5 key features of the Lenovo Legion Y920

One of the most acclaimed gaming laptops in the past year was the Lenovo Legion Y920. It managed to win the award for the best gaming laptop of the year at the tuexperto awards. Not only for its power, but also for its design and different included functions. It is a computer with a 17.3-inch screen, a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics.

How to put lyrics to YouTube songs

There is a formula to follow the lyrics of your favorite video clips on YouTube without missing anything from the video. And it is that the lyrics of the songs are not always accessible. But you can put subtitles with the verses of the song. We have created a video to explain how to do it both on your mobile and on your computer.

5 tips to lower the temperature of your PC in summer

Summer has arrived, and with it the time when computers suffer the most from the heat they produce. Overheating can be the main enemy of a PC, to the point of damaging it irreparably. We offer you 5 tips to lower the temperature of your PC in summer .Place it in a ventilated areaMany desks have an area in which to place the PC tower , and many of them even have a door to prevent it from being seen.

Anyone can create and publish games for Xbox One

If you are a video game developer without too many contacts in the entertainment industry, now you have the easier things to get your title out. At least through Xbox One. And it is that Microsoft has decided to create a program for developers in which to speed up the process of publishing a game. All you need is a certification, not a classic approval system.

Viasat arrives in Spain to give Internet to rural areas: these are its rates

Viasat, one of the best-known Internet companies globally, officially arrives in Spain with the aim of providing Internet connection to rural areas of the country through the Ka-Sat satellite . Specifically, the company announces that its plans will cover more than 10 million Spaniards where the high-speed Internet connection does not reach through other companies.

Alcatel 3x, we've tested it

When buying a mobile, not all users want or can choose a high-end or even mid-range mobile. Many are looking for a simple mobile that offers them all the services of a smartphone, but without spending a lot of money. That's why manufacturers like Alcatel launch inexpensive devices on the market, but that offer some characteristics inherited from the high-end.

Acer Aspire S 24, we have tested it

Design, elegance and minimalism. The three words that best define the Acer Aspire S 24. An all-in-one computer that takes the word compact to a new level. And it is that this PC without tower fits on any table and is so light that it can be transported without great problem to any room. All this with a technical set that maintains the type, thanks to latest generation Intel Core processors and 8 GB of RAM.

Fake followers on Instagram: 3 pages to watch it for free

In recent months, applications such as Twitter or Instagram have decided to cut their losses with fake followers by deleting user accounts whose activity was low or null. Unfortunately, these types of accounts continue to exist today to fatten the numbers of people who hire them through pages to buy followers.

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Pro Workstations

If you are a corporate or company user, this information interests you. Because Microsoft just officially introduced Windows 10 Pro Workstations . A version that originally had to be presented in June, but has not yet come to light.It is an edition, that of Windows 10 Pro, for large users and company profiles.

The 10 best-selling mobiles in Spain in 2016

Kantar has published this morning a study in which it shows the best-selling mobile brands and models in Spain during 2016. As you can imagine, at the brand level, Samsung continues to be in the first position. But what happens if we look at the individual level? As it turns out, the best-selling mobile in Spain in 2016 was the Huawei P8 Lite.

JBL E65BTNC, headphones with quality sound and noise cancellation

The American sound specialist JBL from the Harman Kardon group brought several novelties to the IFA in Berlin but these headphones stand out. It is a full-size model, wireless (Bluetooth 4.1) and with a noise cancellation system. Hence its name, JBL E65BTNC (BT and NC for Bluetooth and Noise Cancellation).

The news you should know about the Android Auto update

Android Auto, Google's driving application, renewed part of its interface and some of its functions last September with the sole objective of making the tool more complete. Recently Google has re-launched a new update that arrives like rain in May to fill one of the most important deficiencies of the application: the Do Not Disturb mode .

Camouflaged speakers for gardens and terraces

In theme parks there are lots of them. Who would have told us that one day they would reach homes ! We are talking about the camouflage speakers that the American firm Niles Audio has presented and that imitate flowerpots or even rocks . The purpose is that we can spread them around our garden or terrace and secretly create a good musical atmosphere.

How to read WhatsApp messages without them noticing

With WhatsApp there are times when we feel constantly watched. On the one hand, we have the last connection clock. "Why haven't you answered the message? I sent it to you at 6 and you connected later. " Does this sound like something to you? Surely they have told you once. We have, on the other hand, the dreaded blue check.

How to share a streaming of an Amazon Prime series or movie on Twitch

Twitch has always wanted to be more than just a video game streaming platform. And to achieve this, it has launched a new function called “Watch Parties”, with which we can organize a joint viewing of Amazon Prime Video series and movies . This new feature has been in closed beta for a few months and only in the United States, but is now available to all creators and viewers of the platform.If y

5 tricks to become the king of Google translate

The other day we told you 5 tricks with which to make the most of Google Drive, one of the most interesting services that Google offers. But the search giant has many services on the web, of which the vast majority of us use a few. And one of the most used by users is the Google translator or Google Translate.

9 essential apps if you want to get the most out of your Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is the company's most popular gadget. And it is not for less, because its price makes it accessible to all audiences. To this must be added that the device is compatible with a good number of applications, which allows us to expand the range of possibilities much more: from playing a simple game to watching local content on our television screen.