How to copy text from an image

Manually copying the text that appears on images can be a very cumbersome task. That is why we have written this article, in which we talk about the main tools that we can use to copy the text of an image very quickly and comfortably, both on mobile devices and on computers.Copy Text On ScreenCopy Text On Screen is an application for Android that we can download for free from Google Play.

20 funny memes and GIFs to celebrate Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day, a good reason for all of us to have a nice detail with a person who put up with us throughout our childhood, adolescence and, why not, during part of our adult life. As a complement to the great gift that you are going to give her (because you will give her a gift, right?) We have for you a great selection of memes and GIFs for Father's Day, to make her day a little more special and fun.

How to make a timeline with Word

The timelines are a very useful resource when displaying information in a very visual way. The current trend is to use texts less and less, so it is essential that we learn to use this type of graphic resources. Today we explain how you can create a timeline in a very simple way using Microsoft Word.

Ono email closes, how to pass emails to Gmail or Outlook

Ono's mail closes. Vodafone has decided to suspend this email service and you will soon no longer be able to access the domain through the platform . Fortunately, there is an option to be able to forward all emails from Ono's webmail to another mail server, such as Gmail or Outlook. So you can do it.

10 sports anime to watch in 2019

Do you like sports anime? We propose no less than 11 sports animes that you can enjoy this year 2019. You will find proposals for each of the most popular sports.Slam dunkSlam Dunk 4 is the best basketball anime we can find, and one of the best sports in general. The protagonist is Hanamichi Sakuragi who decides to join his high school's basketball team to win the girl he likes.

10 websites to modify a PDF document online for free

We normally use PDF documents because they cannot be edited as easily as a Word file. Normally, you have to have the paid version of Adobe.However, you already know that in computer science there are always those who invent tricks to do everything that in principle is impossible. But modifying a PDF document online for free is easier than it sounds .

We tried Lookiero, an online personal shopper for 10 euros

Before, we didn't need personal assistants. We relied on our own judgment to buy fashionable jeans and a T-shirt. What happens now?  Well, we are busy in a thousand and one matters. There are infinite trends and we have a fever, a lot of fever, of consumption.As if this were not enough: we live online .

5 aplicaciones para gastar bromas telefónicas gratis

¿Quieres gastar un a broma telefónica a uno de tus amigos? Sin duda puede ser una buena forma de dar un poco de humor a una fiesta de cumpleaños que estaba siendo demasiado formal.  Te proponemos 5 aplicaciones con las que podrás gastar tus mejores bromas telefónicas gratis. Todas ellas tienen un funcionamiento muy similar y sencillo, te permitirán escoger entre varios tipos de bromas, y podrás grabarla para no olvidar nunca el momento.Juasapp

Avast vs Windows Defender Which antivirus is better?

Choosing an antivirus software is one of the most important tasks for users of Microsoft's Windows operating systems, including the latest version of Windows 10. In this article we will focus on the comparison between Avast and Windows Defender , two of the most free antivirus solutions. popular that we can find for many reasons.

10 online stores to buy books

Book Day (Sant Jordi in Catalunya) is here. There are only a few days left until we celebrate this precious day, which commemorates the death of two key writers of literature. On the one hand, our Miguel de Cervantes; on the other, the magnificent William Shakespeare.This April 23 we will buy many books .

I cannot enter Gmail: solution to login problems

Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world. It is a platform owned by Google, which has been on the market for many years, and has managed to outperform the rest of the alternative race such as Microsoft's Outlook. In this article we explain what are the most common login problems in Gmail, and the easiest way to solve them.

How to enter and log in to Hotmail and Outlook in 2020

Hotmail has disappeared from the face of the Earth. Since 2013 the popular email service has been transformed into what we know today as Outlook. However, Microsoft has decided to keep all those email addresses that use the and domains , which makes it possible to access the service from the outlook.

JPG vs PNG vs GIF, which format is better for my images

There are many file formats that we can use to save our favorite images. Although they all seem to look exactly the same, the truth is that there are big differences between them that we cannot ignore. In this post we make a comparison JPG vs PNG vs GIF , the 3 most popular formats today.Lossy vs lossless image formatsBefore delving into the differences between each of these three image file formats, we need to understand that there are two large groups of image file formats., guide to enter the router from the browser and configure the Internet

The IP address is well known in the Internet world for allowing us, among other things, to access the router's configuration. Thanks to this, we can change parameters of our connection such as the name of the WiFi, the password and the number of open ports. We can also see the amount of equipment connected to the router in question to see if there are devices outside our environment taking advantage of our connection.

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry

Windows 10 is an operating system that saves all the changes that the user makes. all modifications are saved in a file that we know as the Windows registry. This Windows registry can fill with junk files over time, causing its size to grow significantly, and affecting the overall performance of the computer.

Encuentran una forma de hackear WhatsApp con solo un número de teléfono

Pensábamos que los sistemas de cifrado que habí­a anunciado WhatsApp eran completamente seguros. Pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Esta misma semana te contábamos que los mensajes que enví­as a través de esta plataforma en realidad no están tan a salvo. Y aunque muchos pensaran que el paradigma de la seguridad a la hora de mandar mensajes era Telegram, también se equivocaban. Ahora se

TomTom leaves your old navigators without new maps

TomTom has confirmed that its older navigators will not be updated to include the new versions of the maps. At a time when  Google Maps and other navigators seem to have completely invaded the market , owners of old TomTom  devices  will have to find new options, keep their navigators with maps that are out of date, or renew their TomTom devices   taking advantage of the replacement discounts that the company will apply to those affected.