▷ The best moving animated wallpapers for your mobile

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Surely one of the greatest strengths of Android compared to iOS has to do with the customization possibilities that the system offers. Today, changing the appearance of our mobile phone is as simple as resorting to third-party launchers  . Added to this is the possibility of changing the icons with custom packs and the system's compatibility with animated wallpapers , which must be installed through external applications. This time we have compiled several of the best free moving wallpaper applications to install on your mobile.

Live Wallpapers Amoled 3D / 4K WALLOOP

Probably one of the best free moving wallpaper apps. As stated in the application itself, it has a catalog of more than 600 moving wallpapers oriented to AMOLED screens . Of landscapes, of superheroes, with a minimalist look, with textures and a long etcetera.

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The application also has several options that allow us to adapt the background to any screen size and ratio.

Live Wallpapers HD / 3D AMOLED Pixel 4D

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The application comes with more than 250 animated wallpapers that, unlike the previous application, are based on a 4D design that allows us to play with the mobile's accelerometer, in such a way that it is possible to create a false sensation of movement if we change the position of the mobile.

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Unfortunately, most funds are only accessible upon payment, although it is possible to find several of them for free.

Hologram Background - Parallax Wallpapers in HD

Application that combines the application of 3D and 4D textures with the famous parallax effect . The result, as we can see in the promotional video of the application itself, has nothing to do with the rest of the moving wallpaper applications.

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Although it is shown as a free application, most of the funds available are paid. Energy consumption is another of the application's weak points , as well as consumption related to data and memory.

Forest Live Wallpaper

Away from the concept of the previous applications, Forest Live Wallpaper bases its only wallpaper on a constantly moving forest whose appearance varies depending on the time of day and the weather situation . And is that although the application supports a certain degree of customization through colors and tones, the grace of Forest Live lies in seeing the changing state of the forest as the day passes.

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The good news is that it is completely free. So are your options to customize the forest our whim.

Material Island

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Application that follows the same philosophy as the previous one with a collection of wallpapers whose appearance varies depending on the weather conditions . The main difference with respect to the latter is that Material Island allows us to choose between different animated wallpapers. Forests, islands, deserts, mountains ...

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In addition to not having any type of advertising or in-app payment , the application is optimized “to reduce energy consumption and the impact on RAM memory”, according to the author himself.

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

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With several years behind it as it is one of the first applications for Android with animated wallpapers, Chrooma comes with images based on geometric shapes whose movement is activated if we access the main screen or during a certain period of time that we can configure through the application options.

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According to the author, the animations included in the application - more than 12 - are scaled to 60 FPS . All of them also include an effect called  parallax  with which we can move the image with the movement of the phone.

Minima Live Wallpaper

With a concept very similar to that of Chrooma, Minima has a catalog of more than 90 moving images with geometric shapes and an appearance that changes with the position of the phone . The main difference with respect to Chrooma is that Minima has several paid wallpapers, although it is also possible to find free images that have nothing to envy to paid ones.

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Paperland Live Wallpaper

As the name itself suggests, Paperland is an application whose animated wallpapers are based on the drawing of a landscape, which can be a starry night, a lush forest or a city submerged at night, among many other options.

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As in the rest of the applications, the appearance of the different landscapes switches depending on the time of day. Unfortunately, most of the application functions are paid, although we can always use the Pro version.

Video Wallpaper

As the name of the Video Wallpaper application indicates, it is an application that allows us to set videos without sound as wallpapers .

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In addition to having a huge amount of pre-established backgrounds for Fortnite, Marvel and Pokémon , among other themes, it offers the possibility of creating custom backgrounds with your own videos. The downside is that energy consumption skyrockets with its use, as well as the amount of RAM occupied.

Video Wallpaper - Your video as Live Wallpaper

Application very similar to the previous one that unlike the latter, its only purpose is to create wallpapers with personalized videos , since it does not have its own catalog.

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Another of the differences that it keeps with respect to its namesake is the optimization in terms of energy and memory consumption, by making use of a more aggressive compression algorithm.