7 pages to download YouTube songs without installing programs

It is usual to go to YouTube when we want to listen to a specific song, watch the video clip and discover new styles and artists. The great advantage of its platform is that it is possible to find all kinds of musical styles and enjoy any song, complete albums and unreleased works. Surely on more than one occasion you have thought that you would like to download any of these songs , to listen to them through your computer or mobile, without having to spend internet data and without having to enter any application.

5 pages to download YouTube videos for free without installing programs

Downloading YouTube videos today is only possible through the mobile application. The video in question is stored in the application's cache, and it can only be played by the YouTube app itself. Fortunately, there are a lot of pages to download YouTube videos for free without installing programs . Whether on Windows, Mac and even Android and iOS, downloading videos is extremely easy if we find the right page.

14 alternatives to DivxTotal to download new releases and torrent music

DivxTotal, one of the main torrent file download portals in Spain, has been blocked by a large part of the telephone companies for breaching current regulations on Copyright. Although it is currently possible to access the website of Torrent premieres, movies and music , the truth is that its total blocking is closer than ever, which is why we are forced to resort to alternative pages to DivxTotal to download Torrent files from uTorrent.

5 pages to download free Spanish subtitles in 2019

Are you looking for the best subtitles in Spanish for your movies? The wait is over, we present you the 5 best websites where you can find the best subtitles in the Cervantes language for all your favorite movies and series. Are you ready? We started.TVSubtitles.netTVSubtitles.net is an international website that collects a large number of subtitles in languages ​​as common as English, French, Portuguese and of course Spanish. Its

Veopartidos.com does not work, 18 alternatives to watch football online

Veo Partidos, better known as Veopartidos.com or Veopartidos simply, has been closed after violating the Intellectual Property Law as regards broadcasting rights. The first signs that the website had been closed began in early August, and the truth is that today Veopartidos does not work . Fortunately, there are many alternatives to this to watch football matches online, and this time we have compiled several of them.

The 9 best free programs of 2019 to download MP3 audio from YouTube

Despite the fact that there are many pages to convert YouTube videos to MP3, the truth is that most of them have periods that are often long if what we want is to export songs or long-duration videos, to mention the limits by size or duration. The best solution to such a scenario lies in programs to download YouTube videos for free in Spanish , the so-called "YouTube to MP3 converters.

7 Chrome extensions to download videos from any web page

Downloading videos from any website is something that generally requires third-party programs. The bad news is that most of these programs are paid or have some kind of limitation. The solution in these cases is to resort to external extensions. Today there are dozens of Google Chrome extensions to download videos from any web page .

How to fix aTube Catcher 403, 204, 404 and 416 error

For some time now, the aTube Catcher program to download videos and music from YouTube has been causing a series of problems. Most of these are related to the 403, 204, 404, and 416 error . All these codes are used by the program in question to give us clues of its origin. Fortunately, the solution is usually the same in all cases regardless of our error.

Beware of the number 912041600: it is a spam call

Since the last few weeks there have not been precisely a few users who have reported calls from the number 912041600. If we attend the prefix 912 that precedes the telephone, the origin of the call takes us to the Community of Madrid. As it is a national number without a payment prefix, the doubt lies in the origin of the phone.

10 apps and pages to convert audio to text for free

Ever since smartphones and tablets became popular, handwriting either text or documents has become a thing of the past. We currently have assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant that allow us to pass audio to text in a relatively simple way. Unfortunately, the operation of these is not perfect, which is why we are forced to resort to third-party solutions.

More than 100 drawings of mandalas to print and color

There is no doubt: mandalas to color are in fashion and more and more people are joining the fever of colored pencils and markers. There are many special books that you can buy, but we also suggest you find mandalas to print on the Internet for free.In this article we tell you what mandalas are, how they are colored , what benefits they have, and where you can find free mandalas on the Internet.

Map of Europe, more than 250 quality images to print

Learning geography is important to know where we are. Having a good  map of Europe is a very important educational resource to get to know our neighbors and understand more about the continent in which we live.In the shops and stationers of a lifetime we can buy maps of all kinds. A political, fluvial, mute, physical map of Europe  .

So, so or so? Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet

So or so is it? So what or so? So does it go together or separately? The eternal doubt together with together with overcoat or above all, but or if not, go, fence, berry or balla, there, there, there or there or there, there or oh. The expression, used by a large number of people today, supports various grammatical forms.

9 alternatives to Kickass to download torrent in 2019

Although they are less and less used, torrent files reach good popularity in full 2019. Unfortunately, torrent search engines to download files with programs like uTorrent are increasingly censored in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and even Spain . One of the last to fall has been Kickass Torrent.

Why can't you go to Roja Directa or Intergoles to watch football anymore

Today the Spanish Justice has dealt a hard blow to the pages that replicate football broadcasts without the express consent of the rights holders. According to CincoDías, the Economics section of El País, a Madrid commercial court has ruled in favor of Telefónica Audiovisual Digital in a lawsuit filed against Internet operators and providers to identify and block access to a list of websites that until now offered - and they offer - pirated content. Fa

How to fix MSVCP140.dll file missing error in Windows 10

The error related to the MSVCP140.dll file is, together with the Windows startup error 0x00000e9, one of the most common errors in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. The error in question appears when a certain program is started, and the The error message reads something like “The program cannot start because msvcp140.dl

15 alternatives to 1337x to download torrent movies in 2019

1337x, the popular website for downloading torrent movies, series, TV shows and even documentaries, has suffered a nationwide blockade ; This was announced at the end of January by the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Barcelona. Currently we can only access the web if we have a proxy  or VPN application or our telephone operator has not blocked the page in question in its databases.