5 tips to use less electricity with air conditioning

Are you still resisting or have you already had to put the air conditioning on? If your house looks like hell itself, chances are that by this time of summer you have already had to activate this blessed device. High temperatures are not good allies for well-being and concentration, but the truth is that if you abuse it, the air conditioning can go out of your face.

10 wooden tech gadgets

Amazon  has in its extensive catalog a line of technological products made of wood. They are the so - called eco-tech products and we can find from wireless chargers for mobiles to a complete speaker system. Today we are going to talk about ten products that are part of this line: a USB memory, a mobile phone case, a set of computer speakers, a mouse, a scale, a wireless charger for mobile phones, a watch, a record player, a humidifier and headphones.

Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++, a very efficient and complete refrigerator

Large, very efficient and with advanced technologies to keep food in the best conditions. This is the Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++ refrigerator , an appliance that wants to become the king of the kitchen. Of course, make room for it, because it is almost a meter wide and almost 180 centimeters high. Among its most interesting characteristics is the A ++ type efficiency , which places it among the best refrigerators in this regard.

How to use multiple desktops in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system that has received a good number of news regarding Windows 8 : the return of the start menu, the appearance of the voice assistant Cortana ... Although some of them are not so obvious. Microsoft has introduced a very interesting feature for users who are used to working with many applications at the same time.

5 things you can do with the new Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest version of the most popular development board to hit the market. It is a small computer, which includes all the components it needs to function, on a board that just exceeds the dimensions of a credit card. This opens up countless possibilities of use. In this article we will talk about the 5 most interesting uses that you can give to the new Raspberry Pi 4 .

10 original and very useful inventions that will surprise you

In this newsroom we greatly enjoy discovering new inventions, ideas that make our lives easier or that are simply wildly ingenious. Our cutlery, purse, backpack or even the shoes that we use can have new and better uses thanks to technology. We are going to show you ten examples in which science can simplify our day to day.

You can now download the official wallpapers of Pokémon Go

The most mediatic game of the year, now it can also be on your desktop as a wallpaper. Niantic has released the official Pokémon Go wallpapers based practically on the three teams that compose it: Wisdom, instinct and courage, or what is the same: yellow, red and blue teams. It is, therefore, only three wallpapers, although it would be the first step of the game in expanding its terrain a bit and making its way towards customization, becoming more than a video game.A

9 tips and tricks to buy safely on Amazon

Despite the fact that Amazon is one of the safest stores on the Internet along with eBay and Aliexpress, the truth is that the platform is not exempt from products whose description is quite different from what they really are. To this must be added the false offers that some sellers take advantage of on the web to increase the number of sales.

ZTE Blade V7, we have tested it

[rwp-review-recap id = ”0 ″]The opinion of our readers[rwp-users-rating-stars id = ”0 ″]Leave your voteSummaryWith the new ZTE Blade V7, the Asian giant takes a quality leap. A step forward in a design that brings you closer to the higher-end models. If on the outside it has seduced us, on the inside we must be aware that for a mid-range mobile it has everything we expect and something more. Its 5.2

10 video tutorials to learn how to use Photoshop on YouTube

There are tutorials that are not very useful. However, there are others that can be tremendously useful to you . Either to do your job better or to carry out different tasks in a more efficient way. Photoshop is a mythical program, which you will take advantage of if you need to make designs or retouch images.

Gmail adds automatic translation to emails

The path of improvements that Gmail is adding seems to have no end . This time around , Google's free email client has added a message translator to its crowded Gmail Labs tool lab . This means that we will have the option of translating the e-mails of our foreign co-workers, friends and relatives without having to go looking for a separate life-saving translator or to rescue the dusty dictionaries from the shelf.

This is the reason why you need to update Windows 10

It is essential to have our equipment updated. The update files are not just the result of a whim. And they do not contain only novelties at an aesthetic or functional level. Windows updates often contain fixes to various holes and bugs. Not having an up-to-date computer is synonymous with being vulnerable to cybercrime attacks.

10 attractive themes to change the look of your Xiaomi mobile

Android mobiles allow you to customize multiple aspects of the interface. From changing the wallpaper to the size and font, going through the design of the icons and the colors used in the various screens of the system. The truth is that you can completely modify the interface that Android offers us or the customization layer that the manufacturer includes.

How to combine Google Calendar with the Windows 10 Calendar app

Google Calendar is a calendar application that offers a lot of possibilities to its users. This has caused many people and many small businesses to depend on this great application to manage all their schedules and appointments. In this article we explain how you can synchronize Google Calendar with the Windows 10 calendar application to be able to handle all the data from the Google service in a much more comfortable way from your computer.

10 things you want to know about EMUI 10

The arrival of EMUI 10 was announced with great fanfare last August in the context of the HCD 2019. Since then, we have been assured that this layer of customization in Huawei Android would be one of its updates with the greatest number of new features. And the truth is that they were right.What Huawei has raised with the tenth EMUI update has been to improve the user experience to levels not previously reached.

Panasonic 65 EZ1000, we have tested OLED TV with 4K HDR

A 65-inch television with OLED screen and sound bar signed by Technics . This is the Panasonic 65 EZ1000, the highest-end of the brand, whose price is 7,000 euros. Presented at CES in Las Vegas in January, we thus tested the Panasonic flagship. And, above all, it marks the path of the technology that the brand will use from now on: OLED screen.