Sony OLED A1E, another bet on an OLED TV with up to 77 inches

It looks like LG will have some tough competition this year in the high-end OLED TVs . If until now the proposals of the Korean company were practically unique in the market, the year 2017 promises to be very interesting for users looking for one of these televisions. The already announced Panasonic EZ1000 is now joined by the proposal of another of the large Japanese manufacturers.

All the differences between SSD disks and which ones are the fastest

Over the last decade we have been able to realize how storage in computers has gone from traditional hard drives (HDD) to solid hard drives (SSD) . Initially, units with very little capacity were offered, compared to HDDs, but each time we can access models that allow more than 1 TB of storage, which guarantees the death of the traditional hard disk in a few years.

ESET Internet Security, we tested ESET antivirus

I wish we lived in a world where we didn't need antivirus, firewalls, or security packages, but we don't. Anyone is exposed to malicious attack, malware, and phishing. They can impersonate our identity, hijack files and ask for a ransom for them, or we can simply be the target of a random virus that has no other purpose than to bother.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Windows 10 has an app store. It may be that many of us do not give importance to it or that we directly pass from it since we can install programs without more. But the Windows 10 store has some interesting applications that we can install on our computer quickly and directly.We have compiled 10 applications that we find the most useful and interesting.

My first 24 hours with the Huawei P20 Pro

New glass design, large OLED screen without frames and with notch, a lot of power and, above all, three cameras on the back. Sounds good right? This is what I thought when they told me I was going to test the Huawei P20 Pro . The recently presented Huawei flagship arrives ready to shake the high-end of Android phones.

Panasonic HZ980, Panasonic's cheapest OLED TV for 2020

At the end of February, just before all the countries were closed, Panasonic introduced us in London its new range of OLED televisions for 2020. There we got to know the new HZ2000, HZ1500 and HZ1000. However, the 2019 range consisted of four OLED models. So we were missing one to know. Today, four months after the official introduction of the higher-end models, Panasonic announced the launch of the new Panasonic HZ980, the most economical model in Panasonic's OLED range for 2020 .

Ultima Tower, a tower with a million residents that is more than three kilometers high

The architectural answer to the problem of overcrowding in cities appears to be to build taller buildings with greater capacity . We saw it with the Eco Tower in London and we meet again with something similar with Ultima Tower, an impressive project that includes a tower 3 ”™ 2 kilometers high. To get an idea of ​​the scale of this work, here is a fact: the elevator would take 9 minutes and 40 seconds to go from the ground floor to the upper floor . And tha

10 laptop and desktop deals on sale for Black Friday

Black Friday is underway, and in what way, so you can save a few euros on your pre Christmas purchases. The American Black Friday has penetrated deep in Spain, so today we have to get hold of those offers that we have waited so long for throughout the year . And that they finally have a discount!What we present below are ten offers for laptops and desktops that you can find online.

The best tricks to increase the space of your Gmail account for free

Google offers 15GB of free space on its Gmail email service. It is, therefore, a limited number that can run out at any time. To all this we must add that those 15 GB are shared with other services on the platform. Google Drive or Google photos among them. A reason more than enough for many users to find themselves with the problem that they have reached the available limit.

The 5 key features of the Alcatel 5

The Alcatel 5 is one of those mobiles that you would like to take with you everywhere. It is a model with a good screen size, a slim and elegant design and an excellent camera for selfies with a special lens to not leave anyone out in group photos. It looks good in the hand, weighs little in the pocket and, above all, it has an adjusted price so you don't have to spend the savings on your new mobile.

The five key features of the Lenovo Legion Y730

The Lenovo Legion Y730 is one of the latest laptops from the company ready to seduce the most gamers. For this, it has a good set of characteristics, among which we can highlight a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics with Pascal technology, to perform with the latest titles, or an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Nokia E6, analysis and opinions of the Nokia E6

Its design is very similar to that of a BlackBerry , but nothing is further from reality. We are talking about the new Nokia E6 , a device that was presented a few weeks ago by Nokia and that will soon be available to users in the world market . So much so that the Finnish company has already announced that it will make its triumphant appearance in July 2011 , just when Nokia's most loyal customers - and those who are not as well - will be able to purchase this device in free format , but also through the subsidies offered by the operators .

5 current technologies explained from 2018 TVs

Currently buying a new television can be a daunting task. Brands fill their advertising brochures with denominations and names that many times we do not know what they are. Surely if you are in the process of buying a new television you have seen terms such as QLED, OLED, Dolby Atmos or HDR. Not to mention artificial intelligence, which makes an appearance in the 2018 models.

How to know when the 2016 Income is returned to me by mobile

On June 5, the 2016 Income campaign began . If you are a taxpayer and you are obliged to present the income statement, you will have time until June 30. The most advisable thing, in any case, is to do the paperwork as soon as possible.Why? Well, because the first returns that the Tax Agency usually makes are those of those taxpayers who have filed the return first.

Donald Trump's funniest tech memes

Is the man of the moment. A real scourge to the intelligence of American voters , capable of arousing passions wherever it goes. A defender of the most outdated and outdated values ​​of the great "white America" , that retrograde paradise where foreigners do not fit, global warming or doubts about Donald Trump's hair ... B

10 must-see movies to watch on Netflix

A few days ago we developed a list of the best series you could see this summer on the platform of streaming Netflix , today we make a hole at the top ten films that can currently be found in the application of your smart TV or tablet. Ten absolutely essential films.UntouchableUntouchable was from its launch a cult film .

Guide for the 2017 Income Statement if you are self-employed

Do you have to make the 2017 Income Statement as a self-employed person and you don't know where to start? The different sections can be confusing, but we help you with this step-by-step guide so that you can complete and send your return without problem.Income Statement 2017 for the self-employed: initial considerationsIf you are self-employed, the 2017 Income Statement can turn into a nightmare.

10 keys to Aliexpress Plaza, the Chinese online store with shipping from Spain

Aliexpress is the place where your friend buys and everything is really cheap. You haven't dared to buy anything there yet, you don't trust that purchases come from so far away. You prefer something local or national, dealing with people with whom you can communicate in your language. That's why, in the end, you looked at Amazon or other stores, whose treatment, at least, was in Spanish.