Nokia X3 - Thoroughly

After the main presentation of Nokia World 2009 , we can only talk about the last terminal that the Finns have presented without previously announcing it. It is the Nokia X3 , a little brother of the Nokia X6 that comes without a touch screen and in a slider format . The phone has stereo speakers and some details like light effects on the central Navi key .

The best memes of Chuck Norris, the king of the Internet

Chuck Norris turns 77 today, American actor and karate fighter but above all an icon of the Internet world and social networks for a long time. Memes based on his figure are still valid.It is true that his films will not go down in film history for their technical quality, but his impassive face and many memorable action scenes have raised him to the category of myth.

The dirty war between Just Eat food services and the Red Refrigerator

All the fault lies with some stickers. Well, according to El Confidencial today , the two food delivery services that operate in Spain are facing a very, very dirty war. We are talking about Just Eat and La Nevera Roja , two platforms that are responsible for sticking on restaurant windows - also on bags, napkin rings and other visible spaces in establishments - stickers with their distinctive .

La solución para escuchar música en casa sin cables

Quienes aprecian la calidad del sonido saben que deben hacerse con aparatos compatibles para cada uso. Una buena barra junto al televisor para tener una experiencia más rica e inmersiva, y unos auriculares cuando se quiere evadir del mundo y escuchar todos los detalles de la música o tu podcast favorito. Y

This is how YouTube's design has changed since its birth

The layout of YouTube has changed over the years. The truth is that the company logo has remained intact until today. For a few hours, the Google service has changed its appearance and has also slightly renewed the appearance of the logo. Now it is much cleaner and minimalist. If you look closely at the image at the head of the article, the word "Tube" is no longer isolated from the rest within a red screen and is coupled to the other letters forming a single set in black.

The best Chrome extensions to learn online

One of the great changes that the health crisis of COVID-19 has brought about has to do with the form of face-to-face teaching. Since last March, all educational centers have closed to stop the spread of the  coronavirus , so students have had to continue their training through digital platforms, either with the help of teachers or on their own.

10 awesome LEGO buildings seen on YouTube

If we ask anyone what brand of toys comes to mind without much thought, the vast majority would answer without a doubt LEGO.  It is not surprising, since, in recent years, the Danish company has managed to become one of the brands most highly valued by parents and children alike. In fact, its legion of enthusiasts has long been limited to not only the very young but also people of almost all ages.

Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inches, QLED technology at a lower price

To facilitate access to QLED TVs to a larger audience, Samsung has prepared new models of the Q6F series . This series loses some features that we see in the high-end, but maintains the Quantum Dot technology. In other words, it would be a small step ahead of the NU series. Q Engine image processor and metal-coated quantum dots are preserved.

JBL Go 2, the portable water-submersible Bluetooth speaker

The mythical and popular brand JBL is owned by the Harman International group, in turn owned by Samsung Electronics. At CES in Las Vegas they presented among other things a renewal of their portable sound equipment. The most compact is the JBL Go, now called the Go 2. Following the success of the original Go (more than 10 million sold since 2015) the Go 2 will arrive in spring 2018.

Beware of the false mail of unpaid bills from Naturgy, it is a scam

If you receive an email alerting you to unpaid bills from Naturgy, ignore it . This is a scam. A scam that has been circulating dangerously for a few hours through the email boxes of many people and that can end up with your data in the hands of those who should not. Have you received any of these?The alert has come through Naturgy itself, the company that operates in the gas and electricity sectors, offering service to thousands and thousands of citizens in Spain and around the world.

5 tricks to get the most out of the Huawei Mediapad T5

We have spent the Reyes festivities and, with them, we have to take stock of the best-selling products. Tablets are not going through their best moment but there are still those who opt for them as they are a good format to view multimedia comfortably or read on a screen larger than that of a mobile phone.

How to seal unemployment or renew the job application through the Internet

Some red tape can be a real headache. And it is that they not only involve collecting papers of all kinds, but wasting time in waiting queues within physical administrations. However, other procedures have been updated and are much more convenient to manage through a computer. This is the case of the renewal of the job demand , also known as sealing unemployment.

Stores and prices if you are thinking of buying the Alcatel 1S

It is a simple device, with basic features and designed for a large majority of pockets. It is the Alcatel 1S and is for sale in Spain. It is a device with a 5.5-inch screen and an HD + resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels .It has dimensions of 147.8 × 70.7 × 8.6 mm and weighs 146 grams. In the market we will find it in two different colors: black and blue, with brushed metallic paint finishes, which gives it an elegant and neat appearance, despite its price.Re

Be very careful with the PayPal scam of 100 euros

The coronavirus quarantine does not appear to be a truce for cyber scammers and scammers. Last weekend several Forocoches users reported in the forum a new fraud attempt, a new type where PayPal is the protagonist. The scam in question is not new, but rather a variation on the famous Nigerian scam . Yes it is his form of execution, because until now no cases of this type had been reported.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have a problem with the touch screen

Do you have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket? Well be careful, this information interests you. The iFixit repair chain just revealed that the older units of this pair of models are experiencing an issue that Apple is already aware of , but refuses to confirm. Some users are complaining - in fact, some pages of the Apple forums are full of this type of comments - that on certain occasions, the touch screen of their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus does not respond and that, at the same time, a flashing horizontal gray bar appears at the top of the screen.

The funniest memes seen this week to share on WhatsApp

Cool memes, very rich! They are the memes that we have shared during this first week of August. There are them for all tastes and for all subjects that are currently raging in current times. The political pacts and the shadow of the third elections and Pokémon GO have returned to be protagonists, but if there is something that has taken over a large part of our conversations on the networks it has been the heat ..

Samsung Corby - Thoroughly

Samsung has just launched a new terminal for the younger audience . It is the Samsung Corby , a phone with a touch screen , brightly colored covers and a philosophy very focused on social networks . Suddenly, Samsung has decided not to provide the Corby with 3G connectivity , leaving it with a simple EDGE link .