TomTom leaves your old navigators without new maps

TomTom has confirmed that its older navigators will not be updated to include the new versions of the maps. At a time when  Google Maps and other navigators seem to have completely invaded the market , owners of old TomTom  devices  will have to find new options, keep their navigators with maps that are out of date, or renew their TomTom devices   taking advantage of the replacement discounts that the company will apply to those affected.

30+ Word Party Invitation Templates

We have templates for almost everything. To make calendars, invoices, reports, letters and even… party invitations. Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of festive days. What we usually do is get together with friends or family to organize a feast. And live together a nice day.If

Los 10 mejores anime de 2019

Los anime son cada vez más populares entre la población española. Estas series de origen japonés nos narran unas aventuras que suelen ser muy interesantes, y que están ambientadas en mundos de fantasía. Sin duda puede ser una excelente forma de pasar parte de tus vacaciones o algunas horas libres. Te pr

All functions and combinations of the ALT key in Windows

Computer scientists and experts in this type of matter are true fans of shortcuts. Almost everyone knows them and this is how they manage to move like fish in water . Today we want to talk to you about a very important key on your Windows keyboard: the so-called ALT.Surely you used them on more than one occasion: even if it is to execute the command Control + ALT + Delete , which years ago provided a solution to a large part of our problems in Windows.

10 Questions and Answers About the Spotify Family Plan

Despite the fact that its launch dates back a little over a year, the Family Plan on Spotify continues to be today one of the most interesting plans of the streaming application. It is due to its low price and the possibility of adding up to six family members who reside in the same address. Even after almost two years since its release and the recent rumor that Spotify is testing a new subscription for two people, many users have doubts about this plan.

Gmail customer service: phone number, contact and support email

Not always everything goes smoothly in Gmail . Although Google email has few bugs, sometimes we have doubts or the need to contact someone who can offer us support on the service, advise us on a functionality or solve a problem that may have occurred with an email or any other tool on the platform.And it is that there are few options that are offered to us from the Gmail inbox.

Error code Spotify: how to fix Spotify error codes

Spotify, as a cross-platform application, is not without its errors. The program in question has a system that throws an error code (Error code in English) when there is a problem with the platform. Most of these errors tend to be related to our team. Many others the problem comes directly from the Spotify servers.

All options to insert dialogue script in Word

If you use Word often and you usually do it by writing a lot of text, and specifically scripts, you will have realized that inserting dialogue scripts can be a real nightmare. We have the short dash and the long dash. Attention: spelling note. The first serves to divide two words (theoretical-practical); the second, to mark each of the characters' interventions in a text .

Orange customer service: phone, contact and support email

Do you have a problem with Orange? Do you need to contact the operator of French origin to answer questions? Do you want to know their offer to formalize a contract? The most agile thing will be that you call directly any of the customer service numbers that we propose.We also offer you some addresses, both electronic and postal , to get in touch with Orange through other means.

How to activate Dolby Atmos or spatial sound in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update added support for spatial sound . It is an advanced surround sound system, which is not mixed into several separate channels, but instead, the sounds are mapped to virtual places in 3D space, and that spatial data is sent to the speaker system. We explain how to use it on your Windows 10 PCWhat is spatial sound in Windows 10Imagine the following situation: when you watch a movie or play games, you can hear the helicopters not only flying around you, but also flying directly over you.

How to remove ad virus from Chrome

Although they are no longer as prolific as they were a few years ago, invasive advertising is still a nuisance for Internet browser users. When we visit, especially adult pages, we are exposed to a large number of criminals who take advantage of our naivety, causing us to bite on suggestive links. Or when we install a program: we simply accept and do not notice that we have just installed an antivirus program, which is the opposite.

Festify 2019, so you can create your music festival on Spotify

Despite the fact that there are still a few months to go until the beginning of summer, the truth is that today some of the most important music festivals in the world have already been held, such as Coachella or Lollapalooza. For this reason, Rick Rieta and Tony Bui, well-known web developers from San Francisco, have created a tool called Festify with which we can create a personalized festival poster based on our tastes on Spotify.

The 5 alternatives to YouTube-MP3 to convert YouTube video into audio

It finally happened. Colorín, red and what was given is over. YouTube-MP3 disappears and has been inactive for a few days. First the error message “we are undergoing maintenance…” appeared, but the truth is that the portal has finally ceased to exist. The complaints of the companies that denounced the problem of rights and copyright on the platform led to a lawsuit that has permanently ended the activity of the popular website.Let us

ArenaVision, how to enter the P2P sports and soccer website in Spain

The well-known website for watching sports broadcasts over the Internet was blocked in Spain by the main operators at the end of 2017. We refer to ArenaVisión , the most famous sports streaming page after RojaDirecta. The news prompted some users who used the platform to send their complaints to the different companies (Vodafone, Movistar, Ono, Lowi and Orange) through Twitter and Facebook.

How to change the WiFi password of a TP-Link router

The router has become an indispensable tool in many of the homes in our country . Having a powerful and fast Internet at home is a common demand. But, in addition, it also has to be safe.Therefore, it is important that we know how to change the password of our router . The original password, although it seems long and complicated, is usually easier to crack than an individually chosen password.

Types of USB cables and which one do I need

The USB port has become a hallmark of computers and is one of the most used. Its popularity is so great that its use has spread to many other devices such as televisions, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and many more. In this article we talk about the different types of USB cable that exist .The great versatility of the USB port has led to the appearance of different types of connectors , each with its own particular characteristics.

Microphone not working in Windows 10, how to fix it

The microphone is a fairly straightforward peripheral to set up and use, but there are some situations where it can stop working for no apparent reason. In this article we explain the best tricks you can use to solve the problem that the microphone does not work on your Windows 10 PC .Check that the microphone is not mutedIf the microphone has stopped working with your Windows 10 PC, the first thing you should do is access the operating system settings, to check that the use of this peripheral is not disabled.

Funny messages and congratulations on Kings and New Year's resolutions

This is probably the most exciting night of the year for children and parents. Tomorrow is the night of Kings and in many houses they will leave gifts for young and old. A day that, without a doubt, is worth congratulating all our loved ones and friends. But why do it in a bland and boring way? Three Kings Day should be a happy day, so better congratulate it with humor.