The funniest memes to celebrate Reyes and back to school

The end of the Christmas festivities is approaching and, with them, the arrival of the Magi. The houses will be filled with gifts and the children will be happier than ever. And this year, in addition, they will be able to enjoy a whole Sunday off to play with their gifts. Although on Monday, start over.

How to embed subtitles in a video easily and for free

Subtitles have become a fundamental tool for many people with a fondness for watching movies in other languages. In addition, they can also be very useful if you are learning a new language. Today we explain how you can embed subtitles in your movies in a very simple way, to use them more easily.On the Internet there are many user groups that are dedicated to creating subtitles for different movies and series.

How to configure a router as a repeater to improve your WiFi

Today's consumer society makes it quite easy to accumulate electronic devices in our homes that we no longer use, but that work perfectly. Routers are a clear example of this. Today we explain how you can use an old router as a repeater to improve the quality of your WiFi signal.If you have stored a working router that has a WiFi antenna, you can configure it to function as a repeater to amplify the signal from your main router.

SeriesDanko no funciona: 10 alternativas para ver series online en 2019

Series Danko, la que fuera una de las páginas más reconocidas en el mundo de Internet para ver series online junto a Pelispedia y Gnula, ha sido bloqueada en España y parte del mundo. A día de hoy SeriesDanko no funciona, y por el camino van apareciendo páginas web que simulan su apariencia y dominio para aprovechar el tirón de la plataforma. La bu

20 free school timetable templates in Excel

September is the month to return to work, to school or to the institute, to adapt to the schedules of the new annual routine, and to debate again whether to say "September" or "September". Good organization is key so you don't get overwhelmed with the transition from vacation to daily duty. In the case of the school year, this is especially important.

10 interesting alternatives to EliteTorrent to download torrent files

It has been a long time since EliteTorrent was blocked in Spain from several Internet companies and some countries for legal reasons. As often happens with this type of website, the number of pages to download torrent has grown in such a way that it is currently possible to find alternatives to EliteTorrent that are even better than this both in quality and quantity of torrent files .

Map of North America, over 250 images to download and print for free

If there is a continent of generous dimensions, rich and varied, it is America. North America and South America are lands of contrasts, but they are united by the same continent. Today we have proposed to compile here a collection of maps of America, in multiple formats and for multiple purposes.For example, we have selected political maps, so that you have clear - very clear - where the state of Wisconsin is, physical maps, so that you can locate the Hudson River once and for all and even silent maps, so that, once you have studied all North American geography, do not have a single problem to l

20 Excel invoice templates to download for free

Making invoices may seem like a trivial matter , but when you get involved, things get complicated. If you do not have experience in being a freelancer or entrepreneur and you have not made a bill in your life, it may be that when you have to face this of calculating percentages you will get some good headaches .

How to fix Hotmail login problem with the new Outlook interface

Since February 2013, Microsoft has been trying to migrate Hotmail accounts to the new version of Outlook. In fact, for a while now, the old Hotmail interface is no more. Users who resist and use this email regularly access it through a new context: that of Outlook.The latest step that Microsoft has taken for the unification has made the Hotmail page disappear as such.

A collection of 20 mandala drawings to download and color these days

The coronavirus crisis has caused half the world to retreat into comfort? from their homes. During the last days we have compiled several activities to carry out to kill time during the remaining two weeks of confinement. Exercising at home, watching some of the latest Netflix releases, learning to code… Another no less valid way to pass the time is to color mandalas, a resource originally used to “meditate and calm the spirit”, according to some Indian traditions and Tibetans. This

The 10 best free online antivirus

Windows 10 is a fairly robust operating system when it comes to security, but it still has weaknesses that bad guys can exploit. Viruses are one of the main threats faced by Internet users. Today we present the 10 best free online antivirus to protect your computer.Online antivirus can be very useful, when our operating system has suffered an attack, which has rendered the antivirus that we have installed on the PC useless.

How to find a telephone equivalent to a 901 or 902 pay number

We have all found ourselves in the need, at times, of having to call customer service. When the telephone is free, it is less lazy to face the arid company of dealing with telemarketers or, worse still, machines, which we do not understand. But if the phone is paid, then we already raise our eyebrows.

5 alternatives to MP3 Converter to convert videos to MP3

In response to the various complaints received in relation to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the MP3 Converter website has disappeared from the face of Google and other less popular search engines. After its disappearance, a few months ago, a whole compendium of web pages and online applications has emerged that allow us to convert videos to MP3, whatever the source format (MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI etc.

Mega Link Downloader, how to configure it to download files at full speed

Mega has been one of the main platforms used for downloading and installing all kinds of files over the Internet for many years. In this article we explain how you can get the most out of it, and get the best download speed through the MEGA Link Downloader application .What is MEGA Link DownloaderMEGA Link Downloader is a tool that we can use completely free of charge, to manage the download of files through Mega , in the most efficient way possible.

Cómo girar solo una página en Word

Microsoft Word es un procesador de textos que nos permite cambiar la orientación de nuestros documentos de vertical a horizontal de una forma muy sencilla, aunque tiene el inconveniente de que esta función voltear a todas las páginas de nuestro documento de forma predeterminada. Te enseñamos a poner en horizontal una sola página de Word de una forma muy sencilla.Un de

My mobile does not connect to the home WiFi: 5 possible solutions

"Because my mobile does not connect to the wifi at home", "my mobile does not connect to the wifi authentication error", "my mobile detects the wifi but does not connect" ... These and many other queries are some of the searches that more visits accumulate in Google. And it is that although it may seem a rare problem, the truth is that the WiFi network in our house can present errors that lead to the disconnection of the devices that we have previously connected.

Los 10 mejores procesadores de texto gratuitos

Microsoft Office es el mejor paquete de ofimática que podemos encontrar, pero tiene un inconveniente bastante importante. Es una herramienta de pago, que además tiene un precio bastante elevado. Esto se traduce en que muchos usuarios no pueden acceder a la suite de Microsoft, viéndose obligados a buscar alternativas más económicas o incluso gratuitas. En e