7 stores to buy clothes online that are worth it in 2020

We are losing more and more the fear of buying clothes without trying them on , through the Internet. And it is that you have to value the comfort of being on the sofa, looking at clothes and buying them without having to wait for queues, stresses, crowds ... you, at home, calm down, you choose, shopping basket, you come home and try.

5 alternatives to CamelCamelCamel to follow the price drops on Amazon

If you usually use CamelCamelCamel as a tool to find the best prices on Amazon, surely you have wondered if there is any alternative. Due to the large number of users who are looking for the possibility of finding bargains in their purchases of one of the largest ecommerce in the world, various alternatives have been emerging that offer very attractive functions .

Original greetings for Mother's Day to share on WhatsApp

Mother's Day has arrived. This tradition is celebrated today in Spain and parts of the world as a tribute to the poet and activist Julia Ward Howe, who organized a series of peaceful demonstrations and religious celebrations in Boston for the mothers who were victims of the Civil War. To commemorate this day so marked by her and by all the mothers of the world we have prepared a list with several original phrases and congratulations to share on WhatsApp .

Is it good to use CCleaner on Windows 10?

CCleaner is the most used cleaning application on Windows. This tool helps us clean junk files from our hard drive, as well as eliminate errors from the Windows registry to make it work better. Is it good to use CCleaner on Windows 10? We answer the eternal question.This question arises mainly due to a security problem that affected CCleaner in 2017 , when a virus was introduced that forced Windows to be reinstalled to remove it, undoubtedly a dark episode in the passage of this application.

Task Host error in Windows, what is it and how to fix it

Task Host is a service that is part of Windows 10 and that is responsible for controlling some operating system tasks. Although it is not frequent, this process can lead to the appearance of some problems. We explain what Task Host is and how to fix the error it can cause .Task Host is a process built into Windows 10 that runs in the background in a completely transparent way for the user.

How to see the password of a WiFi network in Windows 10

It's been on the market for a while, but you may not yet have mastered all the possibilities that Windows 10 offers. Some of them are very useful. But they are hidden and go unnoticed at first glance. Among them, the option to see the password of a WiFi network to which we are connected . An interesting function if, for example, we want to give the password to a friend who comes home and it is one of those kilometer keys that we have written down on a paper or on the back of the router.

The best devices to turn your TV into a Smart TV

Smart TVs or Smart TVs are very common in 2020, but that does not necessarily mean that all users have one. In this article we will talk about the best devices that you can use to turn your TV into a Smart TV . They will also help you if your Smart TV has become obsolete, and is not able to use the most current apps and services.

5 free apps to read PDF aloud

You have many articles, books, and notes to review, but you don't have time to read every one of them. It is a fairly typical situation in an increasingly stressful world. Fortunately, there are Android apps that can provide you with a quick and effective solution. These are text-to-speech applications , a great tool for all users who want to listen to your articles and PDF reading materials, instead of reading them.

The best applications for your Samsung Smart TV

Having a Smart TV has the advantage that we can install some very useful applications, thanks to the fact that they have their own operating system, and hardware that is quite similar to Android TV devices. Today we offer you a list of the best applications that you can install on your Samsung Smart TV.

What to do if I cannot enter ING Direct on the web or operate with my mobile

It is possible that in the last few days you have had some other problem when accessing your ING Direct account, either through the web or the mobile application . The fault lies with the new legislation that banks have been forced to apply since last September 14.We are talking about PSD2, a law that was passed in 2018 to guarantee, among other things, the safety of mobile banking users.

DTT, what are DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C and how are they different

Before we bought a television and looked at the measurements and little else. But since we have cutting-edge screens and technologies, before acquiring a new equipment for our home we have to look at many details and features . From the type of screen, to the technology or the connections.In addition, there are some acronyms that in the era of digital television can generate serious doubts in us.

How to claim an invoice on Vodafone

Mobile phone operators usually receive a good number of complaints from their customers. Consumer organizations such as FACUA are well aware that telecommunications operators and companies receive a large part of the complaints that users make in this country.It can happen to all of us. You sign up for a service, hire a new rate, do a portability .

How to install Movie Maker on Windows 10 step by step

Windows Movie Maker was one of the most popular video editing programs. The secret of this application was the great simplicity in its handling compared to other solutions, in addition to the fact that it was free and was installed in Windows. Windows Movie Maker ceased to exist in 2017 with the end of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite, but it is still possible to install it by following a simple trick.

Is Vova reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

Vova, better known as vova.com , is the last great alternative to Wish, Joom and Aliexpress in the form of an application and website to buy cheap products from China. Although its popularity is relatively recent, the truth is that the trading platform has been on the market for some time. As often happens with this type of web page, the doubt of every user has to do with the reliability of the platform when making transactions within it.

How to put subtitles on a YouTube video that doesn't have them

For many years now, YouTube has had a powerful tool that not only allows you to add subtitles manually to a certain video, it is also capable of generating them automatically if the author so indicates. Unfortunately, most videos in English, Chinese and Japanese (the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world) do not have Spanish subtitles. For

How to send an animated GIF through WhatsApp Web

GIFS are life. Who doesn't like to get one of those endless moving images for a good laugh? Tools like WhatsApp have offered users the ability to send GIFs from their mobile phones, which until recently was not technically possible. For some time now, there is already the option of sending these images via mobile, but the truth is that this option is not directly available through WhatsApp Web .