Xbox 360, advantages and disadvantages of installing a chip in the Microsoft console

If you recently talked about in the possibilities of installing a chip in the Wii from Nintendo . Now is the turn to review the advantages and disadvantages of doing the same with the Xbox 360 . Microsoft's console can be altered with a modchip like any other . By doing so, we significantly expand the possibilities of playing multimedia files as well as installing applications developed by other users or making backup copies of games .

Lancôme Makeup Chest WhatsApp Scam Spread Again?

Just a year ago, we warned you about the existence of a scam that circulated through WhatsApp and that featured a Lancôme makeup chest. If you are usually aware of these types of hoaxes and scams, you will know that everything that once came, comes back again. Sometimes even more forcefully.So it is worth being aware of these types of threats.

We can now see videos on the YouTube web in floating window

A few weeks ago the news broke and today, after several days of waiting, it becomes official: we can now see YouTube videos in a floating window. This feature was released in the mobile application several years ago, and it seems that the people of Google have transferred the aforementioned functionality to the web version of YouTube.

Vodafone yu, the discount fiber offer for students

Having a good connection is essential in these times. Vodafone has just presented a new offer , especially aimed at students, with which to access fiber internet for a much more affordable price than usual. It is a fiber promotion that is available from August 6 to October 31, for new customers who contract the 'Fibra Yuser' mode.

How to delay, advance and synchronize the subtitles with the video

Many users prefer to be up to date on their favorite series and choose to see it in its original version with subtitles. The problem is that sometimes these do not fit the image too closely, causing a delay between what we see and what we read. There is a solution for this called Aegisub , a specialized video editing program, that will help you with the synchronization of the subtitles.

How to check your tax data for Income 2017

Since last week, the Tax Agency has offered taxpayers the possibility of downloading a mobile application. It is used to consult the tax data for Income 2017 . And from day 4, which is when the submission deadline begins, it will also be useful for making presentations. As long as it is only necessary to confirm the draft.

Sonos Port, we tested an excellent digital sound source

Sonos continues to expand and update its product range. Expanding because they have recently presented some news and "updated" because some products are updates to something they already had or had. This is the case with the Sonos Port that we are now testing, which replaces the old Sonos Connect. It is like that a music source to add network playback to any sound system.

The best Samsung Galaxy S7 edge deals for Black Friday

The Black Friday is here, so if you are one of those who were waiting for this date as rain in May to renew your mobile phone or buy the phone you're going (or going) to give away this Christmas, you have to start tracking offers from already. Tomorrow is the day! One of the phones that promise to be on the shelves of great and succulent offers is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , the most cutting-edge phone from the Korean firm Samsung , whose launch on the market will soon be one year old.

LG X4 2019: features, price and opinions

If you do not want to spend a lot of money when buying a new mobile, it is interesting to look at the options for the mid-range or entry, since they have very interesting specifications, and in many cases enough for the user, at a very competitive price . This is the case of the new LG X4 2019 , an entry range that does not have the best design, nor the most powerful specifications, but it does have very interesting features, such as a large panel or resistance with military certification.

How to know who has seen my WhatsApp status

Fashion stories that started with Snapchat, has become a genuine need for users, so much so that even WhatsApp has implemented in its messaging service . The so-called statuses are already available to all users. And although for some, it may seem like a nuisance and practically a censer, many are those who have decided to accept this new feature, and publish.

Nintendo Wii, advantages and disadvantages of installing a chip in the console

Installing a chip to free the console system is a process full of myths. In Tuexperto Games we review the advantages and disadvantages of this practice , moreover fully legal , the Wii from Nintendo . The modchips that can be found today in the market allow to expand the possibilities of the Wii allowing, among other things, to play all kinds of files from USB drives or to make backup copies of our favorite games .

Furby Connect returns one of the funniest and most disturbing toys

Furby, one of the most successful technological toys since the launch of the first models in the 90s, is updated once again to offer entertainment by synchronizing with mobile applications via Bluetooth . The strange alien owl will also be able to interact in real time with the contents of the application, remind you that it is time for dinner or even turn on an LED signal to notify you that there is new content available in the mobile game.

TP-Link TL-WPA7510 KIT, we tested this WiFi PLC controller

We tested the TP-Link TL-WPA7510 KIT, a network PLC controller that also improves the WiFi signal throughout the house. It is a device that allows us to create a dual wireless network to extend the high-speed connection to all corners.Specifically, the range is about 300 meters .With the TP-Link TL-WPA7510 KIT, we will get high-speed WiFi connections: 433 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and up to 300 Mbps in the 2.

This is the easiest way to do phishing in Google Chrome

There have been few times in which we have heard how dangerous phishing threats can be. Actually, launching an attack of these characteristics is not at all complicated, if the criminal has a basic knowledge of hacking .It must also have some web codes and screenshots, which serve to impersonate the identity of an organism, entity or web service .

The 50 most useful tricks for WhatsApp

 It is very likely that the first thing we do when buying a new mobile, after restoring the agenda, is to install WhatsApp. It is not the best messaging application, but it is the one that is used the most by far. So much so, that we no longer say "send a message", but "send a WhatsApp". However, many of us just chat, and do not take advantage of all the possibilities that the app has.

Chromecast vs Xiaomi Mi Box comparison

Do you have a TV and want to add more features? A very good option is to acquire a Smart TV device, such as a Chromecast or a TV Box. In this way you can enjoy apps like Netflix, YouTube or HBO on your TV and without spending a lot of money, since the price of these devices is between 50 euros. Currently there are two options to take into account.

How to make a personalized map with Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most powerful tools of the gigantic Californian company. Not only because it allows us to travel the world, investigate unknown places and even walk the streets of almost any city in the world with just a few clicks. But beyond being a tool to navigate, Google Maps has a series of added features and functions that allow us to work with the immense gallery of Google maps.