The 5 best online Chinese stores to buy from Spain

Chinese online stores can be an excellent way to obtain thousands of products for very reasonable prices. However, it is also easy to fall for scams so you have to be careful. We show you 5 Chinese online stores to buy safely. Some of them even have warehouses in Spain or Europe to speed up delivery times for orders.

20 fun and curious experiments to teach science to your children

Sometimes entertaining and entertaining children can be very difficult. The truth is that we have many resources. Read stories, play at constructions, paint and draw… But sometimes the alternatives run out. And they end up getting bored.And although experts already confirm that boredom is a perfect ingredient to trigger creativity , most of the time we have to do our part. O

Reliable emule servers in 2019 and how to use them

eMule was one of the most popular downloader in the early 2000s. Although its popularity has declined a lot, it is still fully functional today, although in order to use it correctly we need to install the proper servers. In this article we talk about the reliable eMule servers that continue to work in this year 2019.

5 ways to fix the problem not registered in the network in Samsung mobiles

“Not registered in the orange network”, “Not registered in the s8 network,“ not registered in the j7 network ”,“ not registered in the samsung j3 network ”,“ not registered in the samsung j6 network ”,“ not registered in the the lycamobile network ”… In recent months, a multitude of searches related to certain Samsung mobile network problems have grown in number of visits to the main Internet search engines. The reason for this is

More than 100 kawaii images to download, print and color

If you search the term Kawaii conscientiously, we probably don't have to explain what it means. But if you have arrived here by chance or curiosity, we will tell you everything you need to know about this little word. It is actually, as you may have imagined, a word of Japanese origin , specifically an adjective, which means 'pretty' or 'tender'.

What to do if Windows doesn't recognize your external hard drive

You try to use an external hard drive on your PC and Windows does not recognize it, surely it has happened to you at some time and you have panicked for fear of losing your saved data, or that you had a defective drive when you bought it. Don't despair too soon, there are several reasons why Windows won't recognize your external hard drive, and many of them are easy to fix.

Cómo eliminar espacios al justificar texto en Word

La mayoría de los procesadores de textos que podemos encontrar en el mercado, incluyendo por supuesto Microsoft Word, tienen la mala costumbre de alinear los textos a la izquierda. Te explicamos cómo puedes justificar los textos en Microsoft Word, sin que aparezcan espacios excesivos dentro de las frases.El

More than 300 Disney coloring pages that you can download and print

Without the characters of the Disney universe we could not understand the childhood of the world. Who has not enjoyed the stories of Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Dumbo or Frozen? Now that the little ones are at home more time and we are looking for activities to do with them, we thought it would be a good idea to rescue and compile in one article all the Disney coloring pages that you can find on the networks.

Is DHGate reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

DHGate is probably the best known AliExpress alternative alongside eBay and Wish when it comes to products imported directly from China. Although the page is quite well known in the United States and China, the truth is that the name of the platform is quite unknown in Spain, Mexico and the rest of Latin American countries.

How to split your Windows 10 screen into 2 or 4 application windows

There is a very simple way to divide the screen of our computer into four or two exactly the same windows, in order to work with several applications at the same time. If your PC or laptop runs under Windows 10 operating system, you just have to follow these simple tips. With this trick, for example, you will be able to write a text while watching another screen, or watch a YouTube video while talking to someone on WhatsApp Web.

How to connect a router to another router to extend the WiFi network

If you have reached this post, you have probably ever thought of connecting a router to another router to extend the WiFi network. Currently there are more effective solutions such as the well-known PLC. However, most of these tend to be priced quite high for the benefits they offer. Fortunately, connecting one router to another to improve the WiFi connection is possible , although we must configure a series of parameters to have an Internet connection in both.

Is WallaPay, Wallapop's payment and shipping service, secure?

When buying second-hand items from apps like Wallapop, security is the most important aspect if the transaction is done remotely. Currently, the platform has a service called WallaPay, also known as Wallapop Envíos, which facilitates this same transaction, by managing both the payment of the product and its shipment.

This is the meaning of Sco pa tu manaa, the latest Twitter viral

"Sco pa tu manaa", sco tu pa manaa "," sco for your mana "... The new Twitter viral has as many meanings as forms of expression. As happened a few months ago with the Ontas meme, the latest viral is crossing the language barrier, and today its use extends even to the English-speaking public. But what is the meaning of Sco pa tu manaa and why is it becoming so popular?

More than 100 drawings for children to download, print and color

One of the activities that the smallest of the house entertain the most is, without a doubt, painting. If children are motivated, they can paint at home, because on the Internet you have countless templates and drawings at your disposal, ready to download and print for free.But there are many other times when little ones can enjoy coloring to their heart's content .

100 useful keyboard shortcuts for Word and Excel

We all have to work with Word or Excel sometime, and many of us use them every day. Whether by obligation or by choice, Microsoft Office always ends up appearing in our lives. Almost any job opening requires knowledge of the office suite, and even Linux users and Mac advocates are not spared. If our destiny is to handle Word and Excel, keyboard shortcuts will help us to become experts .

10 printable 2017 calendar templates

A new year begins. 365 days that we must fill with our decisions, our plans, our experiences. A blank year that opens in front of us like a new sheet of paper, like a virgin ground on which to place the seeds of experience, watering them day by day with the water of affection, perseverance and discipline.

More than 100 images of hobbies, crosswords or sudoku to print

If you like to spend your downtime filling in crosswords, sudoku puzzles or word searches, this selection is for you. We have compiled a list of websites where you can download and print these hobbies for free .Assorted hobbies to printThe Hobbies to Go page regularly publishes word searches, self-definitions, crosswords, and printable sudoku puzzles .