LG XBOOM The Beast OK55, 500W, DJ and Karaoke function for your parties

Summer is the best time of year to organize our own parties in the garden or on the terrace of our home. And something that can not be missing at any party is music. So, if you are a music and party lover, you need a sound system like the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 . This spectacular LG system is much more than a speaker with no less than 500W of power.

Philips OLED 873, the successor to the Philips POS9002 grows in size

Along with the OLED 973, Philips has introduced two other models with OLED panel. The Philips OLED 873 is the successor to the Philips POS9002, the successful model that the company introduced in 2017. However, the new model grows to 65 inches and includes the new P5 Perfect Picture processor. It also has HDR10 + support, a three-sided Ambilight system and the Android TV operating system.

10 funny memes to share on New Years Eve on WhatsApp

"At Puerta del Sol like the year it was / Again the champagne and grapes and tar / They are on carpet". This is how Mecano sang his particular vision of the New Year's party, a song that returns in an eternal return every December 31st. New Year's Eve follows Christmas in a period of only one week, and that will be preceded by the magical night of the Three Wise Men.

Series and movies coming to Netflix Spain in January 2018

Netflix continues to establish itself in our country, increasing its catalog and offering great and juicy news month after month. Series and movies that its subscribers will be able to enjoy, with premieres as important as the very recent one in theaters 'The call', which will premiere on January 29 (musical directed by the creators of Paquita Salas, also on Netflix).

The best memes of the victory of Pedro Sánchez of the PSOE

Did you have a good day yesterday? Do you think that no one can improve it on Sunday yesterday? Well, you are very wrong, because probably the one who really had the best day yesterday was Pedro Sánchez . The former secretary general of the PSOE won the primaries against Susana Díaz, the candidate who held the apparatus. A

Why won't your bank let you go online today

Have you had problems today to enter your bank through the Internet? If this is your case, it may all have to do with the legislation that comes into force on September 14. It is about PSD2 , a directive that was approved in 2018 and that is nothing more than a review or update of the previous PSD directive, in force since 2007.

How to block a sender in Gmail

Do you want to stop receiving  certain  annoying messages in your Gmail inbox ? Are there contacts  you don't want to know more about , individuals or companies? Don't worry, in this article we show you how to get rid of them , it's very easy.Direct blockingWhen you receive an email in your inbox and click on it , you access the message.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus, we have tested it

When we talk about Motorola we think of compact phones, of a rather small size and interchangeable covers. Well, with the Motorola Moto G4 Plus , the American company decides to pass the psychological barrier of 5.5 inches to offer us a phone with a fashionable size and effective and surprising features.

Instagram does not work: mobile application does not load

On the eve of Halloween, Instagram has again suffered a new fall on its servers. With this, there are already four consecutive falls that have been happening throughout the year, and although it usually recovers after a few minutes, the truth is that at the time of writing these lines Instagram does not work .

How to check the return status of your Income Statement

Have you already made the Income Statement? This year the term to render accounts with the Treasury began on April 4 and will end on July 2, 2017. Until then you have time to do all the procedures, either through the Internet or in person, to present the corresponding statement as of 2017.If you have already submitted it, know that you will always have the option of checking the status of the return online .

Comparison Huawei P10 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Today we put two of the most acclaimed devices of the moment face to face. The Huawei P10 Plus, announced in the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will face each other in this comparison to better understand their main differences and virtues. Basically we are facing two solvent teams, very current and with high-end characteristics.

Samsung NU8005, televisores 4K de hasta 82 pulgadas con HDR10+

Buena calidad de imagen, diseño minimalista y una plataforma inteligente de Smart TV que no tiene rival. Así es la propuesta de Samsung con sus televisores de la serie NU8005, disponibles en formatos desde las 49 hasta las 82 pulgadas. Estos equipos se encuadran en la gama media y son una excelente opción si estás buscando un televisor 4K plano y compatible con las últimas tecnologías como HDR10+. Sus p

NASA identifies a strange object on the surface of Mars

This is not the first time it has happened. NASA experts have been able to see an image of something very curious in one of the snapshots that the Curiosity robot has sent to Earth. As you know, the NASA rover has been working since August 2012 on the surface of the Red planet , with the aim of finding signs of anything and of course, to know in depth its characteristics on the ground.

Denon AVC-X8500H, amplifier for home theater "no more"

Sound specialist but highly specialized in home theater systems, Denon introduces "no more." The new Denon AVC-X8500H is an AV amplifier that raises the bar for other manufacturers. It has 13 channels of amplification and can handle the most complex audio system possible on its own. It supports the latest surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro-3D.

5 keys to using Edmodo in the classroom

Some may not have heard of Edmodo yet, a  free educational platform intended to facilitate communication between teachers and students . Well that, it is neither more nor less than a closed virtual environment that could easily remind us of a kind of social network, only private.Its origin dates back to 2008, when two teachers had the brilliant idea of ​​finding a solution so that students could combine their studies with their private lives. Edm

Alcatel 5, we have tested it

The Alcatel 5 is a mid-range phone with a large screen in 18: 9 format that can already be purchased for a price of 199 euros.We are facing a 5.7-inch panel, dual front camera , fingerprint reader and the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system as standard.Although on a performance level it is not a spectacular model, overall it offers excellent value for money and quite good photography results with the cameras.

Oral-B Genius 8000N, Electric Toothbrush Test

Brushing your teeth is something we all do (or should do) on a daily basis. But being a daily activity that we have very internalized, it is normal that it costs us to take the step to a more advanced brushing system. And realize the great difference between a manual and an electric toothbrush. And even more so if we face the Oral-B Genius 8000N series, one of the most powerful and complete brushes on the market.