Windows 10 Game Mode, what it is and how to activate it

Windows 10 does not stop receiving news in each of the updates that reach the operating system. The Creators Update introduced the Game Mode , which allows improving the performance of video games under the Windows 10 operating system in a very simple way.What is Windows 10 Game ModeWindows 10 Game Mode is a mechanism that allows the operating system to detect when a video game is running .

Canon EOS M100, we have tested it

The universe of mirrorless cameras is still in its infancy. The benefits they offer compared to SLRs in the professional field are even lower. But no understanding of photography is aware that the mirrorless are the future . That's why companies that have dominated the digital snapshot industry so far are building better and better teams with this technology.

Hotmail Outlook mail not working, login problems

Outlook, Microsoft's email service formerly called Hotmail, is not working properly. Users have reported login failures with a 401 error. The reports began early this morning in Spain. But yesterday the service did not work in other parts of the world either. In Spain, 57 percent of users who have reported the fall through the Downdetector.

Error 401 Authorization Required, what is it and how to fix it

One of the most common errors when accessing a certain page of a web portal. The 401 Authorization Required or Unauthorized Error, although it might seem like an error related to the web servers in question, it is an error often related to the access permissions of a certain page. But what is Error 401 and does it appear?

Acer customer service: phone, contact and support email

Acer is one of the most recognized computer equipment companies in the world. This is why it is not surprising that it has a technical service capable of solving any questions or problems for its users, whether they are individuals or companies. The company has enabled a customer service number both in Spain and in other countries.

How to change your username on Twitch

Do you have a Twitch account and don't know how to change your username? This platform allows you to modify the name of the profile on some occasion, but you have to meet certain requirements. In addition, there are different options for those who are more 'visible' on the platform and who usually comment on streams or even broadcast live.

The fight against deepfakes, how can we fight them

In the middle of the digital age, the concern about fake news has been occupying more and more the attention of public organizations, the media and personalities of all kinds. Not for nothing, Fake News have had a certain weight in important electoral processes such as the presidential elections of the United States in 2016, the referendum on the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union or the generals of Brazil that gave Bolsonaro victory.

How to delete Google history automatically on exit

Throughout the day, the week, the month ... we look at dozens, hundreds of web pages referring to as many search terms. Some search terms, for whatever reason, can lead to misunderstandings, reflect part of our personality or leave us in evidence in front of others. For this, browsers offer the user a very simple way to delete all these elements, saved in a section of said browsers called 'Browsing history'.

Atrápalo, Tickets or Ticketmaster, which is the best website to buy tickets,, ... There are many websites that allow us to buy tickets online for different shows (concerts, circuses, plays, etc.), although without a doubt these three are the most popular they have nationwide. A priori, each of the pages is specialized in a different sector, although most shows tend to coincide, at least between the first two.

Is it worth buying PS4 Pro in 2019?

The new generation of game consoles is getting closer and closer, which raises many users the question of whether it is worth buying a PS4 Pro in 2019 or better to wait for the arrival of Sony's new platform. In this article we analyze the current situation of the PS4 Pro , and if it is a good idea to get it this year., find out how many sugar cubes are in what you eat

Surely many times you have heard the expression "you are what you eat . " Well, a web page, called , what it has done is to collect the amount of sugar that different foods have. Something that will help us to know how many lumps of sugar we consume with each product and above all, the final sum that it would give us each day.

Portable North Pole, create personalized messages from Santa Claus for your children

With Christmas very close, this that we propose is a very fun way to surprise your children and acquaintances . It is about Portable North Pole, a website (and also an app) that allows us to make personalized videos in which Santa Claus himself congratulates Christmas.This original platform can serve to have a special detail with the smallest of the house, although it also allows us to make videos for adults , with a nice tone but adding some bad temper.

How to install Android on an old PC

The great advances that are taking place in the information technology sector mean that computers are often renewed every few years. We explain how you can install Android on an old desktop or laptop . In this way you can give it a second life, and take advantage of it far beyond what you had imagined.

38 Excel functions and formulas to get the most out of it

Although we have been looking at some alternatives to the mythical Microsoft tables program for several years, such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel is still the king of kings. It is because of its ease of use and the amount of functions and formulas it integrates, allowing us to perform from simple calculations to complex operations.

The weirdest things you can see on Google Earth

Examining the planet thanks to Google Earth is a good way to combat the boredom of the afternoons when you have nothing to do. We know that it is a task that can take you hours to find something interesting, so we offer you a list of the strangest things you can see thanks to Google Earth .Urban gardensThese circular gardens are located in a suburb of Brøndby, Denmark .

How to know if I have debts with the Treasury through the web

Debts with the Treasury are one of the main concerns of the self-employed and entrepreneurs, since they often go unnoticed and then we can get an unpleasant surprise. In this article we explain how you can find out if you have debts with the Treasury, in a very simple way and through the Internet.Check your debts with the Treasury onlineIf you have suspicions that you may have a debt with the Treasury, you can find out in a very simple way to clear up doubts.

The 7 Most Frequent Wallapop Scams of 2020

Wallapop, like any second-hand trading platform, is a sneak of scams. So I can certify it after more than four years selling and buying items within the platform. There are many types, although most are forged around a common pattern that can be easily identifiable if we know the keys to detect them.

A review of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

Every year we see the different bets of companies in terms of televisions. Each company is committed to different technologies, some of its own and others with free standards. Now it is Hisense's turn, we are going to take a tour of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range. These televisions are large format, that is, they are large, this is seen in that its smallest model is 50 inches.