MiWi, the cheap imitation of the Wii console

There is no video game console that is free from cheap knockoffs made in China . After the laughable PolyStation 3 (the small time version of the PlayStation 3 ) we now find the MiWi, a new clone of the Nintendo Wii . At first glance it may seem very similar to the real one. In fact, its great asset is to confuse the uninformed buyer.

Asus FX504GM, we tested one of the gaming laptops with the best value for money

That the world of gaming is today more booming than ever is something known to all. Currently there are many brands that offer products for computer games. Asus is one of these brands. The brand recently launched its Asus FX504 series of gaming laptops. There are several laptops that we can find under this alphanumeric series, but the one we are coming to talk about today is the Asus FX504GM , a computer that not only stands out for its specification sheet, but also for its price, which is found today around 1,400 euros .

Canon LEGRIA HF G26, new compact and portable Full HD camcorder

Canon has announced the launch of a new camcorder. It's called Canon LEGRIA HF G26 and it's a compact, lightweight, and portable Full HD camera . It features a 28.8mm wide-angle lens with 20x optical zoom, low light recording capabilities, a DIGIC DV4 processor, and an 8-blade circular aperture. The latter will allow us to create beautiful circular bokeh effects.

eNest, smart bracelet for the elderly

eNest is an intelligent wristband specially designed for the safety of the elderly , as it offers functions such as emergency call and indoor location. Actually, the system consists of a compact device connected to a bracelet worn on the wrist and which provides more peace of mind to those who have elderly or dependents in their care.

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

The GIF images are animated images composed of one or more frames of a few seconds that are repeated over and over again. They have been with us for many years, but social networks have made them fashionable again. Although they have many uses, most users have taken advantage of this type of image to make funny montages around everyday news.

Lenovo computers with a 15% discount at El Corte Inglés

Lenovo seems hell-bent on getting everyone to renew their PC this summer. The company has its equipment on sale in virtually every store. This time we have located several computers with a 15% discount at El Corte Inglés. The offers will last until July 12 , so don't miss out.To help you in the decision, we have made a small selection of the most interesting Lenovo computers that are discounted at El Corte Inglés .Le

The funniest memes and GIFs of the week

We are sure that the creators of memes are already at work to give the best of themselves throughout this week. However, the previous one gave much of itself.We lived one of the best moments with Cristiano Ronaldo, at the opening of the airport that will bear his name . When the statue of his bust was unveiled, the whole world was left with their mouths open.

Philips 55PUS6262, we have tested it

Although most television manufacturers strive to show us their new high-end models, that does not mean that everyone can or want to spend 3,000 or 4,000 euros on a television. Manufacturers know it and, although they do not give them so much publicity, every year they also renew their medium and even low ranges.

These are HP's sustainable development projects

The environmental crisis shows us a framework full of uncertainty and concern that should not leave anyone indifferent. Our societies are at a crossroads  where we must make the tough decision of where to go. The consequences of globalization, demographic changes and the increase of huge population centers must be dealt with by a change in our individual and collective life habits.

LOVEStv, we tested the HbbTV platform of the Spanish DTT

On June 14, in theory, the LOVEStv platform was launched. It is a platform based on HbbTV that offers content from RTVE, Atresmedia and Mediaset. And we say "in theory" because the reality was different. The service did not work in any of the chains. You could only enter RTVE, but not the new LOVEStv, but its own platform that has been running for years.

9 Useful Registry Tricks To Improve Windows 10 Performance

The registry is an essential component that allows the proper functioning of the Windows 10 operating system. Advanced users often use this part of the operating system to make modifications with the intention of improving the performance of their computer. In this article we explain 9 tricks that you can use to improve the functioning of your Windows 10 PC through the registry.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e, the cheap alternative to the Mi Band arrives in Spain

It was during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e when the South Korean firm unveiled its new activity bracelet. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy Fit e , the new Samsung wearable that completes the Galaxy Fit series released months ago with the Samsung Galaxy Fit. The new version, in addition to having a series of somewhat more cut-out features than the top model, has a significantly lower price than that of the aforementioned bracelet, coming to directly rival the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 of the Chinese brand .

The 10 most ridiculous photos of our politicians appeared on Facebook or WhatsApp

It seems like yesterday that we voted for the last time. Ah, but it was almost yesterday! Our politicians do not agree , so it is time to vote again. In case you had not found out yet, on June 26 you will be summoned to the polls again , so we will have to suffer - yes, again - a pre-campaign (which by the way is already underway), a campaign, a day reflection, an electoral day and the corresponding hangover, which will then end with a long debate about the pacts .

The 5 keys of the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ

LG's new flagship has a lot going for it. And is that the LG G8 Smart Green ThinQ can boast of power thanks to the Snapdragon 855 processor, or images on its 6.21-inch OLED FullVision panel. But it is its Z camera , built with a ToF sensor and an infrared system that attracts the most attention. Other relevant and original points of the phone is the issue of controlling its functions by gestures or the fact of carrying up to 5 cameras designed for different uses.

How to use two Facebook accounts at the same time on mobile

Say you bring your personal account on Facebook and your company 's account . Or that of a friend , or that of someone who has asked or paid you to take it and get more followers, likes, comments and more . Or an account for your partner and another to do things with loose morals . What do you do? Do you constantly go in and out with one and the other?

Esoteric Grandioso F1, a very high-end amplifier

Esoteric Grandioso F1, top-of-the-range integrated amplifierGranting a device the title of "best in the world" may seem daring, but if it is not the best, this Esoteric (a brand dedicated to high-end audio from the Japanese manufacturer Teac ) is among the very few that can aspire to be the best. That comes at a price , in this case no less than 27,990 euros , but it is about offering the most demanding music lover the most advanced technology for stereo music reproduction .

How to clear YouTube history on computer and mobile

YouTube is the most used video platform in the world. Millions of users enter every day to watch their favorite videos, or even upload their own content to the platform. A small drawback is that all our activity is registered, so it is very easy for someone to spy on our activity. We explain how to delete YouTube history on computer and mobile to improve your privacy.