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Than? How do we get back to the routine? It was hard, right? No need to worry, it's already Friday . It's already the weekend . The well-deserved rest arrives. The relaxation that will calm your post-vacation depression. Your moment of order and concert to be able to assume that summer is over, and with it the beach bars, the beers on the terrace of the bar on duty and the wandering.

Woxter Scriba 195, an e-book reader with 6-inch screen

It is called Woxter Scriba 195 and it is an ideal e-book reader for those who cannot leave home without a book under their arm, but do not want to carry a heavy volume. If you like to read in digital format , here is an interesting option. And it is that in addition to having technical characteristics to match, the new  Woxter Scriba 195 is  also super discreet.

5 basic apps that you should install on your mobile if you have a Lenovo computer

Little by little, desktop operating systems are becoming more like Android and iOS; Windows 10 is good proof of this. Likewise, manufacturers such as Lenovo develop mobile tools that serve to complement the information on computers or solve some everyday problems that we may have with the computer. To this must be added the existence of mobile applications that allow expanding the functionalities of the equipment .

5 secrets of Google Translate that you should know

The Google Translate app is really useful for many things. It is not only effective and efficient when it comes to translating words or phrases that we find anywhere. It is also the perfect travel tool for those traveling abroad. There where the local language is not mastered. But there are also other curiosities, tricks or secrets.

Sennheiser HD 4.40, foldable Bluetooth closed-back headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT, Foldable Closed Bluetooth HeadphonesSeries HD Headphone Bluetooth from the German manufacturer Sennheiser can enjoy models large (completely cover the ears), closed (isolated from ambient noise) and folding so that they can carry more comfortably, and up to 25 hours of battery life .

The five key features of the ZTE Blade A512

The Chinese mobile brand has been surprising in recent years with very high performance phones . Both the Axon and the Nubia range are highly respected in their segment and are considered by many users as the best terminals in the world. But in conquering the top ZTE does not want to forget the most economical commercial sectors and with which it became known in the European market .

Yamaha R-S202D, cheap stereo receiver with Bluetooth

If you are looking for a stereo receiver, simple, but with good sound quality, maybe you should take a look at the Yamaha R-S202D . A receiver launched as a replacement for the Yamaha R-S201 , a team that was very successful thanks to mixing great sound with a very competitive price. The new model follows in the wake of this team, but is modernized by adding Bluetooth wireless connectivity to be able to play music from mobile devices.

Rakuten, five keys to buy in this online store

Just yesterday we found out that Rakuten  will be Barí§a's new sponsor from next season. It is likely that the name already sounds familiar to you from the Chicote ads. You may have even used the service before. Or that you have no idea what it is about. In case you didn't know, Rakuten is the largest online store in Japan . I

Windows 7, all versions of the new operating system

At Microsoft they love to segment their products into a herd of versions with different extras to try to tailor suits for each customer . The result, however, is usually a hodgepodge of names with which nobody is clear. Windows 7 could not be less than Vista and will also go on sale in several versions .

How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer

Instagram is a photography social network designed to be used with smartphones. From the application website we can comment on the photos and give "Like" , but it is not possible to upload photos from the computer . However, since this social network appeared, many users have wanted to show their photographs on it, even those that have not been taken from a smartphone.

Lenovo Tab E8, 8-inch tablet with Dolby Atmos support

In the tablet sector there is still competition, so Lenovo has just presented five new models with which it can meet the needs depending on the price range of each user. We are going to talk about the Lenovo Tab E8, an 8-inch tablet whose most attractive feature is its speaker compatible with Dolby Atmos.

7 mounts to carry the mobile in the car

Smartphones have evolved to become essential in the daily life of almost all users. We can even use them as a GPS navigator for the car, for which we will need a support. We have prepared this post to show you 7 supports to carry the mobile in the car safely .Characteristics of a good mobile phone holder for the carA good mobile holder for the car must meet a series of characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, we have tested it

Today, it is not so easy to find solvent smartphones with a small screen . Either we go to the iPhone 7, or the options are considerably reduced. But that does not mean that interest in the compact mobile has died. Proof of this is the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. A mid-range smartphone with many attractions.

WhatsApp, why aren't my messages sent?

It was a long time since WhatsApp gave its users such an upset, of this kind at least. And it is that, from 1:20 pm, the messaging service has begun to present failures to users from different parts of the planet: Germany, Spain, Albania, Italy, Netherlands, India ”¦ A drop in service to the one that we were no longer used to, and that could well mean the arrival of new features rather than a system overload.Sin