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10 websites to download free PC games

What times were those in which our computer was a true center of the video game! Consoles and mobiles have ushered in a new era. It may also be that age has made you completely shed that hobby, almost unhealthy, that left you hours and more hours connected to your PC screen.Well, to go back to those times, today we have proposed to put together up to 10 web pages to download free PC games .

How can I play The Legend of Zelda on my PC

The Legend of Zelda is one of the video game sagas most appreciated by all players. It is a Nintendo IP, so it is not possible to enjoy it on PC, at least natively, and without resorting to some little tricks that we explain in this article. Keep reading until the end if you want to find out how to enjoy the best games in The Legend of Zelda saga on your PC .

Frivolo Games, the 10 best FRIV games to play for free from the PC

Sometimes we may want to distract the mind for a few minutes by playing a quick and easy game. Generally when we want to do it we turn to the mobile, since both the Play Store and the App Store are full of them. However, on the computer we can also do it. There are online platforms that include hundreds of games available at a single click .

Fortnite, common problems and how to fix them

Fortnite Battle Royale has been the fashion game for a few years. It is common for Fortnite Battle Royale updates to cause Fortnite servers to go down for a while, but usually it is something that only lasts a few minutes so if you have problems accessing it for a long time, something is wrong. In this special article, we explain how you can fix common Fortnite problems on the main systems for which it is available.

RetroPie vs Recalbox, which is better to play with my Raspberry

Raspberry Pi is a device that offers practically endless possibilities. One of the most common uses of this small development board is to create a retro console, which allows us to play the most classic titles in the history of video games. RetroPie and Recalbox are the two main operating systems that we can install on our Raspberry Pi to turn it into a retro game console.

The 5 best strategies to win at

Playing is much more than just eating little balls on the map to grow and get to eat the rest of the players. Although that is the mission, carrying it out requires patience and a lot of technique. And, in addition to fighting against lag or game delays , we will have to avoid the strategies of other players who will also try to eat us.

10 classic adventure games that you can't miss

Adventure games belong to a video game genre that has traditionally been much more popular on computers than on game consoles. This is because these games usually consist of observing a scene, and clicking in certain places with the mouse, which is much more complicated to do with the control of a game console.

The 10 best strategy games for PC

Strategy video games have always been a genre very typical of the PC world, because the use of the keyboard and the mouse is the best control system that can be used in this type of game. We offer you a list of the 10 best strategy video games , which you can enjoy on your computer this year 2019. You can also check our post on the best graphic adventures for PC.

5 Nintendo 64 emulators for Android

The Nintendo 64 is one of the most mythical game consoles, and it is well remembered by those of us who were born in the 90s. This console saw gems like GoldenEye 007, Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In this article we present 5 emulators of the Nintedo 64 so you can enjoy its best games on your Android smartphone or tablet .

How to get the new and exclusive Skin GLOW from Fortnite and Samsung

Fortnite continues to be one of the most interesting games, and not only because of its Battle Royale mechanics, but also because of the different collaborations and events that we can find in the game. Either as a temporary event with different MTLs or with new Skins. Samsung is one of the first manufacturers to join the trend of exclusive Skins by purchasing their devices.

PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, which one am I interested in buying today?

PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro? Which one interests me the most? Is the PS4 Pro worth investing more money? Although the PS4 Pro will be three years old in 2019, many still wonder if it is worth it compared to its little sister. The doubt comes to any buyer who wants to buy the Sony console and see the difference in prices between the two machines.

Adding New Games to the SNES Classic Mini

Like its “younger” sister, the SNES Classic has swept sales. Despite having a limited number of games, nostalgia has taken hold of users. The console includes more than 20 classic games, such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, Zelda or Secret of Mana. It even has an unreleased game, Star Fox 2. How

Can I buy or sell Epic Games accounts to play Fortnite?

Thinking of buying or selling a Fortnite account? You have entered the right place. No, we do not have accounts to sell and we are not looking to buy one either. Rather, give you information about this practice that is present in many, many users. Players manage to generate Fortnite accounts with Skins, turkeys, dances, levels and more details to sell them .

The 11 best online cooperative games

Playing with friends is one of the best experiences you can have as a video game fan. We propose a list of the 11 best games to play cooperatively with colleagues, the perfect way to spend the evenings and weekends.A way outPC, PS4 and Xbox OneA Way Out has been one of the most amazing games of this generation.

The 10 best fighting games for Android

Google is an operating system that offers us hundreds of games of all genres so that we do not get bored in our free time. In this article we have compiled the 10 best fighting games that you can find in Google Play. This type of fire is perfect both for a quick game and for spending several hours enjoying it.

PS3 Slim - Thoroughly

Video game stores are already burning with reservation requests for the new stylized version of the Playstation 3 . Sony's new (or rather remodeled) machine is smaller, consumes less power than the standard one, and is quieter . Also, its price is exactly the same as that of the 80 GB model that is already on the markup.

5 websites to get PC games at a good price

Since the coronavirus quarantine began, Internet use has soared to levels never seen before. Also downloading applications and games to make preventive confinement more enjoyable. Today there is a whole world beyond Steam, Play Store and the usual markets to buy games and applications. To buy computer titles, we can resort to dozens of digital platforms that, in general, are cheaper than other more popular options .

How to use zoom to win at

One of the biggest problems for players is not being able to control their environment. And it is that carrying out risky strategies such as hunting the bear in the cave or making the cobra bite can be disastrous if there is a large snake lurking nearby . Given this, it only remains to develop an excellent technique or, faster and easier, take advantage of some of the hacks or modifications that exist on the Internet, such as the one offered by zoom control during the game.

Is it worth buying PS4 Pro in 2019?

The new generation of game consoles is getting closer and closer, which raises many users the question of whether it is worth buying a PS4 Pro in 2019 or better to wait for the arrival of Sony's new platform. In this article we analyze the current situation of the PS4 Pro , and if it is a good idea to get it this year.

GTA is not a game for children (and other mistakes parents make)

It hasn't happened once or twice. Mothers and fathers who go to the video game store, because their offspring have asked them, to buy the fashion game. They don't look at the age rating . Not even if they handle weapons. Or if the purpose of the game is to commit as many crimes as possible.In the market there are thousands of video games and among these we can find stories of authentic violence .

Crazy Penguin Wars, strategy and action game for Facebook

There are many games both on mobile phones and social networks that are based on old legends or games that have been a success in the past and that, with a few minor modifications and maintaining the same game mechanics, these classics are re-released and even recover their positions in the lists of most played titles.

5 tricks to make your snake bigger in

It is very similar to the classic snake game that we have all played. It's simple, it has no complications and maybe that's why it hooks. Have you also fallen into the networks of ? This is one of the most popular online games of the moment and although it is quite basic, there are some tricks that can help you be a true ace in Slither and beat your sibylline rivals with much more packaging.

Jewels Saga, fill your Android with precious stones with this free game

Now that millions of gamers are fed up with collecting candy with Candy Rush Saga , it might be a good time to remember. This title, despite having interesting new features and being graphically well worked, does not show a mechanic that we can consider precisely as " original ". Games to gather gems, precious stones and other objects have a long history in the world of video games .

How to link my Amazon Prime account with Twitch and download free games

There are those who pay Amazon Prime and do not know everything they can get, beyond receiving shipments in 24 hours and without delivery costs. One of the elements that we have included in our quota is a free subscription to Twitch, a platform for video games and videos of, above all, gameplays. And thanks to this subscription you will be able to get, every month, complete and free video games to be able to play on your own computer.

How to download and play the FIFA 18 demo

The wait to test FIFA 18 is over , but in its demo format . Although its launch was originally scheduled for a few days, Electronic Arts has finally decided to advance it and this Tuesday, September 12, it is already available for both consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and PC. We remember that the game goes on sale on September 29.

Facebook Level Up, how the streaming portal for gamers works

The social network Facebook does not cease in its efforts to attract the youngest audience, the one that seems to have denied it in favor of other tools more 'of its time' such as Instagram or the music application Tik Tok. We recently announced how Mark Zuckerberg was preparing the jump to musical applications to try to 'hurt' the formerly known as Musical.

The best websites to buy used video games in 2020

The user must change the mentality when buying technology. We always bet on the new, buying brand new, ignoring that there are second-hand items that still have a lot of life ahead of them. In this way, we will be saving some money, while contributing to the environment, reusing existing products. Video games fall squarely into the category of refurbished product from which you can continue to get a lot out of it.

How to get the Fortnite Honor Guard Skin with the Honor View 20

The Honor View 20, the latest flagship of the Chinese company, was launched a few months ago. This terminal came with Fortnite compatibility at 60 fps and higher performance. Also with a free Skin called Honor Guard. This was officially announced last February and could be redeemed that same day. However, an issue with the promotion caused Honor to temporarily disable the redemption option.

10 tips to win games in Fortnite Battle Royale

Multiplayer shooters continue to conquer players around the world, regardless of whether it is PC, PS4 or Xbox One. And there is something about shooting that dazzles everyone. Especially if it takes place in massive free-for-all games in which strategy, technique and a few aces up your sleeve are key.

How to broadcast our games live on Twitch

Twitch is one of the great novelties when it comes to digital entertainment . New generations are no longer content with following the recorded games of the biggest players across platforms. Every day the demand to see live games, where to appreciate in detail the real movements without subsequent editions, grows among the gamer community .

How to install and play Android games on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch hides inside an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, a slightly more advanced version of the Nvidia Shield processor. So it was a matter of time before some developer managed to install some version of Android on the console of the great N. And that moment has come. Nintendo's hybrid console can now run Android , opening up a world of possibilities for owners of the device., a new heir to

Although and were the greatest exponents of the mechanics of online multiplayer titles through the browser , they have only opened the ban for what is to come. Or what is already here, in fact. And it is that since the boom that launched them to fame, we have seen the arrival of many other games with a similar scheme and with the surname ".

Is Xbox One X worth it in 2019?

Xbox One X hit the market on November 7, 2017 to become the most powerful console ever built. From the first moment, it was postulated as a premium console focused on offering the possibility of playing at native 4K resolution without having to spend a lot of money on a high-end PC. Is it still worth getting it in the middle of 2019?

5 free cooperative video games that you can play in the browser

Video games that work through the browser can be an excellent way to spend the little free time in your day to day. In this article we present you 5 games that you can play through your web browser , and that have online functions so that you can share the game with your colleagues.Town of salemTown of Salem is a video game that we can run through our web browser, which reminds us of some of the funniest board games.

Corrupt data on PS4, how to repair it

The data corruption is one of the most annoying problems they may face a user of a PlayStation 4. This is a problem related to this software gaming platform, which can prevent us continue to enjoy our favorite titles. In this article we explain the best tricks you can use to try to repair the damaged data on your PS4.

First chip to hack digital games from PlayStation 4 created

The alerts have already jumped. A Chinese company claims to have created a modchip or chip that modifies the operation of the PlayStation 4 in order to duplicate digital games. Or what is the same: make pirated copies of purchases from PlayStation Store . A problem that Sony had managed to avoid in their latest console, but which they seem to have discovered.

Village Life, play the latest Zynga social games for free

The Zynga company continues its expansion into the world of social games with the addition of a new title to its catalog. On this occasion, the creators of hits such as Farmville, Mafia Wars or Castle Ville have announced the launch of the new Village Life . Although the mechanics of this new game maintain the essence of community, it represents a  new twist, since the player will have direct influence on the lives of the small inhabitants of a village , being able to act as creator and seeing with their own eyes how civilization thrives thanks to good resource management.

How to install PS3 firmware 4.46 to fix the console

A few days ago Sony released a software update for its PlayStation 3 console , specifically version 4.45 , which in some cases caused the "death" of some models of this equipment . They quickly got to work to create a new update that could revive the consoles affected by this failure. Version 4.46 is already available for download , but many users do not know what steps to follow to install it as their consoles do not turn on.

Where to find the Fortnite Season X telescopes

Season X of Fortnite got underway in August with new challenges and how to play them. The missions of the new season allow us to obtain stars for the battle pass and experience by collecting different objects that will appear on the map. Well, one of the challenges this week, which starts today, will be to find and dance in three locations where we will find three telescopes .

New Nintendo Switch, how to know if you are buying the improved version

Just a few weeks ago Nintendo announced that it would release a review of the current Nintendo Switch soon. This "new" model, according to the company, only differs from the current one in the capacity of its battery. However, just a few days ago Kevin Kenson, a well-known video game YouTuber, was able to test the new model and found that not only autonomy has changed.

9 games that you must have yes or yes on your Huawei mobile

The video game industry for mobile phones and tablets has undergone a qualitative improvement in the last 5 years. Today there are titles comparable even to those of video consoles, both in the graphic section and in the gameplay section. To this must be added the different solutions that telephone manufacturers propose to improve the performance of games, such as Huawei's GPU Turbo .

How to download Pokémon Home to exchange Pokémon from different games

Pokémon Home is the new service created by Nintendo for mobile phones, Nintendo Switch and 3DS, which allows us to transfer the Pokémon that we have stored in the different video games of the saga and make exchanges with other players. In this article we explain how to install Pokémon Home, and how to use it to transfer your Pokémon from previous games.What

Pet Rescue Saga, if you are stuffed try to free animals

Have you melted all the lives in Candy Rush Saga and you don't know what to do? If you have already used all the available tricks and you have no choice but to wait for the countdown to have a new life, keep reading because we are going to tell you about another game that can make the wait more fun .

You can now download the official wallpapers of Pokémon Go

The most mediatic game of the year, now it can also be on your desktop as a wallpaper. Niantic has released the official Pokémon Go wallpapers based practically on the three teams that compose it: Wisdom, instinct and courage, or what is the same: yellow, red and blue teams. It is, therefore, only three wallpapers, although it would be the first step of the game in expanding its terrain a bit and making its way towards customization, becoming more than a video game.A

PlayStation 3 already plays DivX, but with limitations

The PlayStation 3 update has just arrived that allows you to play video in DivX format (as we told you last month). We are talking about a very widespread format on the Internet that allows offering videos in conventional resolution or high definition with a reduced size (thanks to the H.264 codec and the MPEG4 compression system ).

Xbox 360, advantages and disadvantages of installing a chip in the Microsoft console

If you recently talked about in the possibilities of installing a chip in the Wii from Nintendo . Now is the turn to review the advantages and disadvantages of doing the same with the Xbox 360 . Microsoft's console can be altered with a modchip like any other . By doing so, we significantly expand the possibilities of playing multimedia files as well as installing applications developed by other users or making backup copies of games .

Nintendo Wii, advantages and disadvantages of installing a chip in the console

Installing a chip to free the console system is a process full of myths. In Tuexperto Games we review the advantages and disadvantages of this practice , moreover fully legal , the Wii from Nintendo . The modchips that can be found today in the market allow to expand the possibilities of the Wii allowing, among other things, to play all kinds of files from USB drives or to make backup copies of our favorite games .

WonderZoo, build and take care of your own zoo

There are various games that, while entertaining, try to leave us with a message of alertness and solidarity . That is precisely what Gameloft suggests with WonderZoo , a free game that is already available for iPhone and that has nature and its animals as a top priority, which we will have to take care of and protect.

Is it worth buying FIFA 19 if I have FIFA 18?

Year after year, fans of good football on the console have an unavoidable appointment with what is, today, the star game to enjoy the beautiful game. The FIFA 19 is reinvented every year, bringing improvements and new features to persuade their millions of fans to buy it again. And also, incidentally, beat some of the gamers who are loyal to their great rival, the PES.

How to add sound to

One of the great qualities of is undoubtedly its simplicity. And it is that all its fun is based on its simple and direct mechanics . Now, adding a few more elements such as music or sound effects would not hinder your entertainment at all. Something that the creators of SlitherX have thought , a hack or modification capable of including sounds for different moments of the game: from how it should sound when a snake eats balls, to the sound of its death.

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013, in-depth comparison

They are one more year here FIFA and PES, the main sagas of the genre football for consoles and PC. Konami and Electronic Arts have already published the installments for 2013 of their games for the most soccer gamers, two installments that always top the lists of best-selling games in our country. Even so, both games seek to take the podium in this sports genre , currently in possession of the FIFA saga after surpassing the PES saga in the latest installments of both franchises.

Minecraft can now be played on the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has officially announced the release of the classic Minecraft game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be available from today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop .The company hopes to fulfill a request that players have been asking for a long time. And it is not at all strange: the Minecraft video game has become one of the greatest hits of all time and can be found on all types of platforms.

These are the news of FIFA 19

FIFA 19 will hit stores on September 29, but some insiders have already been able to play a few games. For a few weeks we already knew that EA had obtained the license of the Champios League. So FIFA 19 will feature, for the first time, the most important European competition. The Europa League will also be available.

6 zombie games for Android

Summer is coming and with it the holidays for many of our readers. A good way to spend your free time is playing with your smartphone, as it is a device that we always carry with us, so we will avoid having to carry a portable game console. Zombie games are still quite fashionable, we offer you 6 zombie games for Android that will give you many hours of free fun.

How to play Clash Royale on your computer

Yes, we know that you are passionate about playing Clash Royale . Getting new cards , developing a good deck, planning a strategy and mastering the combos can be addictive. As much as to end the battery of your mobile. Have you ever thought about playing on the computer ? It is the most comfortable and agile way to enjoy this game , counting on the power of a computer to avoid lag and delays , in addition to not depending on the battery of the mobile to play all the hours that it is necessary.

Sparta: War of Empires, a strategy and construction game for the browser

I must admit that I am one of those Age of Empires fans , I would be lying if I said that I have not spent hours and hours playing. It helps that many years ago I worked in a cyber café and we killed the idle hours playing all we could at that game.Well, in a time marked by the infinity of games that we have at our fingertips, from PCs, to consoles, through mobile phones and tablets, a great option emerges such as Sparta: War of Empires .

PolyStation 3, a more fake console than a three euro bill

If mobile phones don't get rid of cheap knockoffs, next-generation game consoles aren't going to be out of hand either. The PolyStation have been mimicking Sony platforms for some years now , and the PlayStation 3 already has its own crappy clone. In this video you can admire her inside and out. Good grief, it even has alkaline batteries!

So you can play Minecraft in virtual reality

If you thought the addictive Minecraft couldn't get any better, we have good news: the virtual reality version "" Minecraft: Gear VR Edition "" just went on sale at the Oculus Store for $ 7.Minecraft's cube world, even more funJust a month ago, the company announced that it would release a version of the Minecraft game for Gear VR .

These are the Facebook games that a company has paid 234 million for

An American video game company has sharpened its eyes to the extreme of crossing the great pond, arriving in Barcelona, and buying a Catalan company of only 8 years old , also dedicated to the development of games, mainly for Facebook. The Catalan company is Social Point, founded by two computer engineers, now CEOs of the company, and has been bought by Take-Two Interactive Software.

Game of Thrones video game coming in 2014

The universe created by author George RR Martin in his series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire caused a real sensation among fans of fantasy literature. A success that soared when the American network HBO premiered the television adaptation more than two years ago. Game of Thrones has already become a cult series and has brought the original story closer to a greater number of people who did not know the books.

How to ask to install a Pokémon GO poképarada near your home

Have you run out of pokéballs and you live far from a city where you can find poképaradas to refuel? Have you come across a PokéStop in a dangerous place or where it shouldn't be ? Is there a reference site in your locality without poképarada ? Well, Niantic can change it. And it is that the developers of Pokémon GO want to make things simple for the players. Or a

Get free 30 classic games to play from your mobile

Are you bored at home? Gameloft, the developer of games like Asphalt or Gangstar, celebrates its 20th birthday in the middle of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, and it is very good news. The company wanted to celebrate its twentieth anniversary with a new free application on Google Play  where it allows us to download up to 30 classic games at no cost .

Bingo Crack, download free online Bingo from the creators of Apalabrados

Although the fame is mostly made by ladies in their sixties with a lot of free time, anyone can have a good time playing Bingo without losing money trying. Among the most interesting bets that are available for our mobiles and tablets , today we want to highlight Bingo Crack. If we say that this game has been developed by Etermax , many will not be told anything, however if we clarify that behind Bingo Crack is the same team that has put millions of people to play in linguistic battles with Apalabrados, things change.

Anyone can create and publish games for Xbox One

If you are a video game developer without too many contacts in the entertainment industry, now you have the easier things to get your title out. At least through Xbox One. And it is that Microsoft has decided to create a program for developers in which to speed up the process of publishing a game. All you need is a certification, not a classic approval system.

Mixed up, play the latest from the creators of Apalabrados for free

Apalabrados is undoubtedly one of the games of the moment . Whether you play from mobile as a tablet , gamers everywhere are measured in real lingí¼ísticas battles forming all kinds of words on a virtual board type Scrabble . Such is the popularity of Apalabrados, that its creators have allowed themselves the luxury of launching the real table version, distributed by Diset and that has surely been the surprise gift of more than one during the past Christmas. Th

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, is it worth your purchase?

Yesterday Microsoft put on sale the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a special edition of its console that does not have an optical reader . The manufacturer's idea is to offer the same hardware as the Xbox One S consoles, but reducing its price by removing the reader. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has been put on sale with an official price of 230 euros.

Lara Croft, naked to save Eidos?

The crisis makes many groups give them to teach something more than their professional skills with the noble purpose of raising funds . First it was the firefighters with their erotic calendars and then they were followed by housewives, policemen, soccer players ...In this maelstrom of amateur striptease , the last to resort to teaching charms to sell more could be those responsible for Eidos .

Fortnite not working: game servers are not responding

Problems entering Fortnite? The popular Epic Games game is down and some users are reporting server errors. It does not start the game or it has not allowed to enter the game for about an hour. Fortnite has already spoken and said that they are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible.The fall occurred just a few hours after Epic Games released the new v7.

Well done, keep expanding your vocabulary for free from Facebook

Apalabrados is a very popular game nowadays, as it allows both friends and complete strangers from all over the world to compete in language competitions from which we will always learn something. The number of downloads and regular users in the iPhone and Android versions of Apalabrados grows every day, however we want you to know that the social network Facebook has its own version of Apalabrados , with which we can continue challenging our friends from the computer and without leaving the domain of Zuckerberg .

Zombie Lane, new free zombie game for the social network Facebook

The zombies are back in fashion , since the late 80s had not had to suffer so fervently breath of come-brains in our head. So much so, that not even Facebook has missed the peak of the undead by releasing a new game for the social network . Called Zombie Lane , our objective will be to free ourselves from the attack that a handful of zombies are carrying out against our property.

How to play with Pokémon in

Once you have invested several hours in and have seen how addictive it is, it only remains to climb to the top of the ranking, right? Well, no. Although the game has countless hours of fun thanks to the possibility of playing against people from all over the world, after many deaths it can become boring.

Worms, the war between worms now comes to Facebook

Another classic PC game joins social networks and just a few days ago we can already have an improved version of Worms , the well-known turn-based strategy game that now lands on Facebook . This series of games has almost 20 career titles on PC and other platforms , with each one improving aspects such as a variety of weapons, customization and graphics , one of the most remembered versions being the combat systems in two dimensions, the same which is now released on Facebook.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, keep pounding zombies on Facebook

The zombies come-brains or undead are still very fashionable. Whether in movies, television series or video games , the popularity of these terrifying characters continues to haunt us day after day. On this occasion and since we are video games, we are going to talk about Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, the last title of the well-known franchise that debuted in 2009 and that has not stopped reaping successes since then.

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying?

Nintendo's latest console has been surrounded by much controversy since the day of its launch . In front of the fans of the Japanese brand, many users have complained that the Nintendo Switch has focused on aesthetic tricks without providing functionalities that put it at the height of the competition.

PacMan, download the classic Pacman free for Android

If there is one easily identifiable character in the world of video games , it is Pac-Man . This kind of yellow ball was born from the inspiration of Toru Iwatani. Legend has it that Pac-Man came to Iwatani's head when he was eating pizza and took a slice . The form that the dough took without that piece enlightened this developer to create one of the most successful video games in history.

How to remove a stuck disc from PlayStation 4

One of the biggest fears for users of the PlayStation 4 family consoles is that a Blu Ray disc will get stuck inside the system. In this article we explain a very simple trick that you can use to eject a jammed disc inside the PlayStation 4 . To do this you will only need a Philips type screwdriver and a few minutes.

These are the release dates and price of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

If you count the days to get the PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro , it has just been known when the release date of the new Sony console will be and also the price of these two new versions thanks to Fnac.The PS4 will be released on September 16 in its 500 gig version. While if we want to get the 1 TB we will have to wait a few more days, until next September 28 we will not be able to get hold of it.

Dungeon Rampage, action and role-playing game for Facebook

The variety of genres that we can find in the social network Facebook allows us to have games for all tastes , from the most popular such as puzzles or skill to genres for the most gamers such as role playing , which are increasingly present in the social network. Dungeon Rampage recently arrived on the social network and has managed to win over the most gamer audience on Facebook , with multiple possibilities for character creation and a multiplayer mode that offers many hours of fun.

10 mythical video game soundtracks you can find on Spotify

It was the news of the day. Spotify has added all the songs from the Final Fantasy soundtrack to its catalog. Specifically, the company has added the albums of all the titles of the Final Fantasy series with the collaboration of Square Enix, the company in charge of the development of the mythical saga for consoles.

Fortnite map, more than 100 images to view and download

Do you know the Fortnite map? It is one of the attractions of the game, a large island with more than 20 important places, mountains, rivers and even lakes. The Fortnite map is constantly changing with new locations, building works, surfaces, and new rivers or areas. Although within the game you can see the map, we show you more than 100 images available to view and download , either to organize your games with friends or learn the locations.

Comparison: Nintendo 3DS vs Nintendo 3DS XL

It arrived in stores around the world last July and has managed to gain a foothold in the market. The extra-long version of Nintendo's portable console, 3DS, arrived this summer after being announced by the Japanese company once the E3 2012 video game fair concluded . Its increase in the size of the console and screens , as well as the duration of the battery are the strongest points of this new model that, even with its launch, will coexist with the first version of 3DS, in the same way that happened with Nintendo DS and XL.

How to get the Fortnite skin of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +

The Samsung Galaxy S10 do not arrive alone. No, I don't mean the Galaxy Fold, but a new Skin for Fortnite. The Galaxy Note 9 introduced the Galaxy Skin, one of the most exclusive costumes in the video game that could only be obtained by buying that smartphone. Now, the Galaxy S10 Plus arrives with an equally exclusive K-Pop skin.

New Super Mario Bros 3, the revamped Super Mario classic, and free to download

A character in the world of videogames that we all know is Super Mario , Nintendo's most famous plumber . And today we get a new game in which he appears as the protagonist, New Super Mario Bros 3 . It is nothing less than a reissue of one of his first titles, Super Mario Bros 3 . But this time, it comes with improved graphics , equal to those of the recent New Super Mario Bros, for the Nintendo DS portable console .

How to download and play the World Cup in Russia in FIFA 18

The update for the 2018 World Cup in Russia for the FIFA 18 soccer game is now available . Since yesterday we can download it for free and enjoy the entire World Cup on our console or computer. We will be able to enjoy the 32 national teams qualified for the World Cup. Also of the official balls and the 12 Russian stadiums in which the matches will be played.

Gangnam Style, download this song's game for Android for free

The catchy melody of the Korean rapper PSY , has sneaked into the Android operating system application bazaar and threatens to stay for a long time. This song that sounds everywhere can not only be downloaded as a song on Google Play , since in recent days the games section has its particular version of Gangnam Style, with an adaptation that will make you move your fingers to the rhythm of one of the most impressive musical phenomena of recent years.

MiWi, the cheap imitation of the Wii console

There is no video game console that is free from cheap knockoffs made in China . After the laughable PolyStation 3 (the small time version of the PlayStation 3 ) we now find the MiWi, a new clone of the Nintendo Wii . At first glance it may seem very similar to the real one. In fact, its great asset is to confuse the uninformed buyer.