Lenovo S5 Pro, features, price and opinions

The Lenovo S5 Pro is the company's latest bet for the upper-middle range. The terminal includes some of the most prominent features of the moment, including four sensors (two located on the front and two on the rear). This model offers a streamlined design, with hardly the presence of frames, with notch or notch.

PolyStation 3, a more fake console than a three euro bill

If mobile phones don't get rid of cheap knockoffs, next-generation game consoles aren't going to be out of hand either. The PolyStation have been mimicking Sony platforms for some years now , and the PlayStation 3 already has its own crappy clone. In this video you can admire her inside and out. Good grief, it even has alkaline batteries!

LG SJ9, we have tested this soundbar with Dolby Atmos

The LG SJ9 is a high-end sound bar that is characterized by being compatible with Dolby Atmos sound . This soundbar has no less than 5.1.2 channels and first-rate sound. In addition, the large subwoofer that accompanies it allows us to boost the bass in a forceful way. And to all this we must add great wireless connectivity and compatibility with most formats.

ZTE Blade A610 Plus, we have tested it

We have conducted a test of the ZTE Blade A610 Plus, one of the first mid-range that the Chinese brand has launched this 2017. The Plus version has a 5.5-inch LCD screen, an eight-core chip at 1.5 GHz speed maximum and 4 GB of RAM .However, one of the most prominent features of the ZTE Blade A610 Plus is its battery.

Yamaha reduces its YSP 1600 soundbar by 120 euros for the World Cup

The offers continue to coincide with the Soccer World Cup, with this discount of 120 euros from Yamaha. Its YSP 1600 soundbar has a regular price of 570 euros and remains, until June 30, at only 450 euros . It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a sound at the level of a current television, which can sometimes sound somewhat anemic because of such flatness .

Atresplayer guide, how to get the most out of it

Atresplayer is a multimedia platform, where you will find much of the most popular content that is broadcast on channels that belong to the Atresmedia group, such as Antena 3 and La Sexta. We have created this article in depth, to explain what exactly the Atresplayer platform consists of , and all the details that you need to take into account before betting on this service.

Lenovo Yoga 910, we have tested it

Lenovo is no longer a child. The company has become one of the leaders in the PC market in its own right. And the Lenovo Yoga 910 is a sample of why. This laptop can rotate its screen up to 360 degrees to become a large format tablet. And it is not just any screen. 14 inches and 4K resolution in the most powerful configuration.

How to improve the GPS signal of an Android phone

Many of us decided long ago not to invest in a GPS navigator. For what, if the one that comes with our Android phone, also known as Maps, is enough for us. Although, to tell the truth, there are times when it is not as fine as we would like. We get in the car, we start it and it is difficult for him to catch the signal.

The 6 biggest and most amazing computers ever built

When we go to buy a desktop or laptop computer, we may look for a model with a design that reflects our personality . Or better yet, our personal tastes. Therefore, if our personality or hobbies are something out of the ordinary, we strongly recommend that you take a good look at what comes next .Some are true geeks taken from the imagination of certain users.

So you can play Minecraft in virtual reality

If you thought the addictive Minecraft couldn't get any better, we have good news: the virtual reality version "" Minecraft: Gear VR Edition "" just went on sale at the Oculus Store for $ 7.Minecraft's cube world, even more funJust a month ago, the company announced that it would release a version of the Minecraft game for Gear VR .

These are the Facebook games that a company has paid 234 million for

An American video game company has sharpened its eyes to the extreme of crossing the great pond, arriving in Barcelona, and buying a Catalan company of only 8 years old , also dedicated to the development of games, mainly for Facebook. The Catalan company is Social Point, founded by two computer engineers, now CEOs of the company, and has been bought by Take-Two Interactive Software.

Tenda AC1200 A18, we tested this WiFi signal extender

We have had the opportunity to test the Tenda AC1200 A18 WiFi signal extender. A gadget that allows us to expand the area of ​​influence of our wireless connection, thus providing service to mobiles, tablets, computers or game consoles that do not have a signal. A small device that costs 35 euros and that only needs to be connected to a socket. In

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10, we have tested it

We tested the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10 tablet, a 10-inch device with 3GB of RAM . It is an interesting model if we want to enjoy mid-range features. The tablet is available for 300 euros in the WiFi version, or for 350 euros in the LTE version.Additionally, this Huawei tablet can be used with an optional smart pen, Huawei's M-Pen lite .

Here's what the LG K50's dual camera can do

There are two clear trends in the mobile world. On the one hand, high-end models are becoming more expensive and powerful. And on the other hand, mid-range and even low-range mobiles become more complete and beautiful, with designs that have little to envy those with higher prices without spending a lot of money.

Hisense H65U9A, we have tested it

Although it is not a well-known manufacturer in Spain, the truth is that Hisense has an extensive catalog of televisions. And lately, the good features of their devices and their reasonable price are attracting the attention of users. The Hisense H65U9A is the top of the range model for 2018 from the Chinese manufacturer .

The update to Android 9 begins for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus? Good news, the company is already rolling out the final Android 9.0 Pie update for these devices . The two models had been in beta for a few weeks, where they could already update, but in a not very stable test version. Now, and after receiving the update from its older brothers, this device can now enjoy the latest version of Android.

Canon EOS RP, we have tested it

At the end of last year Canon began its journey in the Full Frame mirrorless camera market with the Canon EOS R. A magnificent camera, but one that was reserved for price and performance (especially for the former) to a more professional audience. However, in early 2019 the manufacturer surprised us with the launch of the Canon EOS RP, the smallest and most affordable mirrorless camera with a Full Frame sensor on the market .

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, analysis, price and opinions

Samsung  has renewed its mid-range Galaxy A for 2017. The Samsung Galaxy A7 2017, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2017  improve in several aspects to their predecessors of 2016, with redesign, new finishes and improvements in their hardware that will make these terminals, without a doubt, an option to keep in mind if we want to change mobile phones in this year that we have just released.