How to remove notifications from Windows 10 Action Center

One of the most talked about new features in Windows 10 is the introduction of the Action Center. This menu, which is displayed on the right of the screen, shows us the notifications of our downloaded applications . Slack messages, emails or reminders from antivirus and other programs.These notifications are not to everyone's taste, so for many they can become a nuisance.

How can I send a fake location on WhatsApp

One of the most interesting functions that we find within WhatsApp is the possibility of sending our location to our contacts. The WhatsApp application takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of current mobile phones, as well as data networks, to obtain our location and be able to send it to our contacts.

Alcatel 1S 2020, features, price and opinions

Nowadays, (almost) everyone wants a mobile that takes excellent photos of us . On the beach, in the street and anywhere, any excuse is good to take out your smartphone and blast photos of the group of friends, the plate of food or the cat that looks out from the balcony of a terrace. The 2020 generation hits hard and everything indicates that the cameras are going to be the protagonists for another year, also in the entry models .

You can now see and consult the draft of the 2016 Income

Today is the day. April 5, 2017, begins the 2016 Income declaration campaign . Taxpayers have time until June 30 to present our accounts to the Treasury for the year 2015.The first thing you have to do is obtain the reference number that will help you access all the procedures . One of the first, get the draft and start the process through the Renta Web program (new this year).

The most useful free plugins for Photoshop

A very interesting feature of Adobe Photoshop is that it is a program that includes a plug-in system, which allows us to improve its functionality in a very simple way. Here is a selection of the best free plugins you can use in Photoshop.How to install the Photoshop pluginsBefore showing you the list of the best free plugins for Photoshop, it is necessary to make a small introduction about how the plugins are installed in this great program.

Money held in PayPal 7 or 21 days: causes and solution

If you have reached this article, it is likely that part of the balance you have in PayPal has been withheld by the company. Although not very common, PayPal can hold a payment or put it on hold for different reasons. It is not something that we should worry about if we have not breached the rules of the payment platform, since it can occur in countless scenarios (payments, online purchases, money transfers .

Motorola Moto G7 Power, we have tested it

A little over a month ago, Motorola renewed its famous Motorola Moto G mobile series. It did so with a series of changes aimed at improving the technical characteristics of most of the models presented. The design, on the other hand, remains conservative compared to the previous generation, as we already saw in our analysis of the Moto G7 Plus.

WiFi Analyzer, improve your home network signal with your mobile

How many times have you glared at your router because of a bad signal? To this day, no operator assures you the speed of your WiFi connection , but luckily, there are applications that will help us to have the maximum available.And it is that today, with so many wireless networks, WiFi networks overlap with each other , which means that the signal reception is not very good.

How to protect and hide folders in Windows 10 with password

Windows 10 does not have password protection for folders; neither of files nor programs. And it is that despite being one of the most requested functions by the different users of the system throughout the history of Windows, the company understands that user sessions are unique, personal and non-transferable.

The funniest memes of Real Madrid Barcelona

Tonight the highly anticipated Real Madrid FC Barcelona Classic was played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. And the truth is that things have not ended well for the visiting team. The match ended  with a 2-0 result, in favor of Real Madrid.The truth is that the expectation was maximum, since in addition to the usual bite between the fans of both teams, the match brought together the two top scorers in the League : Messi with 18 goals, and Benzema with 13.R

20 memes and special images to share on Women's Day

The day has come for all of us to take to the streets to claim our rights and to denounce our situation of inequality. Work, conciliation, wage gap, sexist violence, inequality between boys and girls… There are many groups of women who are in a situation of inferiority compared to other groups of men.Wi

List of MVNOs that you can hire in Spain in 2020

OMVs have come to Spain to stay. Also known as MVNOs or Virtual Mobile Operators , this type of company is characterized by offering its services over the Internet, that is, they do not have a physical support (stores, points of sale and contracting ...) like conventional companies. Another characteristic of this type of operator is that its price is usually much cheaper than that of traditional options.

How to move everything from your old mobile to your new one

Moving applications and data from an old mobile to a new one seems every time to migrate information from one computer to another computer. And it is that despite the fact that Android and iOS have their own tools to migrate information from one mobile to another, the truth is that they are somewhat limited.