Hi-Res sound bar with Dolby Atmos and Meridian technology

If you are looking for a high-end soundbar, you should take a look at LG's top of the line. The  LG SK10Y is a soundbar that includes 5.1.2 channels with which it is capable of playing Dolby Atmos tracks . In addition, it can be expanded up to 7.1.2 channels through two wireless rear speakers.In addition to its cinematic functions, it features high-resolution audio playback .

Samsung KS9000 49-inch Curved SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Display

The Samsung UE49KS9000TXXC is a television that offers us a 49-inch curved panel with SUHD resolution , HDR 1000 technology and the Quantum Dot Color system . The Koreans have incorporated the latest technologies into the new KS9000 range to take LED panels one step further and achieve the best possible image quality.

Samsung ES8000, in-depth analysis

Family members ES8000 of Samsung are probably the connected TV Smart TV most advanced to date. These devices are capable of offering a total entertainment experience, which goes far beyond mere television. They include a very complete connectivity, which has little to do with the old televisions that were only used to watch TV or enjoy videos.

Samsung UBD-K8500, we've tested it

The Samsung UBD-K8500 is the first  4K UHD Blu-Ray reader from the Korean company. This reader offers us the possibility of watching movies in UHD format with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, that is, 4 times more resolution than that of a conventional Blu-Ray. But although the increase in resolution is one of the most striking points when talking about this type of players, it is even more important to know that this Blu-Ray reader offers compatibility with High Dynamic Range images, that is, HDR .

LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

Projectors are good options if we do not want to buy a television for hundreds or even thousands of euros. Contrary to what you might think, currently on the market we find high-quality projectors with resolutions that reach up to 4K. LG is one of the companies that is betting on these devices, the LG PF50KS is the clear example of this, a projector with Full HD resolution that can give us a 100-inch screen.

Samsung KS8000 49-inch Flat TV SUHD with Smart TV from 2016

We finish the review of Samsung's KS8000 range by analyzing the smallest model, the Samsung UE49KS8000TXXC . A 49-inch panel flat screen TV incorporating the latest Samsung image processing technology . Although the dimensions are reduced, this TV maintains a SUHD 4K resolution and mounts a 10-bit panel with Quantum Dot Color technology .

These are the televisions that make up Sony's 2019 LED range

Sony presented its new high-end models at CES 2019. But these are not the only ones that will make up the company's range of televisions for 2019. The Japanese manufacturer has prepared a whole new line of mid-range and upper-middle-range models for this year . We will have sizes available from 43 to 75 inches, with basic and advanced models.

Pros and cons of buying one of the cheap Xiaomi TVs

Although almost all of us knew the Xiaomi brand through their phones, the truth is that the Chinese manufacturer has products of almost any type that we can imagine. In the Asian country it has practically everything, even products that have little or nothing to do with technology. Little by little some of the devices that were previously only sold in China have been reaching other markets.

Samsung HU8500 Series

The HU8500 curved televisions are Samsung's big bet for this 2014. Available in 55, 65 and 78-inch formats , these models come to transform the way we watch TV in the living room. In addition, they sport a powerful 4K resolution (four times the detail of Full HD panels) that creates the feeling of looking through a window into the real world.

Samsung SUHD Curved, TV picture systems from 2015

One more year, Samsung faces the challenge of staying at the top of the television market. Its screens are the reference worldwide in terms of Smart TV, 4K and curved designs. However, this year he wanted to go back to the roots and work primarily on a crucial section when evaluating a television: image quality .

LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 9500PLA, Full Array TV with Nano Cell

Although OLED televisions form LG's high-end, the truth is that the manufacturer also has very good options for those who still prefer LED technology. SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell are a great alternative to organic technology and offer pretty much the same features as their OLED siblings. At the top of this category we have the LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 9500PLA, an LED TV with a Full Array Dimming Pro lighting system .

The best TVs we saw at CES 2017

At CES 2017 we got to see a lot of tech gadgets, but once again televisions were one of the stars of the event. We were able to see how most companies have jumped on the OLED technology bandwagon , in addition to seeing the new proposals that promise to make the most of LED technology during this year 2017.

Samsung JU7000, flat TV series with 4K UHD resolution

The new Samsung JU7000 TV series offers an excellent balance between price and specifications . This series of flat- screen TVs has a wide range of sizes, from 40 inches for the basic equipment to 75 inches for the most advanced configuration. In all cases, users can enjoy 4K UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, a resolution that multiplies by four the level of detail of a Full HD panel.

If you have a Samsung TV now you can see more free content

TV Plus is a Samsung app that offers free access to a wide variety of trailers and extras for different movies. Afterwards, if you liked the trailer, you can rent the movie from Rakuten TV. Today Samsung has announced two new features regarding this service , which is perfectly integrated into the Smart TV system of Samsung televisions from last year.

65-inch Samsung QLED Q8F, full illumination and HDR10 +

We continue our review of Samsung's QLED range for 2018 with the 65-inch Samsung QLED Q8F . This model is just below the Samsung QLED Q9F and seeks to offer most of the features of its older brother at a more competitive price. In fact, it even maintains the Full Array lighting system, although we assume that with fewer lighting zones.

This is the new Vodafone television offer, more varied with up to 5 packages

On April 14, Vodafone will renew its television service with five varied packages grouped by themes. In this way, the operator says goodbye to its current Vodafone Total and Essential offer with a facelift based on the interests of each client. Seriefans Pack, Serielovers Pack, Cinefans Pack, Documentary Pack and Small Pack are the five packages that all Vodafone One customers will be able to access from April 14 (both new and old).

Samsung HU 7500

South Korean company Samsung spans far beyond the mobile phone device market. One of them is that of high-end televisions , a market in which we can find televisions with ultra-high-definition screens , televisions with curved screens and even televisions with screens that curve to suit the user . But this time we will focus on the range of TVs from Samsung HU 7500 , which includes televisions with flat screens with 4K resolution ( 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution) technology and Smart TV from Samsung.

Sony Bravia 2017, news and families of televisions

Sony has unveiled its new range of Bravia TVs for 2017 . A family made up of up to 12 models, each with very different characteristics. The top of the range is still the Sony Bravia ZD9, but this time it comes with company. At the top of the range will also be the new Sony A1 OLED TV. In addition to its two top of the range, the company will have two other models classified as premium, but also other more affordable 4K models.